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Pet Shop Construction Starting Next Week!

By Stu on August 22, 2020

Hi Penguins,


If you haven’t checked out the Water Party yet, you’re missing out on some fun!


If you in fact have, then you might’ve noticed that the Pet Shop is currently flooded with water (oh no!), we’re hoping that a certain penguin is able to figure it out just in time!





From this news, many might’ve guessed that a new look for puffles will be showing up with the changes coming to the Pet Shop, I am here to now confirm that is the case.


Once the construction is over on the Pet Shop, penguins will be logging onto the game to see their puffles looking rather different, they will be showing more expressions like never before! This might be some sad news for some, and some good news for others. It’s a change that we’ve been thinking about for a good while now and we’re happy to be able to get it out finally.



Will other rooms start changing with this update to a “new” look?

This is not something we will be doing. The Pet Shop will be the only change that will be happening on the island, it’s something that should’ve happened for a long time. With our mini-games being added into the classic Pet Shop, those games had different looks to the puffles you know and love. It was time to make everything connect and follow it on the island too.


Will puffle hats make a visit on the island?

Yes, we are planning on adding cosmetics to puffles. However, it is not something that will be arriving straight away. We’re doing easy steps first.


I’ve already purchased puffles, will they go away from this update?

No, they will be staying just fine inside your igloos. We are only changing the appearances of them.


What about puffle digging, will that be a feature?

We’ve not thought about puffle digging, and we don’t plan on adding this feature any time soon. We do plan on adding features such as making the puffles not hand items anymore, so you can wear a hand item and rock your puffles at the same time.


We hope this is a welcomed change, it might take a while to get used to these changes but we hope it’s something many understand that this is very much needed to go forward with bringing some new content to the game.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


18 days old
jgpenguin101 September 5, 2020

is the puffle hotel coming??? I LOVED that on the OG club penguin. You guys are doing amazing. I was so excited to find this site! Keep up the great work.

32 days old
IcyBluey September 4, 2020

I didn’t knew there was a puffle digging update…

52 days old
SpookBat September 4, 2020

I’ve been trying to find the animations for feeding, playing, etc, of the old puffles (whom I like better, I’m not one for smooth round art) on archive.org (like Warm Jukebox’s Fandom page has a link to an swf file?) – and couldn’t. Could we get them somewhere? For drawing reference, for example?

48 days old
Slimedo September 4, 2020


66 days old
P6863320 September 3, 2020

Fake. It didnt Renovate!

673 days old
BallerBruh5 September 3, 2020

Im, Excited!!

1118 days old
LoltrollPPS September 3, 2020


46 days old
Peachie3492 September 2, 2020

When can we get a new puffle? I remember when the brown puffle was found and it was great!! Plz new puffle!!

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq September 2, 2020

I just visited the HTML5 version and though it doesn’t look like we can buy puffles yet, we can buy furniture. It’s coming along nicely.

223 days old
SwimChris September 2, 2020

Grey Puffle is dead. F

46 days old
Peachie3492 September 2, 2020

I’m so excited I had the old club penguin and remember the look that they’re making now😁

1284 days old
Rey toni1 September 1, 2020


988 days old
redymedy September 1, 2020

I like the idea of this but i really hope you don’t do it wrong i would also like to know about the Dog and Cat puffles as well as the other newer puffles.

Will they be added?

1249 days old
Thawkins September 1, 2020

Are the older games with Puffles able to be updated?

37 days old
CozmoRobot3 August 31, 2020

When will this update happen?

123 days old
wasthebread August 31, 2020

i wonder if puffle creatures will come in the future

33 days old
HalimaSultan August 31, 2020

whan will the update be finish

115 days old
SuperSama August 30, 2020

Goodbye to the old puffle who drowned, and hello to the new puffle that will replace the old one.

115 days old
SuperSama August 30, 2020

One of my puffle’s name is Fluffle, and Fluffle needs some dress up items.

115 days old
SuperSama August 30, 2020

I know this has nothing to do with puffles, but I have nowhere else to put it. When will the new ninja come out? I am dying to do some different card jitsu.

115 days old
SuperSama August 30, 2020

R.I.P. to the puffle that sadly drowned. We will all be mourning you.

