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Reviewed by You: Festive Celebrations

By Stu on December 23, 2019

Hi Penguins,


The holiday season is finally here, so we hope you’re enjoying it! On our last Reviewed by You post, we asked you all what you were hoping to see from the Holiday Calendar. From that, the first penguin we selected was Stevie88812, who said:


“It’s my first Club Penguin Rewritten Holiday Party so I’m really excited! I don’t know what to expect but I’m sure all the items will be unique and awesome! I love the mystery and anticipation of wondering what the next item will be and the items so far have been great. I can’t wait until Christmas!”


The more surprised you are, the better! The gifts are very different and unique from each other, one day you may get something completely different from the next. The other response comes from Little Lolli, who said:


“I hope to see a new Igloo! Last year when I joined, I was excited to see the Gingerbread House Igloo, like the one from old Club Penguin! So I really hope there will be a new one, like maybe a Santa’s Workshop Igloo!! I also hope that there will be another new Color!!!

Waddle on!!”


It’s always awesome to see new igloos as you can customise them to how ever you like to your desire. Will your hopes come true? Well, that’s something you’ll have to find out yourself.


Thanks Stevie88812 and Little Lolli! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



The Holiday Party is here, so there’s no time like the present to get festive and party this season. What is special about the Holiday Party to you?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


344 days old
Blazepuggle January 6, 2020

Alright, the holiday party is over now. But the new year looks great already! The dock got a redesign and (In my opinion) It looks a lot better. And we’ve got a new party coming up that looks like a cross between the Festival of flight and an EPF op. So I’m looking forward to a new year on cpr!

398 days old
buzzy1919 January 6, 2020

AMAZING!!! my favourite thing to do was probably to be a elf in charge and help santa deliver presents on the sleight ride!!πŸŽ…πŸ» ….I also really liked the way how the bakery was snowball powered also in the newspaper when it said bakery and coins for change i thought it meant we get change!

746 days old
voldemort10 January 1, 2020

I always love meeting new friends, getting the items from the advent calendar, flying in Santa’s sleigh, getting new items, visiting my friends. I also love trying to meet Rockhopper or any other club penguin mascots. I especially enjoy how sometimes at the New Years Eve party there are fireworks.

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq December 30, 2019

I like the Advent Calendar because you never know what you’ll get until you open the doors leafing to the presents.

515 days old
The User December 28, 2019

This is my first Christmas Party on CP, I was able to meet both mascots, there is a bunch of cool free stuff, and there are even free igloos. And getting coin for change up to four million was fun.

383 days old
P4663392 December 28, 2019

I like this party! The mascots, items, rooms, the Bakery! are my favorites. TO BE REAL! This game is just good, old, nice custom items and all the custom items are just cool. The rooms like the Mine, Cove, Dojo Courtyard, Snow Forts and Dock are the best looking for me! It is my first holiday party!

230 days old
Allydelpally December 27, 2019

I love meeting other penguins that share nostalgia for the old club penguin! In events like the holiday party, we are all amazed at the extras and unique things the team brings us!

392 days old
TheVesteria December 27, 2019

This is my very first Christmas at cpr!The Christmas event and coins for change are SO fun! I can’t wait until next year!

563 days old
teal2203 December 26, 2019

This is my first Christmas holiday on Club Penguin Rewritten, and I can honestly say that it has bought back the magic of Christmas for me. The build up has been amazing and I have spent my time with lovely friends! Shoutout to Cheesybread who has been my official Christmas Holiday guide! πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ’—

289 days old
Oldtownroadf December 26, 2019

What is special about the club penguin Holiday party is the community and friends. Every penguin becomes so sweet and kind, with the optimism of Christmas. I see penguins come together like a puzzle piece. I get happy and it just fills me with joy.

1069 days old
xKattx December 26, 2019

I love the Holiday Party because it creates such a warm and fuzzy holiday atmosphere! It’s special to me because it allows me to celebrate the season with both my friends and family in person and on the internet. So many of my friends are like family to me, to me it’s important that they know that!

1169 days old
bowser1 December 26, 2019


231 days old
Plasmaflame December 26, 2019

Oh and I do love the puffles. Grey and Black puffles forever!

