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Reviewed by You: 3rd Anniversary

By Lataus on February 8, 2020

Hi Penguins,


We’ve reached our destination, the weekend is here! Last week, we asked you all what your favourite Item of the Month so far was. From that, the first penguin we selected was PepperFast, who said:


“I love every item of the month, especially the Black Admiral Jacket who looks like very fancy and the Enchanted Dragon Costume who looks adorable. But if I had to choose, I’ll definitely pick the Dragon one.”


Those are some good choices, the Enchanted Dragon Costume is pretty cute! The Black Admiral Coat is very stylish for a pirate. The other response comes from totiana123, who said:


“I always look forward to the item of the month because they are always so great. My favorite item has to be the Illuminous Ghost Costume because I love how it lights up. It was a lot of fun to wear during halloween, and also during the Festival of Lights, where it really lit up in the dark.”


The Illuminous Ghost Costume can be completely brought to life in the dark, so that’s a wise choice. Penguins definitely wouldn’t get lost with you around!


Thanks PepperFast and totiana123! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now, if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



Tomorrow, we start our anniversary celebrations to celebrate our 3rd year running. Just a day away! What has been your favourite memories on Club Penguin Rewritten?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 21, 2020

The next one’ll be in October to celebrate the Big 14 for the Club Penguin Franchise. The original may be over in the physical, but it lives on in our hearts… and so will Flash. Which reminds me, I dreamt of this place running post Flash.

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 21, 2020

If you’ve never been to an anniversary party, the anniversary parties are a nice celebration that gives a party hat that’ll most likely never be released again, ditto with the Item of the Month.

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 16, 2020

I joined here two months later! By the by, I joined the Original Club Penguin back in September 2007, just in time for the first ever fair.

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 16, 2020

To those that just joined: We just had our Third Anniversary Party and some places were red for Valentines Day.

652 days old
KitKat1378 February 16, 2020

I have a lot of memory’s but my favorite memory was the medieval party I loved dressing up and fighting the dragons all together as one

439 days old
Richteray101 February 14, 2020

My favorite memory on Club Penguin Rewritten is when Stu added paint by letters, just because I asked for it in a comment on an older news post. Best admin ever.

1097 days old
poloroid1 February 12, 2020

Fave memories by far have been made during the Halloween parties. They really keep getting better and better every year, and this past year my brothers and I were anxiously waiting for it, so much so that when I logged on and heard the first notes of the organ, I jumped up and ran to grab my bros!

375 days old
Rachelle2 February 12, 2020

Definitely The Halloween party. Witnessing the island become engulfed in darkness in preparation for 2 weeks of spookiness along with the long awaited Gary visit was ‘spooktacular’ as they say! The candy being hidden SO well along with the custom purple/black scarf was a huge bonus and fun reward πŸ™‚

1101 days old
Snow1 February 12, 2020

My favorite memory was my first party, my first pin, my first item, my first mascot meet,etc. l have a lot of memory in this game and l hope l can make more much memories. πŸ™‚

1060 days old
Kacerbone February 11, 2020

Honestly I can’t think of one memory in particular because I love every party, moment and memory with CPR!

136 days old
Rotade February 11, 2020

My favorite memory of CPR was the Festival of lights, because you can go to the mountain and that’s a good start for newbies for stamps. I realy want that there be more events with stamps… And I’m a big fashion guy, so i want more costumes that you can do animated stuff!

1118 days old
Bertha February 11, 2020

My favorite memory has got to be celebrating the festival of flight. I never got the chance to attend that party on the original club penguin, so I’m glad CPR gave me the chance to experience it!

1026 days old
fluffymick2 February 11, 2020

I think my favorite memory was the Underwater Party. I absolutely love anything to do with the ocean, so this party was really fun for me. πŸ˜€

1056 days old
Nadia2 February 10, 2020

congrats on getting featured guys!! one of my favorite memories on cpr has got to be when the entire community came together and supported another member doing a charity livestream, all for a good cause πŸ™‚ i’m really proud of how welcoming and loving this community and everyone in it is.

259 days old
P4663392 February 10, 2020

I’ve been here 6 months i need to time it for a year. I’ve been only on two anniversaries the first one was in october 24th for the original Club Penguin missed all the mascots but it doesn’t matter, second is this one currently happening the 3rd Anniversary i like the 3rd more.

962 days old
DanaLeon98 February 10, 2020

For me i really love to hang out/spend time with my family and friends for this game a lot and also for this anniversary party 3rd birthday this time i finally get to see Aunt Arctic just for this event and so yeah great party and hope we can continue that again real soon for next year.

