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Getting Ready For Easter…

By Stu on April 3, 2020

Hi Penguins,


It’s been an eventful start of the month and we’re only just getting started!


You’ll be blessed to find some really cool things if you log into the game today, this includes a new Penguin Style, new stage, and a brand new Club Penguin Times issue!



You can check out the new Penguin Style by heading to the Gift Shop, it should give you an idea for what event we’ll be doing very soon…


For those readers out there, you’ll be glad to hear we’re bringing back our Easter Egg hunts this year and it’s going to be amazingly fun! The scavenger hunt will be starting April 9, so make sure you’re logged into the game and ready!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1156 days old
Fofa Fofinha April 9, 2020

amazing!! i cant wait!!

351 days old
luckieduckie April 9, 2020

I just checked to see if the hunt has started (3 pm CST) but I guess it starts later tonight! It’ll be worth the wait! So excited to see what ya’ll came up with! 🙂

1013 days old
Dudeshon April 9, 2020

This was actually the first time i’ve ever seen Stage SO FULL. I always liked this play. Apparently, I’m learning the secrets of the bamboo forest, judging by my pose and location in this screenshot.
Now I’m waiting for Easter Egg Hunt

223 days old
xANTiXyt April 9, 2020

IM HERE! Look the purple outfit: xANTiXyt! And my friend Dudeshon!

53 days old
Andrew312 April 8, 2020

Looking forward to experience my first penguin event! Thank you, Club Penguin Rewritten Team!

347 days old
alyssa1299 April 8, 2020

Sounds awesome! Cannot wait!!

652 days old
Allen3201 April 7, 2020

Looking forward to joining the Easter Egg Hunt 😀

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq April 7, 2020

Easter Egg Hunts are so much fun! I can’t wait!

87 days old
eat shoe April 6, 2020

im so ready for the hunt and the awards

566 days old
Pixelgracie April 6, 2020

can’t wait for the easter egg hunt!! <3

70 days old
galana April 5, 2020

i loved the new catalog and I’m so excited for this new month! last month was full of cool events and surprises! the eggs hunt sounds so fun, is my first one in cpr so i can’t wait too see it!

351 days old
BQRS04 April 5, 2020

I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait for the new party!!!! 🙂

1080 days old
PixiX April 5, 2020

luvvvvvvv the new clothing catalog, can’t wait fr the igloo catalog to drop.

54 days old
Reddliona2 April 5, 2020

Hey guys, just wondering why we didn’t get any notice on the maintenance on 5/4/2020 (Australia)? Much appreciated

525 days old
dopeyhams April 5, 2020

I love the new stage!! I like the monkey outfit

1133 days old
RyanjcCPR April 5, 2020


159 days old
TheNitronic April 5, 2020

This will be my first time with one of these “scavenger hunt” quests on CPR. Can’t wait to start the egg hunt!

1118 days old
caralynrs April 5, 2020

I can’t wait for this party. I think things where you login daily is fun and eventful

1151 days old
vicwaddles April 5, 2020

when is the better igloo catalog coming ?

1149 days old
Bon Jovi April 4, 2020

looking foward to it

3574 days old
Cluddy4 April 4, 2020

I want to buy Penguin Style. Am much excited for Easter Egg Hunt. Please excuse my english.

3574 days old
Cluddy4 April 4, 2020

I am excited for Easter Egg Hunt. It is beautiful and nice. So many things. I love Club Penguin and I love many things. Excuse my English please.

1071 days old
P485341 April 4, 2020

Cant wait for april 9th.

286 days old
JohannaMason April 4, 2020

I LOVE the new catalog! And so excited for this upcoming party 😉

262 days old
SpiderMaX897 April 4, 2020

I’m excited for the Easter Hunt and can’t wait for the Penguin Play Awards! April’s gonna be such a fun month on Club Penguin Rewritten!!

58 days old
P5771521 April 4, 2020

Yeah the penguin style rocks! I am sooooo ready to hunt for eggs.

155 days old
Guiyguiygui April 4, 2020

Oh this look awesome!! Thanks for the new catalog ,im loved the green hard hat

203 days old
BubblyPB2 April 4, 2020

Im so excited!

95 days old
NicolisZaenx April 4, 2020

Y E S “no further description”

964 days old
Fajardo April 4, 2020

So excited to wear my Blue Bunny Ears along my favorite items: Swirly Glasses and Bandana!

382 days old
Light Fury1 April 4, 2020

I really like the new catalog. And I can’t wait for the next party to come.

306 days old
chicky245 April 5, 2020


1065 days old
KeeperTp April 4, 2020

Finally! A custom stage! I can now do Wrath of China’s Bamboos!

329 days old
Raven Claw 1 April 4, 2020

In the news paper, it says the new stage play is the Ruby one, but they are really doing secrets of the bamboo forest. Why did they do that?

1147 days old
bubblez1 April 4, 2020

looking forward to it!!

166 days old
I smell tea April 4, 2020

I really like the new catalog. Will the concert be rescheduled soon? I can’t wait for soccer mommy to perform!

