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Throwback Thursday #1

By Halopona on May 7, 2020

Hi Penguins,


Welcome to the first edition of Throwback Thursday, a new blog post that will be posted every two weeks on you guessed it, Thursday! These posts will be highlighting some of the great moments that have happened on Club Penguin Rewritten in the past for older players to reminisce and for new players to learn more about.


The first throwback that we will be looking at was Club Penguin Rewritten’s first ever party – The Beta Test Party. Rather fitting I would say, eh?


The Open Beta Test Party, which was also on the first day ever on the Club Penguin Rewritten island, started and finished later the same day on February 12th, 2017, over three years ago now. Time sure does fly! The purpose of this party was to test out further what was already tested during closed beta, while also celebrating the first day ever on the island.



To commemorate and thank all the penguins that came along to help test and celebrate, those present could obtain the “Beta Hat” by picking it up at the Town. This very special hat was only picked up by 438 penguins and was also available for one day only, which as you know now was also the first day ever! So, if you see anyone around the island with this hat on, you’ll know they’ve been waddling around the island since day one. Let us know if you have ever spotted a penguin wearing it! Here’s what the hat looks like:



Since then, a LOT more penguins have made Club Penguin Rewritten their home, and we couldn’t be happier to have you all with us along this fun journey.


So that’s it! That’s the end of the first edition of Throwback Thursday, I hope you enjoyed and learned more about our island, and I cannot wait to share more throwbacks with you all. Make sure to also let me know what YOUR first memory on the island was, I’d love to hear all your answers.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1185 days old
pinguim May 17, 2020

i joined CPR in February 28, 2017. I’m never going to get regret.

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq May 19, 2020

I joined April 9 of the same year. I’m 37 months and eleven days old as a penguin from this writing.

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq May 15, 2020

I wasn’t here for the beta party, but I joined just in time to join the first April Fools party!

350 days old
thub101 May 12, 2020

I wish I knew about Club Penguin Rewritten sooner! Nevertheless, I’m really appreciative that I was able to join about a year ago! This game has brought back so many memories. My first memory of the island was the Fruit Party in 2019! It is my favorite party and I hope it’ll come back someday! πŸ™‚

292 days old
Rose tea1 May 12, 2020

It’s so nice that we get to see past events here on the blog! Personally, my first experience in CPR was in the Medieval Party, and couldn’t be better, since it’s my favorite party ever πŸ˜€

1154 days old
Minexray May 12, 2020

I joined Club Penguin Rewritten one month after the beta test party. Its amazing to see all the new faces that have joined since I joined in March 2017! I love the idea too!

70 days old
galana May 11, 2020

i love this idea! this is so cute and nostalgic

257 days old
winey4 May 11, 2020

This is cool!!! I wish that my friend showed me CPR sooner!!! I have so many friends and love PARTYS!!!!!!

369 days old
sophru May 10, 2020

I wish I joined CPR sooner! The beta days would seem very cool to be apart of. I’m glad I joined almost a year ago though!

958 days old
Little12z May 10, 2020

Unfortunately, i didn’t participate. But when i started, the events were really cool!

107 days old
MightyJKF6 May 10, 2020

Thank you for making me experience Club Penguin after it shut down 3 years ago. I never got the chance to play Club Penguin before it shutdown because I didn’t have a computer and I had to go to school.

64 days old
aerashley May 9, 2020

This is really cool! wish i would have known about cpr sooner so i could have seen the beta days!

1087 days old
griffen9 May 9, 2020

Oooo I love the idea of TBT. My first memory on the island was a rockhopper visit from 2017 when I got my pirate bandana, good times!

3574 days old
Cluddy4 May 9, 2020

Love the post! I joined CPR only shortly after that for the Mountain Expedition Party and the Saint Patty’s Day Party around that time. I wish I’d been there for the beta, but I’m happy to be a long time penguin!

428 days old
RockStarJbro May 9, 2020

You guys really brings back old memories. I started playing the old CP back in 2009 and starting to stop a little bit near 20014-2015, I don’t remember. Just discovered CPR in 2019 and really play it again in april 2020 because I got my own computer! I’m really looking forward the future of this! xx

1116 days old
little007 May 9, 2020

I wished I joined at that time, i was too busy playing mario maker at that time.

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq May 15, 2020

I don’t even have Mario Maker, but it sounds fun! Also, I joined almost two months after. Can’t say that about the Original Club Penguin.