619 days old
Blueberry504 February 10, 2020

Any memory with all my friends is my favorite memory! I love having all the memories of hanging out during parties, dressing up with them, and just having a ton of fun! ❀️

348 days old
rararin161 February 10, 2020

Whether it’s sad or happy, CPR will always give me an unforgettable memories. From playing hide and seek with everyone to reading alone on book room, I love every second of it. But my favourite memories is when my friends create a birthday surprise for me, it was utterly unforgettable <3

338 days old
moonshixne February 10, 2020

I have so many memories with this game, one of them being able to meet Rockhopper for the first time. I had always envisioned myself actually meeting a mascot on Club Penguin when I was young, and actually managing to do it brought a really big smile on my face! I will never forget this moment.

1102 days old
Acika1 February 10, 2020

My favorite memory was the last time i could talk to my best friend before he passed away.

209 days old
pingu12344 February 10, 2020

My favorite memories in CPR were mostly in the Halloween Party of 2019. I remember turning into a sled, and working with other people to make rooms colorless.
But then Herbert came, and took over all the sleds!
It was really fun fighting the sleds, and also hunting for candy at the same time.

970 days old
SirPeebles February 10, 2020

My favorite memory is when I realized that I like the game. Originally, I played because I thought it would be funny to say, but during the 2nd anniversary party, I realized that I really like this game, and all the people have met. I hope CPR still has many more anniversaries left for us to enjoy!

1140 days old
Paigey February 10, 2020

My favourite memories are just hanging out with my friends and making new friends! Secondly, experiencing so many nostalgic parties and creating amazing outfits! Lastly, when I became potw a few weeks ago, it felt like a big achievement for me! <3 πŸ˜€

789 days old
Lord Thanos February 10, 2020

April 26, 2018.

The greatest day in CPR history. Celebration, joy, excitement all round. It was like avenger’s endgame, where all the avengers came back all of a sudden- and likewise we all came back and waddled around again.

Looking forward to many years to come.

843 days old
penguin8787 February 10, 2020

mine would be the party with scorn(i think it was the medieval party). it was one of, if not the first party i was at. it was one of the most memorable, too.
i remember the hydra, armour, cloud world, etc.
if it ever comes back, that would be great. blackout was good too.
should come back november.

124 days old
alexangel881 February 10, 2020

The Eclipse party was amazing… I love everything about the stars and moon and seeing the Eclipse at Tallest Mountain will be awesome memories

351 days old
tacocat54893 February 9, 2020

Personally, my favorite memory was the 14th Anniversary Party, celebrating classic CP turning 14! It was my first Anniversary party, and I loved it! I think the designs for the party were awesome, as for the hat! its my favorite head item, and i love it! long live the next awesome Anniversary!!!!!!!

62 days old
P5288475 February 9, 2020

The way it brings back all my amazing childhood memories

152 days old
Snowdrop521 February 9, 2020

My absolute most favourite memory on Club Penguin Rewritten so far would have to be Festival Of Lights! The Eclipse, music, atmosphere, and artwork was simply amazing. The fundraiser for Australia Bush Fires, new Pufflescape game, and all my new friends are pretty cool memories too!

103 days old
H28PLAYS February 9, 2020

I want sensei to come and visit

407 days old
AgentCarson7 February 9, 2020

i love the game and have a lot of fav memories like that feeling of playing the game again

853 days old
shadowfight February 9, 2020

Wow, so many parties throughout the years CPR’s been around and so many things to remember. My favorite party was Operation Blackout for sure, but my favorite memories have just been hanging out with the friends I’ve made over the years and interacting with the community.

236 days old
Lani2 February 9, 2020

My favorite memory is when I met Herbert at the Halloween party. He was pretty fun to meet. Another one of my favorites is the Christmas party being able to make cookies at the bakery and ride the sleigh. Happy 3rd anniversary CPR!

1150 days old
Icystorm9 February 9, 2020

My favorite memory in CPR? I remember the hype for the Medieval Party and how excited everyone was for it. And then it arrived, and it was so much fun. The new Knight’s Quest was great. But it was difficult. The Medieval Party has always been a favorite of mine.

347 days old
BlossomGirl9 February 13, 2020

its my fav party {medival} too i have been playing for almost a year but i love CPR its really fun and i get to meet new penguins happy 3rd anniversary and waddle on

355 days old
P3987332 February 9, 2020

My favorite memory on Club Penguin Rewritten is either when I met Rory or when my brother and I played System Defender in the EPF for hours on end. That game is the best! πŸ˜€ Happy 3rd Anniversary!