231 days old
Plasmaflame December 26, 2019

Ya know what would be cool in the game? Some more puffles. Black and grey are my fave kind. Oh and maybe more customisations would be good. Just sayin’.

638 days old
Sylveon38 December 25, 2019

I love the music that plays around the island, especially at the iceberg! It just sounds so magical to listen to!

431 days old
HENRYISCOOL1 December 25, 2019

This is my First Holiday/Xmas party ever, I’m new to this and i’m very exited to meet Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper

462 days old
P4128439 December 25, 2019

I really am enjoying this holiday party! Great job you guys in the CPR Team! <3

509 days old
Super107 December 25, 2019

The holiday party is special to me because it’s the last party of a great year on Club Penguin. It’s also special beca

944 days old
MrThig December 25, 2019

My favourite thing from the Holiday Party has to be its atmosphere. I just can’t get over the nostalgia with the cute background music and the decorations! It’s always sad to see it go on January, but no worries! It’s coming back next year!
I wonder though, where’s Captain Rockhopper?

5403 days old
hagrid December 25, 2019


1122 days old
Hot Autumn December 25, 2019

You too Hagrid! Thank you for all the hard work you and the team have done! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future. Enjoy your holiday!

398 days old
Icey Creams December 26, 2019

I like your username

498 days old
LemonLife12 December 26, 2019

Same to you, Hadgrid, Thanks for the hard work helping, Everyone should be thanked, Hope you had a wonderful christmas, Have a happy new year. <3

289 days old
Oldtownroadf December 26, 2019

You too!!

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 6, 2020

My man hagrid out here using emojis

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 25, 2019

The music and the nostalgia surrounding it, it just makes me feel happy and festive. (Merry Christmas)

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 25, 2019

BTW the Rockhopper cutscene was great! Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

1268 days old
Perapin December 25, 2019

I enjoy seeing everyone come together! I hope all the mascots will be able to make it to the party, especially Dot!


811 days old
Joey17790 December 25, 2019

My personal favorite thing about the Holiday party would have to be the sleigh ride. I just really love how you fly around and drop presents into other penguins’ chimneys!

602 days old
Little Lolli December 25, 2019

I am literally jumping with joy that my response was in the Blog!!!!!! thank you CPR!!!

Waddle on!! Little Lolli

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 25, 2019

And they gave you your name!

589 days old
CutiePie703 December 25, 2019

I KNOW HER!!!! Great job Little Lolli, I’m so happy for you! You’re such a good friend!!

590 days old
SB737S FAN December 24, 2019

i love the coins for change its a way to give free money and help people that wont have as nice a christmas as we are

467 days old
SavageFishy2 December 24, 2019

Well, the most special thing about the holiday party is Coins for Change! It feels good that you are doing something towards an understandable cause, which is, of course, donating to charities. It also feels good to get stamps! The free items are good too, obviously.

414 days old
PenGwen06 December 24, 2019

I love the Holiday Party because there is so much love, joy, and kindness!! I love being able to help others with the Holiday challanges, and I love seeing how much money we all are able to donate. It feels sooo nice to be able to give! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

451 days old
donut86398 December 23, 2019

I like that its so much like the old Club Penguin party. I don’t remember doing the challenges before and I really enjoy doing them. Merry Christmas!

397 days old
Littlemrh December 23, 2019

I believe that having parties every mouth, in general, is special in its own right, but with this Chrismas party, a lot of penguins are coming together and donating their coins toward the vote on the three causes, at the time I’m writing this, is 324 million coins.

336 days old
ringo staaar December 23, 2019

I think the holiday party is special because so many penguins are together. Everyone gets together to do lots of activities around this time of year and i think it’s really nice to see.

398 days old
Icey Creams December 23, 2019

In my opinion everything’s special about this holiday party! We can get cozy in the lodge, have a yummy festive feast, ride Santa’s sleigh and tons of different things! I especially love that we can complete tasks to earn coins, that we can donate to coins for change. I hope everyone has fun though!

1264 days old
Paigey December 23, 2019

The holiday party means a lot to me because it brings such nostalgia for me. This is because when I joined Club Penguin it was the holiday party 2007, so it brings great happy memories and it makes me feel warm inside. Also, they always bring out amazing items and songs which always makes me smile!

