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Penguin of the Week #170

By Stu on August 10, 2020

Hi Penguins,


Happy Monday, penguins! I hope you’re having a good day today.


To get it started we are celebrating a new Penguin of The Week, this time it is heading towards a very active member who enjoys decorating their igloo, hanging out with friends, and checking out the new updates on the island!




Congratulations to you, thub101, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your penguin!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


518 days old
banzoosh7 August 20, 2020

Congrats thub! Always gonna be cheering for you! Thanks for setting such an amazing example to all the rest of us, of how one interacts with other people. Really one of the sweetest most thoughtful penguins, even if your like me and she doesn’t know you so well.

37 days old
Hazeral August 17, 2020

Congrats Thub101

129 days old
anitaCP August 17, 2020


1231 days old
man man August 17, 2020

cingrats thub on getting potw. you an amazing friend and member of the community. much love!!!!

3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 17, 2020

That’s fantastic, thub101! I just love seeing these blog posts every week so we can recognize all these deserving members of our community with the highest honor, Penguin of the Week!


See you around the island, all. Always here to help!

<3, Cluddy4 πŸ™‚

727 days old
Soccer1017 August 17, 2020

Congrats thub101! Enjoy your week and the green viking helmet! You deserved it!

36 days old
kkdakookoo88 August 17, 2020


146 days old
PINGURITO August 16, 2020


135 days old
yellco August 16, 2020

congrats thub πŸ™‚

513 days old
Benny212006 August 16, 2020

Congratulations! πŸ˜ƒ

173 days old
Pickle09 August 16, 2020

Congrats to thub!

Also, when will we do Reviewed by You again?

133 days old
Abdulrahman5 August 16, 2020

stu hope am the pennguin of the week

133 days old
Abdulrahman5 August 16, 2020

hello stu if its the end of the week pick me as the penguin of the week because i need my one more colletions so make me a penguin of the week ok love ya stu

80 days old
charli2829 August 16, 2020

Ever notice how they have just pasted and copied the text but the only thing they change is the penguins name? Well done thub hope you like your new green helmet hope to see you waddling around. You really do deserve this thub your so hard working and nice enjoy

37 days old
Itz Nebulaa August 16, 2020

Hi I’m new your background looks cool!

603 days old
tina678 August 15, 2020

congrats Thub

123 days old
cathrinexo August 15, 2020

Sup thub!
I’ve never met you before but you seem like a great person,
welcome to the Potw club!

553 days old
Super107 August 15, 2020

Congrats! it was well deserved!

463 days old
alyssa1299 August 15, 2020

congrats! i have never seen you before, but i can tell your a great person inside and out! well-deserved!

155 days old
USA Rugby August 15, 2020


109 days old
Piggo Po August 14, 2020

who’s thubby

69 days old
YoYo345 August 14, 2020

gj urs looks amazing!

1102 days old
lime12355 August 14, 2020

This Is a little late congratulations from me hoping you feel better than ever!

57 days old
Waddles2361 August 14, 2020

They had built an economy, an island, and might have even tipped an iceberg. Waddle on, thub101!

40 days old
Bidoofie August 13, 2020


1055 days old
Korietnam August 13, 2020

Congratulations! Enjoy your helmet and coins!

40 days old
fsalh August 13, 2020

your the best

581 days old
Kim2201 August 13, 2020


132 days old
Jooniee7 August 13, 2020

Well Done! Keep it up!

129 days old
tyfarn August 13, 2020

Congratulations! You are an amazing penguin!! Btw I think my buddy Avatar91 should be penguin of the week.

40 days old
avatar91 August 13, 2020

Congratulations! I think tyfarn should be penguin of the week.

44 days old
P7052438 August 13, 2020

Congratulations! Also I think my buddy tyfarn should be POTW. She made my cpr life so enjoyable.

87 days old
Elvis Pengly August 13, 2020

nice thub . u deserve it,pointly u are very active and cool

468 days old
THEBESTBIRD August 13, 2020

Congrats and have a good rest of your week until next time!