1097 days old
fairiefawn February 9, 2020

I’m honestly just proud of myself for finding the hat myself this year lol

95 days old
Timtamtomtem February 9, 2020

My favorite memory was the first time I logged in the game. Something about seeing this brand new world open up to my own eyes was just charming, like really charming, and sometimes, I still look back on that day, so I help new penguins with their first view of the big, big island that is this game.

334 days old
dinoskull February 9, 2020

writing this about my older account. but the new year’s party was epic, and so was the eclipse, and the earthquakes, and the two anniversary parties before this one, idk it’s really hard to pick my favorite memory, but its probably meeting the mascots for the first time.

1097 days old
MrJane73 February 9, 2020

This question is tough. Probably my most favorite memory was the April Fools party. It was the first party I’ve experienced. It was super fun interacting with Rookie, and to explore the Box Dimension. I enjoyed sharing jokes and making friends. The spinning arrow room was my favorite, though.

976 days old
Yavuztalimci February 9, 2020

My first favorite memory is when I received 200 stamps in December 2018! My 200th stamp was Mullet Capture from Aqua Grabber and my heart was actually beating so fast when I got it! And as of September 9th, 2019, the day I got POTW! It was a complete honor being Penguin of the Week! I felt so happy!

4468 days old
Soulegal13 February 9, 2020


68 days old
Ambersong120 February 9, 2020

I really like all the parties and my fave one would be the registrants one

391 days old
The User February 9, 2020

My favourite memories was Music Jam 2019, there were so many things to do, so many mascots, and aside from Festival of Fruit, I was most active on this party! And the sunset, that just topped it off, I was pretty sad to see it go.

687 days old
Joey17790 February 9, 2020

My favorite memory is the Medieval Party. I really loved the build up towards the party with the earthquakes, and the fight with the dragon queen was beyond excellent! Best party on CPR in my opinion.

695 days old
Sweet Ari February 9, 2020

My favorite memory was meeting my best friends. They have always been around and I don’t know how to think about this game without them. They truly are special, they help make events and parties exciting! I can’t wait for this year!!

834 days old
Moonbeam1100 February 9, 2020

My favorite Club Penguin Rewritten was when I met these two penguins who I’ve become really good friends with since then. I never thought that I would make connections through this game ’till I met them and we’re close now!

366 days old
HappyTakumi February 9, 2020

If i had to choose a special memory, it would have to be the medieval party! Its one of my favorites and battling the dragon queen was awesome! The music was beautiful and i had lots of fun!

70 days old
TheOffPen February 9, 2020

I hope the party is soon…MY FIRST PARTY HAT YAYYYYY!!!
My favorite memory on CPR is the Festival of Lights 2020.
Although it was my first event, it was so beautiful to see the island covered by dark and illuminated by lights! It was sooo awesome to meet JPG and his awesome background!

86 days old
ChipsMum February 9, 2020

This is my first party on the island and I’m so looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

274 days old
Icey Creams February 9, 2020

This has been my first year playing and my favourite memory was collecting every single prize at the fair! It was extremely fun playing all of the games to get lots of tickets and golden tickets! Every now and then you can see me wearing the “jingle jangle top-hat” in a green and blue outfit!!……

106 days old
OxieBex February 9, 2020

I can’t wait!!!

386 days old
Smooshie Pug February 9, 2020

My favorite memory was meeting all my friends and spending time with them. I always have a good time when I’m with them and they always make my day!

346 days old
Speedyscoot February 9, 2020

I Loved all the Times when i met the Mascots. I only have to meet Rookie and Dot.

346 days old
Speedyscoot February 9, 2020

Two Of My Favourite Memories are when i met Jet Pack Guy and Sensei at The 14th Anniversary Party and when i met Herbert at The Halloween Party Last Year cause Herbert is my favourite mascot :D.

I LOVE Club Penguin Rewritten.

63 days old
GravyGadget February 9, 2020

My favorite memories of this past year must be socializing and making others happy. I absolutely love coming online and bringing fun times. I also love helping newer penguins and showing them the ropes!

960 days old
pongtong February 9, 2020

Anyway, I bet the colours are gonna be like a blue or pink (maybe orange? πŸ™‚ )

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 16, 2020

Blue, pink, white.

960 days old
pongtong February 9, 2020

well rn im still planning an outfit so ive been really lazy so i just stuck with a rubber duck (oof). anyway my favourite things to happen on cpr have been the 1st anniversary (wasn’t there for second) and probably the puffle parties (ALL OF THEM :P)

listening to mii theme

941 days old
A1803 February 9, 2020

Iv’e had lots of memories but the best one was tipping the iceberg it remind me of the last week on the original club penguin . It also requires team work , I had a real blast getting more people coming to the iceberg to come help it and even when your tipping it you can just talk with other ty CPR

523 days old
Rayoxx12 February 9, 2020

My best memory is when i enter for firts time, i was sad because the oficial culb penguin close. Then i heard that there is the cpps (club penguin private server) and i get happy!.

