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Penguin of the Week #159

By Stu on May 25, 2020

Hi Penguins,


I hope you are all having a better week so far, make sure you are keeping safe!


It’s time for another Penguin of The Week, this week it is heading to a pin hunter and helper on the island. You can always find them helping every newcomer out on the island when it comes to finding the new pins around the snowy-filled land, your hard work has been noted by us!




Congratulations to you, Cherries B, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your liking!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


524 days old
GreenPng May 31, 2020

That Green Viking Helmet is very stylish especially for me who’s wears green… *licks lips*

524 days old
GreenPng May 31, 2020

One thing I LOVE about this game is that you get complemented on your costume and then get rewarded for it. I have never seen that in any other game. Also CONGRATS!

1174 days old
TheBigWig May 31, 2020

CONGRATZ!!!!!!! 😀

172 days old
stinkys0ck May 31, 2020

Awesome job cherry!

41 days old
Butterfly333 May 31, 2020


566 days old
dgamer625 May 31, 2020

Also good job Cherries B.

566 days old
dgamer625 May 31, 2020

Stu, this account, dgamer625 has been on Ultimate Safe Chat for a while now. Can you please set it back to Standard Safe Chat so I can talk.

1090 days old
Pingu88429 May 31, 2020

Congratulations! You won!

50 days old
LissieAl02 May 31, 2020

Congrats Cherries B!

40 days old
StarDedede May 31, 2020

good job

1148 days old
mnbvcxz May 30, 2020

Good job Cherries B! That’s great news! Maybe one day i’ll be POTW. :p

158 days old
cinder ellie May 30, 2020


227 days old
Motaro7Z May 30, 2020

congrats! keep up the good spirit!

246 days old
EpicDingus May 30, 2020


89 days old
Syonbois May 30, 2020

I need the coins for change permanently

42 days old
SummerSkate May 30, 2020


73 days old
callum121077 May 30, 2020

Congrats cherries!

172 days old
stinkys0ck May 29, 2020

Woweeee. Nice!

1236 days old
Redbird82634 May 29, 2020

I hope you guys can actually help because I don’t wanna have to start all over again. 😥

47 days old
dr finclt May 29, 2020

Umm im kinda new to this

54 days old
Skaven May 29, 2020

i wanna be the penguin of the month plzzz ;<

41 days old
canyoubeebox May 29, 2020

hey how do i play

689 days old
Pedrosousa99 May 29, 2020


391 days old
thub101 May 29, 2020

Congrats Cherries B! (:

338 days old
Polly09 May 29, 2020

Woooooooooooooooooooow! Congrats! I’m so happy for ya :-D!!!!!!!!!
And i like youre Outfit!

41 days old
Astr0Queen May 29, 2020

Congratulations, Cherries! Hope this week is great for you XD!

1188 days old
g rl May 29, 2020


1222 days old
TheHEROBRINE May 29, 2020


44 days old
Samasimo May 29, 2020

Hi Everyone,I’m Sama. And i hope you all be safe from covert 19,and ummm.and i’m new,i hope and wish i be the pengiun of the week beacuse i’m new plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

221 days old
Purpleesh May 29, 2020


42 days old
EmilieAnn14 May 29, 2020

Congrats Cherries B!!!!

778 days old
Fluffy 3276 May 29, 2020

Congratulations Cherries B!! 😀

1137 days old
lacey21 May 28, 2020

Great Job!!

479 days old
P3652831 May 28, 2020

Good job to cherries B. It is not easy to become penguin of the week.

579 days old
DylScribbles May 28, 2020


50 days old
Bluegreen 6 May 28, 2020


780 days old
Joey17790 May 28, 2020

Congrats! 🙂

135 days old
888superin May 28, 2020

hi i wonder is there a memorial day party?

54 days old
iKawaiiFufu May 28, 2020


75 days old
BoxEpicYT May 28, 2020

is there gonna be a coins for change event cprewritten

355 days old
PenguinBro65 May 28, 2020

its normally at christmas make sure to donate to people 😀

313 days old
Blazepuggle May 29, 2020

at christmas probably

41 days old
Astr0Queen May 29, 2020

Yes, there is a Coins For Change Event! It’s during the holiday season, just like how it was on old Club Penguin :-).

347 days old
chicky245 May 30, 2020

coins for change only happens on holiday parties

419 days old
Awes0m3 May 28, 2020

yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you woooooooonnnn!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!1111

791 days old
snowfrost52 May 28, 2020

Congratulations Cheeries

1202 days old
Pom0 May 28, 2020

Nice! 🙂

331 days old
CheezyPie May 28, 2020

Great Job Cherries B!!!!

