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September Penguin Style Arriving Next Week!

By Stu on September 6, 2020

Hi Penguins,


As we are in a new month, that automatically means a new party or event is arriving and it’s known by now that the next party will be the iconic Fair party of 2020!


Obviously before all of that, the island needs a new Penguin Style to match up with the events happening…



That’s right, some good fun is arriving and I hope you enjoy the sneak peek above, it definitely shows what you might be expecting!


Gather up your coins as the Penguin Style drops September 10th, please also keep in mind that we are busy focusing on real life situations so if a delay is given, we will definitely be keeping you posted with it!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1146 days old
Barry Brown September 19, 2020

kinda epic not gonna lie

539 days old
penguin45621 September 18, 2020

the secret bumper car item is so beautiful

539 days old
penguin45621 September 18, 2020


1261 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2020

The team are currently experiencing some more pressing matters, ergo, said matters have to be taken care of first, leading to possibly furthering delays. Please exercise patience and keep checking back.

1023 days old
MaxCreator12 September 17, 2020

It’s been a week since the planned party start date… If you don’t mind me asking, could you please tell us what’s happening?

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq September 16, 2020

Gee, I wonder what this year will bring Fair-wise?

49 days old
goshadow September 13, 2020

Im excited!

16 days old
SumoDeKiwi September 13, 2020


120 days old
FioneChubby1 September 12, 2020

I’m so excited for the Fair! This is gonna be my first time being in the fair. I hope u have a nice day working on it!

1181 days old
KeeperTp September 11, 2020

SPOILER ALERT! One of the items are bumper cars.

24 days old
elalu September 11, 2020

hello i am elalu

138 days old
Mangno September 10, 2020


1143 days old
5poon September 10, 2020

yoo this looks amazing i remember the last fair event

1271 days old
codigomen September 10, 2020


126 days old
wayIon September 10, 2020

loving it tbh

213 days old
Dortre2010 September 10, 2020


410 days old
Poky Gamer G September 10, 2020

cant wait for it

388 days old
Blazepuggle September 10, 2020

Legit one of the best party’s

655 days old
GenoviaPear September 10, 2020

i can’t wait for the fair and the new pet shop!! im so excited!! also i hope that the real-life situations turn out fine and you’re all ok.

31 days old
LeDreamCat September 10, 2020

im REALLY excited for this party! I love all thematic and visual of the fair!

27 days old
stargirlily September 10, 2020

sooooo excited for the drop! i woke up early and went on and havenโ€™t seen it yet, super excited for when it drops!

34 days old
LABDHI September 10, 2020

so excited!!!!!!!!!

126 days old
Tyuiop555 September 10, 2020

The fair was always one of my favourite parties, i can’t wait!

65 days old
Nano List September 10, 2020

Cool Stuff are gonna arrive! ^-^

518 days old
MichaelT100 September 10, 2020

can’t wait for it to drop

1070 days old
Xx21savagexX September 10, 2020

you know my coins in check ๐Ÿ˜‰

15 days old
YoungT23 September 10, 2020

I can’t wait for the fair I’m new to the game but not in the environment I’m excited to be in this community and will stay active to it.

34 days old
Demon007 September 10, 2020

Can’t Wait for new catalog and fair party

161 days old
giannaqueen September 10, 2020

I hope it drops soon ! Im excited <3

468 days old
THEBESTBIRD September 10, 2020

The fair is an amazing party. It,s Iconic fun i like all the games its fun to collect items hang out with your friends play all the games my favorite was puffle paddle memory card game and others it will be a great time hope to see you all there! Until Next Time

1271 days old
codigomen September 10, 2020

Nice :O
Im waiting for the future fair and rockhopper

815 days old
summer8097 September 9, 2020

CAN’T WAIT! also thanks for filling us in on what is comming soon

1046 days old
manuzoloki September 9, 2020


167 days old
BasedGrace September 9, 2020

very hype!!

109 days old
GoldenFisher September 9, 2020

I can’t wait for the carnival ๐Ÿฅจ๐Ÿฟ

166 days old
Lizzyb292929 September 9, 2020

Beep beep thanks for your hard work cpr

5380 days old
Tripple September 9, 2020


19 days old
CactiChris September 9, 2020

yay bumper cars how fuuuuun

81 days old
darealleon September 9, 2020

im so exited for this thing ๐Ÿ™‚

35 days old
CPWR Byrdy September 9, 2020


495 days old
donut86398 September 9, 2020

Could you give us some hints on where the hidden objects might be?


22 days old
angelchan04 September 8, 2020

so excited!! ๐Ÿ˜€

82 days old
Parez September 8, 2020

Can’t wait!!!!

