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Reviewed by You: Winter Trends

By Stu on November 9, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Don’t worry, fortunately there’s no sleds here, and it’s us! On our last Reviewed by You post, the sleds asked you all if you were stuck as a living sled forever, what would you do and why? From that, the first penguin we selected was Blueberry504, who said:


“If I was a sled forever, I’d turn every game on the island about sleds. Sled surfing, sled counters, sledcala, find four sleds, sled grabber, card jitsled, sled contest, sled defender, DJ3SLED, sled fishing, jet sled adventure. You get the picture. Sleds everywhere muahahah!”


Honestly, it seems like it would be pretty fun to play every game as a sled. It would open up so many new possibilities. We love the names you’ve given them, too! The other response comes from the penguin CBSCARES, who said:


“If I was stuck as a sled forever I would win all the sled races. I would be so fast due to better areodynamics. After getting board of winning all the races against penguins I would start an exclusive sled racing league.”


We’re definitely sure that you would be a lot faster, especially with a little less weight on board. Hey, isn’t that basically cheating? Those are some sweet puns you’ve got there, Mr sled! We’d be interested in joining your sled racing league, for sure!


Thanks Blueberry504 and CBSCARES! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



The island is definitely starting to get a lot colder as the chiller seasons hit, and that’s why the Penguin Style has stocked up on all new winter clothing. How are you styling yourself up for this upcoming wintry season?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1217 days old
Sparklmagyq November 22, 2019

Then again, I just got one of those winter party shirts so that might help bring the spirit of winter.

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq November 22, 2019

I think I’ll just either stay as a fuzzy, downy green penguin or wear one of my parkas with the island growing colder.

1190 days old
caralynrs November 18, 2019

I’m styling myself in the warmest of warm clothes. It is getting colder and I need to stay warm!

334 days old
SpiderMaX897 November 16, 2019


-Max 2019

1176 days old
objectshow November 16, 2019

I dress my self as a construction worker to make room for the construction of the new winter party. I also like to bundle my self in a scarf and a jacket because we reached winter and its getting cold.

969 days old
icicle8 November 16, 2019

This time of year I’m definitely going to start with some warmer coats! I’m also going to try out some new combinations of cloths. Maybe mix a hoodies with earmuffs, a scarf, and some boots. I’m going to consider more holiday colors like red and green later in the year. I love the cold weather!

1031 days old
pinky279 November 16, 2019

I just am i gonna dress cozy so i can hang in my cozy igloo and drink hot chocolate

344 days old
Blazepuggle November 18, 2019

Hot chocolate pin when?

758 days old
Renjamin.T.S November 14, 2019

Scarf time baby

618 days old
jademoon225 November 14, 2019

I’m just going to pick out my fav sweater and pair it with a cute scarf and some boots… And maybe a hat.

1250 days old
Splosh Jnr November 14, 2019

Cold weather doesn’t bother me! I wear a black fedora and red sweatshirt all year ’round!

540 days old
bestboy087 November 14, 2019

whats the next event πŸ˜€

426 days old
CALL M E November 13, 2019

I always love a bit of colour coordination with my outfits, it’s super easy to do escpecially with the new Penguin Style out with so many different coloured scarves and mittens to mix and match!

385 days old
ralsei68 November 12, 2019

I want be in the blue team! HURRAY BLUE

1116 days old
Maripink007 November 12, 2019

Here in Brazil it’s almost summer, but that does not mean i can’t dress up for this years Winter Wonderland!
And as i love dressing and fashion, i’ll try my best on a winter clothing in the middle of our overheating sun!
Until then, i’ll do my best to work on my winter clothes.

468 days old
cppookie November 12, 2019

It may not officially be winter yet, but the chilly weather has definitely started rolling in. I’m gearing up for the Winter Festival with my new checkered scarf from the Halloween party, warm fuzzy white boots, the blue and orange winter coat, blue mittens, and a comfy hat!

605 days old
CheesyPuff25 November 12, 2019

I’m going to be wearing a nice jacket and scarf combo to keep me warm. The Gift Shop has a number of jackets to offer. I’m also going to be wearing hats! With so many styles, how can I chose?

1252 days old
Fobico November 12, 2019

I recently returned to CPR and I’m very excited to have founded my white winter boots as a hidden item!

656 days old
Space472 November 12, 2019

I’ll be wearing a matching scarf and hat until the holidays arrive, in which I might change it a bit. Until then, it’ll be the matching hat and scarf, as well as some matching fuzzy socks! I will also be wearing my spider costume, which somehow keeps me warm during winter but cold during summer.

1147 days old
Reddy4 November 12, 2019

My favourite green propeller, a blue bandanna with safety goggles to protect my eyes from the snow,a blue jacket with a orange vest on top of it to keep me warm, a frosty jet-pack to get a better view, and brown winter boots to walk though the snow.

