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Fashion Contest WINNERS #1 — Fantasy

By Thorn on March 21, 2020

Hi Penguins,


Lovely to see all of you enjoying the Fashion Party! Seeing all the creative outfits is amazing!


If you don’t already know, we’re hosting a Fashion Contest which you can enter daily. The themes also change each day too!


Friday’s theme was Fantasy and I’m here to announce the winners!

*drum roll* …

Give a round of applause to…















Fashion Contest Winner Background


Each winner of the Fashion Contest will retrieve this super rare background! *oOoOoOo*


If you’re not able to find good items to create an appropriately themed outfit, you could look at the party catalog; accessible in the Town, Dock and Plaza! Each day, at 12:00 AM Penguin Standard Time, new items are released that match the theme. (You can waddle to the Snow Forts to check the time in PST).


So be sure to login to check out the Fashion Party (March 19th—March 26) and submit your outfit at the Dock!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1661 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

I have no idea what asdfghjkl is supposed to mean other than the middle letter row of a qwerty keyboard. Anyway, the pink dragons are the coolest to me!

1411 days old
penguin8787 March 22, 2020

Great job to all participants!
walking around the island showed so many beautiful(or monstrous, hehe) creations!

1003 days old
tina678 March 22, 2020

congrats everyone

1661 days old
Sparklmagyq March 22, 2020

That background looks like the Penguin of the Week background from the original Club Penguin except the words!

1082 days old
Pixelgracie March 22, 2020

congrats everyone! all look so cool :))

981 days old
SierraTate March 22, 2020


856 days old
Cocunutmonky March 22, 2020

Congrats! You guys do have amazing outfits!

3156 days old
Ryan March 22, 2020

Amazing outfits, congratulations to everyone!

586 days old
galana March 22, 2020

I’m obsessed with myJAMS outfit, it’s so good! congrats to everyone ♡

1670 days old
Moshi Moshi March 22, 2020

Congratulations everyone! Very interesting “fantasy” outfits , good job !

696 days old
Purpleesh March 22, 2020


613 days old
Sl1pp3ry March 22, 2020

Congrats to everyone who won!

1048 days old
Joaolandia March 22, 2020


1585 days old
SapphicCat March 22, 2020

Love these!

773 days old
OceanMera March 22, 2020

WOW! Those outfits are super creative and super amazing!

1624 days old
Nadia2 March 22, 2020

congrats guys!! just submitted mine, good luck everyone! can’t wait to see what you all come up with next <3

1589 days old
Bramstorm March 22, 2020

Since the theme was fantasy, some could say they couldn’t “FANTASIZE” a new outfit! Get it?

651 days old
AGALIYAN10 March 22, 2020

All the best guys for winning in the fashion show contest. 🥇

980 days old
lugia man March 22, 2020

I want to covet such thing!

1668 days old
THE G.O.A.T. March 22, 2020

Nice outfits! myJams, idek you but ur outfit is LIT

1669 days old
RheaPalla March 22, 2020

Lovely outfits everyone, congratulations! : )

722 days old
meaganb March 22, 2020

congrats to all who won… u look amazing!!! 🙂

800 days old
alllove March 22, 2020

Congrats on winning! These outfits are amazing!!!

1639 days old
AleCP March 22, 2020

Congrats! To these winners

1268 days old
jin jin25 March 21, 2020

Congrats to all the winners! Y’all look amazing 🙂 This event is so cool and so much fun to participate in!!!!!!!!!!

1011 days old
Metini March 21, 2020

Congratulations to all of you fine people!

1531 days old
Pilgrimm March 21, 2020

Well played, friends.

1421 days old
shadowfight March 21, 2020

Wow, all of these outfits are so creative and the background looks amazing! Congrats on winning!

742 days old
HAPPY B 1 March 21, 2020

Help i cant find rockhopper and by the way where is dot?

1409 days old
Jackyjess March 21, 2020

I thought the last one was mine for a second OOF. Congrats on the winners!!

743 days old
Margaret1713 March 21, 2020

good for you guys, i’m still need to get mine

1223 days old
ThePr0fessor March 21, 2020

Fab job penguins, can’t wait to see todays winners!