1273 days old
Kittor5 August 30, 2020

No hotel

123 days old
cathrinexo August 30, 2020

lol I just realized that rhymed

123 days old
cathrinexo August 30, 2020

This is amazing and all but plz don’t replace the stage with puffle berry mall

490 days old
Violoncello8 August 29, 2020

I know I saw somebody else comment this, but I would really like to know; will you guys be updating to HTML5? Or is that even possible to do with Club Penguin. It would be a real shame if we couldn’t play anymore after Flash loses support.

166 days old
Minty023 August 29, 2020

So cool! Can’t wait for this!

24 days old
DrDoGood10 August 29, 2020


224 days old
OliJay2010 August 28, 2020

will you be able to buy differant food from the pet shop, like golden puffleo’s and stuff or will you buy food from the puffle card like in 2011

130 days old
barbie801 August 28, 2020

will hotel will come come

67 days old
Zabzab August 28, 2020

Will there be new puffles?

106 days old
IceCube12321 August 28, 2020

Is there going to be rainbow and golde puffle?

393 days old
mikey8202009 August 27, 2020

did all the puffles in the pet shop get out safely
ps is ph ok?

1055 days old
Korietnam August 27, 2020

I am so sad to see the old pet shop leaving, but I am so excited to see the new features going to be added! Well done CPR team!

1181 days old
KeeperTp August 27, 2020


752 days old
pufflebird62 August 27, 2020

When the new puffle care interface is added, will the puffle backyard in the igloos be added too?

96 days old
lilfuze178 August 27, 2020

when will this update come exactly?

377 days old
glippyglop August 27, 2020

will we get puffle digging sometime in the future?

48 days old
Slimedo August 30, 2020

i want it back too!

673 days old
BallerBruh5 September 3, 2020

Hopefully, I look forward to that

790 days old
voldemort10 August 26, 2020

Anyone else excited for this special person coming to fix the puffle shop (i think its Rory) and i hope this next update will bring plenty of change.

1039 days old
patrovichCP August 27, 2020


181 days old
Blue 77 August 26, 2020

is construction starting right after water party or in September?

133 days old
Abdulrahman5 August 25, 2020

hello stu is a golden puffle coming in this update

1039 days old
patrovichCP August 27, 2020


855 days old
Joey17790 August 25, 2020

This is amazing! πŸ™‚

473 days old
Davedude10 August 25, 2020

When is the HTML5 coming out?

322 days old
meaganb August 25, 2020

so excited for this update!! especially the hats and hand items parts!!!

76 days old
Normier August 25, 2020


48 days old
Slimedo August 30, 2020

i saw u in game 😢

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq August 25, 2020

Is it just me or does the redesigned grey puffle look sadder when mourning?

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq August 25, 2020

True I’ll miss the old classic look, but the new, rounded look reminds me of 2012 Club Penguin! By the by, are all the puffles we get going to simply look like puffles or will some be hybrids? I prefer the straight up puffles, to be honest.

577 days old
9leviathan August 25, 2020

So exciting! I wonder if we can also dress up Flare too?

1144 days old
Yavuztalimci August 27, 2020

Probably not since Flare is considered a hand item when walking him but it’d be interesting to walk him with another puffle haha.

115 days old
SuperSama August 30, 2020

Isn’t Flare already dressed up?

752 days old
pufflebird62 August 25, 2020

I know you said puffle digging won’t be added anytime soon, but will it be added eventually? Its a pretty neat feture

387 days old
Zoomley August 24, 2020


48 days old
Slimedo August 30, 2020


1007 days old
itsatrap101 August 24, 2020

I’m glad the CPR team is so dedicated into making our childhood memories last. <3

130 days old
katenix August 24, 2020

I CANT WAIT. I will miss the old puffles but we need a bit of a change sometimes!

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq August 27, 2020


416 days old
glittercheex August 24, 2020

oh yeah puffle time let’s go

129 days old
EsponjaXDDD August 24, 2020

wow cool

150 days old
Samy 246 August 24, 2020

Can’t wait to see what they do!!!!

417 days old
DorukTR August 24, 2020

Also sales!

417 days old
DorukTR August 24, 2020

Man, i predict this thing in 2019 and its real!!

103 days old
penguinflipo August 24, 2020


103 days old
penguinflipo August 24, 2020

Hmmm Grab on to your puffles!

