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Reviewed by You: April Foolz!

By stu on March 29, 2020

Hi Penguins,


We hope you’re not feeling too silly – wait is it possible to feel too silly? Last week, we asked you all if you could choose a Fashion Party theme, what would it be and why? The first penguin we selected was Aquania1, who said:


“A cool theme would be “Night on the Town!” Penguins could dress up for their ideal night out on the island: Some may dress fancy for dinner and a show at the plaza, others may dress in their best dance gear for the nightclub! Everyone has different interest, so it would have a lot of variety.”


Quite an interesting choice for a theme, we love it! Would penguins be wearing fancy dress, but also clothes suitable for dancing? The other response comes from Bakhm, who said:


“I would like a summer, water theme because I have a very large amount of items that would fit that particular category. I think everyone would enjoy that theme and the island would be rocking just before the summer season begins here in May, July. Rubber duckies and water wings everywhere! Thanks!”


Summer is an awesome time, so we’re glad you picked that theme. Maybe you could get some penguin buddies together and host your own fashion show and host an exclusive water-themed event?


Thanks Aquania1 and Bakhm! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



The April Fools’ Party is here on the island, and things couldn’t have gotten crazier. The island has totally gone berserk! Okay, maybe that was a bit of an over exaggeration, but don’t let that stop you from being silly. Speaking of “berserk”, there’s many bizarre locations at Box Dimension.


If you made a grand discovery of a new dimension, what kind of dimension would it be?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


769 days old
CheezyPie April 4, 2020

I think I would find a Cheese dimension complete with a melted cheddar waterfall and a parmesan palace. There would be rollercoasters named something like the “mozzarella monster”, and a giant slide called the “Swiss submerge”. I think a cheese dimension would be wonderful addition!

848 days old
Naboisha April 5, 2020


747 days old
Pizzatuna April 2, 2020

A Pizza Sauce dimension where dipping yourself in it turns you into a floating pizza slice. Snowballs would also turn into pepperoni and cheese… Or maybe even Pizza!

536 days old
MunaEclipse April 2, 2020

Perhaps a dimension where our penguins would turn in to aliens. The dimension would be the total opposite of the current one.

1630 days old
vicwaddles April 2, 2020

Im tryna meet rookie lol

555 days old
Bean0098 April 1, 2020

I think a berserk box would be a box where it’s an escape room. You would get in a waiting room(that way you could back out if you didn’t want to do it). You would get a team and you would have to do puzzles. When you finish the puzzles you could get a box outfit or something like that.

974 days old
BenMcMufin April 1, 2020

I have so many ideas for a new box dimension! But the one i think would be cool is a card jitsu box dimension because you can play card jitsu whenever you want to because basically you can play card jitsu fire and just plain old regular card jitsu and you can collect so many cool items.

617 days old
Brightbulb99 April 1, 2020

I’d like to see a dimension that, when you go into it, the clothes your penguin is wearing is completely randomized! You’d never get bored of that dimension seiing as there would be so much replayability to it!

805 days old
Icey Creams April 1, 2020

If I were to discover my dream dimension it would be a library dance party where everyone is quiet but still enjoying the music. I’m honestly a big nerd so this would be my dream place! Oh yeah, ANYONE WHO IS LOUD IS BANNED FROM NERD DIMENSION!! See you guys in the next issue of reviewed by you!!!!!

732 days old
louiethighs April 1, 2020

A dimension of changing textures and colors! The colors would be out-of-the-ordinary and could blow a penguin’s mind; Instead of the sky being blue, it would be red, and instead of bricks being red, it would be blue! And textures would change like trees being gooey and clouds being solid–or not. .

790 days old
Pi319364 April 1, 2020

If I discovered a new dimension, it would be one where everything was backwards, mirrored, upside-down, and anything else you could imagine! Copies of you would appear, some backwards, and you would randomly change in size as you move! The dimension would be called… the Random Dimension?

