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Penguin of the Week #138

By Stu on December 30, 2019

Hi Penguins,


The last Penguin of The Week of 2019, it’s certainly been a long journey.


That doesn’t stop the train though, for now, we will be giving the almighty green helmet to a very generous and sweet penguin on the island. You can normally find them playing their mini-games to try and earn as many coins as possible, which is perfect, by the way, for those wanting to donate to a great cause!




Congratulations to you, Frostical, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your liking!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


363 days old
Lit ice January 6, 2020

*Claps flippers loudly* Nice job!

805 days old
Sami19 January 6, 2020


14 days old
P5203474 January 5, 2020


946 days old
Mutfy January 5, 2020


21 days old
Llamacow09 January 4, 2020

Congras im very happy for you everyone waddle onπŸ’

774 days old
shadowfight January 4, 2020


2899 days old
Greenux January 4, 2020


257 days old
P4142311 January 3, 2020

Congrats! while i’m here i have a question, i was wondering if anyone could help me out… i’ve been playing for almost a year now and my penguin name is still just numbers and i’m not sure how to get my real username? anyone know?

345 days old
P3184541 January 4, 2020

I have the same problem! Haven’t been able to get an answer yet πŸ™

57 days old
Okida25 January 5, 2020

Given that my username was accepted right after my penguin was created, it’s possible that either your usernames were blocked by a filter, or something weird happened. Hopefully this helped.

35 days old
P5155862 January 5, 2020

I have the same problem

896 days old
Tiggyz January 3, 2020

CONGRATS FROSTICAL!!!! I love your name!!

113 days old
johnH2378 January 3, 2020

AWSOME nice going

364 days old
ThiccGravy07 January 3, 2020

congrats πŸ™‚

331 days old
ChrisB123 January 3, 2020

Congrats girl, i’m sure that potw is well deserved


1025 days old
Jempenguin January 3, 2020


925 days old
rad.kiwi January 3, 2020

aww congrats queen! <333

426 days old
becca koi January 3, 2020


50 days old
alcat7777 January 3, 2020


57 days old
Eggy2019 January 3, 2020

Good Job Frostical! Your The Best! πŸ™‚

861 days old
Bakhm January 2, 2020

congratulations, friend!

296 days old
lilredpeng30 January 2, 2020

congratss πŸ˜€

331 days old
reedwiewie January 2, 2020


19 days old
HSnowLeopard January 2, 2020

Well done on potw, I’m new around here so i hope to see you soon!!


49 days old
Purpleesh January 2, 2020

– love Purpleesh

31 days old
StaceyA January 2, 2020

Congrats Frostical, even I want to be the POTW

507 days old
Squidly14 January 2, 2020

Congrats Frost! Like this comment for a congrats to Frostical! πŸ™‚

153 days old
briss2 January 2, 2020

congrats πŸ˜€

1024 days old
Fastn Fab January 1, 2020


476 days old
Frostical January 1, 2020

tysm! πŸ˜€

49 days old
Purpleesh January 2, 2020

congrats frost

130 days old
superflakes0 January 1, 2020


476 days old
Frostical January 1, 2020

ty! πŸ˜€

1022 days old
Homey100 January 1, 2020


130 days old
superflakes0 January 1, 2020

Nice!!!! πŸ˜€

1002 days old
RyanjcCPR January 1, 2020

yo congrats

1025 days old
Static January 1, 2020

Congrats!!! (:

1065 days old
Perapin December 31, 2019

Nice igloo Frostical!


25 days old
Byrocynical December 31, 2019

Byron the clown is here to say, congratulations! Honk honk!

261 days old
ItsEva0905 December 31, 2019

congrats, frostical!!! even though we’ve never even met, i am so happy for you!! btw, i <3 ur house. also, you are the last POTW of the decade and year!!! yay! once again, congrats + i hope you had a great xmas/hannukah and i hope you have an amazing new year!! i wanna meet you!!

987 days old
caralynrs December 31, 2019

Congratulations Frostical!!

313 days old
Avacadorr December 31, 2019


57 days old
Okida25 December 31, 2019

I have a question: How will you guys at the Club Penguin Rewritten Team handle Adobe Flash no longer being supported after December 2020? I’m asking because I hope the game doesn’t shut down because of that. Also, congrats, Frostical!

312 days old
The User January 4, 2020

Maybe they may convert it into HTML5, or they might make a player for it.

57 days old
Okida25 January 5, 2020

I hope it will let us keep our stuff, whichever approach they take.

21 days old
Queen Lemon December 31, 2019

Congratulations Frostical! You are very generous and kind. You fully deserve to be the
POTW and you inspire me to do my best to be kind and caring everyday. Goodjob!

330 days old
HarmonyStar December 31, 2019

congrats frostical! Your outfit is so adorable.

335 days old
cheesybread1 December 31, 2019

Congratulations frostical on the last POTW of 2019!! πŸ₯³ Wishing you a wonderful year ahead ❀️

307 days old
Smooshie Pug December 30, 2019

CONGRATULATIONS ON POTW FROSTICAL! I hope to meet you on the island soon!

977 days old
Nadia2 December 30, 2019

congratulations!! enjoy your week frostical <3 best of luck with the upcoming year everyone. hope it goes well πŸ™‚ 🌻

180 days old
P4663392 December 30, 2019

Congratulations! Well goodbye decade.

992 days old
AleCP December 30, 2019

Congrats Frostical!

750 days old
Lelunu December 30, 2019

Congrats!! btw cool user! :DD

449 days old
AquaRuff0317 December 30, 2019

Congrats! Enjoy the helmet! πŸ™‚

752 days old
FireSanti December 30, 2019

Congratulations on being the youngest (in days) POTW and the last POTW of the decade!

596 days old
182Autumn December 30, 2019

Congratulation! (:

955 days old
magazines December 30, 2019

congrats! enjoy your week πŸ™‚

157 days old
Lani2 December 30, 2019

Congrats Frostical! I hope to see you in game soon. Enjoy your week.

86 days old
Fluffy 404 December 30, 2019

congrats,i hope that you enjoyed your christmas and have a fantastic new years.yourpenguin has done so much to help club penguin.

266 days old
snoozeloof December 30, 2019

Congrats! You deserve this. Have and wonderful week as POTW!

900 days old
stardance590 December 30, 2019

Congrats on being the last POTW of the DECADE! Have the best week!!!

573 days old
KitKat1378 December 30, 2019

congrats frostical

616 days old
Sweet Ari December 30, 2019


316 days old
DjKled007 December 30, 2019


382 days old
May200 December 30, 2019


919 days old
Hot Autumn December 30, 2019

Congratulations Frostical! Enjoy your week!

399 days old
Randomboy481 December 30, 2019

Congrats on POTW Frostical! Hope to see you in game with that shiny green viking helmet!

225 days old
sobeano789 December 30, 2019

Congrats! You deserve it!

540 days old
Blueberry504 December 30, 2019

Wow congratulations Frostical!!!! πŸ˜€

258 days old
Kidguin596 December 30, 2019

Congratulations on being the final POTW of the year!! Enjoy your week! πŸ™‚

332 days old
Hanya123 December 30, 2019

Well done Frost!

Waddle on!!


1024 days old
GNSPHIL December 30, 2019

Congrats on potw frostical!

1024 days old
Matty1000 December 30, 2019


1061 days old
Paigey December 30, 2019


1023 days old
Trooper December 30, 2019

Congrats Frostical! (especially being the last POTW of the year and 2010s decade)