336 days old
WolfMoon21 September 8, 2020

i cant wait for the fair! it looks so amazing!!

129 days old
StefanDaKing September 8, 2020

u should add that popcorn thingy that hangs from ur neck

1250 days old
jelly1 September 8, 2020

So this confirms the Bumper Car Bonus room is returning for 2020? I hope they add some cool new content, maybe a new carnival game?

1115 days old
SkeleScene September 8, 2020

this looks so cool aaaaaaaa

23 days old
Impus September 8, 2020


1211 days old
MilkyWays September 8, 2020


123 days old
pingadapori September 8, 2020

Lovely!! Im Exited what the fair will have and what clothes will the penguin style have!!

698 days old
Sniffyy September 8, 2020

Fresh ๐Ÿ˜€

165 days old
RIBMxH September 8, 2020

I’m so excited <3

393 days old
mikey8202009 September 8, 2020

IM EXCITED FOR THE FAIR I LOVE THE MINIGAMES AND PRIZES AND THEE ROOMS.in the september catalog can you put a classic items page that would be really cool. also can you sell some papeler hats those are really cool.i would love if the fair had a carasel in it and rides. thanks for the cool partys cp

129 days old
tyfarn September 7, 2020

I can’t wait!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

553 days old
Super107 September 7, 2020

i already have the red one and the blue one, so this purple looking one would be nice in my car collection!

855 days old
Joey17790 September 7, 2020

This catalog is looking great so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

468 days old
THEBESTBIRD September 7, 2020

I am so excited for this party the fair is one of the best events in CPR and its going to be so much fun I cant wait for the new catalog it looks awesome and have a good one Until next time -Bird

1055 days old
Korietnam September 7, 2020

Can’t wait to see all the cool fair items!

782 days old
GamerStar September 7, 2020

YES!! I’ve been sooo excited for the fair this year. It will be my first one in years. I’ve always wanted one of the bumper cars, so hopefully I can get one this year. I’m sure the fair will be amazing. Can’t wait!!

1041 days old
Dragosboss55 September 7, 2020

Me thinking if tipping the iceberg will be possible

71 days old
Luna Nunes September 7, 2020

I hope everything works out. Good work CPR team! Can’t wait for the fair.

156 days old
Djkinect33 September 7, 2020

Iโ€™m excited!!

1290 days old
Galaxy X September 7, 2020

POG. Take all the time you need guys. Thank you for keeping the community alive.

325 days old
Saillee September 7, 2020

I cannot wait for the Fair and the new catalog! I always looked forward to the fair in the Original CP, and I’m thrilled they’re bringing back something from my childhood! Thank you CPR!!!!

580 days old
Fluffy15511 September 7, 2020

I gotta say I’m gonna be using those bumper cars a lot more than you think! This looks great I’m pumped for it to come out! And don’t worry about the deadline. If you need to take your time, we totally understand! <3

191 days old
awsukii September 7, 2020


ty for coming to my ted talk

93 days old
dogerobloxoo September 7, 2020

i cant wait it to drop!

3592 days old
June12345 September 7, 2020

so excited for the fair!!

1250 days old
jelly1 September 8, 2020

Yo this guy is old! How’d you get so old?

1201 days old
Law_CLUB September 8, 2020

How is your account so old?

767 days old
Grid September 7, 2020

Exciting! Can’t wait for this party!!

92 days old
not hard September 7, 2020

petinion to give us a milk van chaser minigame

415 days old
ISSsloth September 7, 2020

I’m exited to see the fair for the first time!

1250 days old
jelly1 September 8, 2020

Trust me, it’s a good party!

1250 days old
jelly1 September 8, 2020

You’re over a year old, how’d you miss last year’s?

560 days old
eliefr September 7, 2020


472 days old
sobeano789 September 7, 2020

I can’t wait!

586 days old
DuduGames12 September 7, 2020

Cool News CPR ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜€

174 days old
clubbelloo September 7, 2020

Nice, can’t wait!

125 days old
yooook h377 September 7, 2020

wow stu you’re old

296 days old
Purpleesh September 7, 2020

Omg yay! I cant wait! ๐Ÿ˜€

311 days old
Witherus September 7, 2020

OMG I’am so excited for the fair. My friends say that its the best party ever! Also when is the new pet shop design released?

129 days old
tyfarn September 7, 2020

Same! And when is the new design being released?

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2020

Keep checking back for updates and exercising patience as the team are currently experiencing some very pressing matters not pertaining to CPRw.

1313 days old
Cadence2002 September 7, 2020

hi! you can update Spanish language in game?

