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Reviewed by You: Fair Prizes

By Stu on September 21, 2019

Hi Penguins,


The Fair season has finally hit in full motion, and its time for the weekend! Not only that, but we have another Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all how many pins you have obtained and which one was your favourite. From that, we have selected two penguins. The first penguin we selected was frostycute, who said:


“Over my time at Club Penguin, I have obtained 8 pins. I know you might not think that it is a lot, but I have had a lot of fun search and collecting them! My favorite pin is the puffle pin. This pin is my favorite because puffles brighten Club Penguin up and without them, it would not be as special!”


It’s the fun of obtaining pins that counts, and that’s something we definitely agree! Interesting choice, are you referring to the Wise Puffle Pin? That pin holds a secret! Have you tried taking it to the Dojo yet? The other response comes from Icey Creams, who said:


“I myself have 11 pins and I worked hard to find all of them (some of which my brothers and sister helped me with) and I can say that my very favourite is pretty hard to choose! I only joined Club Penguin Rewritten this year and I’d say it’s either the moss key or Rockhopper’s key! Keys are just cool”


If you are stick getting a pin, there’s no better person to ask than a friend, or even a family member playing along side you! Working together to get pins just helps add to the fun of obtaining them. That’s a good choice of picking the Rockhopper’s Key pin as your favourite, too! We agree that keys are cool.


Thanks frostycute and Icey Creams! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



We really hope that you are enjoying The Fair! There are so many things new things this year, like the Spin to Win minigame where you can obtain Mystery Prizes or other rewards using Golden Tickets. We’ve also got the Prize Booths back from last year, too! Which new prize do you enjoy showing off in front of other penguins?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


450 days old
Awes0m3 October 3, 2019

I haven’t been playing much, where should I start in this new carnival?

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 3, 2019

Gold Tickets are now 5,000 regular tickets!

426 days old
CALL M E September 30, 2019

I absolutely love the whole mime outfit- It so cool and quirky, and the special dance’s funky moves never fail to make me laugh!

733 days old
Lorelae September 27, 2019

My favourite prize would have to be the white teddy bear. It as my first prize from the wheel, and it’s just very cute lol

472 days old
Coco Panda September 26, 2019

Hello everybody! I was just thinking is the sunset/cloud shoes from the Spin ti Win? I see a lot of people wearing them. Thank you

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 3, 2019

Sure is, but better hurry if you didn’t already get them.

1250 days old
Splosh Jnr September 26, 2019

I love all the mystery items, but the red bumper car is up there too!

1207 days old
Prince Blake September 26, 2019

I have loved the sunset shoes. They are my new favorite shoe item and I hope there will be more items like it!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq September 25, 2019

I won every prize currently available, yet I can’t choose! Even the Mystery Prizes are hard to choose! I wonder what happens if you win every Mystery Prize, but land on the gift in Spin to Win?

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 3, 2019

Kept trying, but never landed the gift box a 10th time.

1225 days old
RedKrabby 2 September 25, 2019

My favorite prize has been the bear πŸ˜€

663 days old
Cocopuffss September 25, 2019

As much as I enjoyed getting the mystery prizes, my favorite prize is the flower balloon hat from the booths! I remember it from fairs long ago and was so happy to see it back. It was the first thing I bought with my tickets!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 3, 2019

I remember only missing one, and that was because, no Internet. πŸ™

680 days old
Penggee September 25, 2019

Mine is definitely the background because it is so unique compared to all the other backgrounds I have and it reveals my personality!

1141 days old
Naturn3 September 25, 2019

My favorite new prizes are the Red Racer and the White Teddy Bear because they are just cool items that can work in a lot of outfits. It’s fun especially with the Red Racer!

746 days old
voldemort10 September 24, 2019

I love the red car because there is an awesome TV show that has a flying red car and i love that TV show. I also love the balloon pin because i really like balloons

1228 days old
Jempenguin September 24, 2019

All of them, I spent a lot of time winning them all! My fave item is the pink duck.

394 days old
Jugap21 September 24, 2019

You guys have a bug in the book room for mancala. Please try to fix it.

1158 days old
magazines September 24, 2019

I loved all of the prizes, but my favorite was by far the pink grass skirt. I don’t know why I like the item so much, but I have so many things in my inventory to match it. My pink scarf goes perfectly with it and creates such a nice outfit! I’m so happy I got the skirt as my first prize.