855 days old
Joey17790 August 13, 2020

Congrats! πŸ™‚

1263 days old
baffled August 12, 2020

Great job!

122 days old
luisangel12 August 12, 2020


129 days old
tyfarn August 12, 2020

Congrats! Cool outfit btw

130 days old
katenix August 12, 2020

congrats keep on doing your job and making this penguin world a better place.

95 days old
CalvinCheese August 12, 2020

Good job thub101! You totally deserve penguin of the week! <3

517 days old
Paoolaa254 August 12, 2020


569 days old
MiaK2611 August 12, 2020

Yay Thubby!!!

170 days old
DrumDoggy4 August 12, 2020

is there anything wrong with flexing the helmet? nope. why? cuz you deserve it!

87 days old
greenninga August 12, 2020


167 days old
wolfoffire August 12, 2020

well done

120 days old
FoxJaya August 12, 2020

Congrats! You totally deserve this!

71 days old
P6818196 August 12, 2020

Congrats! πŸ˜€

130 days old
P6127733 August 12, 2020

Good job thub101! You deserve it and enjoy your seven days of fame!

1312 days old
Perapin August 12, 2020

Congrats! Well deserved!


205 days old
LilSecret August 12, 2020

Congrats on winning Penguin Of The Week! Even if I don’t know you, I bet you’re a really kind and nice person. πŸ™‚

120 days old
SireSat1re August 12, 2020

good for you

129 days old
Versashy03 August 12, 2020


155 days old
USA Rugby August 12, 2020

Congrats! So happy to see you got POTW!

513 days old
snoozeloof August 12, 2020

THUB YESSSS CONGRATS QUEEENNNN! ik u would get this cause u deserve it!!! u are always so kind to me and everyone in the community! congrats again hehe

124 days old
danheman August 11, 2020

She DEFINITELY deserved it!Congrats!

128 days old
twilite girl August 11, 2020

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i’ve seen how nice you are and how cool you make your igloos!!!! πŸ™‚

1267 days old
daens123 August 11, 2020


166 days old
Minty023 August 11, 2020

Congrats thub101!

827 days old
SavieCat1064 August 11, 2020


1214 days old
nicolasp August 11, 2020

Congratulations thub, I am so happy for you!! πŸ˜€ Thank you for always being so kind to others and such a great friend and a great person!🌸🌻
So well-deserved!! πŸ‘‘πŸ’
Enjoy your week!

171 days old
purpledino21 August 11, 2020

Congrats thub101 ! πŸ™‚

120 days old
FioneChubby1 August 11, 2020

Stu im sorry what ive done in blizzard

109 days old
GoldenFisher August 11, 2020

Great job thub101. Keep it up.

42 days old
Star shadow August 11, 2020

Hi guys
New to club penguin.Wanna ask you a question about how to play
Hope anybod can answer

1065 days old
LiwlChimp August 11, 2020

well done u deserve it
keep it up

462 days old
squeezy595 August 11, 2020

Congrats!! you earned it thub

322 days old
meaganb August 11, 2020

OMG CONGRATS THUB!!!! so happy that someone I know got it! U DESERVE THIS <3

62 days old
CaptainPan1 August 11, 2020

Good job!

731 days old
toniinho August 11, 2020

Congrats! πŸ˜€

327 days old
mondomonroe August 11, 2020

congratulations! well deserved! you should feel really proud of yourself, you’re such a wonderful member of the community and our island is lucky to have you! πŸ™‚

184 days old
bibskohli18 August 11, 2020

Congrats thubb!!!!!You deserve this!!!!!!!!

184 days old
bibskohli18 August 11, 2020

Congratulations on POTW!!!!!!

698 days old
FlightFluffy August 11, 2020

Congratulations Thub101! Keep making the island a happier place for all. πŸ™‚

77 days old
nik956 August 11, 2020

Nice job!

1277 days old
Valery August 11, 2020

congrats thub, im so happy for you!! thank you for being such a kind-hearted, positive player!