936 days old
johnislit April 1, 2020

i think a berserk box dimension location would be puffle mountain where you could feed and pet puffles but maybe take your own puffles to play with them. it would also be really cool if a brand new puffle was discovered their. maybe a camo puffle.

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq March 31, 2020

I’d probably visit a dimension full of magical creatures like fairies, merfolk, centaurs, minotaurs… it’d be super magical! Plus, what if said dimension also had superheroes and we were able to get a new2 power or five??

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

(After reading a few of own comments) Wow, I am really slipping up grammatically.

1508 days old
gunney38 March 31, 2020

If I discovered a new dimension, it would be a dimension of mirrors. It would be similar to a carnival mirror fun house. It would be full of curved mirrors that would make you appear to be a different size and normal mirrors. It would be really cool because everyone would look really funny.

870 days old
Mrs Snow March 30, 2020

I think a cool dimension idea would be a dimension dimension where when you go in, there are more and more to choose from. Maybe if you followed a certain path through them you could a portal themed background or something. 😀

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

Like a Choose Your Own Adventure type book! I’ve read quite a few of those.

1389 days old
Waddleoz March 30, 2020

An escape room dimension! It would be super cool to solve a puzzle/mystery in somewhere as wacky as the box dimension!

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

I’ve been to an escape room and it was fun!

549 days old
galana March 30, 2020

i think a great dimension box would be one in which we are all teddy bears! and we can only talk by pressing our bellies

1597 days old
caralynrs March 30, 2020

I would make my new discovery as the opposite dimension. The sun in blue, the sky is yellow. Everything we say is backwards. basically colors are switched and everything would be reversed. That is just mind boggling!

817 days old
Tara100 March 30, 2020


785 days old
chicky245 March 30, 2020

my dimension would be a bizarre dimension where you can escape the game and explore the cpr site!

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

But would we still be logged in?

767 days old
Lani2 March 30, 2020

If I found a new dimension, it would be a mystery dimension. You would never know what would be in it the next time you join cause it would change every time you entered. It could be anything from underwater to upside down. You never know what you might find. Surprises are always fun.

1602 days old
AleCP March 30, 2020

my dimension would be crab dimension when you will go inside, you will be transformed as crab just like klutzy i would be nice if we transformed as crab with crab rave music

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

Except we can’t exactly add Crab Rave to CPRw because, copyright infringement liability. Maybe something comparable, like a spoof or homage of Crab Rave.

1150 days old
Blueberry504 March 30, 2020

I would hope to discover a cheese dimension! It would be silly and fun, maybe with some Free cheesy items from Club Penguin like the cheese tie!

559 days old
P5386717 March 30, 2020

my dimension would be ‘fantasy’
There would be a big dragon maze and we need to get to the head of the dragon.
At the dragon head,there is a chest which contain free items such as box dragon outfit or something.

808 days old
Raven Claw 1 March 30, 2020

I would make a ‘real world’ dimension, and if we crossed into the dimension, we would turn into humans!! And puffles would turn I to cats and dogs

1471 days old
Bakhm March 30, 2020

Thanks Lataus!

1346 days old
Kikijoyo7 March 30, 2020

If I would design a new dimension, it should be a labyrinth. There should be many ways and at the end maybe a free item? Well, I would like it…

808 days old
Raven Claw 1 March 30, 2020

Sorry, auto correct is annoying, I meant puffles

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

We still have auto-correct?

808 days old
Raven Claw 1 March 30, 2020

A real world dimension, where you step inside, and you’re no longer a penguin, but a human!! And pickles are cats or dogs

808 days old
Raven Claw 1 March 30, 2020

A real world

1657 days old
Splosh Jnr March 30, 2020

Another dimension I might discover is the ‘Third Dimension’. This dimension brings the world of Club Penguin into flawless virtual reality, allowing us to play as if we were actually on the island ourselves!

1640 days old
Valery March 30, 2020

amazing party! definitely an amazing surprise and has so much in store!

