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Reviewed by You: Holiday Spirit

By Stu on December 7, 2019

Hi Penguins,


Things are really starting to get festive around here, and that doesn’t stop with Reviewed by You! On our last Reviewed by You post, we asked you all what you enjoyed about having snowball fights with your friends. From that, the first penguin we selected was chanks, who said:


“I enjoy the comradery between penguins. Every penguin that goes to the snow forts will be prepared for a fight! I have met and talked with many penguins, through the snowball fights. The snowball fights create a community that isn’t rude to each other.”


Snowball fights can become quite competitive, so you definitely have to be ready. Other penguins can cheer their friends on, which can also help too! The other response comes from LemonLife12, who said:


“What I enjoy about having snowball fights with my friends is that it gives me and my friends a place to have fun together! Snowball fights are all about having fun, And I enjoy having fun with my friends so snowball fights are the perfect thing!”


Glad to hear that you’re having fun when your friends, and snowball fighting is the perfect place to do that. We agree that they couldn’t be more perfect.


Thanks chanks and LemonLife12! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



The Holiday Party is quickly approaching, and now’s the perfect time to get into the spirit around the island. What gets you excited about the holiday season?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1190 days old
caralynrs December 17, 2019

Spending time with friends and decorating igloos in a creative way is what reallllly gets me excited for holiday season!

587 days old
Langly December 13, 2019

Seeing all the decorations around the island gets me excited about the Christmas season! All the trees and the lights will get me ready to do some carolling down at the plaza for sure!

451 days old
donut86398 December 12, 2019

This is my first Christmas party on CPR, and I really hope they’ll be just as good as the ones on old CP! I really like Coins for Change and hope they’ll be doing it this year! Mostly I’m just excited to see what you’ll come up with this holiday season.

453 days old
bruce leee December 12, 2019

The HOLIDAY SEASON in itself brings a lot of excitement to everyone.But I am looking forward to make new friends because friends are like a family to me. And having to get time to chill out and enjoy with them will be like the perfect christmas for me.

1102 days old
betsii December 12, 2019

I truly believe that what gets me very excited about The Holiday season is the nostalgia. Holidays have always reminded me of some of the greatest moments in my life. Being with my loved ones, sipping that warm drink at the coffee shop, and being able to send a nice gift to other penguins!

398 days old
buzzy1919 December 11, 2019

I enjoy decorating the tree because I can kind of show my personality.
I also like the presents that people get, you show kindness and someone else shows kindness back!


242 days old
Adelaida1234 December 11, 2019

I am excited that it is Christmas, of all the fun decorations and missions with friends, of coins for changes and spending time with my family and friends. I love christmas!

1131 days old
Purf December 11, 2019

What get’s me excited about it is all the stuff in every store that’s just Christmas related like the clothes and the chocolate and all that type of stuff and also my friend’s coming over to celebrate it with me and yeah and also! the amount of content we’re getting in CPR this year.

398 days old
Icey Creams December 10, 2019

I’m so excited to do some skating; on the rink since it isn’t very popular…… I’m also very ready to spend some time with my family and sit by the fire eating them massive candy canes! Really I can’t decide what I love about Christmas, but I also love the sledding because it’s super competitive!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq December 10, 2019

Coins for Change! Let’s give like it’s our last!

663 days old
Cocopuffss December 10, 2019

I’m so excited to spend time with family this holiday season. Gift giving is also such a fun way to show people how much they mean to me. On club penguin I’m most excited for coins for change! I loved it on the original game when I was little because I felt like I was making a difference.

442 days old
Swimmer8980 December 9, 2019

Some things that get me into the holiday spirit, are the smell of pine trees, fresh cookies, a fire in the fireplace, and spending the season with people I love. I’m also looking forward to Coins for Change, as I found it one of the best parts of the holiday back on the original CP.

952 days old
Hricon December 9, 2019

Christmas is the most jolly season of all and I love it so much, specially when I can also celebrate at CPR, thank you guys.

