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Penguin of the Week #178

By Stu on October 5, 2020

Hi Penguins,


Happy Monday! I hope you’re having a great start of the week so far.


To start the day right, we’ll be celebrating a fresh face on the island who is already showing their kindness and activity! You can always find them checking out the latest events and hanging with their pals in multiple different rooms on the island.




Congratulations to you, sweeethoney, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your penguin!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


150 days old
Paul Heyguy October 12, 2020

lol I am all things need to be it just never get noticed

150 days old
Paul Heyguy October 12, 2020

One day I wish I can get this but someday It will happen could be years or a week Who knows

125 days old
jammerpop13o October 12, 2020

Concragts! One question for stu, when will the new potw be released

581 days old
Mobio32 October 12, 2020

I’m a little late here but congrats honey!! you’re always so kind and helpful, so very well deserved!

155 days old
FoxJaya October 12, 2020

Great job! I’m so happy for you!

38 days old
ishcream October 12, 2020

congrats!! πŸ˜€

88 days old
Parsa1386 October 12, 2020

congrats πŸ™‚

84 days old
superZsaiyan October 12, 2020

STU i have a question plzzz read!
when will cardjitsu water come???

150 days old
Paul Heyguy October 12, 2020

Ice is better

218 days old
w00zworld October 11, 2020

wow nice igloo

125 days old
jammerpop13o October 11, 2020

You’ve did A great job!

125 days old
jammerpop13o October 11, 2020

Good job!

443 days old
Osborne73 October 10, 2020

Congrats! πŸ™‚

88 days old
Parsa1386 October 10, 2020

Eyy congrats sweethoney!

212 days old
P5713084 October 10, 2020

Great Job! You look like your ready to set sail to RockHopper Island

1247 days old
lacey21 October 10, 2020


428 days old
mikey8202009 October 9, 2020

DEAR CPR – Mikey8202009
So i have 19 puffles. But i have a tiny igloo. So when i have guests or buddy’s come over. Its hard to show them my igloo cause all the puffles. Please add a backyard system for my puffles. So then there not every were. <3

1281 days old
Yadi246 October 9, 2020


188 days old
ChipoltleBoy October 9, 2020


75 days old
kpwade02 October 9, 2020


185 days old
BoxEpicYT October 9, 2020


194 days old
Azul Marina October 9, 2020

Very well done!

1273 days old
Michel2004 October 9, 2020

Well done! πŸ™‚

428 days old
mikey8202009 October 9, 2020


3627 days old
June12345 October 9, 2020

congrats sweeethoney!

18 days old
LkGamer7 October 9, 2020

Hello people i am new in the club penguin, congratulations friend


468 days old
Price007 October 9, 2020


233 days old
piratechaz14 October 9, 2020


202 days old
wolfoffire October 9, 2020

congrations sweethoney

169 days old
Ronan Sweats October 9, 2020

Nice job

1097 days old
Demi I-/ October 9, 2020

Congrats lovely

190 days old
penguinfox13 October 9, 2020

congrats! I love your igloo ❀❀❀

370 days old
Gmaer572 October 9, 2020

Congrats! πŸ˜€

56 days old
Escameca215 October 9, 2020

nice job\

76 days old
someonej October 9, 2020


614 days old
garden1027 October 9, 2020


55 days old
CARRYINGLIZY October 9, 2020

ik this has nothing to do with the potw but is anyone else experiencing website issues too like the login page wont load up

669 days old
SB737S FAN October 9, 2020

is anybody else having trouble logging into club penguin or is it just me?

19 days old
XX Sarah XX October 9, 2020

It’s nice to see so many penguins being a perfect example for how kind people should be.

715 days old
dld23277 October 9, 2020

well done :D!!

331 days old
Purpleesh October 9, 2020

Congrats sweethoney! Enjoy your week!

19 days old
P7550112 October 9, 2020


517 days old
1for1 Bella October 9, 2020

Congrats! and love the outfit and igloo! Waddle on, friends!

