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Reviewed by You: New Styles

By Stu on January 5, 2020

Hi Penguins,


A new year, a new Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all what you enjoyed about 2019 on the island. From that, the first penguin we selected was stardance590, who said:


“2019 was the year that I became properly involved in this beautiful community. I’ll never forget the friends i’ve made this year! I loved all the parties but I’ve always had a thing for the medieval party. Basically my favourite thing in 2019 was the sense of community spirit that I got to witness!”


The community is truly something awesome, you never know what to expect from such a loving community. The Medieval Party was a great party last year! The other response comes from Sparklmagyq, who said:


“Cool! that picture looks like a farewell to 2019 with penguins! I really enjoyed Coins for Change because that’s the one time of year that makes sense to spend over 100,000 coins! I also liked the Fall Fair because it was the first ever party I joined and we got to earn special tickets this year.”


The picture was created by one of our very talented staff members, Skyver. Good job on donating so many coins to Coins for Change, it will really make a difference!


Thanks stardance590 and Sparklmagyq! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



A new year isn’t complete without a brand new issue of the Penguin Style! Well, every month isn’t in-fact, but regardless, still something to look forward to. What is your favourite item from the new edition of the Penguin Style?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


594 days old
zoomer4548 January 15, 2020

My favorite item is the gold watch. It reminds me of a Rolex, which are really expensive. So it’s cool to have a virtual one instead of a real one!

1190 days old
caralynrs January 14, 2020


1217 days old
Sparklmagyq January 13, 2020

The catalog looks amazing! I can’t wait for the next event!

398 days old
Icey Creams January 11, 2020

To be honest all of the items are really well deigned, but if I had to choose one it would totally be the grey messenger bag! I have no idea what about it makes me like it so much, it really goes with my style -I would be able to fit all my favourite reads in there! I love all of the clothes though.

439 days old
pete1326 January 10, 2020

I like the gliders because they are cool. stay tuned for the festival of flight

439 days old
pete1326 January 10, 2020

sorry that was a mistake

439 days old
pete1326 January 10, 2020

I like the gliders because the look cool. stay tuned for the festival of flight.

398 days old
buzzy1919 January 10, 2020

Probably the hair i’m wearing right now and the watch!🤪

442 days old
Swimmer8980 January 9, 2020

My favorite items are the two-toned scarves, specifically the blue and darker blue one. I felt attracted to them when I first saw them, and so naturally, after a quick browse of everything else, I had to buy it.

1031 days old
stacey17502 January 8, 2020

I love the secret winter cape. It looks so cozy O_O

513 days old
ChickenCopla January 7, 2020

I absolutely loveeeee all the different hats and scarfs! I’m all about the accessories when it comes to my penguin style, so it’s great to see such a diverse range of stuff in this months new catalogue. What a great way to start the new year!!!

522 days old
airpodzz January 7, 2020

My favorite item from this month’s Penguin Style catalog has to be all the striped scarves. More specifically, the purple and pink one. Scarves are definitely a must-have item to wear, especially around this time of year, and it’s so cool to see designs that we haven’t seen before!

811 days old
Joey17790 January 7, 2020

I honestly, don’t have a favorite item. Because I think all the items are pretty cool!

773 days old
P2097366 January 6, 2020

I wish they came out with more new designs. I mean we still have halloween stuff in the catalogue! There’s only like 3 pages of new stuff 🙁

398 days old
Icey Creams January 11, 2020

I’m sorry but you should know this by now your penguin is nearly 2 years old! The team are always bust working on the new festival and there are SECRET items even I know about them i don’t want the developers to be peer pressured to do something they don’t have time for!
Icey Creams~

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq January 13, 2020

Couldn’t agree more.

654 days old
Daffany1 January 6, 2020

Honestly, there’s plenty of items to choose from and they’re all so lovely. But I’d have to go with the custom items you guys have designed, especially the new scarfs! The color choices are super cute and original!!

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 6, 2020

yo cpr people why didn’t you approve my comment here about how the next party might be an epf operation

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 7, 2020

k you guys did approve it, thanks 🙂

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 8, 2020

While I’m here can I just ask that you put more memes in the January catalogue, something that the (Otherwise amazing) December catalogue was missing

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 11, 2020

K last comment but two things, first is the party coming out this week or next week? Second I came up with an idea for a small one to two day leap day party that has the earth day forest and the frog pin, it would be nice as it is a special day that only comes once every four years.

345 days old
Stuffie1997 January 6, 2020

Club Penguin Rewritten did not confirm the party catalogs in 2019, making parties boring

636 days old
AidanTheBoss January 6, 2020

Sadly, I can’t describe…. ON HOW COOL IT IS!! All the items are too good to choose but I have to go with… Gold Wristwatch because its a classic design but remade into something more fabulous, like blue socks! (*Original–Watch–Silver-Wristwatch|\“Original–Socks–Red-Socks*). (I like coding 🙂

602 days old
Randomboy481 January 6, 2020

My favorite item in the catalog isn’t any of them! It’s all of them! Every item can be used in any way for your new fashion but if i were to choose, I’d say the Grey Messenger bag! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for future catalogs!

220 days old
P5198069 January 6, 2020


344 days old
Blazepuggle January 8, 2020


1217 days old
Sparklmagyq January 13, 2020

Welcome to 2020.