1225 days old
Homey100 December 9, 2019

I’m looking forward to the donation.

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq December 10, 2019

Me too! Let’s donate to Coins for Change like it’s the very last time we get to donate there! Those with at least quintuple digits should definitely shoot for the red donation stamp if they don’t already have it!

743 days old
Blueberry504 December 9, 2019

I’m so excited for Coins for Change! I’m also very excited because it is the season of giving, and I want to show all my love, gratitude and appreciation for this community by doing all I can to help and make others happy!

436 days old
vickyt19 December 9, 2019

I get excited for the snow and going to look at the christmas lights! Also getting to spend time with my family, drink hot coco, and wear fuzzy pyjamas! Im super excited for the christmas party this year!

955 days old
FireSanti December 8, 2019

Well, the thing that hypes me up for Christmas are ,obviously, the presents, but there is something that hypes me up more: Sharing with your loved ones, because you need to be grateful to have them on your side due to the fact that, in some time, they will be gone.

746 days old
voldemort10 December 8, 2019

I always love getting the items from the advent calendar, trying to meet Rockhopper, donating coins to coins for change, seeing the party, celebrating Christmas with my friends, checking the party out, dressing up, and just having a good time.

492 days old
freshavacadu December 8, 2019

sup my fellow penguin buds

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 9, 2019

U mean fellow penguin birds?

914 days old
raytay2502 December 8, 2019

For the upcoming holiday party, I am most excited to donate to Coins for Change! I think that Coins for Change is a great cause, plus each penguin gets free gifts if they keep on donating!

258 days old
P5107647 December 8, 2019

My comment: Ohhhh, i like wintery season cuz its so good im gonna donate to coins for change and do more i’m also going to be getting the free rockhoppers rare item im excited to see this party!

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 9, 2019

They still haven’t given you your name huh.

454 days old
Somapodra December 8, 2019

Holiday decorations are always fun to look at, whether it’s simple lights or a full-blown winter wonderland!

441 days old
Red Blaster December 8, 2019

I’m exited for coins for a change.

1141 days old
melonslush December 8, 2019

I love the holidays in club penguin

427 days old
ItsBucko December 8, 2019

I’m excited for coins for change because I love when every penguin works together to donate. It brings me joy to see how well everyone works together. That’s what gets me in the festive spirit

955 days old
FireSanti December 8, 2019

Well, i know this is pretty obvious because the thing thaat hypes meup for christmas are the presents, but what mostly hypes me up is sharing with your loved ones, because you need to be grateful to have them on your side, because in some time, they will be gone

276 days old
KirbyClubRew December 8, 2019

Cool! πŸ˜€

1195 days old
AleCP December 8, 2019

i am very excited for coins for change and advent calendar because is now nostlagia

502 days old
andyman127 December 8, 2019

What gets me excited for the holiday season is the gathering of family and friends and the gift of giving. I enjoy gathering around a fire and giving gifts and watching movies while drinking some hot chocolate!

1206 days old
TopPenguin December 8, 2019


561 days old
Waterboy2009 December 8, 2019

I love the trees and the cold weather! It lets me know I can start drinking hot cocoa!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq December 10, 2019

I really love hot cocoa and tea… I just had some tea this morning!

260 days old
Aqee1 December 8, 2019

I love the Holiday Season as my birthday is during it and I think Club Penguin Holiday Parties are the best because of the cheerful music and all iconic places turning festive! It really makes me enjoy the holiday season! πŸ™‚

1257 days old
pinguim December 8, 2019

Nostalgia. My first party in Club Penguin was the Christmas Party 2011, I joined in December 16th. Its almost 8 years that I play this game. The end of the year mood is the best. Donating for Coins for Change, Checking the Gifts Calendar, Decorating your igloo for Christmas, etc. I love it.

289 days old
Fluffy 404 December 8, 2019

i am so excited to spending christmas with my family and playing club penguin with friendly penguins.I am so exited for my first christmas party at club penguin . hope you have a love day and merry christmas.