22 days old
P7525822 October 9, 2020

good job

22 days old
P7525822 October 9, 2020

pee pee poop poop

1137 days old
lime12355 October 9, 2020

congrats late

155 days old
soomyyyyyy October 9, 2020

I love your igloo and outfit you seem really nice!! πŸ™‚

20 days old
YeskaDog October 9, 2020

congrats sweeethoney!

19 days old
nqh281006 October 9, 2020

Congratulations, sweeethoney!

1116 days old
redpandamel October 9, 2020

congrats, honey!! you’re such a joy to have around, it’s been so amazing getting to interact with you on the island. i’m so glad to have met you through this wonderful community. so well deserved!!

134 days old
SnowCatMeow October 9, 2020

You really deserve it! And you have a cool igg too!

669 days old
SB737S FAN October 8, 2020


i was doing a rolplay and it was with three other people who where dressed up as packages and i randomly got banned and it said that the modorater banned me for breaking the rules but i never said bad words or cheated in games so could you please tell me why i got banned?

147 days old
FloatingCows October 8, 2020

Congrats man! Well deserved.

636 days old
AgentPerryJr October 8, 2020

Congratulations sweethoney! When you get a chance friend me on the island, I love to check out the events and help other penguins and do some classic roleplay at the Coffee Shop mostly

19 days old
Pipcat123456 October 8, 2020


453 days old
Evervire October 8, 2020


1217 days old
PuppetString October 8, 2020


19 days old
GoMop October 8, 2020


160 days old
Carl Cat October 8, 2020


4295 days old
P10021 October 8, 2020


20 days old
LowLol7 October 8, 2020

Congrats, sweethoney πŸ˜€

105 days old
numoneVetera October 8, 2020

Nice one:):):):)

21 days old
Crosslion October 8, 2020


379 days old
RedPenguin64 October 8, 2020


185 days old
BoxEpicYT October 8, 2020

Dear Stu – Can you come to sleet then go to plaza cause i have a bro named BoxJR and today is this birthday can you be online stu Please

41 days old
Jake2000XP October 8, 2020

Good work!

19 days old
Asm23 October 8, 2020

Hi all , how I login for ply ΒΏ

1090 days old
Korietnam October 7, 2020

Congratulations! I hope this made your week!

41 days old
Jake2000XP October 7, 2020


674 days old
purpletoby October 7, 2020


86 days old
MeredithCW October 7, 2020

Congrats! I LOVE your iggy! πŸ™‚

124 days old
P6631190 October 7, 2020

my hero!!

93 days old
Ayubeam October 7, 2020


106 days old
P6818196 October 7, 2020

Congrats Sweethoney! πŸ™‚

84 days old
superZsaiyan October 7, 2020


100 days old
Nano List October 7, 2020

Big Congrats! πŸ˜€

862 days old
SavieCat1064 October 7, 2020

congrats honey! <3

147 days old
Fulcrum22 October 7, 2020


1156 days old
CatStar333 October 6, 2020

Congrats sweeethoney! πŸ˜€

1274 days old
AleCP October 6, 2020


65 days old
RiderfStar October 6, 2020

Good Job! πŸ™‚

215 days old
Dandan0426 October 6, 2020

CONGRATS!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

1206 days old
kcpkp October 6, 2020


1302 days old
afrad October 6, 2020

wow amazing dude

1227 days old
Brownie875 October 6, 2020

Congratulations Sweeethoney!!

162 days old
javaleser October 6, 2020

what a style

193 days old
Lizzy2910 October 6, 2020

you SOOOOO deserve


209 days old
clubbelloo October 6, 2020

Congrats sweeethoney! <3

218 days old
mamonn October 6, 2020

CONGRATS SWEET! very well deserved, thank you for always being helpful and kind to others!

1302 days old
daens123 October 6, 2020

congrats bro

102 days old
Brookyn9j October 6, 2020


158 days old
pingadapori October 6, 2020

Congratulations Sweethoney!! Enjoy Your Week Your 1,000 Coins And Your Pointy Green Viking Helmet You Deserve This!!