277 days old
Tom Flipper August 24, 2020

I liked the old puffle style. They looked… to be honest, friendlier. Now I have to redo all the clothes I made in Animal Crossing to match the new look.

Also, could you change the puffles in Puffle Roundup and a few of the other games to match the new style?


79 days old
legendSlogom August 24, 2020


780 days old
Pikachu062 August 24, 2020

Nice! It’s Like An Evolution Of Puffles!

( Also, Fs in the chat for the passed grey puffle )

1261 days old
DerpyDiamond August 24, 2020

Nice! I’m excited to see the new puffle look and eventually see some cool puffle hats.
I wonder if there’s be custom puffle hats?…

550 days old
MikeBSN August 24, 2020

Can’t wait for this new STUff!

453 days old
Winery August 24, 2020

Stoked to see what comes from this, I’m sure the team will pull through with an amazing update. Stay safe and well lads <3

698 days old
FlightFluffy August 24, 2020

I am excited for the new update. It’s gonna be really cool to see the new pet shop along with all of the other puffle changes. Water Party was a great way to let things cool down for the time being and focus on other areas of the game while not completely stopping parties.

69 days old
Aiko3979 August 24, 2020

ill miss the old style of puffles but i am exited for the change !!

404 days old
Lani2 August 24, 2020

Sounds exciting! It will look better especially with the minigames. I’ll miss the old design but I will be looking forward to the new one. Keep up the great work!

1144 days old
Yavuztalimci August 24, 2020

Glad you can wear a hand item while walking your puffle! It also sucks that the old puffle look is leaving. But the fact of puffle hats arriving seems like fun as I want my puffles to look fashionable. πŸ™‚

1277 days old
Valery August 24, 2020

Will new custom puffle hats be coming to the island?

1144 days old
Yavuztalimci August 24, 2020

Oooh, custom puffle hats seem promising if I wanna be honest. πŸ‘€

1160 days old
Maripink007 August 24, 2020

Hope it arrives soon! I’ll miss the old puffles but sometimes, we need to change, and change for good!

54 days old
P6975852 August 24, 2020

I’m going to miss the old puffles but i like the idea of hats for the puffles! Also I want to congratulate to the cpr workers for the amazing work they are doing πŸ™‚

46 days old
G3ggB01Pl4yz August 24, 2020


106 days old
Sushi wassbi August 23, 2020

i am so exited! i hope many of u penguins love it! πŸ™‚ one thing i am a bit sad about the change of the pet shop. i hope that one day it will go back to the classic club. this will be like going back to 2011,2012,2013 of the classic club penguin. to be honest i hope there will be animal puffels

752 days old
pufflebird62 August 25, 2020

I don’t think their adding animal puffles because they said this game is “post 2013”, meaning nothing after 2013 is being added. It would be nice though, I really like the cats.

580 days old
Fluffy15511 August 23, 2020

It’s nice to see that puffles are going to get some more detail. I’ll miss the old look, but I look forward to see what this will be like! #TeamPuffle Also I know this has absolutely nothing to do with this article, but will Throwback Thursdays return on the blog?

995 days old
PandaHeart26 August 23, 2020

Yass! Can not wait!!!!

483 days old
pete1326 August 23, 2020

I do miss the modern puffles, will you also be doing construction on the water dojo?

132 days old
BLOX4LIFE August 23, 2020

Im so excited!!!!

367 days old
P4909943 August 23, 2020


30 days old
FoxJaya CP August 23, 2020

Im super happy. I hated the way my puffle looked but now its going to look better! Hope bad news isn’t that bad! Waddle on!

50 days old
Nintendope August 23, 2020

This will be exiting. Seeing the puffle design change to the new, modern one might be sad, but it would still be good. Btw, I think that the person that will fix the Pet Shop could possibly be Rory. So in case if that ever happens, I’ll be waitin

742 days old
god360 August 23, 2020

This is fantastic! i really like the style club penguin took in its later years, not to disrespect the old style, its nice to have some continuity between pufflescape and the pet shop, I also really dont understand the issue people have with puffle digging, it seems good, mining whereever you go.