Thanks for all!

523 days old
Rayoxx12 February 9, 2020

I will like the jectpack come back because i lost that party!

589 days old
MeowPIzza February 9, 2020

Meeting my first mascot, Herbert! I always seemed to miss when he was online, but one day we were online at the same time and I met, Herbert!

342 days old
A utter February 9, 2020

I’m so excited for this new party!

262 days old
100popsicle February 9, 2020

My favorite memories were when I first started. I got stamps and made friends. I also enjoyed all of the parties. I also enjoyed the holiday party because of the coins for change.

385 days old
Super107 February 9, 2020

My best memories would have to be the St Patricks day party and joining CPR. I’m so glad I joined CPR and I’m soooo happy to see CPR come this far.

461 days old
May200 February 9, 2020

Every party since I’ve been here has been a success, but if I had to choose one, then it’s definitely the Festival of Fruit! It was a great party in which there was a lot of fun, healthy competition, global prizes, a lot of items and Captain Rockhopper!

434 days old
Keystation February 9, 2020

Favorite memory was when the 2nd Anniversary happened, as I think the community is presented best during the anniversary parties. CPR is always nostalgic and fun to play.

307 days old
HENRYISCOOL1 February 9, 2020

My favourite memory has to be when team pirates won the cream soda compitition during the festival of fruit in June 2019. It was the first Club penguin rewritten party I have ever been in, so I was so happy when I won.

514 days old
Sylveon38 February 8, 2020

I would say the Halloween party would be my most favorite memory, because of the sleds, the monster maze, and the candy hunt!

1144 days old
Perapin February 8, 2020

Hi everyone!


59 days old
Newplaygal76 February 8, 2020

I have no memories. I have just joined.

1022 days old
Sisiax123 February 8, 2020

My favourite memory has definitely been the people I’ve met. The people I surrounded myself with are some the best people I know. I met one of my best friends on here and I’m grateful everyday that I met him. The hours I’ve spent on here laughing with people will be a memory I’ll treasure for life.

327 days old
donut86398 February 8, 2020

My favorite memory was completing a certain test at the EPF building.

580 days old
pingu97803 February 8, 2020

My favourite memories were when I was just a small fish in a big tank (in game at least) I had just started the game and no one on there knew me. Parties like the fair and the Halloween party remain SO special to me

580 days old
pingu97803 February 8, 2020

Well I hope your first one is the best

627 days old
Lui777 February 8, 2020

My favorite memory is the Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper’s Quest. It was to fun to see the seas with Yarr and Rockhopper while we help them going to Shipwreck Island and set up the new Beacon from there.

1128 days old
VTOG February 8, 2020

My favorite memories from Club Penguin Rewritten would be how custom the last Medieval Party was and how the Music Jam was at night time ! I love all the custom furniture and clothing we get. Also making amazing life-long friends from this game. Thank you guys for all that you do ! πŸ™‚

119 days old
WHYWHYSTOP February 8, 2020

hello does club penguin work

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 8, 2020

I also liked that one time I got eight stamps in one day! That doesn’t happen often, but it was loads of fun!

1093 days old
Sparklmagyq February 8, 2020

So far I really loved going to the fair and Christmas and the Anniversary parties. I wonder if we’ll get a 3rd year stamp? I have both the original and custom age stamps.

941 days old
A1803 February 8, 2020

My favourite memory was the fair it was the first event that I logged onto on the original Club Penguin also the first on Club Penguin Rewritten I just remember do fun small games for a chance to get a golden ticket to collect the mystery items and every year I look Forward to more exiting events.

998 days old
Hot Autumn February 8, 2020

I’ve had many great memories on CPR! In terms of parties, I loved the Music Jam 2019, The Fair 2019, and Winter Party 2019 the most. But most importantly, my favorite memories have been made from the time I’ve spent with my friends. The community is what is so special to me. Happy anniversary CPR!

304 days old
sobeano789 February 8, 2020

Dang, The Medival Party was a memorial one. With the dragon queen and Screenhog ( aka: Chris Hendricks ) doing the art. and the Water Party ( or summer luau ) with its music and all. CPREWRITTEN was a good game in the decades 2017-2019

831 days old
FireSanti February 8, 2020

Oh well, my favourite memory on CPR is joining the community, because when i joined, i meet so much friends! And i was so happy to be in a community like this πŸ™‚

536 days old
CardLegend February 8, 2020

My favorite memory was the Medieval Party. I loved the party art and battling the Dragon Queen. There were many cool items released during the party, and it was a blast!

