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The Fair Meet-Up Extravaganza

By Stu on September 27, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Another week into The Fair, and what a week it has been! The Fair is still busting with fun and prizes galore. Well, if you haven’t started yet, just waddle on over to a game booth to get started playing, and earn tickets to spend on fabulous prizes!


Not only that, we have some exciting news that there is going to be another meet-up this SUNDAY! Make sure to check it out to hang around and chat with some of our staff team. We may also be wearing some funky Fair Prizes as well, so feel free to join in!


Meet-Up Time


Date: Sunday, 29th September 2019

Time: 12:00pm PST

Server: Beanie

Dress code: Fair Prizes


If you’re unsure about anything else, feel free to follow the Q&A below.


“What is a meet-up?”


If you’re new or haven’t attended a Club Penguin Rewritten meetup before, you’re probably wondering what one is. Well, it’s quite simple. With meetups, you can meet, hangout and chat with various different Staff members from the Club Penguin Rewritten Team on a set schedule that is given. Additionally, you can meet different community members that you might have not met before. Before you know it, they might become your newest buddy!


“Who is on the Club Penguin Rewritten Team? How can I tell?”


Well, the answer to that is simpler than you think! In order to recognise Staff Members, you can recognise them from their special Moderator Pin on their Player Card, as shown below. If a penguin claims to be a Staff Member and doesn’t have this pin, you should report them!


Left: A penguin with a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a Staff Member.

Right: A penguin without a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a normal player



Keep note of the date, as that will definitely be important! We can’t wait to see you there, and don’t forget to tell your penguin buddies about this meetup too, to make them aware.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 3, 2019

Couldn’t make it because, holiday, but I remember seeing Lataus on a previous occasion.

1190 days old
caralynrs September 30, 2019

I hope it was all fun! What I bummer I couldn’t see you all because I was on my OWN vacation XD! Luckily, I saw Lataus around the online before I left!! <3

473 days old
PuddingGrl September 29, 2019

Okay… I am seriously annoyed. Not trying to be rude CPR, but in my time zone, I had to wake up at 6 am to meet you guys and I didn’t even get to because it didn’t even last like 5 minutes. I am asking you kindly, to please consider people living in different parts of the world who aren’t available

497 days old
Franksterman September 29, 2019

Will the Staff be in different locations on the island or in one area?

530 days old
Raging Duck September 29, 2019

I think i dont deserve having a staff as a buddy but sure :d

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 29, 2019

I know some of my friends’ll be there! Like briss and Lani i think too! Maybe VelocityP but I don’t know! πŸ˜‰

1226 days old
Ohbarnacles September 29, 2019

I’ll definitely be there, I love hanging out and annoying the mods already! ::DD (Seriously tho can’t wait)

521 days old
JohnnyStar9 September 28, 2019

Just starting to get into CPR, this sound pretty fun! Hope I get to see you guys there!

359 days old
wittle ewady September 28, 2019

can you do a meetup at 4pm sometime because the time difference in australia is huge and 12pm pst is 3 in the morning our time.

451 days old
donut86398 September 28, 2019

I wish I could be there but I have church.

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 8, 2019

Totally understandable; I also attend church from time to time.

439 days old
pete1326 September 28, 2019

Ive never had a meet-up before

955 days old
FireSanti September 28, 2019

i hope i can attend

2827 days old
Lucas September 28, 2019

This is for all the penguins:
Wait for me, cuz I’m on it! We gonna shake this island upside-down!

708 days old
Luvseal September 28, 2019

Hope to see you all there!

396 days old
sinem06 September 28, 2019

Will there be any new prizes at the booth? I heard the update was supposed to be on Thursday?

1087 days old
classyxo September 28, 2019

I love these! Cant wait!

509 days old
Super107 September 28, 2019


748 days old
Smappy102 September 28, 2019

Alright! Ill make sure to be there!

428 days old
sobeano789 September 28, 2019

I ill be there or be square!