1116 days old
Valerie816 September 7, 2020


129 days old
StefanDaKing September 8, 2020


827 days old
Penguinbobi1 September 7, 2020

Looking forward to it! The fair is one of the best parties in my opinion and the bumper cars are really fun items. Also looking forward to the new pet shop. Take all the time you need though, we can wait and real-life problems are more important. I hope everything is, or, if not, turns out ok!

1270 days old
Icy 500 September 7, 2020

very nice i am so hyped for the fair

409 days old
ktigerzee September 7, 2020

im so excited for the new clothing! also can you put some free items in the fair party? cause i want some

199 days old
Larry343 September 7, 2020

i can not wit guys, btw you guys don’t have too be sorry we all support you guys no matter what, again cant wait until then, love you guys for working all so hard all my favourite game in the world waddle on

162 days old
DJYANTRA September 7, 2020

can we get some mp3 glasses for the catalog?

55 days old
AgentSamSam September 7, 2020

cool cant wait ๐Ÿ™‚

105 days old
PiesAreNice September 7, 2020

Amazing! I cant wait for it! <3 <3

501 days old
Scar Face September 7, 2020


33 days old
HalimaSultan September 7, 2020

WOW This is going to be great!!

34 days old
Demon007 September 7, 2020

We are eagerly waiting for it and don’t worry for the delay just make it a remember full party

344 days old
P4979589 September 7, 2020

YES! THE FAIR! love all the games! what will the prizes be??? can’t wait.

786 days old
ViciousDex September 7, 2020

Looking forward to the catalog update. Hoping for some good and new items there!

223 days old
Dougy2 September 7, 2020

Excited to see what this catalog has!

15 days old
mranthony83 September 7, 2020

plz tell me how log in the game me wanna play

553 days old
Super107 September 7, 2020

u press play now, and then press log in, and then type username and password, the press enter, then pick ur serve then BAM! you are in the game! hope this helped!

37 days old
PizaWasTaken September 7, 2020

So, new Puffles Desing and now a Fair?

1270 days old
Trooper September 6, 2020

I can’t wait for The Fair!

119 days old
P6330168 September 6, 2020


1249 days old
Thawkins September 6, 2020

Great! I can’t wait!

99 days old
baffoon43567 September 6, 2020


90 days old
Imagine124 September 6, 2020


577 days old
HarmonyStar September 6, 2020

I’m so excited about the fair, I can’t wait to see what the prizes will be for this year. I’m also excited for the puffle update, but take your time and I hope that you guys are doing well, and I hope that whoever is not feeling that well will get well. Waddle on ๐Ÿ™‚

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2020

Well said, HarmonyStar. The team need time to take care of their health, and that has to be priority #1.

641 days old
Sirtoro September 6, 2020

One of my favorite parties next to the holiday party, Can’t wait!

155 days old
CrispyWhispy September 6, 2020

I sure hope that purple car will be available!

1272 days old
Jempenguin September 6, 2020

This is going to be such a fun month on CPR!

46 days old
Peachie3492 September 6, 2020


46 days old
Peachie3492 September 6, 2020


87 days old
coco pingu September 6, 2020

this is gonna be cool.

78 days old
Roney diazz September 6, 2020

I am looking forward to launching this party, it will definitely be a ball show!

145 days old
P6055521 September 6, 2020

Cant Hardly Wait!

47 days old
chellykt September 6, 2020

Sound’s awesome!

228 days old
Sarah83256 September 6, 2020

Can’t wait! so excited!

702 days old
Gunpower627 September 6, 2020

Im so excited for the fair

16 days old
P7295675 September 6, 2020

Sup guys

1270 days old
Icy 500 September 6, 2020

noice i am super excited for the fair

1249 days old
Billyclyde September 6, 2020

Cant wait. The fair is one of my favorite parties each year. Keep up the good work as always. PS: also love the fair irl so its got a special place in my heart.

33 days old
McBread8934 September 6, 2020

Iโ€™m new so I donโ€™t know much but Iโ€™m exited to see what the fair has to hold this year!

853 days old
Omega126 September 6, 2020

I see cars, I see night, I see Ferris wheel, great fair I can already tell

642 days old
dlark September 6, 2020

Take your time with updates, health always comes first! Thank you for the update on what’s coming!

128 days old
Giuca002 September 6, 2020

Cool, I can’t wait for the new catalog and The Fair!

2253 days old
Sfbeast85 September 6, 2020

The fair :PepeEyes:

86 days old
Mario Dx September 6, 2020

My only concern is the development team’s health and safety. Take your time when applying stuff and don’t rush yourselves.

5091 days old
Jerry! September 6, 2020

I’m so ready for the bumper cars!

304 days old
Joanaray125 September 6, 2020

thats awesome :DDD
hope everything is ok

275 days old
TheNitronic September 6, 2020

The Fair is always the party I look forward to the most, I joined the OG Club Penguin when 2011’s Fair was occuring.