103 days old
H28PLAYS February 8, 2020

I loved when the festival of lights came out because it was fun to look at all the scenery and go on the hot air balloon and go to the night club and see how cool it looked,Plus we got to JPG

332 days old
Ginny246 February 8, 2020

My favorite memory on club penguin is when the Halloween party. doing all the activities during it was really fun.dressing up and going to the haunted house was the best thing of the Halloween party

66 days old
Haiji2020 February 8, 2020

The anniversary party may be one of the best parties ever, because we meet so much mascots, and get so much stamps, Im glad this party exists! But it’s not over yet! We have another anniversay and it’s.. THE SUPER MEGA DUPER ULTIMATE ORIGINAL CLUB PENGUIN ANNIVERSARY PARTY! Thank you for this!

239 days old
Cozbi February 8, 2020

my favorite memory so far was the medieval party, the puzzles were really fun and the outfits looked really cool! the dragon queen was very hard to defeat though

1103 days old
LandN Lukas February 8, 2020

My favorite memories on Club Penguin Rewritten have definitely been all of the fun, amazing parties that have come and gone over the years. Meeting mascots and talking and meeting friends are some of the best parts of CPR. Stamps are fun to get, and getting the harder ones is always satisfying!

393 days old
Tawnbou February 8, 2020

I really liked last year’s adventure party and the fair, they all had really cool items and the parties were great and very fun

115 days old
JJ The Cool February 8, 2020

My memory is the Festival Of Lights I miss watching the solar eclipse with my friends and I finally got to see Jet Pack Guy until he finally left πŸ˜₯ but I will see him soon. I can’t wait for the next party!!

Wait for the party……. WADDLE ON!!!

497 days old
Lwh2 February 8, 2020

One of my favorite memories has to be fighting the three-headed dragon at last year’s Medieval Party. It was a super creative idea on the developers’ end and it was a really fun addition to a classic party!

107 days old
P5174529 February 8, 2020

The Festival Of Lights is now my all-time favorite party, crushing anything else. It was an AMAZING way to kick off 2020!

379 days old
The pro Jake February 8, 2020

im exited about this party its when you get to blow out the candles get a new party hat and tip the iceberg for a blue hard hat!!

1071 days old
AleCP February 8, 2020

my favorite memory was medieval party 2019

1102 days old
Trooper February 8, 2020

For me, it would definitely be mascot meet-ups. The pure chaos of trying to get into the same room as a mascot can be both thrilling and frustrating – but nothing beats the satisfaction of finally getting that mascot stamp and their background! Can’t imagine how chaotic it will be when Dot returns!

289 days old
apollo1967 February 8, 2020

My favorite party was all of them!!! They were so fun to waddle around and talk to others players and go to the decorated rooms around the island πŸ˜€

289 days old
apollo1967 February 8, 2020

I’m so excited for this anniversary!! I hope you’ll have a great time πŸ™‚

1101 days old
RedKrabby 2 February 8, 2020

One of my favorite memories was the fair 2019 it was such a good vibe and you could really feel the community spirit also the Halloween parties have always been my most loved parties on cpr.

86 days old
Brightbulb99 February 8, 2020

this is the first party theres been ever since i joined CPR. I’m SOOOO excited!

115 days old
JJ The Cool February 8, 2020

Me too!

259 days old
Yohan67890 February 8, 2020

If you’re asking which are my best memories, then it has to be Holiday Party. Definitely, most penguins really love Christmas. What I loved the best was donating for Coins For Change and delivering gifts. I even loved the music that was played during the party. This was the best Holiday Party.

1109 days old
markus10 February 8, 2020

Favourite memories from Club Penguin Rewritten. When i got 200 stamps.
Also when we had the earthquake every 30 minutes on the island because it reminded me how long i have been on. Also other awesome memories i had was when i met Mascots for the first time.
I also loved the New Years countdown.

1076 days old
Survivalist February 8, 2020

My favourite memory was during the period of Operation Blackout. It was extremely nostalgic for me. I had a blast with all my friends, acting out as rescue medics in the docks and lighthouse, or as an EPF agent solving all the puzzles. As the island changes every week, it was an amazing experience.

1104 days old
Penguin Zee February 8, 2020

Really loved when we had the earthquake with the shake every 30 minutes because it reminded me of how many hours I’ve been logged on for. The New Years countdown was cool too.

941 days old
Kotyarendj February 8, 2020

My favourite memory is when i finally got 150 stamps

395 days old
DjKled007 February 8, 2020

So excited!!!