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Penguin of the Week #177

By Stu on September 28, 2020

Hi Penguins,


We finally arrived with a new Penguin of The Week post!


We’re giving the almighty reward to a very active member who we always see following the rules and trying to be as positive as possible over on our What’s New blog, you can always find them on the island cheering on newcomers and old members!




Congratulations to you, icicle8, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your penguin!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1010 days old
Tielior October 5, 2020

Congrats icicle for making a amazing achievement!



226 days old
awsukii October 5, 2020


681 days old
allsin October 5, 2020

nice nice!

163 days old
BerdTheBoi October 5, 2020

Congrats Icicle8!

25 days old
Angela3298 October 5, 2020

Hey, good job icicle8!!

84 days old
superZsaiyan October 5, 2020


517 days old
1for1 Bella October 5, 2020

If any of you are on at the same time as me in a server, usually I’m on Blizzard, Marshmellow, or Zipline. Come check out my new decorated igloo on the map! I made a “Jurassic” Penguin theme! It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to come up with new fun ideas. Waddle on, friends!

517 days old
1for1 Bella October 5, 2020

Hey Stu! \m_ Just wanted to thank you and the *entire* team for working so hard to provide an awesome interactive island here on CPR. I’ve made so many great new friends, and been having a fun time. The fair is great too, always worth the wait! Finally got to Rookie as well! Very neat! Waddle on!

517 days old
1for1 Bella October 5, 2020

Congrats, love the outfit! See you around the island, waddle on! \m_

483 days old
mumblemck October 4, 2020


56 days old
emunoch October 4, 2020


115 days old
charli2829 October 4, 2020

Congrats icicle8 u really deserve it with all ur hard work and effort u finally made it! I love ur iggy looks amazing!! Can someone tell me how to get penguin of the week please
-Charli xx

47 days old
cheesed3v October 4, 2020

CONGRATS Icicle8!!!

148 days old
kaysen123456 October 4, 2020

good job i feel good for you

542 days old
maxson7 October 4, 2020

Congratulations mate!!!

31 days old
tjcop345 October 4, 2020

congrats even though im new here u still deserve it!

160 days old
Carl Cat October 4, 2020

I wish to be Penguin Of The Week! What i need to do to be one?

44 days old
P7355250 October 4, 2020


1346 days old
xYSWF October 4, 2020

Congrats on getting penguin of the week!

346 days old
Witherus October 4, 2020

Congratulations Icicle8! You deserved this

86 days old
MeredithCW October 4, 2020

Same! also, congrats, Icicle! Enjoy you week!
( also, i love you igloo 0w0 )

140 days old
farahziyad October 4, 2020

congrats!! i wish i can become penguin of the week one day!!

91 days old
ArtyGirl1050 October 4, 2020


395 days old
bearhed October 4, 2020

hey good job !

161 days old
airikaros October 4, 2020

Congrats,enjoy the week!

167 days old
King Quacker October 3, 2020


1054 days old
stuffedtacos October 3, 2020

hey stu I tried to go to the beach light house and play my instrument but no noise came out of my trombone or any of my instruments

115 days old
charli2829 October 4, 2020

ummm… how do this relate to penguin of the week?? lol

24 days old
TenLourenco October 3, 2020


209 days old
clubbelloo October 3, 2020

Congrats icicle, enjoy your week!

1284 days old
Kaja October 3, 2020

what a colorful igloo <3

125 days old
jammerpop13o October 3, 2020

Good job!

125 days old
jammerpop13o October 5, 2020

One question iceicle8, How do you feel about this, and whats your dream On cp rewritten?
It would be a pleasure if you could answer this.


164 days old
EuniceMat October 3, 2020

You are very beautiful

218 days old
mamonn October 3, 2020


81 days old
sweeethoney October 3, 2020


86 days old
MeredithCW October 4, 2020

Wow, Stu! You have been playing for a long time! I am very new! 0w0

115 days old
charli2829 October 4, 2020


534 days old
Pika112256 October 5, 2020


24 days old
Domelipa1617 October 3, 2020


53 days old
Hibah123 October 3, 2020


25 days old
Spoiled Br4t October 3, 2020

I honestly don’t know how to play this game someone help I made the account but I don’t know how to play

81 days old
sweeethoney October 3, 2020

hey do you need some help?

