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Hi Penguins,


I’ll be continuing the major throwbacks on the island, unfortunately due to many situations happening, we had to calm down the blog posts for a bit but we’ve seen a lot of players asking for them to return, especially in the comments.


Because it is Friday and not Thursday, I thought I’d name this one just a Flashback Friday instead. The regular schedule will be back to normal starting next Thursday for these type of blog posts if it all goes well.


Join me on a journey of darkness as we go through a road blindly and by that we mean the lack of light that was given during this time. You see, Herbert’s plan was to simply block all sun light on the island and making himself receive the paradise in his very own base that no penguin was supposed enter.



Before the chaos was created by the menacing bear, a dangerous event occurred prior to Operation Blackout that resulted in Gary the Gadget Guy in the hands (paws?) of Herbert himself. To make things interesting this blog post, I will be speaking of how we thought of doing our first event and how we actually pulled it off.


To do this, we must go back months to the event happening. This was planned for a very long time, it was simply a single thought in our heads of doing this event that players could interact with in real-time, we wanted the island to be buzzed and filled with questions. What is happening, why is this happening, and what could this be leading up to? Those were the main questions we wanted players to be asking.




We firstly recorded this small but exciting event behind the scenes to see how it would look like for others on the island, you can view this same footage here. Our way of doing this was to have Gary the Gadget Guy join the penguins on the island for one final mascot visit, with giving hints to mysterious activity on the island and that would also include himself being rather nervous, giving an uneasy feeling to the visit.


The uneasy feeling of Gary, mixed with the small details and hints of Herbert’s presence across multiple parties on the island was a perfect finish and a very uneasy entrance of what is to come…




As the players surrounded the Snow Forts in a worrying state, we were also in that very same state. We had many doubts of this event working for everyone on the island, this was the first time Herbert would be an interactive character with his full personality showing for visitors. However, we were on a schedule and the show went on. Within a few minutes of the event happening, we updated the server without players noticing, this allowed Herbert to become visible for everyone without causing issues (for cache).


The show started and it was a disaster… Literally. Herbert got what he wanted, the start of his plan to take over the island. A success on the development side, but a true side of questions for the penguins.



Operation Blackout had different phrases of the snow that was building up due to the lack of sun, however, the final phase was in victory of all agents on the island. Herbert’s plan was defeated, it only required penguins becoming something they were against; crabs and bears. A victory, but perhaps a victory for Herbert himself, this was the longest attack that he had ever planned to take over the island and in some parts it was indeed a success until the agents worked together.


Overall, this was the most memorable event for many on the island. This party came with many hilarious jokes such as how “smooth” the Iceberg looked during Operation Blackout, and we must admit, that was a pretty smooth berg. Most importantly, the party came with a message and that message was teamwork.


Teamwork is important for both fear and doubt, if you have a single friend with you, that fear fades away and becomes an obstacle you can overcome — together!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


261 days old
WolfMoon21 June 15, 2020

I missed the event but maybe next time! Keep up the great work Cpr 😀

50 days old
AQUABOY12 June 14, 2020

meeeeee too this event looked so cool cpr keep the good work

1218 days old
Bree123 June 12, 2020

That was so much fun

1195 days old
Minexray June 11, 2020

I remember this event! I absolutely loved it! Keep up the great work CPR!

1176 days old
ca24 June 11, 2020

can we do it again?

90 days old
Dovecloud June 11, 2020

I’m sad that I missed this event..

53 days old
ScienceMath June 10, 2020

🙁 so sad I missed the event

38 days old
kaysen123456 June 13, 2020

me to

75 days old
BoxEpicYT June 14, 2020

Dont worry it the event could happen again.

75 days old
BoxEpicYT June 14, 2020

Dont worry it the event could happen again

69 days old
JackCPW June 10, 2020

the best event EVER!!

1170 days old
Rose Crystal June 11, 2020

Totally agree with you!