646 days old
Horstapen November 12, 2019

lets go

356 days old
alllove November 12, 2019

It’s all about the layers! Layering up is key for winter weather – especially if you plan on hitting the slopes. I always like to add a pair of sunglasses to my outfit to spice things up a bit. It’s practical, but also cool!

1118 days old
Luckyv1218 November 11, 2019

-A coat (any kind)
-gloves! (keep those flippers warm my friends)
-Earbuds (Micheal Buble Christmas anyone?)
-a scarf (because they look so cozy)
-Good winter boots (Who can go wrong with a good pair of boots)
-Glasses (The snow is too blinding for my eyes)
-And a smile!
Waddle on πŸ™‚

656 days old
Space472 November 11, 2019

I’ll be wearing a matching scarf and hat until the holidays arrive, in which I might change it a bit. Until then, it’ll be the matching hat and scarf, as well as some matching fuzzy socks! I will also be wearing my spider costume, which somehow keeps me warm during winter but cold during summer…

1225 days old
Snow1 November 11, 2019

I’m wearing a Earflap Cap,Blue Duffle Coat,Xmas Scarf and Ice Skates, this are my favorite item for the winter season πŸ™‚

972 days old
Lily19530 November 11, 2019

I’m a huge winter fan and I like every item in the new Penguin Style! All the coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves and gloves look super cozy and comfy. Also, I’m looking forward to the Ice Rink returning and I’ve already got my ice skates on.. they go well with pretty much everything!

519 days old
kimberlee476 November 11, 2019

I’m making sure to have my pink coat at all times as its freezing outside! I’ve got my scarf to keep warm and stylish! And of course my boots to keep my flippers nice and warm. Cant forget my pink umbrella either, you never know if its going to rain, and it mostly likely is so you have to be ready!

275 days old
CoffieStandM November 11, 2019

Yooooo that looks amazing.I like the red one the most😊

535 days old
Hanya123 November 11, 2019

My hair, glasses,a nice warm pink coat,yellow scarf,cool shoes,and a unbrella.

For me i love my fashion.
It’s also nice to keep warm in the winter!

Waddle on!


403 days old
P4562921 November 11, 2019

I love Fashion! So I am so looking forward to getting all the winter clothes and stay warm, cool and stylish.

281 days old
radicmancpr November 11, 2019

I may not look like it now, but I would dress all nice and cozy, probably go throw snowballs.

337 days old
MarioKirby12 November 11, 2019

i found a glich i went to aqua grabber and i saw text instead of words

742 days old
ViciousDex November 11, 2019

Probably any kind of scarf and the parka outfit would be the best styling for winter season.

316 days old
moonliqhts November 11, 2019

Obviously, fashion is a must for me. So if it means to look stylish, I have to be a little bit cold, so be it. But there’s this “Pink Winter Pea-coat’ that I really have my eye on. The penguin style catalog never fails to meet my expectations! πŸ˜€

323 days old
toastedmello November 11, 2019

I’m sort of going for a cozy old man look, with small glasses and a heavy coat.
Stylish boots and a messy bun really make the outfit nice!

501 days old
Pikulz November 11, 2019

Well, that depends. I am a big sweatshirt penguin. i do love sweaters, too, so it’s time to get cozy! I also need a good scarf that fits my personality – preferably green!

1233 days old
Valery November 11, 2019

I’m styling myself up this winter season with a nice, long, warm scarf, a giant fluffy coat, and of course some cozy gloves. I need to stay nice and bundled up in the winter time, as its always good to be prepared! Of course I’ll place a fireplace in my igloo as well to fully stay warm in the winter

1268 days old
Perapin November 11, 2019

Lataus is cool!


992 days old
BoumTNT November 10, 2019

About the question :
IRL or in the game?

419 days old
alyssa1299 November 10, 2019

i live in texas, so dont worry ill dress warm

557 days old
onnnnn November 10, 2019


493 days old
Benz33 November 10, 2019

I’m going to wear the red turtle neck and a nice scarf to keep warm!

819 days old
Sweet Ari November 10, 2019

I’m cozying up in the white scarf! Honestly my outfit reminds me of The Holiday Party and I’m loving it.

516 days old
Pookyy November 10, 2019

Keeping it cozy, but light! It’s not the coldest it can be yet, so I’m savouring what’s left of the warmth by wearing a big sweater, my yellow rain boots and a new white scarf that I was hoping would be in the new catalog! When it gets really freezing, it’s on with the puffy jackets and mittens!

344 days old
Blazepuggle November 10, 2019

A superhero Eskimo!