794 days old
icecream2252 September 24, 2019

I loved all the prizes but out of all them, I loved the sunset shoes and the new cotton candy! The shoes were the first thing I won and the cotton candy was the last one! They are both cute and a nice addition to anyone’s inventory.

1038 days old
Penguinwalle September 24, 2019

My Favourite item of all from the Prizes is the Pink Inflatable Duck Tube because how really Charming it looks. It’s a great way to Swim in the water and it’ll always be Great with the Water Wings. but the Blue Bandana, Diamond Viking Helmet are also the Highlights in my opinion.

506 days old
brownie6413 September 24, 2019

My favorite prize from this year’s Fair has to be the Diamond Viking Helmet. I fell in love with it the second I saw a penguin wear it. This helmet now has meaning to me also because I had to work hard to get it so I like to show it off.

437 days old
rosileaves September 24, 2019

I really like the white teddy bear and the sunset shoes they look really cool the pink hula skirt too

1206 days old
Claw204 September 24, 2019

My favorite mystery item has to be the black vest i love to dress up like a cowboy that is what i am doing this fair dressing up as a cowboy and having fun with my friends and doing a lot of games and getting tickets,

1101 days old
Superivy4 September 24, 2019

I really enjoy wearing the overalls, ik they’re not a prize but they’re for the party so i’m counting them. I LOVE THEM!!! They’re so cute!! And they look great with everything!! So stylish!!

420 days old
IzzySkis September 23, 2019

Does anybody know why half of the prizes I buy aren’t showing up in my inventory?!?

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq September 25, 2019

Suppose it’s a bug?

819 days old
Sweet Ari September 23, 2019

Honestly, I like the turtle! It was fun waddling aboard Rockhopper’s ship and discovering an adorable turtle plushie! It’s easily one of my favorite items and I will proudly show it off to my friends and the community.

1185 days old
Darla Rae September 23, 2019

I really like the black and white teddy bear. It’s always nice to win an object that just works well with my style and I’ll be carrying it around a lot!

798 days old
Soccerball23 September 23, 2019

The blue bandana. I think it looks even better blue than it does red. It also matches my favorite hat.

708 days old
Luvseal September 23, 2019

While I adore all of the Fall Fair prizes this year, the Sunset Shoes have are my favorite! I’ve always loved the Cloud Shoes from the Treasure Book, but since codes are so hard to get for the exclusive shop, I think it’s great that the Sunset Shoes allow people to get something similar and pretty!

1190 days old
caralynrs September 23, 2019

First I just want to say that the Fair this year is well put together and soooo much fun!! My favorite thing to show off to other penguins is all the hidden items that I have found! Finding these items not only make me feel special, but I have made new friends because I can help them find the items!

1147 days old
Reddy4 September 23, 2019

It’d have to be the giant yellow sunglasses. They just so goofy to me because it just doesn’t fit on me!

332 days old
JohnoR September 23, 2019

My favorite item has to be the Luxury Cowboy Vest as it goes with all other prizes and items in game and makes your penguin look stylish.

588 days old
Moshi29 September 23, 2019

I like my trusty blue bandanna, i’m not privy to anything fancy so i like to keep it simple, and it will help keep me warm with the upcoming colder seasons!

683 days old
Soccer1017 September 23, 2019

The prize that I like the most is the golden cotton candy. I’m working hard to get the cowboy vest!

394 days old
Jugap21 September 23, 2019

Hi, I have a question what will you guys do if to replace the flash because that’s going away by the end of this year. As I am in college we are helping our professors make something to replace the flash to our school web so what will you guys do?

1216 days old
cris457 September 23, 2019

my favourite prize of this fair is the red ballon! (hidden prize)/ mi premio favorito es el globo rojo! (es un premio que esta escondido)

1226 days old
Ohbarnacles September 23, 2019

The sunset canvas shoes are by far my favorite! I love the way they go with other outfits, they look really pretty! Shame it’s so hard to get them…

660 days old
Kavoor September 23, 2019

There are a lot of cool prizes this year, but the prize I love the most has got to be the Diamond Viking Helmet! It’s so unique compared to the other Viking helmets. It has a distinctive colour & shine to it and on top of it, it’s beautiful! I love hanging around at the forest with this helmet on!

469 days old
darling girl September 23, 2019

I am absolutely obsessed with the pink rubber duck! I’m so happy I can now swim not only with safety but also with style!

331 days old
AlbinoBuddy September 23, 2019

I’ve been having a blast with the fair. I’d say my most favorite item is the balloon hat! I like it because it resembles the same one I got when I was at the fair!