1048 days old
SisterSmam March 21, 2020

myJams’s was really good! So was everyone else’s!

1075 days old
em0lyy March 21, 2020

congrats!! can’t wait to see tomorrow’s winners!

596 days old
SirKaotik March 21, 2020

Good concept

612 days old
Obi Alaskatr March 21, 2020


1634 days old
caralynrs March 21, 2020

OMG THESE LOOK AMAZING! I love these! Congrats

1674 days old
Canoe March 21, 2020

Oh, these outfits scary. Canoe don’t like scary.

742 days old
HAPPY B 1 March 21, 2020

Where is rockhopper?

1223 days old
sofiii March 21, 2020

Good job to everyone! You all look great!!

4049 days old
PrestonPlayz March 21, 2020

Congratulations everyone! Nice creative outfits!

1617 days old
Cheetoh March 21, 2020

Congratz to the winners!! You all look amazing!

1660 days old
cris457 March 21, 2020

Awesome 🙂

1096 days old
AquaRuff0317 March 21, 2020

Great outfits everyone! Congrats to all the winners! Good luck to everyone playing today who enters for the pirate theme!

1544 days old
Alisonalison March 21, 2020

‘grats guys! 😀

870 days old
ThePrettyPie March 21, 2020

Congrats!!!! Your costumes are amazing!!!

1131 days old
conspiracies March 21, 2020

I loved these outfits! Congratulations to our winners and good luck to everyone else!

1671 days old
F6229 March 21, 2020

Congrats guys!!

950 days old
brownie6413 March 21, 2020

Congrats to everyone who won!!

773 days old
OceanMera March 21, 2020

Good Job! That is so creative!

804 days old
Lani2 March 21, 2020

Congrats to the winners! Great outfits very creative.

1672 days old
Jempenguin March 21, 2020

Congrats to the Fantasy winners, this contest is so fun and I really hope I can get my flippers on that background, what a unique prize!

1662 days old
Denisgur1 March 21, 2020

Congrats to all the winners!!
Really creative designs!

1671 days old
GNSPHIL March 21, 2020

Congratulations to the winners!

5672 days old
jackson March 21, 2020

Congrats to all ❤️

614 days old
coiapple March 21, 2020

Great job! You guys all look great, congrats! :]

1699 days old
Blueicegram March 21, 2020

Wow, really great costumes guys. Congratulations and good luck in next round😀👍

1671 days old
Fastn Fab March 21, 2020

Those are awesome outfits and what a super prize! Good luck everyone!

884 days old
keymia March 21, 2020

Congratulations to every winner. Those are some pretty nice and unique fantasy theme outfits! Good job all, even those who didn’t win :-).

1023 days old
BerryJuiceYT March 21, 2020


894 days old
agentkate March 21, 2020

OMG well done everyone!!!!! You all look amazinggggg… soo coolll

1548 days old
snini4 March 21, 2020

Congratulations to all of the winners!

1421 days old
fabz13 March 21, 2020

wow background is so cool !

Congratulations to all winners

1672 days old
Static March 21, 2020

I love how creative those outfits are!!! Congrats to the winners 😀

872 days old
Arthur Mitch March 21, 2020

Congratulations penguins! Great job!

1713 days old
Seal12311 March 21, 2020

Congrats to the winners ! You all did amazing !!!

3749 days old
Riccowed March 21, 2020

Ooh awesome outfits everyone! Congrats and can’t wait to see all the other awesome outfits!

827 days old
P4663392 March 21, 2020

Congratulations winners! And good look to everyone.

977 days old
HarmonyStar March 21, 2020

Congrats to all the winners! Your costumes are fantastic!

1007 days old
teal2203 March 21, 2020

This is a great party, and dressing up is so much fun! Love seeing everyone’s outfits, so the fact that there is chance to win such a special background is a bonus 😁 Congratulations everyone 🎉!!

1566 days old
Hot Autumn March 21, 2020

Congratulations to all the winners! Those are very creative outfits and that’s an awesome prize! I can’t wait to see outfits for the other themes. Best of luck to everyone!