1087 days old
PlayStation9 May 9, 2020

is the superhero party coming in june

67 days old
quackula57 May 9, 2020

Ahhh this is so cool! Would love to experience events from the original Club Penguin game!

171 days old
rexdude345 May 9, 2020

That hat was totaly cool! thanks for sharing so much information to me. thank you club penguin rewritten team.

569 days old
RezRez May 9, 2020

loving tbt

158 days old
Mitavo May 9, 2020

Really cool! My first party was the christimass party 2019, really enjoyed it! But my favourite party was Festival of lights! It was really cool aand i met my first mascot that was jetpack guy! Stu thanks for making my childhood and others childhood better!

443 days old
The User May 9, 2020

My first REAL memory was during April Fools 2019 (I joined St Patricks 2019), where I found out Rookie was on. I wasn’t able to meet him, but it was still a pretty fun experience

1145 days old
Sparklmagyq May 19, 2020

My VERY first time meeting Rookie was in OCP and my browser inexplicably shut off during that time… at least I got his stamp that day, then his background!

379 days old
donut86398 May 9, 2020

I think one of my first memories was buying a puffle. That was one of the first things I did after I logged on for the first time.

306 days old
chicky245 May 9, 2020

i joined during the 2019 earthquake. my first memory was the destroyed cofee shop the first room i entered

311 days old
Pi319364 May 9, 2020

Very interesting! This was probably very nostalgic for other penguins! I wasn’t there myself, but thanks for that recap!
In the future I’d like to see something on one of the Medieval Parties!
My top hat would like to see a post about the Mountain Expedition back in early 2017!

38 days old
Avestruz007 May 9, 2020

wow cool.

69 days old
Degarmoo May 9, 2020

This is so cool! Love this initiative. I only joined CPR a little while ago, but I was playing the beta of the original Club Penguin game – had lots of cool things to wear even though I wasn’t a member then!

1092 days old
critter3000 May 9, 2020

Seemed like a vibe totally wish I joined then!!!!!

54 days old
weaponx163 May 9, 2020

very cool, didn’t know about cpr back then else would have joined

40 days old
bean2906 May 9, 2020

cool !!!!

588 days old
CardLegend May 9, 2020

My first memory on the island was looking for candy during the 2018 Halloween Party and meeting Gary for the first time. I’ve spotted Buddy wearing the Beta Hat on the island.

1156 days old
2000puffer May 9, 2020

Man I remember when there were less than 15k penguins on here. Can’t wait to see the rest of this series!

1161 days old
Valery May 9, 2020

love this so much!

364 days old
Nova62 May 8, 2020

This is just awsome, never seen anyone wear it and I wish I joined back then too. My first memory of the island was the music party of 2019 I believe.

641 days old
MeowPIzza May 8, 2020

i join cpr in 2017 but not in the beta praty

118 days old
Haiji2020 May 8, 2020

Me too man, i wish i joined that day..

1165 days old
Atahan2007 May 8, 2020

Thank you for taking us to old days with this Halopona. It’s very good of you to do that. Amazing to see these! <3

739 days old
Joey17790 May 8, 2020

I may not have been here for the beta hat, but I remember when I got my blue dragon costume before the 2018 medieval party! Also, these throwbacks are neat! πŸ™‚

58 days old
clubbelloo May 8, 2020


383 days old
Bobbynibbles May 8, 2020

I joined Club Penguin Rewritten on May 11th, 2019. My first memory was addling around the island not really knowing what was going on. I remember going to my first ever party, the Music Jam. I loved exploring the island even then, and I thik it’s amazing how far we as a community have come.

375 days old
phanguin16 May 8, 2020

Wow!! I’ve never seen this hat before. I love it!

1153 days old
ecko May 8, 2020

nice to see a throwback

41 days old
CarlosSnow May 8, 2020

I wish I wanna to go back in time to play februrary 2017 to play this online game.

429 days old
Pikulz May 8, 2020

Cool! I can’t wait for more of these!

80 days old
SirKaotik May 8, 2020

Really amazing.

Suggestion: Talk about the stunt penguin stamp

306 days old
chicky245 May 9, 2020

i have that stamp

1143 days old
laptopjux May 8, 2020

haha i barely missed this by about a month πŸ™‚

582 days old
FlightFluffy May 8, 2020

It is a really nice initiative to launch Throwback Thursday as it will allow those who did not experience some past events to know about them and for the penguins who have been during these times to retrospect and feel nostalgic.