742 days old
ViciousDex December 8, 2019

I am so excited for the Advent Calendar. It brings back memories from Holiday party last year. Collecting free items per day after the 25th is the best. Good times! I can’t wait to see that again and hoping for new Advent Calendar free items.

1206 days old
TopPenguin December 8, 2019


1206 days old
TopPenguin December 8, 2019


426 days old
CALL M E December 8, 2019

I always get super excited for coins for change- I’ve been saving up since the start of November so I can donate lots to these super worthy causes!

693 days old
Lucien LaCha December 8, 2019

I’m excited to see what the new party has in store! Every party is unique and different in its own way, and therefor, there’s always something new to look forward to. The holiday parties are my second favorite only after the Halloween ones.

398 days old
AaronHungary December 8, 2019

I hope it Will be good.

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 8, 2019

Nostalgia, The holiday party’s remind me of those warm childhood memory’s of sitting by the fire on Christmas eve after hanging up the stockings and watching The Polar Express

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 8, 2019

*With hot chocolate, of course

1094 days old
Dobler174 December 8, 2019

The thing that gets me the most excited for the holiday season would be the smiles upon my friends and families’ faces when we just hang out and relax, and the part that gets me excited for the holidays on the island would be the amazing parties and Coins For Change!

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 8, 2019

Do you have any movies you watched every year? We always watch the Home alone movies along with Scrooged (Bill Murray Christmas carol) And the polar express on christmas eve

246 days old
Hiro2347 December 8, 2019

With the holiday season approaching fast, I am excited for Coins for Change and to be able to help someone. I love the parties and good times the season brings and I enjoy seeing people come together and be happy. The holiday season is truly a magical time of the year!

604 days old
Joaolandia December 8, 2019

I love this time of the year!

1226 days old
Sp1nnYB01 December 8, 2019

What personally gets me excited about the holiday season is all the christmas music playing! It leaves a very warm and cozy feeling for me, and it’s very positive!

285 days old
AhsokaTanofg December 8, 2019


331 days old
loldollsyay9 December 8, 2019

lol i am really happy that the christmas is here i love it to give everyone something that they want like really want : }

331 days old
loldollsyay9 December 8, 2019

i am really happy that crithmas

375 days old
SchalkyRodes December 8, 2019

TBH I’ve been more excited for Coins for Change every year during the holidays more than anything else.

336 days old
ringo staaar December 8, 2019

The part of the holiday season I’m most excited for is the igloos and furniture. I’ve been waiting so long for the igloo upgrades! I can’t wait to decorate my igloo with trees and lights.

1268 days old
Perapin December 8, 2019

Christmas time at the Pizza Parlor!


344 days old
Blazepuggle December 8, 2019

Have you got POTW yet? If not the CPR team needs to get on that

1131 days old
Purf December 11, 2019

Pretty sure he has.

493 days old
Benz33 December 8, 2019

I can’t wait to meet Rockhopper, collect all of the goodies from the Christmas calendar, and even make my igloo nice and festive! Keep it up CPRewritten team!


811 days old
Joey17790 December 8, 2019

What gets me exited? Pretty much everything about the holiday season! πŸ™‚

632 days old
Raptor10 December 8, 2019

I just can’t wait for New Year’s!! I love just watching the countdown being so excited! I am just unspeakable when it goes off and everybody’s just dancing and having fun!

1158 days old
magazines December 7, 2019

I live in a small, small town. We’re a tight-knit community with mom-and-pop shops and small businesses all around. I think that when the storefronts start putting garland on their awnings and wreaths on the streetlights, I start feeling festive. The lights start twinkling and I feel joy! πŸ™‚

535 days old
Draco1Malfoy December 7, 2019

Decorating! I love seeing the before and after!

455 days old
Courtz21995 December 7, 2019

What gets me excited about the hoildays is the music especially Aly & AJ’s song
“Greatest Time of Year”

1122 days old
Hot Autumn December 7, 2019

Many things gets me excited for the holiday season! The holiday clothing, igloo decorations, the advent calendar, and my favorite mascot Rockhopper returning! I’m very excited to see how this year’s Holiday Party turns out!