35 days old
magentapengu June 10, 2020


Maybe this is the reasons Club penguin is shutdown cause Herbeart Bear was destroy club penguin island at all, even Herbert says “ENJOY IT BEFORE I DESTROY IT!” and…. Maybe its, the reason the game shutdown..

90 days old
Dovecloud June 11, 2020

Good theory!

51 days old
stewart2405 June 12, 2020

No mickey mouse did it not HERBERT

111 days old
Frostyy16 June 10, 2020

Man i want this to happen

405 days old
Nova62 June 10, 2020

I remember this from the original Club Penguin and it was a blast. However I unfortunately missed this party in Rewritten which is a bummer but I still can’t wait for another event like this one.

117 days old
Bean0098 June 9, 2020

I really wished I new that this website was here when this event came. I really wished I could.

200 days old
TheNitronic June 9, 2020

I missed this party, but maybe that was a good thing, as afterwards, the whole island had to dug out.

Digging out the Dojo is fine, that’s just one spot, but doing it for the WHOLE ISLAND is a little much for me, personally.

117 days old
Bean0098 June 9, 2020

When i saw it i actually thought it was happening again. I started freaking out and then I saw how it said throwback Thursday.😂😂

340 days old
ISSsloth June 9, 2020

I’m SO sad I missed it.

110 days old
Degarmoo June 9, 2020

This is incredible!

560 days old
Tyranitar55 June 8, 2020


682 days old
MeowPIzza June 8, 2020

operation black out look’s fun to bad i missed it 🙁

340 days old
ISSsloth June 8, 2020

When will Gary next show up? He is my favorite mascot and I haven’t met any of them yet.

149 days old
OliJay2010 June 8, 2020

opblackout was cool
i hope it happens again
or something like it

48 days old
FP862 June 8, 2020

I always wanted to witness this party… Too bad I missed it 🙁

340 days old
ISSsloth June 8, 2020

I know same

50 days old
maggie0106 June 9, 2020

Dont worry i missed it too

1186 days old
Sparklmagyq June 8, 2020

I remember seeing Operation Blackout twice: once on Original Club Penguin and once here!

1219 days old
Splosh Jnr June 8, 2020

Wow, I didn’t realise how old I was! I feel super privileged to have been able to see this party on both the original Club Penguin and Club Penguin Rewritten. Thank you to the whole team for managing to bring back one of the most epic parties from the original game.

1195 days old
Minexray June 11, 2020

I remember it too! We must’ve missed each other then xD

52 days old
landon234389 June 8, 2020

Witch what?

49 days old
SiameseCat99 June 8, 2020

hi guys i never got to play this event but can we do one of these events again? i joined like eighteen days ago or something like that.

149 days old
OliJay2010 June 8, 2020

it prob won’t but
things like it will happen again

1188 days old
g rl June 8, 2020

whatta throwback!!!

108 days old
mamonn June 8, 2020

Cant wait for the next one!

472 days old
The pro Jake June 7, 2020

i remember when the director said she was Aunt Arctic

1103 days old
Trudi June 9, 2020

Same…I didn’t know it was her.

1033 days old
Jimmy300 June 7, 2020

Blackout was a magnificent party, I remember waking up early to play it when it happened 2 years and 8 months ago, I’d love to live that expirience again, of everything being in chaos and etc, but it’s better not to, it would take away the magic of blackout, great article, I enjoyed reading it

734 days old
trnndsttr June 7, 2020

this was such an awesome event. great article 🙂

1174 days old
RyanjcCPR June 7, 2020


1172 days old
Spyro7788 June 7, 2020

This party was the bomb! I was fortunate enough to experience it both here and on the original CP. Waddle on everyone!

559 days old
SB737S FAN June 7, 2020

this was amazing i wish i could have been there. hey could you guys make another herbert attack on the island those are the best events

97 days old
MarniVIB June 7, 2020

soooo cool

55 days old
taha147 June 7, 2020

this is really good now everyone can come together and play

45 days old
Falconbunny8 June 7, 2020

It would be cool if we could do another mission similar to this! Like operation hot sauce!