155 days old
USA Rugby August 23, 2020


76 days old
bluepop6 August 23, 2020

It will be cool to add some like shapes for our new puffles like for example a cat or a unicorn
but it will be really cool

113 days old
Jalal0061 August 23, 2020


713 days old
OrangeCow224 August 23, 2020

It’s going to be very weird change but a welcome one indeed, every update the game is also becoming more like the og club penguin and it’s great.

131 days old
DmmC2121 August 23, 2020

hello there
im very enthusiastic for new pet shop!
Please, get in the modern island!
Good work with summer splash event!

Waddle on!

407 days old
kyepenguin August 23, 2020

Also I would like to see the rainbow puffle & golden puffle get added!

407 days old
kyepenguin August 23, 2020

Wow! This New Update is Gonna Be Sick! This feels like the original cp going from the old client to modern cp like you added smoothie smash and pufflescape so…

172 days old
jeffbobbee August 23, 2020

will there be music in the pet shop?

374 days old
grago9533 August 23, 2020

yay they will now have hats

125 days old
Corndog11111 August 23, 2020

Can’t wait my 16 puffle will look so cool

1053 days old
Firmino21 August 23, 2020

Its great to see a new update and i’m looking forward to it!

79 days old
cupcake64 August 23, 2020

can’t wait!

130 days old
Penguplier August 23, 2020

Gonna miss em’ old puffles…
but hey, I AM EXCITED! πŸ˜€

111 days old
Skydrum August 23, 2020


35 days old
Aphrodine August 23, 2020


1294 days old
Splosh Jnr August 23, 2020

Very excited. This is definitely a step in the right direction (and good job deciding where and where not to draw the line, I think you’ve got it about as good as it will get). Especially excited to be able to surf on a silver surfboard AND with my red puffle at the same time!

41 days old
Summeerr August 23, 2020

Will you bring back the puffle hotel ?

1146 days old
THEPROAMO August 23, 2020

Im going to miss the old puffles. But i think this is the right direction for the future of cpr, great work!

62 days old
Blboka August 23, 2020

Woow!! That will be so cool!!

113 days old
Jalal0061 August 23, 2020


878 days old
potato of August 23, 2020


129 days old
tyfarn August 23, 2020

Does this mean PH is visiting the island?

113 days old
Jalal0061 August 23, 2020


50 days old
Nintendope August 23, 2020


259 days old
WalkzGreen August 23, 2020

This is like traveling to 2011, 2014 or 2013. You know, Like for example. The puffle hats,
And maybe a new pet shop? Well I don’t really know what it’s gonna look like but I think it’s going to be the one in like modern club penguin, not the old client.

44 days old
RobbyJones5 August 23, 2020

Yeah I agree but Isn’t this the point of club penguin rewritten to be the classic version of club penguin?

782 days old
GamerStar August 24, 2020

I think that is the overall point, and Stu did say that it’s the only room that they plan on changing. I doubt it’ll change too much, but I think some minor improvements are perfectly fine. Of course though – that’s just my opinion.

106 days old
Sushi wassbi August 23, 2020

i hope we have the different puffles like the aliens and others πŸ™‚ have a good day or night penguin πŸ™‚

112 days old
Fulcrum22 August 23, 2020


42 days old
curebadmemes August 23, 2020

yesss this is great puffles are gonna have expresions lets go heck ye

409 days old
ktigerzee August 23, 2020

Woah this new update is gonna be fun! i never seened this new update before i like the new update also whats gonna be the new puffle face i love it!

468 days old
THEBESTBIRD August 23, 2020

Also I was wondering if you are fixing the glitch where when you make puffles play or sleep it takes five coins I was wondering if you were going to fix that – until next time Bird

129 days old
tyfarn August 23, 2020

Sounds amazing well done!

189 days old
Karainday09 August 23, 2020

much excite.

514 days old
CyanNeighbor August 23, 2020

Thumbs up! Also, would anyone happen to know why a green hat is showing up on my penguin picture you see next to this message? I checked and I’m not wearing it in-game. Nor do I even have it.

127 days old
cutecookie99 August 23, 2020

Hello i think its a great idea too btw love club penguin rewritten

509 days old
Shalissa323 August 22, 2020

so excited!!

129 days old
tyfarn August 22, 2020

Sounds amazing! Well done!!!