816 days old
Mattag August 11, 2020

Congrats thub! You deserve it! I always see you waddling around the island. Keep being awesome! (:

125 days old
yooook h377 August 11, 2020

yo da girl girl

121 days old
2sassy August 11, 2020

Good job for being potw i knew you would have this and congrats for helping and staying amazing.-2sassy

112 days old
Fulcrum22 August 11, 2020


1162 days old
Luckyv1218 August 10, 2020


48 days old
Slimedo August 10, 2020

Congrats ( dont delete my comment )

563 days old
kimberlee476 August 10, 2020

Congrats Thub!! So well deserved!

787 days old
Ran23 August 10, 2020


90 days old
catlun August 10, 2020

shout out to the famous penguins

577 days old
HarmonyStar August 10, 2020

Congrats! Your igloo is so lovely.

123 days old
penguielol August 10, 2020

Thub is one of the sweetest penguins I’ve ever met. Her igloo is always decorated so cute and she always has the best style! She is always so excited to see me and she puts a smile on everyones faces. Well deserved!

123 days old
penguielol August 10, 2020

Thub is the sweetest penguin I’ve met. Her igloo is always so cute and she has the best style! I love that she is always so excited to see me and she brings a smile to everyones faces. Well deserved!!! <3

54 days old
Chamaverde August 10, 2020

Hi, i’m Chamaverde and i’m brazilian and i want to ask how i can talk to the other penguins in portuguese and they understand me, because our club penguin is over!

54 days old
M0NSTERhand2 August 10, 2020


125 days old
yoyoyo pop August 10, 2020

GREAT JOB THUB101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1231 days old
man man August 10, 2020


185 days old
Andy408 August 10, 2020

Well deserved, Thub!!! Thank you for always so kind and welcoming to everyone on the island! Enjoy your fantastic week! Cheers <3!

680 days old
dld23277 August 10, 2020

congrats!! πŸ™‚

81 days old
Redosita August 10, 2020

Can i be penguin of the week? i’ve been nice and kind to penguins

794 days old
SirParksALot August 10, 2020

Congrats, Thub. Y’now people who get on POTW are legends, and now you are one too!
(P.S. Have fun with the coins and the viking helm!)

53 days old
Pancito19 August 10, 2020

Congrats!!!, I knew you were gonna be it!

404 days old
Lani2 August 10, 2020

Congrats on POTW thub! Very well deserved. Hope you have a wonderful week.

863 days old
Sweet Ari August 10, 2020

Congrats thub!!!!!!! <3

1272 days old
Jempenguin August 10, 2020


580 days old
Fluffy15511 August 10, 2020

Yes! People like you (and YOU) are the best kind of people around. Have fun with your 7 days of fame! See you around! <3

43 days old
Bodican August 10, 2020

How do you get onto the game?

806 days old
metorta1 August 10, 2020

congrats thub!!!

783 days old
pinkpufff412 August 10, 2020


110 days old
soymante August 10, 2020


123 days old
pingadapori August 10, 2020

Congratulations Thub101 Enjoy🎈

275 days old
TheNitronic August 10, 2020

Nice one, thub. Enjoy your week.

770 days old
PhineasIii August 10, 2020

Congrats Thub!!!

277 days old
Tom Flipper August 10, 2020

Well done! You’ve been very nice to deserve a PotW, and I hope you continue to grace the island with your brilliant igloo and friendliness!

1246 days old
Yadi246 August 10, 2020

CONGRATS FOR POTW!! Enjoy ur week <33

1116 days old
Valerie816 August 10, 2020

CONGRATS THUB!! Literally one of the NICEST penguins out there! Very well deserved! Also FLEXING with the blue mailbag… ENJOY YOUR WEEK!!!

43 days old
limeybtw August 10, 2020


207 days old
goldenrose24 August 10, 2020

Congrats thub!! You deserve it!

1239 days old
AleCP August 10, 2020


483 days old
Vanburg1 August 10, 2020

Congrat Thub , Igloo To Friend!!

1112 days old
Icy Pringle August 10, 2020


82 days old
Parez August 10, 2020

Congrats thub101 keep on doing what you do!