1657 days old
Splosh Jnr March 30, 2020

I would discover the mystery dimension. This dimension is full of tip-able icebergs; shadow ninjas; countless green, water buoys; and even a few mysteries we haven’t even discovered yet! This dimension has managed to leak slightly creating the mysteries that dwell around the island today.

1423 days old
Sethmax10 March 30, 2020

If i found a new dimension it would be a penguin chat style room,with tas 1000 music(aka pick up the phone song)

1362 days old
FireSanti March 30, 2020

I would like to find a Dimension, it would be a Dimension, WITH EVEN MORE DIMENSIONS! So you can find INFINITE and WACKY dimensions and always have fun in every single one of those!

942 days old
Money T 456 March 30, 2020

I would totally love to see a Throwback to Classic Club Penguin Dimension. I LOVE how the Gift Shop is a throwback and reference to the Sports Shop that is now the Everyday Phoning Facility. (EPF) Keep up the amazing work!

1389 days old
Waddleoz March 30, 2020

Same! I thought it was really cute that they changed the gift shop to the sports shop

1003 days old
SamSwitch64 March 29, 2020

I would discover a pizza dimension. There would be mountains of… pizza, and the floor would be… pizza. Oh and you would be able to ride a massive version of the Pizzatron-3000 conveyer belt, and throw pizza toppings instead of snowballs!

826 days old
alyssa1299 March 29, 2020

Donut dimension

1437 days old
Little12z March 29, 2020

Well, if i could choose it would be an 8-bit dimension because it’s really cool how our appearance changes and i really love that kind of appearance

574 days old
NicolisZaenx March 29, 2020

B O X “no further description”

5573 days old
Kikrix March 29, 2020

To discover a dimension may be most enticing to me for not the physical exploration of this potentially wicked environment, but for the reputation and perhaps celebrity status gained on the island which I love so dearly. (Though of course as I’m perpetually exploring, rarely visit)

1218 days old
Joey17790 March 29, 2020

I found a glitch in the newspaper where I can’t read the poetry. Are you able to fix it?

655 days old
alexangel881 March 29, 2020

If I were to find a new dimension, it would probably be some sort of a reverse dimension, where puffles were penguins and penguins were puffles, and when you walked north you walked south, the entire island would be mixed up. The plaza would be the town and town the plaza. Etc.

854 days old
phanguin16 March 29, 2020

I would love to discover a new puffle dimension!! But here’s the catch: penguins and puffles swap places! It would be a place where puffles have free reign and penguins would be able to experience life as their beloved pet. I have many puffles and I know they would enjoy visiting there.

933 days old
pat487 March 29, 2020

I wood love a block dimension!!!!

829 days old
ratsbian March 29, 2020

A dimension full of cats! I’m not sure if my allergies could take it but it would be amazing to be surrounded by my favorite fluffy friends… <3

868 days old
Tuyo1 March 29, 2020

I think a cool dimension idea would be just wandering through a repository of SWF files. Maybe waddling over different ones will take you to different party rooms or play music from around the site!
That, or a Penguin Chat 3-themed dimension.

1045 days old
Spock99 March 29, 2020

If I were to discover a new dimension, it would be a space theme one. You could travel from star to star and see many silly planets, like Planet Pizza or Dance Planet! And just enjoy traveling and discovering new cool things.

540 days old
Moonthebest2 March 29, 2020

I can’t login or play,do you have any reason why?

1039 days old
rafwasserpz March 29, 2020

Maybe you have to go to your email and confirm your account

921 days old
mimi8399 March 29, 2020

me neither!

882 days old
tacocat54893 March 29, 2020

Honestly, I would like a summer dimension! Its always snowy on Club Penguin, so it would give penguins a chance to choose winter or summer! So everyone wouldn’t be complaining about it being cold! But that’s if someone even complains at all! So if your ever in the mood for some swimming, hop in!

