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Reviewed by You: Egg Searching

By stu on April 11, 2020

Hi Penguins,


Another week, another Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you all if you could meet any mascot, who would it be and for what reason? From that, the first penguin we selected was ratsbian, who said:


“If I could meet any mascot, it would be Dot! She’s my favorite mascot of all time, and I had so much fun with her during the Fashion Party! She’s part secret agent, part fashionista! I think we would hang out and talk about Club Penguin fashion and the EPF together!”


Dot is really good at coming up with clever disguises. No doubt she would have a blast coming up with creative costumes with you! The other response comes from Icey Creams, who said:


“I would want to meet DJ-K-Dance! I love music and it would be my dream to meet her! I have not even seen her but she is definitely cool! Music is one of my passions in the form of singing so it would be so epic to meet her! Just excited for a time I might meet her. It was really fun typing this!!!!”


Cadence, or rather “DJ K-Dance” as you put it, would sure be delighted to meet a music lover, much like herself! She’s always passionate about her loving fan base, which motivates herself to her work.


Thanks ratsbian and Icey Creams! Both of you will have 5,000 coins awarded to your accounts soon.


Now if you scroll down below, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



Egg hunt galore is all over the island at the moment, so make sure you collect those eggs before they’re all gone! What do you enjoy about scavenging for eggs around the island?


Leave your responses in the comments below. You may even see your response featured on the blog next week, and you could earn 5,000 coins for your penguin!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


520 days old
Lastavengers April 24, 2020

I liked that that is wasn’t just one second and your finished you could go around the island looking for the eggs and never get bored trying to find them all. I also got to meet lots of cool people in places i normally did not go .

1677 days old
Sirproditor April 23, 2020

I like the mystery aspect of it. I like how they are all over the island and you have to explore to find them. It’s so fun AND the hat is so cool!

529 days old
Tomasgreen28 April 22, 2020

I loved the scavenger hunt! It was my first one but I can’t wait for more!

861 days old
cococoffeeo April 21, 2020

I really enjoyed this scavenger hunt really creative and it was great to earn a cute prize at the end!

519 days old
barthood April 21, 2020

It took me FOREVER to find the one outside the theater LOL! Insanely fun though. And the bunny hat is so cute!

1393 days old
Sweettink05 April 19, 2020

The egg hunt was super fun. I loved the clues as they brought me to places I might not normally explore. It provided an opportunity to meet new friends, and it was great to see everyone bonding and being kind.

1403 days old
Esmeralded April 18, 2020

Really had fun with the scavenger hunt, for me the most troublesome was the one at Plazza, if it weren’t for a couple of helpful penguins I would have never gotten it, afterward, I stayed behind to help other players find it, much like how they did to me!

521 days old
Benny543 April 17, 2020

I enjoy being able to visit every room on the island. I also enjoy how if you need help than some helpful penguins will be around at all times.

1597 days old
caralynrs April 17, 2020

The fact you HAD to actually find them and check every room was absolutely so much fun! Thank you for that treat!!

1076 days old
OrangeCow224 April 17, 2020

For the record, I think the ninja egg was the coolest one. I feel like it should stay there permanently instead of the usual ninja. It was fun trying to find em all, basically a pokemon adventure with eggs, the stage light egg was the best hidden I walked by it about 13 times before I found it. eggs

1389 days old
Waddleoz April 16, 2020

I love mysteries and clues. I loved the clues on Cpr so much that I made my own scavenger hunt around the house for my family to enjoy.

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq April 16, 2020

I really like all the different egg design and even managed to find all the eggs with minimal help this year! I also like the prize.

1025 days old
jademoon225 April 16, 2020

I loved figuring out the riddles and searching the island, and the bunny slippers are adorable!! My favorite egg was the one at the dojo! It was very hard to catch! Thank you for creating this egg hunt! It was soooo much fun!

587 days old
OliJay2010 April 16, 2020

i love looking for them
you have to realy look for them in i like that

785 days old
chicky245 April 15, 2020

the eggs are hidden very well but its a little bit easy. the hardest one to get is the ninja egg!

1566 days old
griffen9 April 15, 2020

I love getting visit all different parts of the island! It’s always fun getting to revisit areas that I may not usually go to. Plus, I get to work with other penguins to try to find some of them. It’s hard to find something not to like about the egg hunt!