1000 days old
Valerie816 May 8, 2020

Beta hats are definitely the best hats!

219 days old
Tixxt May 8, 2020


1178 days old
Splosh Jnr May 8, 2020

Keep these posts rolling! I love to find out new stuff about the game, so these posts sound awesome!

356 days old
sobeano789 May 8, 2020

Such Memories!

180 days old
Purpleesh May 8, 2020

I have never seen anyone wear the BETA HAT, and my first party was WINTER PARTY 2019 πŸ™‚ . Well, I AM EXCITED TO SEE THE NEXT THROWBACK!!! πŸ˜€

389 days old
Kidguin596 May 8, 2020

Love this, Halo! zippy has shown me some screenshots of the rooms back when the Beta Test Party was up and during the first several days of CPR, it’s so cool to see what it was like at first. Wish I had joined back then πŸ™

1067 days old
Caveria May 8, 2020

I joined to Club Penguin Rewritten on late June 2017 right after Music Jam 2017 and I was during Color Vote. My penguin will later turn 3 years! πŸ™‚

1133 days old
RyanjcCPR May 8, 2020

i joined in like april or march 2017 ecks dee

383 days old
Colin0716 May 8, 2020

I knew about the game in 2017, and I regret not joining! These older players to are some of the best people to talk to in this community. Shout outs to all those penguins that have been playing for almost four years now!

64 days old
danny1234596 May 8, 2020


1196 days old
Perapin May 8, 2020

Back then stu was called “Stuff”, then he changed his username to “stuff”, then finally to “stu”.


69 days old
Degarmoo May 9, 2020

Wow, I had no idea!

5239 days old
PepperFast May 8, 2020

idk never seen this hat before and looks so gross!! πŸ˜–

159 days old
TheNitronic May 8, 2020

Then what’s that I see on your head?

395 days old
ziadisasmart May 8, 2020

I have never seen anyone with the Beta hat. My first memory on the island was the Puffle Party 2019. When I saw the island I was like Wow I didn’t know that the Club Penguin island is that colorful. Until I found a sign written on it “Puffle Party”. When I saw that sign I knew that this is a party.

757 days old
Tadman12 May 8, 2020

I think the first memory I have is making an iggy for a medieval igloo contest. I still have pictures of it, and it was kinda trash lol, but it was fun to make.

1117 days old
Lexi23336 May 8, 2020

I’ve been here since the day before the first Medieval Party back in 2017. CP Rewritten has come quite a long way since then. It’s nice that there are Throwback Thursday posts now to show how far we’ve come!

206 days old
meaganb May 8, 2020

i love this new series! my first memory was right after the Halloween party ended and the construction for the Christmas party was ab to begin πŸ™‚

3803 days old
Towerofyikk May 8, 2020

I have not seen any penguins wearing the hat, but I will keep a lookout!

1178 days old
Splosh Jnr May 8, 2020

Found one!

5239 days old
PepperFast May 8, 2020

Where?? Where??

39 days old
airbook May 8, 2020

is this coming back or I am wrong?

1092 days old
critter3000 May 9, 2020

Nope πŸ™ I mean I suppose it’s always possible but like

1055 days old
Fizzy Pop May 8, 2020

So excited for what this new series will bring! Amazing job Halo πŸ˜€

1107 days old
coolguydb May 8, 2020

I joined in 2017 at the medieval party, I will like a throwback there, or the battle of doom, I loved the medieval party.

115 days old
zircoz May 8, 2020

I see a penguin named happyblue with this hat.
Well,my first party is the 3rd aniversary party.

883 days old
FireSanti May 8, 2020

I really love this idea!

115 days old
zircoz May 8, 2020

I see a penguin named happyblue with this hat
Well,my first party is the 3rd aniverssary party,in february

747 days old
Sweet Ari May 8, 2020

Can’t wait to see some of my favorite parties posted again, like Halloween 2018, and parties i and lots of other players havent experienced πŸ™‚

461 days old
HarmonyStar May 8, 2020

I cant wait to read more about the older cpr days! Ive seen a few wearing this hat and wondered where it came from, now i know. My first memory was the underwater party back in february last year, i loved exploring the new rooms!

63 days old
thebelips May 8, 2020

amazing! cant wait to learn more about the past parties and experiences. personally id like to hear about operation blackout, that party looked insane

3647 days old
Halopona May 8, 2020

Operation Blackout was a good one! Will definitely write a piece on it in the future

1156 days old
Jempenguin May 8, 2020

I really love this idea Halo and I can’t wait to read future posts and catch up on all the past events that I’ve missed on CPR! My best friend was a beta, sadly he was recently banned forever though, I miss him.