654 days old
Daffany1 September 23, 2019

From the prize booth, I really enjoy the Yellow Giant Sunglasses! They are SO cool to have on, and it adds something a bit extra to your outfit. From the Mystery Prizes, I’m really feeling the Sunset Canvas Shoes! They’re super fashionable, literally everyone would rock these shoes.

494 days old
queenmeras September 23, 2019

There are a lot prizes, each of them unique and really cool in their own way! But I think my favourite is the yellow cotton candy! The pale yellow colour is super cute and it’s the only cotton candy item so far in the fair. It was an awesome surprise to get from using the golden ticket!

778 days old
eeyore96 September 23, 2019

This fair has awesome prizes!! My favourite item, however, is the mime costume and the yellow cotton candy!! I think they’re very neat.

484 days old
NotoriousPEG September 23, 2019

My favorite fair prize would have to be the teddy bear! It is beyond cute! I love the bunny from the new code as well! The fair has got to be one of my favorite parties! I love collecting the tickets from all the fun new games!!

1148 days old
Emma Gal September 22, 2019

There are so many different and amazing prizes in the fair this year, but my favorite has to be the yellow cotton candy! I personally think it’s adorable, and I love the yellow! I’ll definitely be rocking my cotton candy around the island!

708 days old
Tomatoes943 September 22, 2019

I think the fair so far is going really good! can’t wait to see what this week holds for the fair! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

493 days old
AgentDanvers September 22, 2019

I really liked the big red cars. It’s really fun to race around with your friends and show off our rides.

664 days old
Gjft September 22, 2019

I love these prizes, they are awesome! i like the black and white bear from the spin to win wheel such a cool item!

– Gjft

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 22, 2019

My favourite item is probably the bear because its hidden in the prize booth! (i don’t mean the grey bear) I like the bunny too from the code! And last but not least the backround! I like the backround because its the easiest thing to get!

953 days old
Lelunu September 22, 2019

My favorite item is the feathered tiara, it’s so cute and I like how it has a little boa, which I can match with my pink feathered boa <3

565 days old
TRex386 September 22, 2019

I like showing off the sunrise sneakers, since I haven’t seen them before and they just look so cool! I based my whole outfit around them.

511 days old
ralph56 September 22, 2019

My favorite prize will be the pink skirt. I just love its design and i certainly love the special dance when wearing it, it makes me feel like i am in hawaii!! Plus, i also like the flower balloon hat because it is so beautiful yet so simple to make.

441 days old
arojm September 22, 2019

I Love the astral cloud shoes because they compliment my outfit perfectly! I also love that feeling of satisfaction you get after you buy and earn every single prize!

687 days old
Gt43 September 22, 2019

My favorite has to be the winged Viking hat, because I got it exploring Rockhopper’s ship.

518 days old
MrTrueBlue September 22, 2019

If I could ask for one thing, i’d ask for you to be able to teleport to friends via their playercard! I think that’d be really cool, and a way to get together quicker! And maybe a way to hide your location from friends like when in an EPF room?
– MrTrueBlue

1274 days old
Randy September 22, 2019

I am loving this party!

1250 days old
Pototoes September 22, 2019

Also this has GOT to be one of my favourite parties from all my time on CPR. I really enjoy playing all the minigames and collecting tickets, it really adds another level to the game and brings a new sense of enjoyment for me.

1250 days old
Pototoes September 22, 2019

I really like discovering secret items like the stuffed bear, and (I know it’s not a prize) but the collectible cowboy hat in the lighthouse, it’s stuff like that that always improve gameplay for me.

462 days old
Logan3918 September 22, 2019

My favorite prize is the mime costume! I love doing the action in front of other penguins I worked really hard trying to get the tickets I needed for it I like the action because it looks really cool when I do the action and kind of funny

723 days old
saywahnoodle September 22, 2019


723 days old
saywahnoodle September 22, 2019

I love the fall fair because it’s a chance to grab such cool items. I am loving the bunny you can get with the code but my goodness was I excited to see that fuzzy tiara in the forest stand! I have wanted it so bad since I joined CPR over a year ago. It really matches my penguins aesthetic!!!

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 22, 2019

My favourite prize is the pin because not everyone knows how to get that pin.
I have a suggestion for a new event called rainbow madness when there’s a contest of who can be the most colourful penguin and the event can also have a rainbow to follow to a pot of gold!

