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A Frosty Meet-Up

By Lataus on November 28, 2019

Hi Penguins,


This just in, we have a new in-game meet-up planned for all to enjoy. We’re giving you a chance you meet and talk to us this Sunday!


It’s been a while since our last one, hasn’t it? Well, to make up for that, we’re having one now. Make sure not to miss a special snowball fight at the Snow Forts alongside your favourite Club Penguin Rewritten Team members!


For this meet-up event, we’ll be having a Cool in the Cold dress code, which means we want to see your creative and cozy outfits for the Winter Party. Go wild!



Meet-Up Time


Date: Sunday, 1st December 2019

Time: 10:00am Penguin Standard Time (PST)

Server: Beanie

Dress code: Cool in the Cold


If you’re unsure about anything else, feel free to follow the Q&A below.


“What is a meet-up?”


If you’re new or haven’t attended a Club Penguin Rewritten meetup before, you’re probably wondering what one is. Well, it’s quite simple. With meetups, you can meet, hangout and chat with various different Staff members from the Club Penguin Rewritten Team on a set schedule that is given. Additionally, you can meet different community members that you might have not met before. Before you know it, they might become your newest buddy!


“Who is on the Club Penguin Rewritten Team? How can I tell?”


Well, the answer to that is simpler than you think! In order to recognise Staff Members, you can recognise them from their special Moderator Pin on their Player Card, as shown below. If a penguin claims to be a Staff Member and doesn’t have this pin, you should report them!


Left: A penguin with a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a Staff Member.

Right: A penguin without a Moderator Pin, which shows they are a normal player



We look forward to seeing you there, and be sure to stay cool. Let your buddies know that, too!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team



5164 days old
hagrid December 3, 2019

Bit late haha but thank you all for coming!! 😊

978 days old
Sparklmagyq December 4, 2019

Thanks for inviting us.

105 days old
Blazepuggle December 11, 2019

Bit later, thank you for coming!

322 days old
Waterboy2009 December 2, 2019

I missed the meetup. I was decorating my Christmas tree!

978 days old
Sparklmagyq December 4, 2019

Why do I keep missing these meetups?!

105 days old
Blazepuggle December 2, 2019

This was a great meetup! Stu said the hot chocolate pin might come back this christmas, fingers crossed

862 days old
Klaka December 2, 2019

You guys are awesome. Thanks for making the island a safe and fun place for everyone!

443 days old
Meeeshell December 1, 2019

No better way to spend my birthday hehe! Looking forward to seeing you all there. Have fun everyone! <3

437 days old
P2463168 December 1, 2019

Happy birthday! it was so fun 🙂

805 days old
meck91064 December 1, 2019

This is such a great community and it’s so cool they’re doing these meetings.

770 days old
Erica7304 December 1, 2019

Looks exciting! Can’t wait. 🙂

253 days old
Gamer18 December 1, 2019

See y’all there!

222 days old
Kidguin596 December 1, 2019

It’s later tonight for me, I’m so excited to see everyone and hopefully make some new friends! 🙂

978 days old
Sparklmagyq December 1, 2019

That’s tomorrow! I hope I can make it because I’ve been sick this week!

978 days old
Sparklmagyq December 4, 2019

I’m not sick anymore! YAY!

139 days old
WaveWalker November 30, 2019

Awesome! I will definitely come!

214 days old
chanks November 30, 2019

Sounds great, it’s always great to talk to the team!

234 days old
yaks November 30, 2019

looks cool! I’ll try to be there!

806 days old
Vinetra2 November 30, 2019

Hmm, community meetup and the disco in one day? Sounds cool

241 days old
ChubbySimon November 30, 2019

Yay! Finally, an event that I can go to! It is Sunday 7 am for me and normally they’re like at 12pm on a Monday. I am so excited and I will definitely be there!

578 days old
FishyMcFish November 30, 2019

Wish I could attend! I’m driving home that day. Hope you guys have a blast!

365 days old
Joaolandia November 30, 2019

Looking forward to take a part in the community meetup!

716 days old
FireSanti November 29, 2019

Lets go! Im so hyped!