1194 days old
Trevchris007 May 7, 2020

Here are some of my first and fondest memories: 1) Obtaining the Feather pin at the Beacon; 2) Playing Operation: Blackout; 3) Chillin’ when Gary suddenly appeared and started running around. At that time, you could obtain his background but not the stamp. Good times, Halo. Good times!

683 days old
Kornflake May 7, 2020

Joining CPR was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been waddling around here for almost 2 years now and it’s been a wonderful experience. The team and community are seriously amazing! I can’t wait to make more memories. <3

565 days old
Yippold May 7, 2020

Loving this kind of posts! Can’t wait to see more! 😊

2640 days old
Ryan May 7, 2020

A beta hat? Never seen any on the island. Crazy to think that these testers have been there since day one. Island sure has changed since then.

1178 days old
Splosh Jnr May 8, 2020

Found it!

wait a minute… SNAP!

1143 days old
laptopjux May 8, 2020

wait how is your account so old

311 days old
P4663392 May 7, 2020

The Beta Party…. the beginning… I have some buddies that were in the Beta Party. This was the fastest party to end..

582 days old
Daffany1 May 7, 2020

Throwback Thursday sounds super fun! My first memory here on CPR would be during October of 2018. The halloween party was on during that time, and I’d sit in Town talking to many in the community and having lots of fun with them. I’m very grateful to be a part of this community!!

1154 days old
Trooper May 7, 2020

excited to see future posts for this blog series!! :))

3647 days old
Halopona May 7, 2020

Look forward to showing you all more

1092 days old
critter3000 May 9, 2020

thank you!

118 days old
Haiji2020 May 7, 2020

One day i was in the puffle aprty, there was a beta conga line, and i didn’t have a beta hat since i joined february 1st 2020, so i had to use the 3rd anniversary party hat. the conga lina was fun to be honest!

333 days old
l3ubble May 7, 2020

The day i joined Club Penguin Rewritten i can’t forget that day omg, everyone welcomed me. It was the month of june and the party was fruit festival. The same day i got the chance to meet Rochopper too!!

3647 days old
Halopona May 7, 2020

That was a fun party! I’m glad everyone was so welcoming πŸ™‚

1050 days old
Hot Autumn May 7, 2020

This is gonna be an awesome new blog series! The Beta Test Party seemed like a fun way to start the game. I can’t wait to see what next week will be about!

3647 days old
Halopona May 7, 2020

The plan is for it to be posted every 2 weeks for now

1050 days old
Hot Autumn May 7, 2020

Oops, I somehow missed that! Then I can’t wait for next time, haha.

1053 days old
Hsmace May 7, 2020

New posts and styles lets go! Excited to see how this goes Halo! πŸ˜€

3647 days old
Halopona May 7, 2020

Same here! Thank you πŸ™‚

1028 days old
Alisonalison May 7, 2020

My first memory of CPR was going to Blossomx’s igloo and her telling me where the blonde high-ponytail item was. She was the first friend I ever added, and she’s still here to this day!

1153 days old
WavyyOzzyy May 7, 2020

It’s been a crazy three years, seeing CPR grow so quick and have the best community makes me happy. Thank you to all the Developers, Designers, Admins and Mods and those behind scenes that make this possible. We appreciate y’all for letting us relive our childhood! <3

99 days old
Dylanduck33 May 7, 2020

Throw back thursday will be awesome!

1028 days old
Alisonalison May 7, 2020

oh this is such a cute idea!

1182 days old
doki619 May 7, 2020

Where is the new catalog???? It’s 8th od may……Please fix it thanks <3

3647 days old
Halopona May 7, 2020

Hey, please keep in mind we do not have specific update times for the day, and that we update in PST, so it is still currently the 7th. Update should be out soon!

90 days old
KagomeH May 7, 2020

I don’t think I’ve seen this hat yet! But I’ve seen some of the other party hats which are just as amazing to me. I love how this community has stayed so strong and so wholesome for so long! Here’s to many more years!

530 days old
Randomboy481 May 7, 2020

This new Throwback Thursday thing is really cool Halopona! I can’t wait to see the future issues! Also my first experience on the island was Christmas Party 2018, I didn’t have as many friends, but I’m glad I joined the island!

1147 days old
g rl May 7, 2020

Wish i could have been there… looked like a blast!