127 days old
cutecookie99 August 22, 2020

Sad but i think its a fantasic idea keep up the work

76 days old
Telamon12 August 22, 2020

Wow looking forward to the new puffle updates

82 days old
WOWw90 August 22, 2020

This update will take me back all the way to the past of Club Penguin puffles.

1285 days old
Gravix August 22, 2020


185 days old
Andy408 August 22, 2020

Looking forward to these changes!

48 days old
Slimedo August 22, 2020

Aww Cmon I Like Digging Puffs

1246 days old
Yadi246 August 22, 2020

Honestly, it’s good to have change in some of the game. It’s sad to see the old pet shop go, but it’s good to cherish the memory’s that I have had there with many of my friends since that’s one of my main hangout areas. Good luck with the new design! <3

127 days old
cutecookie99 August 23, 2020

Hello your point is right

112 days old
Fulcrum22 August 23, 2020

I agree with Yadi.

618 days old
aphmau 600 August 24, 2020

can we be friends?

82 days old
WOWw90 August 22, 2020

Rest in peace, Old looking Puffles.

681 days old
Yippold August 22, 2020

Sounds exciting

748 days old
pingu97803 August 22, 2020

im watching star wars rn

54 days old
ItzAlexisCP August 22, 2020

Guys this is awesome! i am very suprised

468 days old
THEBESTBIRD August 22, 2020

I do have some mixed feelings but I appreciate that cpr is trying to keep things fresh keep up the good work! Until next time – Bird

1665 days old
santi1345 August 22, 2020

Noice, i really like both designs

167 days old
wolfoffire August 22, 2020

woah cool cant wait

275 days old
TheNitronic August 22, 2020

In all honesty, I’ve always preferred the AS3 look of the puffles to the AS2 look.
Glad to see that I’m finally going to get the puffle update I’ve been waiting for!

123 days old
pingadapori August 22, 2020

I Love The Change Cant Wait To see The New Look And Im Happy When i Wear Hand Items Puffle Will Not Go To Our IgloosπŸ˜€

638 days old
froggy guy August 22, 2020

This is pretty cool, I can understand why people are mad about this but I personally am really happy they are getting a refresh, now my puffle FuzzyFrog will be more of a pet than an igloo item that seeps your coins. Overall pretty cool update.😁

299 days old
canijo5892 August 22, 2020

f on the chat for grey puffle and yes new puffle shop

48 days old
Slimedo August 22, 2020


57 days old
Waddles2361 August 23, 2020


113 days old
Jalal0061 August 22, 2020


415 days old
ISSsloth August 22, 2020


277 days old
Tom Flipper August 24, 2020


1229 days old
Bigbonny2013 August 22, 2020

This seems interesting. If it means what I think it means, this’ll be… an interesting experience.

415 days old
ISSsloth August 22, 2020

What do you mean?

3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 22, 2020

I’m disappointed & I don’t think this is the right decision, but I am coming to terms with it. I’ll have to accept it at some point, as stu has said multiple times that they are not listening to community input on this issue. I trust you guys to try and do what you think is best for CPR.


1239 days old
AleCP August 22, 2020

i miss the old pet shop and old puffle design also one question, will puffle toys be purchased?

1191 days old
Spk1 August 22, 2020

I love the Idea of having a Hand Item and a Puffle at the Same time and Nice Pictures

499 days old
Pika112256 August 22, 2020

As much as I like the old design, this is quite a nice step forward for CPR!

1042 days old
dodo david August 22, 2020


173 days old
Halib August 22, 2020

This is amazing! I hope it will look cool! Thanks for all the hard work!!! πŸ™‚

384 days old
Pizzatuna August 22, 2020

Will Puffle Tricks be added? they were a cool feature that made Puffles feel more like pets rather than a cosmetic item.

196 days old
BiCarbonate August 22, 2020

just please don’t add puffle digging πŸ™

742 days old
god360 August 23, 2020

I really dont understand what the issue with puffle digging is?

535 days old
TheFoxE667 August 22, 2020

Does this mean that CPR will have its own style and evolution, completely independent of the original?

1042 days old
dodo david August 22, 2020

have they all drowned or sum’n

415 days old
ISSsloth August 22, 2020

No, the puffles were moved when the pet shop flooded.