997 days old
LB Wingman December 7, 2019

I cannot wait for Christmas Party 2019, the last Christmas party of the decade! I am keen to see what these “surprises” are, and to enjoy the party waddling around with mates, goofing off as gingerbread men in the bakery. Oh and of course, and exploring Christmas igloos!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq December 10, 2019

Emphasis on LAST Christmas Party, so let’s donate big! Also, let’s spread cheer throughout CPRw like it’ll be our very last!

360 days old
Lani2 December 7, 2019

I get excited cause of all the cute decorations and lights and seeing everyone in cozy outfits. It really gets me into the holiday spirit!

282 days old
ClassyCheeto December 7, 2019


344 days old
Blazepuggle December 8, 2019

Only 1 CK and E?

590 days old
SB737S FAN December 7, 2019

i am excited for the snow ball fights

655 days old
Funfunny8 December 7, 2019

my favorite part is the music! anything from the classics to ESPECIALLY the club penguin holiday music just make me incredibly happy.

494 days old
F u r r e t December 7, 2019

I’m excited to meet Rockhopper again! He always brings some unique items to sell in his catalog! I’m also excited to participate in Coins for Change. I have extra coins that I don’t need, so I’ll gladly put them towards a good cause!

378 days old
WaveWalker December 7, 2019

EVERYTHING!!! I love Christmas! I enjoy getting to see and talk to penguins who I may not have seen in a while, as well as penguins I may have seen earlier. I get very excited when I see penguins wearing Christmas clothes, as well as regular winter fashion. I CANNOT wait for this party!!!!!!!!!!

1219 days old
Ozne December 7, 2019

Im ngl, im am very excited, if the event be like the Xmas of 2012 i will be very happy πŸ™‚

501 days old
Pikulz December 7, 2019

What gets me excited is that I love giving gifts! It’s always fun to give something to someone during the holidays. Sending postcards is one example. it makes them feel great, and me too!

1217 days old
4dasiey December 7, 2019

I am always looking forward to Coins for Change! I think it’s a neat way to come together. Oh, and not to mention all of the Christmas igloo decorating!!! It’s great to see what everyone does with their igloos! So festive!

503 days old
The pro Jake December 7, 2019

club penguin rewritten please bring back the brown hair sweet in january

498 days old
LemonLife12 December 7, 2019

What gets me excited? Well, Spending time with friends and family on christmas is amazing, it gets me excited to know I can spend time with them. Everyone will have christmas cheer, it makes me excited to see everyone so happy.

954 days old
ibby118 December 7, 2019

tbf the thing i love about christmas is the family getting together, the christmas songs, the movies. getting in the festive mood. And of course club penguin! i hope the holiday party is good. thanks cpr for everything

1252 days old
Fobico December 7, 2019

Christmas party 2006 was when I first made my penguin. I can’t wait for this year’s party!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq December 10, 2019

I joined nine months later at the very first Fall Fair. I also got to enjoy the first ever Coins for Change.

1114 days old
zombiesonic December 7, 2019

I got wait for next’s door for the holiday party like the coin for chance

1254 days old
nana57 December 7, 2019

What gets me excited, you ask? Friends and family, all of the cheer, everyone is happy. All of this brings cheer to my heart. Everything that happens makes me happy, especially Santa. I wonder if Santa is coming to the island this year…?

1219 days old
Ozne December 7, 2019

Probably, Santa cames in every Christmas party πŸ™‚

305 days old
lolbros December 7, 2019

I love the construction for the event calendar and everyone dressing as trees

1069 days old
xKattx December 7, 2019

Seeing everyone change from their signature styles to their holiday outfits really helps me get into the Christmas spirit! I also love seeing the construction for things such as the advent calendar and holiday themed catalogs as we near the event! πŸ™‚

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 8, 2019

What I’m gonna do once I get the right stuff is to blend them together