866 days old
PinkBus7 April 15, 2020

I think the Easter Egg hunt was pitched at the perfect difficulty. I loved racing my sister Daisy57 to see who could find the eggs first. Afterwards, it was lovely to see a sense of community as I helped other penguins. It was eggcelent because I couldn’t do a real life one with my friends this year

866 days old
PinkBus7 April 15, 2020

The Easter Egg hunt was pitched at the perfect difficulty. I loved challenging my sister and racing her to collect the eggs as quickly as possible. Afterwards, it was lovely to see a sense of community and help all of my penguin friends, especially as I couldn’t do a hunt with my real friends.

536 days old
ShreppaPig07 April 15, 2020

Sometimes I find this egg hunts hard but I still enjoy them. Hope everybody is staying at home and healthy πŸ™‚

528 days old
MaroonCrown April 15, 2020

I enjoy figuring out the clues and then finding the eggs! A few of the hiding spots were hard to find which made the hunt even funner. Then the prize at the end made everything even more worthwhile. The Easter Egg Hunt might be one of my favorite scavenger hunts!

1505 days old
JoshIsTurtle April 14, 2020

I enjoy getting to explore all the rooms I’m so familiar with and picking through every nook and cranny of them. After I finished, I was happy to see that I could wear my own pair of bunny ears. I also enjoy helping people who seemed stuck in places and giving them extra clues to aid their search!

1628 days old
alcatz3 April 14, 2020

I enjoy the egg hunt a lot, It had great hiding places, I enjoy checking every room for an egg and helping other people who cannot find them, The clues were fun to solve and then find the eggs, It is fun to do with friends.

597 days old
Haiji2020 April 14, 2020

Congrats for POTW!

685 days old
meaganb April 13, 2020

When I go on an Easter egg hunt I always love seeing what the new prize is. But one of best parts is getting to help other penguins find the eggs and making new friends! Every time a new scavenger hunt comes out, I always get to meet a bunch of new penguins.

811 days old
mumblemck April 13, 2020

I enjoy interpreting the various clues that are given to help continue the hunt. I also enjoy searching for the eggs that are always well hidden around the island. I always feel the joy of Easter when doing an egg hunt and it is amazing being able to find eggs at some of my favorite locations.

691 days old
macaroongirl April 13, 2020

the clues were very thought out and the eggs were hidden well. it was all around fun while it lasted.

869 days old
Bellway2755 April 13, 2020

The riddles to finding each egg was really enjoyable! Also the eggs were hidden well! The one in the dojo was pretty tricky to get but I always like a challenge. The best part was the reward of the green bunny ears! They are very cute. I also enjoyed helping other penguins out helping find the eggs.

944 days old
totiana123 April 13, 2020

I love hunting for the eggs because the riddles are always so fun to solve! It was really fun to be the one finding the eggs instead of hiding them! And of course I loved the prize we got after completing the hunt!

569 days old
KagomeH April 13, 2020

I love the challenge of the clue! A good brain teaser is refreshing after lockdown and takes my mind off the world for a bit. I love that feeling

769 days old
CheezyPie April 13, 2020

I have never collected eggs on the island before, so I was excited when I heard about the hunt! I loved how challenging it was, it took me forever to get some of them! the egg at the dojo was super awesome! it took me a few tries to get, but the whole hunt was totally worth it when I got the prize!

1070 days old
Cocopuffss April 13, 2020

I went egg hunting with my good friend Mel, and we had so much fun finding them all. My favorite part was the egg in the Dojo because it was moving and it took me a few tries to catch it!

1241 days old
BlackAWhite April 13, 2020

My favorite thing about scavenging for the easter eggs is that I get to use my agent skills. I can use the skills I track down for Herbert, but for tracking eggs! This will also improve my tracking skills!

1117 days old
Tativert April 13, 2020

The thing I love the most about scavenging eggs is to solve the riddles with my friends, and help other penguins around the island! It was so cute to see the everyone running around searching for them <3

533 days old
AxA0220 April 13, 2020

My favorite part about the Easter Egg Hunt is the fun that came with it. As soon as the day it came out hit, I jumped onto Club Penguin Rewritten and began my search. I loved the riddles to find each egg and once I found them all, I got a cute surprise at the end! I can’t wait for it next year!