1185 days old
Penguin 5143 May 28, 2020

this is epic

1196 days old
GNSPHIL May 28, 2020


44 days old
Skippythebot May 28, 2020

Congrats m8!

114 days old
yeyprodigy May 28, 2020

So cool!

43 days old
imcoolsure May 28, 2020

nice fam

46 days old
lavacake1212 May 28, 2020

congrats cherries! but i wanna ask a question, will there be updates improving cpr to make it more better? like with the dojo having the three water fire and snow sensei and adding new places in the map to explore? it might sound like alot and it probably is but i just want to have more stuff to do.

135 days old
888superin May 28, 2020

i want ice and snow to but fire is allreadyhere!

41 days old
Astr0Queen May 29, 2020


1218 days old
Geyo May 28, 2020


1174 days old
Angelinox45 May 27, 2020

Nice m8

741 days old
AndyFastPIay May 27, 2020

Congrats! 😀

346 days old
WaddleyOny May 27, 2020


43 days old
NoXaS May 27, 2020


650 days old
klowbe May 27, 2020

congrats Cherries B!

45 days old
Falconbunny8 May 27, 2020


298 days old
winey4 May 27, 2020

Congrats!! Have a fun week!!!!!

78 days old
Vizago May 27, 2020


44 days old
7ulie May 27, 2020


48 days old
Epicer727 May 27, 2020


381 days old
Cocunutmonky May 27, 2020

Good Job! COngrats! U deserve it! YAAAAY!

242 days old
PerciliousPz May 27, 2020


1174 days old
RyanjcCPR May 27, 2020

aa congrats ;DD

149 days old
OliJay2010 May 27, 2020

good job,
enjoy the coins and green viking helmet

(can i have some of those coins please)

919 days old
Lanaila May 27, 2020


50 days old
AQUABOY12 May 27, 2020


43 days old
birbson May 27, 2020

looking gooood

355 days old
PenguinBro65 May 27, 2020

I heard that you can give suggestions who can be the next penguin of the week so I will suggest
he is a really friendly penguin who has helped me feel at home on the island he also has a YouTube channel so go check it out just search up builderbash05 into YT and it will be at the top

355 days old
PenguinBro65 May 27, 2020

Congrats I hope your doing during lockdown

95 days old
prosweetband May 27, 2020

Great Job on Penguin of the Week! You’re an amazing role model! :p

95 days old
prosweetband May 27, 2020

Congrats on POTW! I’ve seen you before and you’re an amazing role model! Enjoy yoru rewards!

416 days old
Cherries B May 27, 2020

Thank you so much to the CPR Team and everyone in the comments! Truly an honour!

246 days old
hiivasivut May 26, 2020


140 days old
Dylanduck33 May 26, 2020

Congrats on getting POTW!Enjoy the Coins and the Viking Helmet!

252 days old
mondomonroe May 26, 2020

congratulations, so well deserved! sounds like the pinnacle of your kind actions, the cherry on top of the cake of your helpfulness! (sorry for the bad jokes!!)

692 days old
Grid May 26, 2020

Congrats Cherries B! I hope to meet you on the island!

92 days old
wolfoffire May 26, 2020

well done i hope i get it one day

355 days old
PenguinBro65 May 27, 2020

same am i right

92 days old
wolfoffire May 26, 2020

Good job

198 days old
Handsome Cup May 26, 2020


1133 days old
critter3000 May 26, 2020

awesome! congrats

478 days old
Super107 May 26, 2020

Congrats Cherries B!!!

i have things to ask the cummonity right now,

1. where was throwback thursday last week?
2. where is music jam?
and 3. who will be running reviewed by you now?

1096 days old
Fizzy Pop May 27, 2020

Right now there are some things going on behind the scenes, which CPR is working to resolve. But, when everything is all right, and fixed, I assure you the CPR updates will occur, as usual. I hope that helped 🙂

475 days old
unusual98 May 26, 2020

Congratulations, Cherries B! Well done!

51 days old
Ducky310 May 26, 2020

Well Done!!!!!

90 days old
fudge27 May 26, 2020

congratulations cherries B…

waddle on!!!!

652 days old
Soccer1017 May 26, 2020

Congrats! Keep up the good work Cherries B!

944 days old
nicola135 May 26, 2020

Congrats on becoming POTW
Your iggy looks AMAZING!!!
Thanks for helping out on the island!!
Keep it up!!😊

82 days old
CarlosSnow May 26, 2020

Good Job! 🙂

55 days old
P6127733 May 26, 2020

Hi Cherries B! Congrats! Enjoy your presents, hope your doing well! And if i sent this comment twice then i’m sorry!

352 days old
P4663392 May 26, 2020

Congratulations Cherries! Hope you enjoy your week and SPECIAL Green Viking Helmet with the 1000 coins 😀

4328 days old
Boogs May 26, 2020

Congrats Cherries! Wish I could get one of those viking helmets! keep up the good work CPR team!