198 days old
LavenderBliz June 7, 2020

I really hope they make another party like this! I missed it, I wasn’t playing then. But I hope for the full experience! (:

55 days old
UnderDoom1 June 7, 2020

I can’t wait 😊

99 days old
clubbelloo June 7, 2020

Wow that’s interesting!

43 days old
ACHUSHILING7 June 7, 2020

Interesting article. Thanks. Waiting for more!

53 days old
BerdTheBoi June 7, 2020

Now this will be interesting!

780 days old
Joey17790 June 7, 2020

I remember this party from 2012 on the original club penguin! 🙂

49 days old
erick plays June 7, 2020

let’s save the island…again

1175 days old
TopPenguin June 8, 2020


1175 days old
TopPenguin June 8, 2020


36 days old
Abei June 7, 2020


1238 days old
Torrada24 June 7, 2020

Feel bad for missing that party at the time

33 days old
firstclass17 June 7, 2020

rip me i was 1 day late lol

1193 days old
PumpkinMan57 June 6, 2020

Such a cool party, but too bad I missed all of it. 🙁

247 days old
meaganb June 6, 2020

wow! that seems like such a fun event, wish i could’ve experienced it myself

36 days old
Cookiz4life June 6, 2020

well, i hope so. it was pretty cool

36 days old
Cookiz4life June 6, 2020

woah, thats cool! i joined club penguin some months ago, (and joined again on club penguin rewritten) and i can’t belive that actually happened! imagine if it happens again… THAT WOULD BE EPIC lol

1041 days old
Valerie816 June 6, 2020

Amazing article, as usual!

40 days old
StarDedede June 6, 2020

Neat, im a kid and didnt get to see this stuff. Cool CP Rewritten!

37 days old
Bubblerune June 6, 2020

Club Penguin Forces.

38 days old
Sky03 June 6, 2020


1137 days old
yssup June 6, 2020

wow, almost forgot about this one… super cool

470 days old
Nevito June 6, 2020

Please! Stu, add a brazilian server! You are the last game I can play to enjoy Club Penguin with my little cousin. I plead you!

243 days old
Ombie21 June 6, 2020


992 days old
Culw June 6, 2020

In good old Club Penguin, this was my favorite. It was extremely exciting and happy to battle with Herbert and foiling his evil plan to save the Island.

199 days old
Mitavo June 6, 2020

Wow,i have heard of this party since i started playing cp,im sad bcz i never had the experience of this party,but i hop sommeday i get the experience of operation blackout.I think it was very very very fun,bcz it had even a special minigame on it!

416 days old
phanguin16 June 6, 2020

woah!! that is so cool, I wish I could’ve been there!

352 days old
P4663392 June 6, 2020

I’m really mad that i missed this party in Club Penguin Rewritten. But the decorations for the party are awesome. I really like Herbert’s golden statue it looks cool! But i would like to give a big THANK YOU to the PSA and EPF agents for saving our island! 🙂

941 days old
Fabrobo June 6, 2020

sadly missed this one 🙁

54 days old
Incideroar June 6, 2020

Like meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

63 days old
w832 June 6, 2020

danm herbert!

397 days old
sobeano789 June 6, 2020

Plot Twist: Herbert Kidnapped Gary Because He Was In Love With Gary.

478 days old
Super107 June 6, 2020

(if he did, he would have told me)

132 days old
daisy20201 June 6, 2020

has this thing already happened

292 days old
missouriman June 6, 2020

ya this post is a throwback thing

37 days old
Bubblerune June 6, 2020


1108 days old
Caveria June 6, 2020

Cool! Almost 3 years ago machine! 🙂

34 days old
kkooolAbby June 6, 2020


478 days old
Super107 June 6, 2020

u mortal penguins destroyed my masters plans and he will rise again.
one day you will be under control by my master Herbert P. Bear will take over this island and destroy it all!