4041 days old
Seth4564 September 22, 2019

The shoes in the mystery prizes are my favorite, because of the cool colors they’ve got. The secret prizes in the prize booths are pretty cool, too! I can see myself wearing those sunset gradient shoes for Halloween, so they were added at a great time. The white teddy bear also looks cool.

1103 days old
Lumpy27 September 23, 2019

wow you’ve been on a long time

4041 days old
Seth4564 September 24, 2019

You too.

342 days old
blargoh September 24, 2019

isnt impossible for your account to be that old since cpr came out in 2017?

342 days old
blargoh September 24, 2019

seth isnt impossible for your account to be that old since cpr came out in 2017?

378 days old
Brendapercy9 September 22, 2019

I like showing off the red racer. it’s like the blue wheeler but red.

573 days old
Niugnep46 September 22, 2019

I think the prizes obtained are pretty good this year, and I enjoy the inclusion of the Golden Tickets to spice things up. Every item is an affordable price based on how many tickets you usually get from the games, and I hope more are added as the fair goes on. The best prize by far is the Lime Top.

325 days old
Eirasana September 22, 2019

As a returning member to CP, seeing newer items from the mystery boxes is a welcome surprise to coming to CP Rewritten. Out of those, the Diamond Viking Helmet has definitely got to be my favorite. Who could pass up one of the legendary items of CP history, especially in diamond?

366 days old
P4728334 September 22, 2019

The fair is and will always be one of the best parties ever. There are so many fun things to play and do. I think that golden tickets should be easier to obtain, but they are very fun to snag when you are able to get them. The prizes are great and new. I’m impressed by this turnout. Have a nice day!

473 days old
PuddingGrl September 22, 2019

I really love all the prizes (because they all so cute <3)! But my favourite prize is the pink rabbit toy! It totally looks so adorbs and cute! Plus all of my frriends really want it but they don't now how to get it! lol

643 days old
sierragerri September 22, 2019

My favorite prize by far is the new black and white bear. I love how it’s a fun twist on the original bear, who is so cute and cuddly! I also like how he is a mystery prize- he is harder to obtain, but that makes him even more worth it!

1268 days old
Perapin September 21, 2019

My favorite prize would be the Yellow Cotton Candy!


749 days old
Geozim September 21, 2019


339 days old
fenderstrato September 21, 2019

The Fair remembers me of a Club Penguin game to Nintendo Wii. Some minigames from now are featured there too. Miss those times!

749 days old
Geozim September 21, 2019

This party was full of new items, my favorites were the new blue Viking hat, the pink rabbit and the purple squid (not of this party, but I love wearing it), I spent hours playing with my friends trying to get the new Items.

743 days old
Blueberry504 September 21, 2019

I was so happy that you brought back the teddy bear!! I know it was a hidden item, but it just made it that much more fun and rewarding to find it!

471 days old
Peachypeach8 September 21, 2019

My favourite prize from this years fair is the panda teddy bear. It is so cute and reminds me of the panda bear stuffie i had when i was younger. This is my first fair with CPR but everything about it brings me back to my childhood on CP. It has been So much fun already.

1267 days old
Ninjaoninja2 September 21, 2019

The diamond viking helmet.

1166 days old
BabySheep September 21, 2019


540 days old
bestboy087 September 21, 2019

really cool

1219 days old
Wowee September 21, 2019

I don’t really show off items, but I do like the Sundae Suprise.

451 days old
donut86398 September 21, 2019

I recently got a white teddy bear from the prize wheel and I really like it!

1254 days old
lillypups September 21, 2019

My favorite prize is the blue bandana, the blue bandana was so much fun to get and SO hard along with the other mystery prizes.

1227 days old
Fastn Fab September 21, 2019

My favourite prize is the teddy bear! It’s so cute and lovely to cuddle :3 πŸ˜€

814 days old
FinnMcFinn September 21, 2019


1235 days old
ChrisCPI September 22, 2019


814 days old
FinnMcFinn September 21, 2019

I like the secret items such as the red balloon because not many people know about them making them feel more valuable.

323 days old
Karen37 September 21, 2019

i used to be Karen73 and the chat was cool but now it is limited πŸ™

656 days old
Space472 September 21, 2019

My final favorite item, the bw bear is awesome, but I don’t know why I love it so much! Maybe because of my obsession with Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. Who knows!?