525 days old
17xtentacion April 13, 2020

ight cheife

561 days old
dandelions8 April 13, 2020

I enjoy that the eggs are in different spots and are usually hard to find!i like a little challenge

548 days old
Sidill April 13, 2020

I enjoy helping other penguins out. Whenever I’m in a room and people are asking about the eggs, I like giving them hints about where they are so that they can get a step closer to reaching the prize.

559 days old
SirKaotik April 13, 2020

I got the eggs already and it was fun :3

1405 days old
dodo david April 13, 2020

I enjoy finding the eggs most, and then eating them and getting sick.

833 days old
ColaMilk15 April 13, 2020

This was my first time collecting eggs! I found it very interesting and some of them actually very hard to find! My and my sister really enjoyed it! My favorite thing about it was probably the creative hiding spots and clues so we had to work for it!

1117 days old
Tativert April 13, 2020

What a great article and amazing questions!
The thing I love THE MOST about scavenging eggs is solving the riddles with my friends and helping penguins around the island, it’s such a great experience to see everyone excited and looking everywhere for the eggs <3.

767 days old
Lani2 April 13, 2020

I enjoy seeing where all the different eggs are hidden. Some spots I found very creative, especially the one at the dojo which is basically a ninja egg. I enjoy finding the certain eggs as it is very fun.

826 days old
alyssa1299 April 13, 2020

My favorite thing is the clues! I love scavenger hunts and escape rooms. There fun and challenging! Also who doesn’t love a good Easter egg with some candy in it?!

1320 days old
parrotsoul10 April 13, 2020

The best part about scavenging for eggs is working with my friends to find them! We help each other by deciphering the clues and exploring the island to find each egg. This way, we can all get the prize together. I would never be able to collect all the eggs without my friends’ help!

1226 days old
Sweet Ari April 13, 2020

I quite enjoy the fun of looking for them! The riddles are pretty interesting and that ninja egg sure was a tricky catch. It’s also nice seeing penguins helping out others, but without spoiling the fun! Not to mention how cute the green bunny hat is.

1514 days old
RealEduardo April 13, 2020

Egg Hunts are always fun! They can be Mind-Tricking, and they can be simple! You’ll get a special item if you unlock them and they’re very cool looking!

1387 days old
ItalianMale April 12, 2020

The best part about finding eggs is seeing the cool designs on them. They always look amazing, and it makes all the searching worth it.

1495 days old
HarrisonFw1 April 12, 2020

I enjoy the excitement of finding out where the eggs are sneakily hidden and the chance to get a cool,exclusive prize at the end,not to mention taking my puffle on a long walk with me too!

1677 days old
Sirproditor April 12, 2020

I like the adventure aspect of finding eggs!

555 days old
Bean0098 April 12, 2020

What I like best about scavenging for eggs is how everyone is ready to help out. I wasn’t sure where an egg was and I asked one of the penguins. They helped me go the right direction and then told me if it was outside or not!

1186 days old
Jecc121 April 12, 2020

What I really enjoy unite is watching people unite for one goal and how some of them help you to find them, advertising at the town the locations or throwing snowballs to the hidden eggs. It was a really fun event, and a great oportunity for the ones that can’t go to a real easter egg scavenger hunt

1218 days old
Joey17790 April 12, 2020

I liked everything about the egg hunt this year! The hints were pretty fun and the eggs were hidden really well! I won’t spoil where they’re hiding, but I think those hiding spots were pretty clever! πŸ™‚

769 days old
CheezyPie April 12, 2020

I’ve really enjoyed looking for eggs around the island! When I heard about the egg hunt, I knew it was going to be a piece of cake! About 5 minutes later, I was still looking for egg #2! I loved how challenging it was, you guys did a pretty good job at hiding those eggs! The prize is so cool too!

612 days old
P5229637 April 12, 2020

i guess it was cool

1346 days old
Kikijoyo7 April 12, 2020

I loved the egg hunt, it was so fun! I liked the light egg at the stage, but now one light is missing.