472 days old
sobeano789 August 22, 2020


259 days old
Lampada August 22, 2020

Oh, those are indeed welcome changes! Of course I love the classic Pet Shop, but I think progress is what keeps things alive, such as this amazing game. This shows how much the CPR team is worried on bringing new content for us. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome. <3

118 days old
yiyi18 August 22, 2020

………!!!!!!!!…….fully exited……..!!!!!!……

782 days old
GamerStar August 22, 2020

Puffles being hand items is the reason I don’t walk them very much, haha, so I’m glad that that’s being considered. I also can’t wait to see if puffle hats make a return – I loved them so much! I’m genuinely so excited for the future of rewritten. Keep up the good work, it looks great!

1274 days old
CindyLouWho August 22, 2020

Can’t wait to see the new puffle look and the new pet shop!

513 days old
Benny212006 August 22, 2020


724 days old
Matihood1 August 22, 2020

Meh. A change to puffle appearance is my least liked thing in the entire redesign they did in the OG CP. I’d rather have the appearance of puffles in the new minigames changed to the old look than the other way around. But it’s not up to me to decide, sadly.

1312 days old
Perapin August 23, 2020



108 days old
EpicMaster76 August 22, 2020

rory is coming for the pet shop

513 days old
Benny212006 August 22, 2020

i hope so

50 days old
Nintendope August 26, 2020

Wow. I dint know there was someone that thinks the same like me. I wanted Rory to come too! What a coincidence

1277 days old
Valery August 22, 2020

I am so excited for this update!! I’ve always wanted to wear a puffle and hand item at the same time,m so I’m looking forward to this!

406 days old
CheezyPie August 22, 2020

Oh wow! This update sounds absolutely AMAZING! I can’t wait for it to come out!!

304 days old
Joanaray125 August 22, 2020

Awesome! I love the old cp style… but I’m also excited for some changes! Thanks again cpr team (you guys are the best! :D) for letting us know about this amazing news! thanks πŸ™‚

4843 days old
PAGANO25 August 22, 2020

This is Awesome!!

123 days old
cathrinexo August 22, 2020


we mixing between AS2 and AS3 now?

Stu August 22, 2020

Hi, we don’t count puffles as AS3 unless we speak about the later years like 2013+

123 days old
cathrinexo August 22, 2020

Ah ok thx stu i thought that the puffles redesign would be looking like AS3 puffles

156 days old
fuzzydeer August 22, 2020


511 days old
ziadisasmart August 22, 2020

OMG!!! Thank you CPR team for all the efforts to make us enjoy during those hard times!
I have never played the original Club Penguin before. So thank you for making me experience the fun! I’m so excited about the new pet shop, the new Puffle design and the hats! πŸ˜€

1296 days old
Fobico August 22, 2020

This is a mistake. You should’ve updated the minigames to relfect the older style. The older style of puffle had a different personality than the newer look and it was a bad decision by those who weren’t even there when CP was made to change the look and you shouldnt either. What about PSA missions?

415 days old
ISSsloth August 22, 2020

There’s older art for the penguins in some of the missions, so I don’t think they are going to redo those.

1116 days old
Valerie816 August 22, 2020

WOW! Wonder what it will look like!

82 days old
BlueEiscue August 22, 2020

Ahh this is all very exciting! Can’t wait to see it all, but of course take as much time as you need, no rush!! Enjoying the water party too!

85 days old
Unipie August 22, 2020

really exited to see the new pet shop!yay!

155 days old
CrispyWhispy August 22, 2020

Nice to see the new designs coming back! Also, is there a possibility that you can make your puffles to certain actions like in the original game?

466 days old
thub101 August 22, 2020

appreciate the update!! happy to learn that the rest of the rooms will remain the same. excited to see how the new pet shop will look! 😊

563 days old
DjKled007 August 22, 2020

Take Perapin idea , just open the doors of the pet shop , and then after we can have an underwater party .

1208 days old
Moon Star 87 August 22, 2020

ooooh sooo excited! 😊✨

1231 days old
man man August 22, 2020

This is actually gonne be really cool. I’m excited to see how it will all look when it arrives! :DDD

44 days old
P7052438 August 22, 2020

This is a great step forward. Sounds perfect!

129 days old
tyfarn August 22, 2020

Amazing! Well done!