826 days old
alyssa1299 March 29, 2020

yes that would be cool. What if the snow was sand instead, that would be awesome.

1387 days old
ItalianMale March 29, 2020

If I made a dimensional discovery, it would be a world where everyone was a tree. Not just the tree costume, but actual pine trees. Why, you may ask? Well, why not?

1357 days old
Lanaila March 29, 2020

If I would discover a new dimension, it should be a huge library. You could read many good books or even write a book! I know it wouldnt work but for what is April Fools Day? :))

996 days old
winniella1 March 29, 2020

If I would possibly make a brand new discovery, it would be a dimension that was filled up with mascots and you would be able to meet them and get the stamp and background!!

542 days old
ORANGESTR68 March 29, 2020

Hi, if i were to discover a dimension it would be a forest full of extinct creatures and mysteries! it would be a place where you could find animal ears to wear, like cat, dog, ext. everyone would love to explore new things and go on lots of adventures! -orangestr68

1586 days old
blazes March 29, 2020

If i discovered a new dimension i would want it to go to rock-hoppers island and we can all explore it and get some red puffles : )

1529 days old
Hot Autumn March 29, 2020

If I were to make a grand discovery of a new dimension, it would be a Polar Bear Dimension! When you go inside, you would be transformed into a polar bear just like Herbert! I think it would be really funny to see a bunch of giant polar bears roaming around.

638 days old
TheNitronic March 29, 2020

I wouldn’t just discover one dimension, I would discover multiple, all revolving around the different colors of puffles around the island. If one for the orange puffles exists, why not the other colors? It certainly would make the annual Puffle Party a lot more exciting!

1076 days old
OrangeCow224 March 29, 2020


1076 days old
OrangeCow224 March 29, 2020

If i made a brand new discovery I would discover the Yeet dimension. Throw a snowball and it goes way farther than it should and makes a yet sound when you throw it. Also a new shop that only has one item. The YEET t-shirt that does nothing but look cool. And cardboard cutouts would live in there.

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 1, 2020

Right, because to yeet as a verb is to launch really far. I had to look that up.

1218 days old
Joey17790 March 29, 2020

I could probably discover a dimension where I could be on the blog page itself! That would be totally bizarre!


1575 days old
sawfishpro 0 March 29, 2020

If I discovered a dimension it would be one where everything was huge and we would be tiny, just like those chairs someone put in the pizza parlor now during April fools

1039 days old
Raptor10 March 29, 2020

If I made a brand-new discovery, it would be a dimension like Club Penguin, but where penguins would be pets, and the puffles would do everything that penguins do!

1320 days old
parrotsoul10 March 29, 2020

I would discover a dimension where you can go back or forward in time! Every time you enter the dimension, you will never know where (or when) you will end up! You could run into dinosaurs or encounter robots, it’s all part of the surprise!

990 days old
Lufis2000 March 29, 2020


1562 days old
xgr002 March 29, 2020

it could be a dimansion that you could hear something like a streamer and you will be in his or her video lol

838 days old
HENRYISCOOL1 March 29, 2020

If I found a new dimension it would be to go back to original club penguin. for nostagia sake

1580 days old
Conache March 29, 2020

If I somehow discovered a new dimensión, it would be an aquatic dimensión

There would be fish everywhere, even a giant mullet, with aquatic rocks and stuff, but you could also go back to the Surface where the box store would be in a floatie

And, inside a Giant clam, you would find an aquatic suit

811 days old
mumblemck March 29, 2020

I think a cool dimension would be The Past Dimension, a room filled with items from long ago. The old art style would bring back nostalgia and I can imagine penguins dressing up in the rarest, but silliest costumes that they have. An area could have beta colors to show an old yet colorful item.

597 days old
Haiji2020 March 29, 2020

If i did a grand discovery on the party, i would pick a cake one, but why a cake one? if there was a cake dimension, we would make a cake slide, splash on the cake, and get a cake hat.. [The cake hat is a semi-costum item]