1357 days old
Lanaila April 12, 2020

I love the different kinds of eggs in this year. The best egg was the cove egg, that looked like the fire surfboard or the very hard ninja egg. I liked the hiding spots but they were a bit difficult. I can t wait till next year!

559 days old
SirKaotik April 12, 2020

They deserve 5k coins and finding the eggs was easy

880 days old
Paoolaa254 April 12, 2020

One of my favourite things in Club Penguin Rewritten is scavengling for eggs around the Island! Its just very fun becouse some of eggs can be very hard to find so you have to se your brain. And the best part is, when you get all the eggs you get a mistery prize!

526 days old
Beautyrose26 April 12, 2020


528 days old
Jimmer1206 April 12, 2020

I loved how the community is pulling together and helping each other find the eggs, It just goes to show what an amazing community we have!

617 days old
Brightbulb99 April 12, 2020

It was definetely the clues that I enjoyed the most! They make it way more exciting to look for the eggs than just wandering around.

805 days old
Icey Creams April 12, 2020

The reason I love hunting for eggs on the island is that the clues make you look deeper into the location! Like I found one posing as a light. I would say that the hunting is also another factor that makes me love it so much! You just look everywhere until you find the one egg you’re missing! Bye!..

751 days old
Blazepuggle April 12, 2020

I don’t know exactly what I like, it’s just good festive fun!

1436 days old
kevjr12 April 12, 2020

What I enjoy about scavenging for eggs around the island is the places you have to find for the eggs, it’s fun to try and solve the riddle while at the same time going to a place on the island you might not frequent most times your on. πŸ™‚

840 days old
xArabelllla April 12, 2020

My favourite thing about scavenging for eggs is how people are so helpful when others are confused, I see people asking for help and like five penguins answer and try to help! It’s a great thing to see people being brought together to help. I also enjoy getting another stamp to add to my collection!

527 days old
superbigcool April 12, 2020

I love looking for eggs because they are designed so nicely! I love the look. Another reason why is because it is a time consuming task. I love going to different buildings to search for a unique egg that is hiding somewhere. I have collected all of the eggs, and think that the reward is so cute!

1626 days old
g rl April 12, 2020

The thing I enjoy the most about scavenging for eggs around the island is the sense of community among everyone. All around the island, you can see penguins helping each other out and being kind to the people around them. I love when we all work together!

1423 days old
Sethmax10 April 12, 2020

I enjoy seeing the eggciting designs of the eggs and the eggcellent locations of where they are hidden.i’m pretty good at cracking the riddles too!

1659 days old
Fobico April 12, 2020

I love scavenging for eggs because it allows me to use all of my head knowledge I’ve built in CP over the last decade and a half! With every egg hunt I both get to test my knowledge and often learn knew things too! One year I was able to learn the little tree in the Dojo is called a bonzai!

849 days old
marine 301 April 12, 2020

my favorite part of the scavenger hunt is solving the clues. I’ve always enjoyed a good riddle.

765 days old
JohannaMason April 12, 2020

I enjoy the challenge. A few of the eggs were hidden pretty well and it was fun to follow the clues to find them! My favorite was definitely the egg hidden by the surfboard at the cove.

578 days old
Dylanduck33 April 12, 2020

What I enjoy about Scavenging for Eggs around the island is how it can be challenging,and how fun it is when you finally find the eggs,and I love getting the secret surprise to!

538 days old
SirIcealot April 11, 2020

The teamwork (& the fun prize)

527 days old
P5919939 April 11, 2020


1132 days old
mkgees April 11, 2020

I enjoy watching and helping other penguins find the eggs! It is so much fun to help others!

1362 days old
FireSanti April 11, 2020

I enjoy how challenging the scavenger hunt is! Some of them are very clever and some of them are very challenging! Its more fun if you do the scavenger hunt with friends because it will be more easy with teamwork!

879 days old
gricker431 April 11, 2020

love it

971 days old
P3074964 April 11, 2020

The egg hunt was so fun! I really enjoyed going around the island and trying to find eggs. The hardest one was the one in the dojo. I liked how the clues were not too hard. It was fun I want it to happen next year.