727 days old
mondomonroe March 21, 2020

Congratulations everyone! You all look fantasytastic! 🙂

1167 days old
Grid March 21, 2020

Awesome outfits everyone! I look forward to seeing the winners for tomorrow.

1263 days old
Sweet Ari March 21, 2020

Congrats! You guys totally look good 😀

963 days old
DjKled007 March 21, 2020


1592 days old
Bellflowerp March 21, 2020

That’s awesome! Congratulations to all the winners! ^-^ I’m very excited for the new pirate theme today… I LOVE PIRATES! XD

Waddle On,
– Bellflowerp

792 days old
Turkee March 21, 2020

Congratulations to all of the winners! You all deserve it, amazing outfits!

1583 days old
Caveria March 21, 2020

I cannot believe that won it! 🙂

1248 days old
Cassieboy227 March 21, 2020

Those are some good costumes!

1131 days old
NoahT249 March 21, 2020

was wondering, does the background and pin count for the fashion contest?

1668 days old
Sarahababa March 21, 2020

Congrats to the winners!

1412 days old
Baekhyuneeee March 21, 2020

good job everyone!

1209 days old
myJAMS March 21, 2020

That’s so awesome! I’m glad to take part in these events. Congratulations to the rest of the winners and good luck for the next contest! <3

1220 days old
Carosene March 21, 2020

Congrats to the winners!!

1670 days old
mr e1354 March 21, 2020

Good job to everyone that won!

1190 days old
Fludd March 21, 2020

GG everyone!

1107 days old
Cocopuffss March 21, 2020

Congratulations to all the winners! I especially love myJAMS’s outfit. Such a cool idea, and I can’t wait to see more styles as the week goes on!

1666 days old
Spencer168 March 21, 2020

How do you enter the contest?

1592 days old
Bellflowerp March 21, 2020

Wear whatever outfit you want to submit, and then go to the Dock where it says “Submit Outfit” or something like that (there will be a pulled-back curtain), and then enter, and you’ve been submitted! 🙂

Waddle On,
– Bellflowerp

742 days old
HAPPY B 1 March 21, 2020

Where is rockhopper?

632 days old
Madmcmuffin March 21, 2020

Waddle on over to the dock, and on stage you’ll see a little entrance with an arrow pointing to where you go! Make sure it’s the outfit you want, you can only enter once per day!

1199 days old
Kornflake March 21, 2020

Congrats to you all! Such dazzling outfits!

1668 days old
RedKirby March 21, 2020

GG guys!

1046 days old
Randomboy481 March 21, 2020

Congrats to the winners! I completely forgot about backgrounds and pins so that’s why i probs wont win the next pirate theme! Still, good luck to everyone!

1672 days old
Masher992 March 22, 2020

Same lol

1671 days old
LandN Lukas March 21, 2020

Congratulations! There are so many cool costumes!

1665 days old
alcatz3 March 21, 2020

Great job all of you!!!!!!

1098 days old
FlightFluffy March 21, 2020


587 days old
Krill 300 March 21, 2020

Nice Work Winners!
I hope others will do their best, I gave my entry for PIRATES with the best PIRATE outfit.

Good Luck!

830 days old
Scramjet March 21, 2020

Congratulations guys! That is a sick background!

1442 days old
dodo david March 21, 2020

Congratulations!! Al your outfits are really stunning!

950 days old
MikeBSN March 21, 2020

Congratulations to all the winners!

1674 days old
Canoe March 21, 2020

Canoe wish you happy one year!

950 days old
MikeBSN March 22, 2020

Thanks 😀

905 days old
Kidguin596 March 21, 2020

Congrats to the winners!!

1592 days old
Bellflowerp March 21, 2020

Hey, Kidguin! Good to see you on here. 😀

– Bellflowerp

1081 days old
Yippold March 21, 2020

Congratulations to all the winners!! Nice outfits!! 🙂

1000 days old
tractor3 March 21, 2020

Congrats to everyone who won!

735 days old
Tixxt March 21, 2020

Omg cool! Congratz!

1648 days old
Broday March 21, 2020


959 days old
The User March 21, 2020

GG Gamers