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Sled of the Week #129

By Stu on October 28, 2019

Hi Penguins,




Our Sled of The Week train is heading towards an active member within the community who you can normally find either cosplaying or having a fun time with their friends in-game. If you’re looking for a new friend to hang out with, don’t be afraid to give an opening message to them!





Congratulations to you, Sephora, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your liking!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Sled of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


230 days old
Pikulz November 4, 2019


375 days old
Horstapen November 3, 2019

Congratulations, very happy for you!

75 days old
pavlosef2009 November 3, 2019


191 days old
hotpengui5 November 3, 2019


402 days old
AlexMina0402 November 3, 2019


57 days old
TheMasteur November 3, 2019

Congrats! Nice look

951 days old
Happyguy1222 November 2, 2019


18 days old
NotAlbert23 November 2, 2019

Great Job!

732 days old
Suepej November 1, 2019


2441 days old
Ryan November 1, 2019

Congratulations Sephora, well deserved!

15 days old
FluffyPo November 1, 2019

dat great

1000 days old
P910 November 1, 2019


89 days old
Skittles5911 November 1, 2019


840 days old
progamer1234 November 1, 2019


957 days old
shazbatbobo November 1, 2019

i never thought i’d see the day when a minion got potw

and i couldn’t be happier

175 days old
greeny8700 November 1, 2019

Herbert is a PANDA Bear also sleds are just wood not penguins

948 days old
Wowee October 31, 2019

why is everyone sleds

264 days old
Hanya123 October 31, 2019

Hey! Congrats Sephora!

I know we havent met before but i will still give you a big congrats!

See you guys soon,
Happy halloween too!

Waddle on,

935 days old
Claw204 October 30, 2019

Nice job on potw! I hope you are happy!

31 days old
Coregone October 30, 2019

Great to see, btw you have an awesome igloo, it was great to raid it earlier

89 days old
Skittles5911 October 30, 2019

omg congrats Sephora well earned 🙂

483 days old
tas45 October 30, 2019

OMG! Congrats dude!

682 days old
Lelunu October 30, 2019

Congrats!! Cool outfit btw! 🙂

548 days old
Sweet Ari October 29, 2019

Congrats Sephora! We haven’t really met but I’ve seen you around the island i think this is well deserved. Nice minion constume btw!

20 days old
Wowlord43 October 29, 2019

Good job 🙂

129 days old
tekhion October 29, 2019

Congratulations, Sephora!

303 days old
Sheepy09 October 29, 2019

I saw you yesterday. Congrats!

919 days old
caralynrs October 29, 2019

Congratulations Sephora! Hopefully I can congratulate you soon in-game!

993 days old
Paigey October 29, 2019

Congrats! 🙂

14 days old
Jayden52 October 29, 2019

Hey new here!

129 days old
Zebra0346 October 29, 2019

I hope I get to see you in the game somewhere, I keep hearing how awesome and sweet u are. Have an AMAZING week!

129 days old
Zebra0346 October 29, 2019

Congrats! I hope u enjoy this, and I hope u have an AWESOME Halloween! 😋😋😁😁

872 days old
Piwambi October 29, 2019

This is indeed one of the best POTW I could have seen. Well deserverd, Sephora!

858 days old
Nanopenguin3 October 29, 2019


558 days old
Tadman12 October 29, 2019


291 days old
P3083582 October 29, 2019

Congrats!!! I never became the Penguin of the Week before!

19 days old
djontor2 October 29, 2019

Congrats on potw

743 days old
kellyman7 October 29, 2019

Congratulations! Well-earned!

957 days old
Static October 28, 2019


468 days old
peptrt October 28, 2019

Congrats on becoming POTW! Amazing outfit too lol!