1640 days old
Valery April 11, 2020

Honestly, this year’s egg hunt was so much fun and I loved everything about it! However, what I enjoy most about scavenging for eggs is trying to help others find all the eggs. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the egg hunt and obtain the prize. I also love to gather my friends and enjoy the hunt.

731 days old
DaleC10 April 11, 2020

I enjoy waddling around with fellow penguins!
Helping each other getting the eggs.
The excitement of looking for the eggs and finding them!!
The mystery of the reward!
Reading the clues and being Sherlock Homes!
It was a really fun hunt and I hope to see more in the future!!!

870 days old
Mrs Snow April 11, 2020

I like the mystery element of having to search all over the island. Sometimes the clues can lead you all over the island. They aren’t too hard to find if you know where to look, but also not too easy.

638 days old
TheNitronic April 11, 2020

I enjoy the prizes that the scavenger hunts give out.
The one that I got almost made my friends *green* with envy…

597 days old
Haiji2020 April 11, 2020

The thing i enjoy about collecting eggs in the island, is because you get a cool bunny hood!
The bunny hoods are so cute that make you barf in a rainbow!

790 days old
P4663392 April 11, 2020

Finding easter eggs is really fun it is worth it for a hat i enjoy finding them with buddies or ask for help in Town. Penguins are really helpful! It is nice and fun for me helping other penguins. Some are really hidden some are easy to find in 20 seconds. I can’t wait for the 2021 Easter Hunt πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

790 days old
Pi319364 April 11, 2020

One of my favorite things about searching for eggs is the clever hiding spots they are hidden in! It was really hard to search for the egg at the Plaza, very clever disguising it as a light! I also liked the ninja egg, how it can be so evasive and how it fades on and off the screen!

891 days old
poko rocks April 11, 2020

I really enjoy scavenging eggs on the island, because it’s very fun! Every year you need to find eggs and i find that very fun for most of penguins!

838 days old
HENRYISCOOL1 April 11, 2020

I enjoy having just fun looking around, you can explore new rooms, Play games, and best of all, meet new friends! Its most fun when you do it by yourself insted of asking other penguins and looking at guides. And good luck to everyone looking for the eggs!

1634 days old
Happy 34567 April 11, 2020

I like figuring out the little riddles for where the eggs are, and the creativity for where they’re placed! Some of them were tricky to find this year. It also really gets me in the easter spirit!

940 days old
HarmonyStar April 11, 2020

I like seeing where the eggs are hidden, it adds a fun challenge. And the easter bunny ears are the best they are so adorable!

1529 days old
Hot Autumn April 11, 2020

What I enjoy about scavenging for eggs around the island is the challenge behind it. I enjoy reading the riddles and figuring out where each egg is. And of course, earning the bunny ears at the end of the hunt is always very cool. Happy Easter everyone!

997 days old
SB737S FAN April 11, 2020


542 days old
ORANGESTR68 April 11, 2020

hi! my favorite part about egg hunts is probably the prize! i am so excited for easter!

990 days old
Lufis2000 April 11, 2020

i love how creatively hidden they can be, like the egg in the dojo this year. i thought that was a cool idea!

996 days old
winniella1 April 11, 2020

What I enjoy about scavenging for eggs on the island, is that I can do it with my friends, and help others find the eggs too!!

549 days old
galana April 11, 2020

My favorite part of this egg hunt was the funniest hints! i had so much fun looking for them, specially the ninja-egg!

549 days old
galana April 11, 2020

Mi favorite part of this egg hunt was the funniest hints! i had so much fun looking for them, specially the ninja-egg!

1632 days old
NKM9 April 11, 2020

I enjoy the fun and the challenge of hunting down all the Easter Eggs. Some of the riddles got me stumped as I kept on looking at where I thought something was only to find the Egg’s location after going outside.

1149 days old
ViciousDex April 11, 2020

What i enjoy from the Easter egg scavenger hunt is checking the hints and looking around where the egg is at. It crazes me where the egg is placed like you keep clicking items until you find the egg. Also the hints are great, it recognizes where the location of an egg is at.

812 days old
l3ubble April 11, 2020

My favourite part of the Scavenger Hunt was to find the egg in the dojo, it made me think that i had to click the egg fast as soon as it keeps moving then i later realized that it appeared at the left side. Also i was anxious to find out what was the prize for collecting all eggs.