54 days old
Incideroar June 6, 2020

I’ll show YOU WHO is goig to be destroyed!!!

1126 days old
Robertj15 June 6, 2020

wow i remember this, it was a lot of fun

502 days old
HarmonyStar June 6, 2020

I’m glad you brought this back, I like to see what happened on the island before I joined! I think it would be interesting to see something like this event again. Thank you Stu for continuing this. Waddle on!

104 days old
Rockstary345 June 6, 2020

Great article! Can’t wait to see what’s next in store!!!

37 days old
Fulcrum22 June 6, 2020

I played this in 2012 on CP! I remember it, and man it was wicked fun!

1145 days old
objectshow June 6, 2020

great post I wonder what the next post will be like

866 days old
Rockit14 June 6, 2020

One of my favorite club penguin memories. Thank you so much for sharing this!

53 days old
penguinHQ204 June 6, 2020


82 days old
CarlosSnow June 6, 2020

I wish it will be again because I miss it so much bring it back!

341 days old
glittercheex June 6, 2020

I’m going this way.

1096 days old
Fizzy Pop June 6, 2020

Amazing!! I totally remember this party, when it happened in 2018, AND back when it happened in 2012. One of my favorite parties by far, and the most memorable.

63 days old
jimin4me June 5, 2020


788 days old
Sweet Ari June 5, 2020

Wasn’t here during op blackout but it’s cool to know what happened, sounded very exciting hehe

1195 days old
Trooper June 5, 2020

thank you for continuing the series stu! <3

606 days old
Yippold June 5, 2020

My first party, so many memories

92 days old
wolfoffire June 5, 2020

i wish i was around during that event

1237 days old
Perapin June 5, 2020

A lot of the agents indeed had to work together. I met so many agents during this event and we share a lot of adventurous memories from our missions during Operation: Blackout.


1192 days old
daens123 June 5, 2020

i think thats the best party of the game, and everybody remembers it from 2012

1091 days old
Hot Autumn June 5, 2020

Operation: Blackout was one of my first parties on here, and it is probably one of the best parties that both CP and CPR ever had. I wish I played CPR more when this party came out, but I’m just glad that I got to enjoy it at all.

83 days old
jpnea June 5, 2020

I played this mission in 2012. I look forward to playing it again

511 days old
DuduGames12 June 5, 2020

Omg! 😀

76 days old
HawaiiPart2 June 5, 2020

I remember playing Operation Blackout in 2012 and I absolutely loved it. It was the peak of my childhood and its truly an unforgettable party.

866 days old
Rockit14 June 6, 2020

Mine as well! I can’t believe I was in middle school at that time. Time really flys.

179 days old
Mocking Bird June 5, 2020

Great article, throwbacks make me excited for future events!

329 days old
Lani2 June 5, 2020

I wasn’t at this party but great throwback. Can’t wait for more of these.

95 days old
P5837210 June 5, 2020

guys we’re having roast bear tonight

471 days old
Toubou123 June 5, 2020

Oh it’s coming back? I love you!!

488 days old
DjKled007 June 5, 2020

I missed it 🙁

484 days old
The User June 5, 2020


35 days old
QweenSummer June 5, 2020

These events made me want to play this game!

159 days old
Haiji2020 June 6, 2020


424 days old
Bobbynibbles June 5, 2020

Love it!

1033 days old
Bakhm June 5, 2020

These articles are great. Keep up the great work, CPR!

63 days old
w832 June 6, 2020

is this going to happen?

97 days old
MarniVIB June 6, 2020

No its something that has already happened i think.

478 days old
Super107 June 6, 2020


49 days old
SiameseCat99 June 8, 2020

hey stu plz read my comments i need you to tell me when its coming or not again

341 days old
glittercheex June 6, 2020

Happy 1000 days! :0