Can’t wait to get all of the tickets…and redeem them for all of the prizes!

1310 days old
Trevchris007 September 6, 2020

The image looks fantastic. The purple bumper car is crazy cool. More importantly, I hope the unforeseen health issues become a thing of the past so we can ALL enjoy the magic that awaits.

Sending positive vibes to the incomparable staff.


1144 days old
Alisonalison September 6, 2020

I love the fair! Canโ€™t believe this is my fourth one. Super excited!

681 days old
Yippold September 6, 2020

Can’t wait for it ๐Ÿ‘€

129 days old
melilim4 September 6, 2020


767 days old
Stimmyplush September 6, 2020

so excited!!! the fair is one of my favourite parties! ๐Ÿ™‚

1317 days old
wholegrain September 6, 2020

bumper carssss

404 days old
Lani2 September 6, 2020

Cannot wait for the new catalog! Also very excited for the fair!

754 days old
floridasweet September 6, 2020

This time im gonna get LOADS of tickets for sure!

408 days old
Mehoo1 September 6, 2020

Woohoo! Can’t wait for the fair. It’s gonna be great!

126 days old
lovemorhatem September 6, 2020

heyi guys

223 days old
Dougy2 September 6, 2020

Wow, really excited for the next catalog!

1272 days old
Scooterskate September 6, 2020


1084 days old
Bowlby September 6, 2020

Sweet! Hope thereโ€™s lots of new and recolored items!

431 days old
Mageug0 September 6, 2020

Cant wait!

119 days old
KatPierce11 September 6, 2020

The sneak peak looks exciting already! Canโ€™t wait for all the fun: new catalogs, improved pet shop, and the FAIR!!! Great work CPR team, thank you!

559 days old
m a d e line September 6, 2020

Nice!! Thanks CPR team! โค๏ธ

151 days old
trainboyzak September 6, 2020

wow the cars i have been waiting for those to pop up one CPR this penguin style is gonna be cool

1212 days old
Firehero101 September 6, 2020

I noticed the Farris wheel in the background. Could it be that the theme park aspect of some of the newer fall fair parties from original CP is coming to CPR? Just a theory

129 days old
EsponjaXDDD September 6, 2020

man this is so cool

511 days old
ziadisasmart September 6, 2020

Good job
And if you look closer to the background, you can see a ferries wheel, does that mean that there will be a ferris wheel? Also, looks like the night is gonna be here! XD

1239 days old
AleCP September 6, 2020

wow i’m excited also is new pet shop still coming today?

17951 days old
stu September 6, 2020

Not too sure about today. We’re working whenever we can on that. It’ll arrive soon, keep an eye out. It won’t go missing.

34 days old
Demon007 September 7, 2020

Stu are you 17936 days old really?

199 days old
Larry343 September 7, 2020

its ok we still love you guys and the team for working on our favourite game. we will all support you waddle on

101 days old
Kuzey100 September 7, 2020

i cant wait

1229 days old
Bigbonny2013 September 7, 2020

are you actually 49

634 days old
SB737S FAN September 11, 2020

this looks great but i KNOW its gonna be great cause the CPR team always does great in the end and i hope whoever is reading this has a safe and fun day

1261 days old
Sparklmagyq September 18, 2020

Definitely gotta take care of some more pressing matters, eh?

213 days old
Dortre2010 September 6, 2020

Very nice

1269 days old
leptospirose September 6, 2020

I see a ferris wheel ๐Ÿ‘€

344 days old
P4979589 September 7, 2020


359 days old
Metabisco September 6, 2020

Nice! Thanks to the CPR Team for all their efforts into making this next event great ๐Ÿ™‚

177 days old
morawrxd September 6, 2020

thanks for all the hard work you’ve all put in:) can’t wait!!

81 days old
Tony Zuse September 7, 2020

Its The Fair

1185 days old
Desert002M September 6, 2020


63 days old
mstgli September 6, 2020

I’m excited, really cool to play again after these years!

24 days old
Jimny Wolf September 6, 2020

I Cannot Wait What Will Happen

799 days old
foxypurple67 September 6, 2020

This is one of my favorite parties, can’t wait to use the new outfits!!

407 days old
P4741329 September 6, 2020


189 days old
yeyprodigy September 6, 2020

ooh yay!

1042 days old
dodo david September 6, 2020


335 days old
Tixxt September 6, 2020

Awesome cant wait!

155 days old
USA Rugby September 6, 2020

Wow! Really cool!

154 days old
MLGwolf September 6, 2020

Hey Usa

69 days old
SCW123 September 7, 2020

I am so excited for the new penguin style catalog, yes I am not a very old penguin