206 days old
meaganb April 3, 2020


70 days old
Lilja Mist April 3, 2020

i´m loving the new clothes and accesories, needed some positivity right now! but i have a question if you don´t mind me asking..
will there be a better igloos issue this month? and if so, when can we expect it?

keep up the good work!!

403 days old
tacocat54893 April 3, 2020

LOVE the new grey suit! its my favorite next to my camera

511 days old
Lufis2000 April 3, 2020

easter egg hunts are always fun. can’t wait for the prizes!

747 days old
Sweet Ari April 3, 2020

Wooooo I cant wait!

288 days old
Lani2 April 3, 2020

The new catalog is pretty nice! Can’t wait for the Easter egg hunt. I’m glad there is a new stage play.

1115 days old
man man April 3, 2020

I really like the new Penguin Style. All the new clothing items are really fresh and cool. I’m excited to see all the new outfits people put together with the new clothing items . I Also really like the new stage. Looking forward to this month and the easter party that’s to come.

118 days old
Haiji2020 April 3, 2020

Dear Stu, When you will be Able to Dig Coins with the Green helmet, The Blue Helmet And the grey shovel?

1083 days old
Devs99 April 3, 2020

Its starting two days after easter? IS TIME AN ILLUSION?! DO WE EVEN EXIST?!!? ARE WE THE UNIVERSE ITS SE-

1153 days old
R0sieR0se April 3, 2020

So cool! Looking forward to it!

1006 days old
FisherP April 3, 2020

I am anxious for the Easter Egg hunts ♥

99 days old
Dylanduck33 April 3, 2020

I cant wait for Easter,The Penguin Play Awards and more!Good job CPR!

276 days old
Turkee April 3, 2020

I’m super excited about the scavenger hunt!

68 days old
nonchan1023 April 3, 2020

I noticed there was another glitch besides the one at the stage– I can’t seem to purchase the Purple Viking Helmet because it tells me I already own the item… but I don’t 🙁

495 days old
BenMcMufin April 3, 2020

I luckily got to the chair by using the tip and it actually works but if it doesn’t work for some people then just keep trying but you don’t get the background though but if you want to try the example it tells you then you can try and get past the water without using the bridge.

437 days old
Super107 April 3, 2020


340 days old
Cocunutmonky April 3, 2020

I think the stage play is glitched

461 days old
HarmonyStar April 3, 2020

Im so excited for the easter egg hunt! And also thank you cpr team for trying to add new content during these times. You guys are the best!

1050 days old
Hot Autumn April 3, 2020

The new catalog is great and I’m happy to see that Secrets of the Bamboo Forest has returned! I can’t wait for the Easter Egg Hunt next week! April sounds like it’s going to be another great month!

1161 days old
Valery April 3, 2020

Love the new catalog so much! I finally got my dream item, (the floppy hat) and the all the clothing is so nice! I can’t wait for the Easter Scavenger Hunt as well! I can tell April is going to be full of fun and so many surprises!

60 days old
BeastARV April 3, 2020

Awesome! you guys are doing great at making club penguin rewritten just like club penguin in your own way keep up the great work!

311 days old
P4663392 April 3, 2020

Happy that’s easter! I’m going to collect some easter eggs. 😀

523 days old
Dimmy Start April 3, 2020

I’m so excited!!

133 days old
P5229637 April 3, 2020

I was wondering are the easter eggs just pins or can you wear them as a cosmetic item?

836 days old
Bloxwess April 3, 2020

Cool! I can’t wait for the scavenger hunt!

390 days old
Logan3918 April 3, 2020

When I try to cross the bridge it does not let me even though I have the feather pin that was released. I think you released the wrong one. Also some penguins can cross and others can’t. Can you please look in to this?

72 days old
BillCipher32 April 3, 2020

The Club Penguin Times say the stage is the Ruby and The Ruby, but it’s not. Also, it says i have the purple viking helmet when i don’t! Also also, i can’t buy the penguin work item. You may need to fix the SWF Files you used.

329 days old
Raven Claw 1 April 4, 2020

I noticed it had that in the paper too

311 days old
Yohan67890 April 3, 2020

Can the Team help us out?
The stage is not working well. We got the feather, but the bridge doesn’t appear. In fact, some already got to the chair because of a glitch they say.
Please fix it. I want to go across the bridge soon. Thanks.

333 days old
l3ubble April 4, 2020

It has been fixed.

518 days old
SB737S FAN April 3, 2020

cool! i love easter!

1149 days old
alcatz3 April 3, 2020

I got in the newspaper! (im also in that screenshot) Thanks so much for the Easter Egg hunt!
I remember the Easter party in 2017. thanks

1149 days old
alcatz April 4, 2020

yo tengo

272 days old
Blazepuggle April 3, 2020

This sounds fun, Im really exited, I’m hoping that for the reward we get the easter basket pin from 2012!

333 days old
l3ubble April 3, 2020

Amazing! Can’t wait for Scavenger Hunt.