618 days old
jademoon225 January 6, 2020

i really liked the aviator jacket, though the hat and scarves were cute too. either way, thx guys, great new catalog!!!

peace + luv


743 days old
Blueberry504 January 6, 2020

My favorite item is the new blue hat from Item of The Month! It’s so cute and matches with a lot of the clothes put out in the new winter style!

566 days old
Lit ice January 6, 2020

Love the viking hat! I hope the special ones like the gold one comes back soon. And yes, I know the viking hat is in every cataloge. Have a happy new year and a great new decade!

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 8, 2020

The gold viking hat was Available in November

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 6, 2020

Is nobody gonna talk about how we might be getting a new EPF operation this month? The dark sky in the Penguin style, first the Penguins at work was the Grave Digger then the Life guard? The lack of a mention of a party on the Club penguin times? Either way I’m exited for what comes next!

1131 days old
Purf January 6, 2020

My favourite item is definately the mailbag cause I’ve never owned a mailbag before! and I like how the color of it It looks very nice! and I also like how you guys brought back the festival of flight items for people who haven’t gotten it cause it’s a great pair of items.

502 days old
Mobio32 January 6, 2020

My favourite item has to be the Blue Suede Jacket! It goes so well with almost anything! It’s very popular as well, I’ve seen many penguins looking fabulous in it!

742 days old
ViciousDex January 6, 2020

Scarf would be my favorite item for me. It’s because it has different colors and it’s new to me. I like them and it’s nice to see those new different color of scarf in CPR. Wish i can see more of them with more different colors too.

535 days old
Hanya123 January 6, 2020

My favourite was actually two different things,(I couldn’t decide)The black turtleneck and
the Hats and scarves!
Such a warm welcoming feel from both to a new year!

Cheers to the new year!

Waddle on!

573 days old
Lumalee January 6, 2020

My favorite is the Flutterby. I have the black and brown one now. When will the blonde one return? That’s my actual hair color, lol.

519 days old
mald5 January 6, 2020

“The Flutterby” is ICONIC! It was amazing to be able to see classic everyday clothes without a specific theme. Hope it is a trend for this year! Please, keep coming back 2017 items!
Hugs and Waddle On!

519 days old
mald5 January 6, 2020

Particulary, this edition has been my favorite so far for Penguin Style! It brought classics like “The Flutterby”, which is my favorite item and I’ve been waiting since I met this wonderful community! I will always be here to give suggestions, and never forget: the classic is always the best! Hugs!!

515 days old
The User January 6, 2020

My favourite item was definately the blue socks. The blue socks are like a classic item, but with a custom twist, which is pretty original and just charming overall.

1268 days old
Perapin January 5, 2020

I can’t pick a favorite. It’s the best catalog so far this year!


344 days old
Blazepuggle January 7, 2020

No, its the best catalogue we got this decade!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq January 13, 2020

Both are still young.

590 days old
SB737S FAN January 5, 2020

my best is the test glider

533 days old
HarmonyStar January 5, 2020

All of the items are so cool! I would have to say though my favorite would be the flutterby, since it is so adorable and it can go with a lot of outfit choices.

428 days old
sobeano789 January 5, 2020

I would say the test flight neck item. It gives a good hint of the next party! Also, The January 2020 Catalog bought back classic items! Great way to start off 2020!

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 6, 2020

IKR, it’s so exiting! (Even more so when you realise that the last update we got was last decade!)

360 days old
Lani2 January 5, 2020

The new penguin style is amazing! My favorite item it the flutterby which hasn’t come back since 2017! It’s my favorite hair style so I was so happy to see it made a return in this catalog. This is one of the best catalogs so far! Thanks Club Penguin Rewritten.

538 days old
Qokee January 5, 2020

My favourite item has to be the Item Of The Month. The hat may not look impressive, but its one of the cheapest Item Of The Months. It even has the winter feel on it.

1225 days old
WavyyOzzyy January 5, 2020

What isn’t there to love? So many new items, and Im so happy the golden watch came back. I’m also happy for my friends that got the Flutterby which was very popular within the community. Thank you team :] Happy New Years! Here’s to another amazing year. <3

433 days old
xArabelllla January 5, 2020

I’m absolutely in love with the glider and the goggles! I always have fun searching for all of the hidden items and I definitely wasn’t disappointed from the ones this month! I can be super stylish as well with the other new items, like the hair and scarves! I’m excited to try out different outfits!

1217 days old
Sparklmagyq January 13, 2020

I just looked at a later post that matches yours!

242 days old
Adelaida1234 January 5, 2020

Definitely my favorite articles of the new edition of the Penguin Style are the great scarves and hats (loved by everyone) that gives a touch to any item you use and combines with anything! worth buying them all!

462 days old
Logan3918 January 5, 2020

My favorite item form the January 2020 penguin style has to be the Blue Vest. I wear it all the time! First I could not find it but eventually I found it! I asked around and I found it!

1122 days old
Hot Autumn January 5, 2020

This new Penguin Style is great! My favorite item from it would probably be the green sneakers. The sneakers are some of my favorite clothing items and it’s cool to get another color added to my collection. Happy new year team!

344 days old
Blazepuggle January 5, 2020

Another fine addition to my collection