105 days old
PiesAreNice August 22, 2020

Yay! I’m so exited about it! πŸ˜€

174 days old
clubbelloo August 22, 2020

I miss the old pet shop. But the new one is cool and the new puffles are very cute! Thank you stu πŸ˜€

427 days old
Yohan67890 August 22, 2020

Hold Up! Why is the picture of the grey puffle in this post, sobbing? Is it because….We’re never going to see the grey puffles again?! I like them though I don’t own one. So if the redesign is made, then will the grey puffles stay?

1250 days old
Thorn August 22, 2020

The grey puffles are staying! It’s a joke image, with the old look of puffles on the tombstone.

790 days old
voldemort10 August 26, 2020

Hey Thorn i was wondering if there will be a party with the puffle shop update (maybe the puffle party?)

44 days old
RobbyJones5 August 22, 2020

Love the Community it’s the nicest Community good job cpr you guys really care about us penguins

44 days old
RobbyJones5 August 22, 2020

Wow that’s really cool looking forward to that πŸ™‚

373 days old
Jock125 August 22, 2020

Please, since this change is happening regardless, let us have the ability to toggle between as2 and as3 puffles?

511 days old
ziadisasmart August 22, 2020

It’s a good idea! Some people like the as2 design and some others prefer the as3 design like me!

3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 22, 2020

Yes please! If some people want the new puffle design, then fine. But I wish we could keep the old one if we desire it.

1171 days old
Tyviebrock August 22, 2020

One final question, will the newer puffle food be added? It was added along side with the 2011 pet shop redesign.

1269 days old
Wizard6272 August 22, 2020

As much as Iβ€˜ll be sad to see the old puffle designs go, I’m excited to see all the loose ends meet. I trust you guys so if you think updating the pet shop and puffles is the way to go, I’m fully on board for the journey

1238 days old
jojaoplay August 22, 2020


215 days old
Dylanduck33 August 22, 2020

This is some very surprising news for cpr!

1312 days old
Perapin August 22, 2020

I bet penguins would walk their classic style puffles more if you could use hand items as well as walking your puffle. Please can you give it a chance? Also I like the old Pet Shop better, hope you can salvage and restore that one.


3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 22, 2020

I agree, Perapin.

1279 days old
ChrisCPI August 22, 2020

One question I still have: Will there also be the switch to the newer puffle interface? Or will there still be the puffle card interface?

3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 23, 2020

There will be the new interface. :/

1269 days old
leptospirose August 22, 2020

Stu please tell me that the pookies safely evacuated the Pet Shop before if flooded I NEED to know.

274 days old
Mitavo August 22, 2020

Sorry but nope,unfortunely they drowned….. JK,They are safe and health as always,i mean,i rlly founded some drowned but rescued them! The psa started a operation called: Operation Pookie,which is one to save drowned pookies!

3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 22, 2020


155 days old
CrispyWhispy August 22, 2020

I’ve seen pookies in the flooded Pet Shop, so maybe they can breathe underwater lol

3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 23, 2020

They’re getting stronger 😳

577 days old
HarmonyStar August 22, 2020

While sad to see the old design leave, i’m excited to see what the new one will look like, as well as the new updates to puffles.

311 days old
Witherus August 22, 2020

Im excited for the new design!

468 days old
THEBESTBIRD August 22, 2020

Yessssssssss im so happy that puffles are no longer going to be hand items until next time!

1312 days old
Perapin August 22, 2020

Just open the doors to fix the Pet Shop


827 days old
Penguinbobi1 August 22, 2020

I have to say I WILL miss the old design, as while wasn’t in the original untill after it was changed, I grew into this version during my time in CPR. But I think this is a step in the right direction and hope penguins take a liking to the new design. It opens the doors to a lot more possibilities.

3690 days old
Cluddy4 August 22, 2020

What possibilities? Just curious.

183 days old
mamonn August 22, 2020

some changes are meant to happen! curious to see how it will look like!

449 days old
l3ubble August 22, 2020

The Water Party has been amazing so far, About the Pet Shop it’s quiet understandable since the games have other version of puffles and it fits better. Thank you for your hard work <3

563 days old
mald5 August 22, 2020


1270 days old
Trooper August 22, 2020

I wonder how people will react to the new Pet Shop. Personally, I don’t mind it!