656 days old
Space472 September 21, 2019

My favorite prizes are the black and white bear, the ice cream hat, and the flower balloon hat! I love these items because the flower looks nice with my spider outfit (almost worn the spider for a full year btw) and the ice cream hat is just a silly item that I might wear instead of my crown! Part1

424 days old
Scarlet boi September 21, 2019

This event reminds so much about CP’s old events that I used to play when I was little, and I love how the island is decorated with so much color and pizazz. One of my favorite “Spin to Win” prizes are the Blue Bandana and the Banana Cotten Candy since I enjoy how they look on my avatar.

1233 days old
Valery September 21, 2019

My favorite prize would have to be the red car. I love showing it off to my friends and telling them that its a Ferarri!

394 days old
ellie4596 September 21, 2019

I’m loving this party so much! It’s my first Fair party on CPR and I’m having so much fun! I love the new concept of the golden tickets as well. Keep up the hard work CPR Team!

1094 days old
Andrew86753 September 21, 2019

I bought the snack stand, but i can’t find it in my inventory, where did it go? did i miss it? what section is it in?

565 days old
TRex386 September 22, 2019

Did you try looking under “all” in your igloo items?

475 days old
tacocat54893 September 21, 2019

i really love the diamond viking helmet as my favorite colour is light blue. plus, my favorite game is puffle paddle a you get a ton of coins!!!

1224 days old
lilmouseart September 21, 2019

The fair has been great so far! One of the prizes I like to show off is the white bear. it’s so cute!

398 days old
Icey Creams September 22, 2019


423 days old
P4457737 September 21, 2019

My favorite prize is the diamond viking hat! Also, my username just got blocked again. can someone please fix this? πŸ™

367 days old
steveJV September 21, 2019

To frost
Bro do you mean herbert

658 days old
Zenada September 21, 2019

I liked it all

398 days old
Icey Creams September 21, 2019

anyway i know i wont get featured back to back so yeah

398 days old
Icey Creams September 21, 2019

Ok, so my favourite prize in the fair at the moment is….. -drumroll please- The Jingle Jangle tophat! Since it reminds me of a time when I was playing club penguin and tons of penguins were dressed as jesters, going to different rooms and dancing just like these so called traffic jams you see now!

398 days old
Icey Creams September 27, 2019


398 days old
Icey Creams September 21, 2019

thanks club penguin for featuring me! I really appreciate it because I always used to hope to get the feature some day so thanks a ton!

1252 days old
VTOG September 21, 2019

My favorite prizes would have to be the yellow cotton candy or the pink grass skirt! Both have great colors and are cute together!

955 days old
FireSanti September 21, 2019

My favourite prize is the Pinkish purple inflatable duck. Not because its rare, its because it looks so cool!

655 days old
Funfunny8 September 21, 2019

My favorite prize is the orange moustache. I nearly always wear the ginger hair so now I can proudly prance around with a matching moustache, my beautiful fashion sense making everyone’s day as bright as the moustache itself.

1122 days old
Hot Autumn September 21, 2019

My favorite prize from The Fair is definitely the Red Racer. The car items have always been one of my favorites on CP because of how interactive they are. Also, red is my favorite color. Thank you for returning it!

1103 days old
Lumpy27 September 21, 2019

I really love this party because of the nostalgia and the colour. My favourite prize is probably red car because I can add it to my collection of cars on CPR and it’s a really cool design

455 days old
Pika112256 September 21, 2019

My favourite prize has to be the plushies! They’re all so cute!

431 days old
HENRYISCOOL1 September 21, 2019

My faverouit prize is the turtle plush I always liked turtles

1125 days old
Hsmace September 21, 2019

My favourite item so far is the mime costume! It’s a cute item with stripes with goes with a lot but also lets you have a fair flair to yourself with it! I love the cute design and the dance that goes with it when you wear the whole costume items! πŸ™‚

560 days old
Frost9628 September 21, 2019

My favorite prize is the huge yellow glasses, I also like the new White bear.

654 days old
FlightFluffy September 21, 2019

I am loving this party! It is so nostalgic and colorful! As of writing this comment, i have only 2 mystery prizes left to obtain. My favorite out of them is the Sunset Canvas Shoes. It is such a lovely item. The clouds on it are such a charm and the orange color of sunset is so good!

453 days old
Takoz September 21, 2019

I personally like to wear a whole bunch of my prizes, and try to make a nice outfit out of all of them! Especially the green tophat, and mime’s beret

398 days old
Icey Creams September 21, 2019


1225 days old
DomCPR September 21, 2019

I love the banana candy floss and the diamond viking helmet, a great addition to my inventory! UWAH! :3

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq September 25, 2019

Those are pretty cool, though personally I can’t remember the last time I liked banana-flavoured anything.