48 days old
CrazedPeg May 27, 2020

wow boogs u are almost 11 years old

187 days old
JOERGEN123 May 26, 2020

congrats enjoy your helmet see u around

90 days old
P5901002 May 26, 2020


990 days old
penguin79 May 26, 2020

Keep it up!

1108 days old
Caveria May 26, 2020

Congratulations Cherries B for becoming Penguin of the week! Keep up! 🙂

397 days old
sobeano789 May 26, 2020

Well Done Cherry B!

423 days old
Light Fury1 May 26, 2020

Congratulations! Enjoy your Green Viking Helmet 😉

108 days old
jaxon786 May 26, 2020


108 days old
jaxon786 May 26, 2020

HI cherryb congulations
hope u are happy that

1041 days old
Valerie816 May 26, 2020

Congratulations Cherries B! Thank you for helping all the new penguins and helping others find the pin!

4666 days old
Bradyy May 26, 2020

Congratulations Cherries! What an honor, enjoy your gifts and waddle on!

752 days old
SavieCat1064 May 26, 2020


1171 days old
Yadi246 May 26, 2020

Congrats you deserve it <33

3615 days old
Cluddy4 May 26, 2020

Congratulations to Cherries B! Even as a veteran penguin, I sometimes need help finding pins hidden on the island. Thanks to anyone helping penguins, young and old, to find pins!

627 days old
AntoshD May 26, 2020

Pretty cool! Never done pin hunting, but I might try it out if I have nothing to do.

1164 days old
AleCP May 26, 2020

congrats! also where’s music jam?

4328 days old
Boogs May 26, 2020

It has been delayed until further notice! Check out the new cove in the mean time!

352 days old
P4663392 May 26, 2020


160 days old
crispycamper May 26, 2020

my man here asking the true questions

110 days old
Degarmoo May 25, 2020


149 days old
OliJay2010 May 27, 2020


329 days old
Lani2 May 25, 2020

Congrats on POTW Cherries B! Enjoy your week!

200 days old
TheNitronic May 25, 2020

Congrats, Cherries B. Enjoy the POTW. Now…

…CONDUCTOR!!! Dangit, his train drove off AGAIN. This is getting really annoying, I even had TICKETS this time!

I’m starting to contemplate pelting him with a snowball so he sees me.
He seems to be *purposefully* ignoring me, and that’s not nice!

1197 days old
Jempenguin May 25, 2020


45 days old
Kakarot732 May 25, 2020

Great job Cherries B! I’ve seen you a couple of times and you’re a great role model! Enjoy your rewards! 🙂

502 days old
HarmonyStar May 25, 2020

Congrats cherry! I like your igloo

45 days old
Kakarot732 May 25, 2020

Great Job Cherries B! I’ve seen you a couple of times and you’ve been an amazing model! Enjoy your rewards! 🙂

45 days old
Kakarot732 May 25, 2020

Great Job Cherries B! I’ve seen you a couple times and you’ve been an amazing model! Maybe someday i’ll be Penguin of the Week. 🙂

424 days old
Bobbynibbles May 25, 2020

Congrats cherries! You deserve it! 😀

1091 days old
Hot Autumn May 25, 2020

Congratulations Cherries B! Enjoy your week!

352 days old
Pi319364 May 25, 2020

Congratulations Cherries! I haven’t seen you around, sadly, but enjoy those coins and that helmet!

924 days old
FireSanti May 25, 2020

Congrats Cherrie! Very Well Deserved!

564 days old
Dimmy Start May 25, 2020

YAAAS Queen!!
Congrats Gurl!!!

571 days old
Randomboy481 May 25, 2020

Congrats Cherries B!

788 days old
Sweet Ari May 25, 2020

Yayay congrats!!! 🙂

110 days old
Andy408 May 25, 2020

Much deserved! Congratulations! Thanks for all you do for the community! Much love!

416 days old
phanguin16 May 25, 2020


364 days old
bahonkus May 25, 2020

yayyy! congrats 🙂

681 days old
Alipoo May 25, 2020


159 days old
Haiji2020 May 25, 2020

Congrats! never see you before.

1095 days old
AwesomeOyos May 25, 2020

Congrats!! Enjoy your week!

424 days old
Colin0716 May 25, 2020

Congratulations on Penguin of the Week Cherries B, have fun with that brand new Green Viking Helmet and 1000 coins. 🙂

Words from,

1096 days old
Fizzy Pop May 25, 2020

Congrats!! have an AMAZING week girly <3 <3

1126 days old
Robertj15 May 25, 2020

Congrats on potw!!!!