193 days old
progamer22 October 3, 2020

i’ll help

733 days old
Stripescat1 October 2, 2020

Congrats! πŸ™‚

25 days old
NileScale October 2, 2020


54 days old
matthew595 October 2, 2020

Hey guys

486 days old
auroracat October 2, 2020

Congrats icicle8! Thanks for being a friendly penguin!

54 days old
matthew595 October 2, 2020

I love you guys

125 days old
ScUfFeD Boi October 2, 2020


35 days old
YooHooUni October 2, 2020

Congratulations! With how kind youve been you derserve it! Have a great day!

154 days old
Countrywolf0 October 2, 2020

YESSS i love it

675 days old
dilly billy October 2, 2020

waddle on!

41 days old
Cereal OwO October 2, 2020

thats great i hope the best for every penguins whos like her.

189 days old
MochaChai October 2, 2020

Congrats Icicle!

1295 days old
stuffylove October 2, 2020


25 days old
Carmph October 2, 2020

hello am i the only person who exists here

645 days old
BlueBoiler October 2, 2020


86 days old
MeredithCW October 2, 2020


26 days old
P7502942 October 2, 2020


294 days old
pindow October 2, 2020

HONK HONK!!!!!!!!!
:0) carnival time

1172 days old
Blue Bird157 October 2, 2020

Congrats to the new POTW! It’s my birthday today as well!

86 days old
MeredithCW October 2, 2020

Congrats!!! I’m super happy for you! 0w0

149 days old
David305 October 2, 2020


210 days old
Pinkywaffle October 1, 2020

WHOOOO!!! Congrats to you, Icicle! I think I’ve actually seen you around the island helping out other penguins, and you live up to every word of your description! See you around, and have a fantastic week!

669 days old
SB737S FAN October 1, 2020

you deserve it

210 days old
Pinkywaffle October 1, 2020

WHOOO! Congrats to you, Icicle! I think I actually have seen you around the island, and you live up to every word of your description!

202 days old
Vilclops3 October 1, 2020

hello everyone Halloween starts on Octorber 31, 2020:)πŸ‘

202 days old
wolfoffire October 1, 2020

well done icicle8 enjoy your 1000 coins and green viking helmet

70 days old
leigh2012 October 1, 2020

congrats!!! have fun spending your coins

164 days old
lowerkays6 October 1, 2020


829 days old
bblackford October 1, 2020

well done!

534 days old
Pika112256 October 1, 2020

Nice work, icicle! Nice to see you as a penguin of the week!

161 days old
ashlynn2604 October 1, 2020

can’t wait for my chance!!

33 days old
PiLoT2468 October 1, 2020

great job

27 days old
singleboi210 September 30, 2020

how do u play the game

1010 days old
Tielior September 30, 2020

Congrats icicle,Hope to see you on the island soon!


715 days old
dld23277 September 30, 2020


1100 days old
LiwlChimp September 30, 2020

well done

you deserve it

1305 days old
FrankyP September 30, 2020


1249 days old
nicolasp September 30, 2020

Congratulations icicle!! :DπŸ’ Very well-deserved!! Thank you for being so helpful and kind to others on the island! I hope I can meet you someday on CPR.
Enjoy your special week!!

898 days old
Sweet Ari September 30, 2020


5415 days old
Tripple September 29, 2020

Incredible, well done!

170 days old
yellco September 29, 2020

that’s awesome. love your positive energy!

33 days old
Ender Guy September 29, 2020


122 days old
P6644909 September 29, 2020

nice job

185 days old
BoxEpicYT September 29, 2020

i help people i be kind to them and keeping cpr safe by saying dont say that!

49 days old
Eintein1 September 29, 2020


1047 days old
christinamh September 29, 2020


629 days old
Garfellk September 29, 2020

Congrats, icicle8

735 days old
Space472 September 29, 2020

Awesome! Good job!

1010 days old
Tielior September 29, 2020

Hey icicle congrats!Also I have a question,How does it feel to be potw and what do you wanna do next?


1048 days old
icicle8 October 3, 2020

Hi Tielior! It feels great to be Penguin of the Week! I really want to help penguins have fun on
Club Penguin Rewritten! I also want to get a joke published in the news paper!

Thanks for the question,

1010 days old
Tielior October 5, 2020

Cool icicle!Yea being featured in the newspaper is pretty tough but just send the same question or joke a lot of times and it might work,That is how I got the mailbag on this game LOL.Anyway I hope you enjoy your week as potw!