877 days old
Maripink007 November 29, 2019

Even knowing that will be around 3 pm for me, maybe i’ll show up!
Hope i can go on the meet up!

877 days old
Maripink007 November 29, 2019

Can’t wait for the meet up!

393 days old
Raptor10 November 29, 2019

This is my first meet-up! I’m so excited! I want friend all the moderators!!

967 days old
Claw204 November 29, 2019

Wait never mind its PST but i will be a little late =(

254 days old
FLIPPERN November 29, 2019

see you there!

105 days old
Blazepuggle November 29, 2019

I’m gonna get on and hour before the event lol

105 days old
Blazepuggle December 1, 2019

Alright, I’m chilling in the snow forts, gonna wait for them to come on!

105 days old
Blazepuggle December 2, 2019

That was a great meetup 🙂

986 days old
Davi7779 December 1, 2019


189 days old
sobeano789 November 29, 2019

Its sounds like fun but wont be there for so long seeing its a school night.
Hope my computer wont crash.

175 days old
Ch4rizard November 29, 2019

im so excited

967 days old
Terrafin November 29, 2019

Well I have to say that’s awesome, but some of us won’t be able to go because of the room capacity.

978 days old
Sparklmagyq December 1, 2019

Totally understandable.

105 days old
Blazepuggle December 2, 2019

You gotta camp it out for a bit before they come on (Around 10 to 20 minutes should be good)

987 days old
Trooper November 29, 2019

That time would be 2am for me, oof.

967 days old
Claw204 November 28, 2019

I will only be able to stay for like 35 or 40 mins i got something going on at 11:15am that day =(

883 days old
Hot Autumn November 28, 2019

Hooray! I love mod meetups! They’re such a great way to meet new people in the community and hang out with pals! Thank you for organizing another one!

146 days old
ralsei68 November 28, 2019

Thats so cool! I will meet some moderators and stu!

1029 days old
Perapin November 28, 2019

Don’t know if I can make it because getting ready for the Pizza Parlor Disco will be on my mind that morning. Have fun!


996 days old
ChrisCPI November 28, 2019

You’re having another disco? Can I get some details on that please?

471 days old
Squidly14 November 28, 2019

Wowie Zowie thx for da helpful Noice! tip!!! =^-^=

956 days old
AleCP November 28, 2019

i cant wait

580 days old
Sweet Ari November 28, 2019

Can’t wait!

989 days old
Nataliegirly November 28, 2019

That’s so great!! We really miss meeting staff members these days and this is an amazing time to keep this community even closer! I’ll do my best to be there! If not, Hope you have a good one! Love ya♥!

1015 days old
cookielord November 28, 2019

Sounds Great!

254 days old
Benz33 November 28, 2019

Wow! I can’t wait to meet up with everyone there! I hope to see you all there!

159 days old
Icey Creams November 28, 2019

and Lataus i wanna say you’re my fave developer here!

978 days old
Sparklmagyq December 1, 2019

I actually saw Lataus a while back.

66 days old
lolbros December 1, 2019

me too

159 days old
Icey Creams November 28, 2019

AHHHHHH!!! So I’m so excited! This will be my first ever penguin meet-up! I have my cotton candy themed outfit on and it will be so cool! See ya’ll there…. Waddle on!

918 days old
Robertj15 November 28, 2019

Yessss! Cant wait for this meetup! 😀

66 days old
lolbros November 28, 2019

so excited for the meetup!

346 days old
May200 November 28, 2019

YESSSS! So funny that today I was dreaming (literally) with a Winter Party meetup and now I see it wasn’t just a dream! Hope to see you all there!! 😀

978 days old
Sparklmagyq December 4, 2019

You think that’s funny? Last night I went to bed without snow and this morning I saw snow on the ground, almost a decimetre!

363 days old
Randomboy481 November 28, 2019

Can’t wait for the next community meetup! This one is gonna be great!

997 days old
Spike Field November 28, 2019

august 11th

883 days old
Hot Autumn November 28, 2019

I believe there was actually a mod meetup on September 29 during The Fair! Still though, it has been a while, haha.