607 days old
Penguin1057 September 28, 2019

Hey, Stu. I can’t verify my phone on the discord server. What can i do?

1227 days old
Fastn Fab September 28, 2019

Awesome! I hope I can make it πŸ˜„β€

1225 days old
Bart Simpson September 28, 2019

This is going to be epic! Hope to see you guys there!

1045 days old
Vinetra2 September 28, 2019

Cool, that’s when I celebrate 2 years since I made by CPR account. But too bad it’s on a time I’m not available on

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 8, 2019

Ain’t that the truth… I almost always miss these meetups, especially during the busy times in my life.

519 days old
DjKled007 September 28, 2019

Nice i’am ready for the meet up !!!

1267 days old
xYSWF September 28, 2019

So sad i can’t attend the meetup because of the timing ☹

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 28, 2019

So ready for this! Hope to see you guys there! πŸ˜‰

473 days old
yaks September 28, 2019

Lataus, or whoever banned me:
I am terribly sorry for accidentally cursing.
it was a typo!

Sorry again.


17907 days old
stu September 28, 2019

No worries. I can see it was an accident due to some letters being cut off, I’ve gone ahead and removed that one for you.

473 days old
yaks September 28, 2019

Thank you! πŸ˜€

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 8, 2019

No one likes getting banned.

2827 days old
Lucas September 28, 2019

Thank you, stu, for being honest and kind with this poor penguin.

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq October 8, 2019

Such forgiveness!

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 28, 2019

I’m really excited! I know i’ve seen Lataus BUT STILL I’M EXCITED! I hope to see everyone that can come! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ #SMILEY FACE ALERT!

654 days old
Flouride September 28, 2019

Tell us why Rockhopper thinks Zebras aren’t real. Why is he trying to spread anti-science conspiracies like this to the children (and memelords)?

1141 days old
Naturn3 September 28, 2019

Man can’t join this one. Hopefully next time!

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 28, 2019

CAN’T WAIT! πŸ˜€ I’m excited! I hope to have fun!

PS lots of penguins want stu haha!

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 28, 2019

So excited! #Can’twait! ;D

656 days old
Space472 September 28, 2019

Sounds epic, but I might be busy! πŸ™

398 days old
buzzy1919 September 28, 2019

I’M TOO EXCITED! I just hope I don’t mess this up like the last meet up. πŸ˜‰

515 days old
The User September 28, 2019


607 days old
Penguin1057 September 28, 2019


1233 days old
Valery September 28, 2019

I’ll definitely be there!! I can’t wait!

473 days old
PuddingGrl September 28, 2019


473 days old
PuddingGrl September 28, 2019

Huh… For me, this means I have to wake up at 6am! But i’ll do it πŸ™‚

778 days old
eeyore96 September 28, 2019

Awesome!! see you there

317 days old
Sneakysnakey September 28, 2019

I’ll drop in

1157 days old
Robertj15 September 28, 2019

I cant wait! this is gonna be fun!

1122 days old
Hot Autumn September 28, 2019

Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to another meetup. The one during the Medieval Party was a lot of fun. See you guys on Sunday!

602 days old
Randomboy481 September 28, 2019

Yes! I always love coming to community meetups! Can’t wait to see all the staff there!

1268 days old
Perapin September 27, 2019

See you there!


462 days old
Logan3918 September 27, 2019


423 days old
P4457737 September 27, 2019

I’ll be there! but could it be possible for me to have my username back? no one will recognize me with all these numbers and letters

1125 days old
Hsmace September 27, 2019

So exciting to have another meet-up! These are always such fun events and I met one of my best friends during a meet-up! Always thankful for these and thanks again for doing another during the fair!

585 days old
May200 September 27, 2019

Awesome new! Can’t wait to attend it! Pretty sure it’s gonna be awesome πŸ˜€

1180 days old
Nadia2 September 27, 2019

The meetups are always really enjoyable as I get to interact with the staff team a lot more and of course, have some fun πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for this one <3

317 days old
P4933069 September 27, 2019

Can’t wait