890 days old
Joey17790 September 29, 2020

Congrats! πŸ™‚

164 days old
Thatboi15 September 29, 2020


158 days old
pingadapori September 29, 2020

Congratulations icicle8 Enjoy Your Wonderful Week And Your 1,000 Coins And Your Pointy Green Viking Helmet You Deserve This!!!!

159 days old
danheman September 29, 2020

Wow!Congrats for your prize icicle8!You deserve it!

100 days old
Nano List September 29, 2020

Congrats!! *claps* ^-^

1312 days old
Valery September 29, 2020

congrats icicle8!

33 days old
Sue Maggie September 29, 2020

Congrats to icicle8! So cuteee

157 days old
cubbybear1 September 29, 2020

ilove cpr i was waiting for the fair

80 days old
swiggy123 September 29, 2020

Congrats icicle8!! Enjoy your week πŸ™‚

62 days old
OakleyCool September 29, 2020


1329 days old
Splosh Jnr September 29, 2020

Congratulations icicle8! It’s nice to hear that we have such positive penguins in our community. Enjoy reading through these comments, we all want to make sure that you know just how much you’re appreciated. Enjoy your special week!

– Splosh Jnr

1010 days old
Tielior October 5, 2020

I hope you enjoyed your potw week spolsh jnr lemme know


28 days old
XRobozao September 29, 2020


239 days old
daylili September 29, 2020

Congratulations, icicle8! Your kindness is contagious on CP Island <3

339 days old
Joanaray125 September 29, 2020

Hey! Congrats πŸ˜€ Thank you for being such a sweet person and always spreading positivity around the island. Have an amazing week <3

117 days old
WOWw90 September 29, 2020


503 days old
THEBESTBIRD September 29, 2020

I hope the fair can be up and running. I appreciate the hard work you do stu. keep up the good work dont give up and i hope the other devs are ok too! Until Next Time -Bird

220 days old
Degarmoo September 29, 2020


217 days old
Powolowski September 29, 2020


484 days old
l3ubble September 29, 2020

Congrats!! Enjoy your week

147 days old
Fulcrum22 September 29, 2020


439 days old
Lani2 September 28, 2020

Congrats on POTW icicle8! Enjoy your week!

1153 days old
Scrongus September 28, 2020

Great Job, Icicle8! Stay nice and safe! Have an ICE day! πŸ™‚

711 days old
rafwasserpz September 28, 2020


621 days old
DuduGames12 September 28, 2020

Congrats icicle8 Enjoy Your Week and Your Green Helmet Too
Great Job πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚

724 days old
P2635719 September 28, 2020

very cool

612 days old
HarmonyStar September 28, 2020

Congrats icicle8! I like your igloo.

50 days old
StanNCTyWayV September 28, 2020


646 days old
BenMcMufin September 28, 2020

Congrats icicle!!! Im so happy for you and i hope you have a good week

450 days old
ISSsloth September 28, 2020

Congrats icicle!

1307 days old
Jempenguin September 28, 2020


503 days old
THEBESTBIRD September 28, 2020

Congrats and enjoy the viking helmet and have a good rest of your week! Until next time -Bird

389 days old
Khaki Tree September 28, 2020

Congratulations icicle8! Awesome igloo & great outfit! Well deserved POTW! (:

862 days old
Penguinbobi1 September 28, 2020

Congratulations! I don’t think I have met you in game, but judging from from what I’m reading on this post you sound like an awesome penguin and I’d love to meet you! I hope you enjoy your week and continue to enjoy every week after!

501 days old
thub101 September 28, 2020

Congrats on getting potw! Enjoy your week!! πŸ˜€

389 days old
Khaki Tree September 28, 2020

Congratulations icicle8! Awesome igloo & great outfit! Well deserved POTW πŸ™‚

716 days old
Yippold September 28, 2020

Congrats icicle8, enjoy your week!

242 days old
goldenrose24 September 28, 2020

Congrats icicle! Enjoy your week!

1227 days old
Brownie875 September 28, 2020

Congrats Icicle8!!!

802 days old
Grid September 28, 2020

Congrats Icicle8! Enjoy your amazing week. I hope to meet you on the island!

351 days old
Oakleyx September 28, 2020

Congrats on POTW! <33