344 days old
Blazepuggle November 18, 2019

Nevermind got a new outfit now

398 days old
Icey Creams November 10, 2019

So I’m planning on getting the pink duffel coat and i would pair it with some blues and yellows for a sweet cotton candy theme! I also plan on getting the featured job and item of the month because how awesome they look! But really when it come to fashion I don’t always know what to wear! Waddle on.

630 days old
aglina November 10, 2019

i am entirely ready to wear my puffle holiday sweater, white scarf, and warm boots. everything comfy and cozy is on my list. i’m always cold. so, this is a great time for me. i can’t wait to waddle around with friends and find places to stay warm.

346 days old
Adventador November 10, 2019

I’ve already gone through CP Style and selected my favorite stuff, and I’m going around sporting the cool orange vest and shovel. It’s so cool how shoveling at the mine also gets you coins. I also wear a beanie to school every day, so even though it’s not my color, I still love wearing the pink hat.

493 days old
FLIPPERN November 10, 2019

i will still have my hoodie, but maybe some other more warm clothes than my caps.

673 days old
Chocorange November 10, 2019

Since the island it’s getting colder and whiter from the snow, I am definitely wearing very colourful clothes! Wouldn’t want to get lost in that snow after a snowball fight!

346 days old
Liksyy November 10, 2019

I have dressed up my penguin with mittens and a coat just to be prepared for any kind of weather. I am very eager for the hockey stadium coming back and can’t wait to buy the hockey gear πŸ™‚

400 days old
tekhion November 10, 2019

Hmm… Even in winter, I would keep my agent costume and walk with the elite puffle Flare, his fire can warm me if weather is too cold.

381 days old
Dakota736 November 10, 2019

the winter outfits are actually really cute, I hope in the future we can also dress out puffles with a scarf or a small fluffy coat so they can join the fashion!

469 days old
darling girl November 10, 2019

The island is colder than usual, which means I am going to be extra rugged up! This gorgeous white scarf and winter boots are super cozy and will help me fight off the chilly winter breeze. Daily walks with my puffle and cozy hot chocolates also might help with that as well

558 days old
fizzy fizz November 10, 2019

I’m styling myself with colourful clothes – I think colour is a big trend this season! The Pink Duffle Coat is my favourite item from this catalog.

659 days old
filmthepengu November 10, 2019

November is always one of my favourite months for the penguin style catalogue. Whether it’s wearing all my cozy clothes or bundling up to go sledding I love it all

398 days old
buzzy1919 November 10, 2019

heh heh i wonder what i’m getting for christmas 😳

398 days old
buzzy1919 November 10, 2019

Snow fluffy, clothing good but i’m not so sure about whats coming up


277 days old
HeliosGamer November 10, 2019

I’ll bundle myself up with jackets like the brown jacket I bought as item of the month. I’ll also dig up some snow or coins with my shovel! I’ll also wear my baseball cap and rollerskates.

455 days old
Pika112256 November 10, 2019

I ‘m bundling up as much as I can this winter! I love the selection of coats and scarves and all the other things at the Gift Shop!

1158 days old
magazines November 10, 2019

For this wintery season, I’m staying warm! I’m sporting a scarf and sweater as well as some fur-lined boots. Who would’ve thought that penguins needed this much protection against the cold? Maybe we just wanted an excuse to be stylish…

454 days old
Somapodra November 10, 2019

I’m trying out various combinations of coats, scarves, and whatever else and figuring out which ones work. I’ve found that the big white scarf and the brown jacket look quite sophisticated together!

987 days old
Natsfroh November 9, 2019

Just a classic scarf n’ turtleneck.

632 days old
Raptor10 November 9, 2019

I’m going to dress up in a good coat, a fuzzy hat, and snow boots. I hope they don’t melt! The snowball fights are gonna be epic! And Christmas is around the corner too! I’m so excited!

344 days old
Blazepuggle November 11, 2019

Bro you are wearing a knight costume

515 days old
The User November 9, 2019

I am going to wear my normal outfit, but with a sweater on instead of a hockey jersey

1621 days old
santi1345 November 9, 2019

id love to dress myself with warm and fluffly clothes! they are the best of all for winter! some nice wool hat and comfortable shoes! i really love getting clothes from every catalog, so i have a big selection of clothes to dress up with ^^

804 days old
Bill2018 November 9, 2019

I’m styling myself with style, while also staying fashionably warm. The Penguin Style has some really cool items like the Polka Dot Umbrella as well as the secrets items like the cool white scarf. I hope to have lots of fun this winter on CPR!

344 days old
Blazepuggle November 9, 2019

If i had some I would wear Christmas outfits starting NOV 1st because its never to early to start celebrating Christmas!

602 days old
Randomboy481 November 9, 2019

I’m styling up by putting on some of my favorite items along with some new ones from the catalog! It brings tons of possibilities to the table and I can’t wait to see what i can make with this catalog!