331 days old
Randomboy481 October 28, 2019

Congrats on POTW Sephora! Hope to see you in game with that green viking helmet! :DD

405 days old
P2463168 October 28, 2019


166 days old
rosileaves October 28, 2019

Congrats on potw Sephora! 😀

935 days old
Terrafin October 28, 2019

Congrats on potw! 😀

314 days old
May200 October 28, 2019

Congrats! Have seen you ingame 🙂

663 days old
-Joystick- October 28, 2019

Hello there! I haven’t been to meet you yet, but I’m sure it’s well deserved! Congratulations to you 😀

854 days old
Hsmace October 28, 2019

Congrats Sephora! Hope this makes your week and I LOVE the minion costume HAHAHA

754 days old
TiernanJH October 28, 2019


127 days old
buzzy1919 October 28, 2019


127 days old
buzzy1919 October 28, 2019


127 days old
buzzy1919 October 28, 2019

Hey, its buzzy i’ve seen you in game and ur sweet!


956 days old
Fastn Fab October 28, 2019

Congratulations! Would love to get to know you, you sound great! 😀

73 days old
Blazepuggle October 28, 2019

Really proud to be part of the CPR community when people like this are around!

15 days old
Captus01 October 28, 2019

Congrats Sephora!

15 days old
Captus01 October 28, 2019

Congrats Sephora!

Question: I’m new to club penguin rewritten, and I was wondering, why do I have a random blue phone in the bottom corner or my background. Thanks!

129 days old
Zebra0346 October 29, 2019

I don’t know what it’s for, but I think it’s like to keep track of u or something.

303 days old
Sheepy09 October 29, 2019

It is your PSA spy phone. Xx

318 days old
CutiePie703 October 29, 2019

It’s a spy phone for members of the PSA. Usually you don’t get that until you’re a member. It’s probably a glitch. Hope this helped! Waddle on! (Congrats Sephora!)

548 days old
Sweet Ari October 29, 2019

It’s the EPF Teleporter that letsyou do all sorts of things: play missions, earn elite gear, even play Field Ops and see Agent messages! I hope this helps.

956 days old
Matty1000 October 28, 2019


107 days old
WaveWalker October 28, 2019

Great Job, Sephora!!!

860 days old
Purf October 28, 2019

Yo congrats lad!

15 days old
HelenaX2008 October 28, 2019


272 days old
Leleon October 28, 2019

Congratulations, Sephora!! 🙂

912 days old
Sephora October 28, 2019

THANK YOU GUYS!! What a lovely way to wake up!! And this picture…. is everything. THANK YOU AGAIN!! 😀 So happy to be a part of this community!!

302 days old
Lumalee October 29, 2019

I’m so happy you got it, Sephora! I’ve seen you around and you seem super cool!

955 days old
Ohbarnacles October 28, 2019


844 days old
Smartmelon October 28, 2019

Congrats Sephora! Very well done, wear that viking hat with pride.

53 days old
DaleC10 October 28, 2019

WELL DONE You Earned It For Being Nice

951 days old
belinha8615 October 28, 2019

Congrats, you definitely deserved it!!! (Btw i loved your outfit) 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤

175 days old
artangeleyes October 28, 2019

i only talked to her briefly even tho we were just buddies recently! she seems really cool and i hope we get to hang out again soon! congrats sephora 🙂

19 days old
P5008533 October 28, 2019


924 days old
AleCP October 28, 2019


22 days old
Saint Dragon October 28, 2019


886 days old
Robertj15 October 28, 2019


190 days old
Kidguin596 October 28, 2019

AHHHH CONGRATS SEPHORA! ❤️You’re so kind and fun to be around, I’m so happy for you 🙂 Enjoy your week!!

909 days old
Nadia2 October 28, 2019

Congrats Sephora! I’ve seen you around for some time and you’ve alway seemed so friendly!! Have a great week:)

954 days old
Luigi456 October 28, 2019


505 days old
Carosene October 28, 2019

Congrats Sephora!! Wear that green helmet proudly! <3

851 days old
Hot Autumn October 28, 2019

Congratulations Sephora! Enjoy your week!

640 days old
Shy Suzy October 28, 2019

Congrats!!! I’ve never met you in game but hopefully i can soon! 🙂

964 days old
ChrisCPI October 28, 2019

Congrats! 🥳

472 days old
Blueberry504 October 28, 2019

Congratulations Sephora!! 😀 <3

887 days old
magazines October 28, 2019

Congrats! This is so well-deserved. You’re a great piece of this community!!

684 days old
FireSanti October 28, 2019

Congratulations Sephora!!!!

954 days old
Luigi456 October 28, 2019