1190 days old
caralynrs December 23, 2019

I have made quite a few friends at the holiday party! I met them all through the holiday-themed Treasure Hunt! I can’t wait to meet more and earn coins and treasure together!

1228 days old
Jempenguin December 23, 2019

This Holiday party is special for me because it’s my first CPR Holiday party! I love re-visiting the old traditions, while discovering new things that were added in. I’m looking forward to seeing Rockhopper and the rest of the surprises! I can donate and have fun at the same time, it’s a win-win!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq December 24, 2019

Guess who’s joining the Thousand Club tomorrow!

816 days old
lika03 December 22, 2019

meeting people who like the holidays as much as you and earning the gifts in the party FOR FREE!!!

430 days old
Maiyum December 22, 2019

Definitely the music!
Even in highschool, I cant seem to get the tunes out of my head, even if they are based on other holiday music.

360 days old
Lani2 December 22, 2019

All the pretty decorations especially the ski lodge as it is a bigger version of the igloo tree and presents. Even the sled racing and hidden lake are decorated! I like seeing the island decorated for the holidays. Great work on the Holiday Party it’s so much fun!

955 days old
FireSanti December 22, 2019

Well, this is one of the most nostalgic parties for me because i always loved these on the original CP and when i joined CPR back in December 2017, it was at the Christmas Party. Also the music makes me nostalgic because of the compression and because it sounds beautiful

819 days old
Sweet Ari December 22, 2019

I love listening to all the Christmas music! They’re all so happy and festive, it makes me in a great mood if I’m not already. Every song is different, which makes it so interesting to listen to! The special part about this is listening to music with friends, seeing the community together is joyful.

1122 days old
Hot Autumn December 22, 2019

What’s special about the Holiday Party to me is that I get to spend the holidays with a whole new amazing group of people! Over the course of the year, one the highlights of it has been getting to know so many people in this community, and spending the Holidays with them in-game is a real treat.

533 days old
HarmonyStar December 22, 2019

The holiday party is special to me since this was my first ever party to introduce me to club penguin many years ago. Christmas has always been my favorite

655 days old
Funfunny8 December 22, 2019

what’s special to me is the community. everyone gets together to just be kind and have parties and give gifts and it’s all so sweet to me – two christmas’s ago, when I didn’t know CPR existed, I had no Christmas spirit – it’s the community which gets me hyped for the season.

963 days old
xAgusopAx December 22, 2019

I think this party is special because I play Club Penguin since I was 10 years old and this was one of the most special party’s for me. The music, the special items, everything it’s beautiful in this days, and this inspires me for the next year, waiting for new party’s and events :3

334 days old
SpiderMaX897 December 22, 2019

I think that the holiday party is special to me because it has that holiday cheer and has all kinds of fun things like baking cookies, getting to see Rockhopper, and opening the advent calendar each day to find out what goodies are in store each day. This party may be one of the best CPR party’s.

289 days old
Fluffy 404 December 22, 2019

The holiday party is really special to me beacuse i got to make a new friend and that it has spreaded Christmas joy which i really like to do myself.I am so greatful that i am apart of this.
Thank you for making it special for me and other penguins. Thank you again

972 days old
Lily19530 December 22, 2019

I have a special spot for the Holiday Party because it was my very first party! This is my third Christmas on CPR and it always makes me happy to see the community come together to donate for CFC! On top of that, the festive decorations make the island look magical. I feel lucky to be a part of this

475 days old
tacocat54893 December 22, 2019

i really like sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate and warming up. but this years advent calendar was really a hit! i love all the new stuff! and…who KNOWS what the new present will be for the furniture catolog! and i can make cookies in the bakery!

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 22, 2019

I love the atmosphere and the music, it is all incredibly heartwarming. (By the way I have an idea for a few small things along with the new years countdown, that being a white and gold new year 2020 party hat being available along with the fireworks pin, maybe Candace can visit as well?)

344 days old
Blazepuggle December 28, 2019

If u want i can make conpect art of where they would be in the party room and submit it to you guys

323 days old
FaZe Vega December 22, 2019

I don’t know if this is still going on but I may be hope to see a new Puffle like a Christmas Puffle.