1227 days old
Fastn Fab November 9, 2019

I often wear a scarf which keeps my neck warm! I also like to wear a hoodie and some cute little mittens if it gets very cold! I love the new styles in the catalog and will definitely be switching it up a bit πŸ˜€

554 days old
joegirl7 November 9, 2019

Although scarves and puffer jackets are a must-have and a hot trend this season, I always remember to wear my sunglasses for the winter. The relentless sun beaming down on the fresh club penguin snow can result in intense snow blindness… Also, penguins look fire with some shades.

743 days old
Blueberry504 November 9, 2019

I mean we are penguins and we are used to cold weather…but I’ve been dressing myself in a jacket and a scarf for…

F A S H I O N ✨

398 days old
buzzy1919 November 9, 2019

To be honest I’M LOVING IT!
I know its probably for Christmas and its gonna be hot for me in all BUT NOT IN GAME!
So I thought ”if its cold I should bring out my white puffle icey!”
Then I went to see one of my buddy’s and on my way someone said it was freezing and I agree i need to stay cozy!

326 days old
Leppa November 9, 2019

A nice oversized hoodie is super warm and always in style.

334 days old
SpiderMaX897 November 9, 2019

I am styling my self up this winter season by putting all my winter gear on! If it gets super cold I got my self my warm parka and my scarf. I also have my mittens just in case my hands get cold so I think I am prepared for this winter season!

1008 days old
maor November 9, 2019

Winterrrr !! πŸ•Έβ›·πŸ’¨πŸ€

811 days old
Joey17790 November 9, 2019

I made a typo. I meant to say STAY warm, lol.

811 days old
Joey17790 November 9, 2019

I will dress up in warm and stylish clothing. That way I can say warm AND look fabulous!

461 days old
Kidguin596 November 9, 2019

Definitely color coordinating my outfit and taking advantage of the refreshing, light colors in the catalog this month! I love that the pink peacoat goes so nicely with my bow, and LOVE the big white scarf!! Finally getting to wear my white ice skates as well :’)

561 days old
Waterboy2009 November 9, 2019

I will be dressed in a nice flannel and some ear warmers! The scarf I will have on will be cozy! I will put on nice winter shoes! My style will be cozy and comfortable!

1122 days old
Hot Autumn November 9, 2019

The new clothing catalog is incredible! There are so many fantastic items. For my winter outfit, I only made a slight change, as I enjoy my main outfit. I decided to bundle up a bit with a red letterman jacket! I really enjoy seeing what combinations people come up with when a new catalog releases!

602 days old
Ghost Reborn November 9, 2019

I Would wear a Santa Claus outfit because Christmas is coming up soon. And give everyone Early Christmas Presents!

276 days old
KirbyClubRew November 9, 2019


451 days old
donut86398 November 9, 2019

My dragon suit will keep me warm!

589 days old
winniella1 November 9, 2019

I’m styling myself by having some wintery hats on and changing the winter hats everyday that it is warm outside irl. I also am having a umbrella just incase it rains so that I will be protected. You never know when a serious storm is coming!!! I also am stocking up on some shoes that are super warm!

567 days old
itaythedank November 9, 2019

im puting on a nice,comfy jacket,because,you can’t be here with a t-shirt without freezing!.

1206 days old
Claw204 November 9, 2019

I am styling with scarfs, i like them very much and i will wear any color, red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, purple, orange, but right now i am wearing a white scarf, i just really like them,

378 days old
WaveWalker November 9, 2019

I have been getting plenty of jackets, coats, boots, and scarfs. As much as I love the cold, I need to stay warm as I waddle around the island! Right now, I’m wearing a yellow jacket and boots. Gotta stay warm!

533 days old
HarmonyStar November 9, 2019

Ive been using scarfs and boots to bundle up and to add a new look to my outfits while staying nice and warm!

637 days old
Yippold November 9, 2019

I will dress warmly because Winter is cold and take on mittens to improve my grip on snowballs because who says Winter says Snowball Battles and maybe Snowball Competition and maybe Snowball Tournament !!!! I need heat and I will begin to take on a scarf, ah it feels good now haha.

1009 days old
realnananaYT November 9, 2019


514 days old
nakyo man853 November 9, 2019

Hello penguins of all sorts! I’m nakyo man853, and I’m starting a new company. Penguin News Live! P.N.L. for short, giving you the latest news on the island. If you would like to join find me and ask, remember, my username is nakyo man853, until then, this is nakyo man853 signing off.

1254 days old
nana57 November 9, 2019

I am getting a big coat on. I will need it for all of the storms we eill have this winter. Aldo a yellow scarf is going to keep my neck warm. I bought this outfit a year agk and I haven’t even worn it yet. I can’t wait for the season to come. I have already decorated my Igloo.