713 days old
NickGShots August 10, 2020

Congrats Thub!!!! you definitely deserve it! :))

156 days old
fuzzydeer August 10, 2020

CONGRATS!!!!! Good work thub101!!!!!!! πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜€

586 days old
DuduGames12 August 10, 2020

Congratulations thub101
Enjoy Your Week and Enjoy Your Awesome Green Viking Helmet =)

999 days old
Vendogg21 August 10, 2020

I will be there one day! Just u wait

2756 days old
Ryan August 10, 2020

Congratulations thub, well deserved!

182 days old
Powolowski August 10, 2020

Congrats! Enjoy your week, and welcome to the fam πŸ˜‰

1292 days old
Kenneth1126 August 10, 2020

Congrats, Thub! Very well deserved! πŸ˜€

132 days old
Jooniee7 August 10, 2020

Congrats thub! keep up the good work.

83 days old
camelia88 August 10, 2020

Congraaats beautiful Thub !!!
Ur such a kind lovely girl.. well well deserved!! XD

507 days old
maxson7 August 10, 2020

Congratulations Thub!!! Thank you for being for you, very well deserved. Enjoy and have a great week Thub!!!πŸ˜„

449 days old
l3ubble August 10, 2020

Congratulations thub! Enjoy your week <3

611 days old
BenMcMufin August 10, 2020

Congrats thub!!! I’m so happy for you and i can’t wait to see you in cpr with the viking helmet πŸ˜€

– Ben.

120 days old
FoxJaya August 10, 2020

Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity. I try super hard. I guess nobody notices. THUB101 you deserve this! Rock on!

1231 days old
man man August 10, 2020

congrats thub on potw. im genuily happy that you were chocen as potw because your a great person and an even greater friend. make this week all about you, you deserve this!!! :DDD

408 days old
Osborne73 August 10, 2020

Congrats! πŸ˜„

120 days old
FoxJaya August 10, 2020

Congratulations! You deserve this! I look forward to seeing you and your pointy green helmet off! Keep on going! You are the best!

174 days old
clubbelloo August 10, 2020

Congrats thub im so happy that you become a kind penguin! Your igloo is beautiful and the igloo music is relaxing! Thank you for being sweet and kind! <3 πŸ˜€

185 days old
Degarmoo August 10, 2020

Congratulations, Thub! So well-deserved. Thank you for being so kind, helpful and such a supportive friend! I love you so much, and am so very proud of you. Looking forward to hanging out and celebrating your week! <3

1066 days old
BZS17 August 10, 2020

Congrats Thub G!

767 days old
Grid August 10, 2020

So happy for you, thub. You are such a great friend! Enjoy your week, and keep up those awesome igloos!

831 days old
buried August 10, 2020

congratulations <33

304 days old
Joanaray125 August 10, 2020

omg thub is the best! she is always beeing nice to her friends end everyone else! Congrats thub! πŸ˜€

Best Whises,

165 days old
asapallen August 10, 2020

CONGRATS THUB!!! You deserve this so much! I’m so happy that you’re penguin of the week <33

1052 days old
Sami19 August 10, 2020


1270 days old
Trooper August 10, 2020

Congrats Thub! Appreciate your positivity all around πŸ™‚

681 days old
Yippold August 10, 2020

Congrats thub, very well deserved! Enjoy your week

48 days old
Slimedo August 10, 2020

Congrats For Penguin Of The Week!
I’ll Give Out Codes So I Might Be Helpful!

130 days old
Pinkeroo August 10, 2020


505 days old
Kidguin August 10, 2020

Congrats, thub!! Well-deserved, thank you for being so sweet to everyone πŸ™‚

51 days old
MeredithCW August 13, 2020


155 days old
USA Rugby August 15, 2020


373 days old
Jock125 August 10, 2020

Congratulations thub!! So happy for you! Can’t wait for you to show off your new helmet to us!

– Jock.

827 days old
Penguinbobi1 August 10, 2020


183 days old
mamonn August 10, 2020


51 days old
MeredithCW August 13, 2020