1100 days old
LiwlChimp October 6, 2020

well done sweethoney your doing a great job keep it up

170 days old
yellco October 6, 2020

omg!! i LOVE your igloo!! congrats πŸ™‚

1057 days old
fattiecake October 6, 2020

Congrats Sweeethoney!! Hope you have an amazing week <3

1305 days old
Trooper October 6, 2020

Congrats Honey!!

821 days old
ViciousDex October 6, 2020

Congrats Sweethoney on POTW!!

33 days old
Sue Maggie October 6, 2020

Congrats and have a nice week!

69 days old
America1706 October 6, 2020


149 days old
DoIlar October 6, 2020

Congrats, Sweethoney!! Enjoy your week. <3

735 days old
Space472 October 6, 2020

Congrats sweethoney! Enjoy the pointy boi helmet!

890 days old
Joey17790 October 6, 2020

Congrats! πŸ™‚

67 days old
N00BA October 5, 2020


802 days old
Grid October 5, 2020

Congrats sweeethoney! Enjoy your week!

210 days old
Pinkywaffle October 5, 2020

WHOOOO!!! GO SWEEET HONEY!!! Enjoy that viking helmet, and I’ll see you around the island!!!

24 days old
Meontue October 5, 2020

Congrats! :))

24 days old
Tangue October 5, 2020

Congratulations sweeethoney! Great outfit and a fantastic and themed igloo! Well deserved POTW! (:

898 days old
Sweet Ari October 5, 2020


202 days old
Vilclops3 October 5, 2020

Happy Monday Everyone:)πŸ‘

351 days old
Oakleyx October 5, 2020

Congrats on potw, Sweet! You’re always so kind when we talk and so helpful! thank you for being you and putting a good impact on the community. I APPRECIATE YOU ❀️

486 days old
auroracat October 5, 2020

Congrats Sweeethoney! Thanks for being so kind, and awesome fair themed igloo!

621 days old
DuduGames12 October 5, 2020

Congrats sweethoney being POTW
Enjoy Your Week and Awesome Green Helmet

160 days old
MClaire5 October 5, 2020

Congrats SweeetHoney!! You truly deserve it!!

217 days old
Powolowski October 5, 2020

Congrats! Well deserved for sure.

542 days old
maxson7 October 5, 2020

Congrats sweethoney!!! you have always been a great friend to all of us and as your name suggests ‘sweet’,keep being you mate and have a lovely week!!!

1307 days old
Jempenguin October 5, 2020


81 days old
sweeethoney October 5, 2020

Thankyou all so much for the congratulations! I love this wonderful community and I hope to see you all around to say hi to! If you ever see me pls come and say hi so we can hang out, ily all <3

534 days old
Pika112256 October 7, 2020

I will say hi when I see you around the island! Congrats!

1010 days old
Tielior October 7, 2020

Congrats sweet!Also look your penguins only 61 days old and your already potw!Thats the youngest penguin ive ever seen get potw!



1331 days old
VTOG October 5, 2020

Congrats! πŸ™‚

339 days old
Joanaray125 October 5, 2020

Congrats, Sweeethoney!! Enjoy your week and keep being awesome <3

117 days old
WOWw90 October 5, 2020

Well done!

503 days old
THEBESTBIRD October 5, 2020

Congrats and enjoy the rest of your week well played and enjoy your viking helmet. Until next time – Bird

214 days old
NicolasScarf October 5, 2020


629 days old
Garfellk October 5, 2020

congrats sweeethoney

1010 days old
Tielior October 5, 2020


862 days old
Penguinbobi1 October 5, 2020

Congratulations! This is so well deserved! You’re always extremely friendly and and kind to everyone around you! I’m glad I got to know you! Keep making the day of everyone around you better! You more than earned this! I hope you enjoy your week and continue to enjoy every week after!

439 days old
Lani2 October 5, 2020

Congrats on POTW sweeethoney! Well deserved! Enjoy your week!

1262 days old
Tahoeblue700 October 5, 2020

Congrats, I am so happy for you!!

716 days old
Yippold October 5, 2020

Congrats Sweet, well deserved! Enjoy your week!

612 days old
HarmonyStar October 5, 2020


466 days old
Mageug0 October 5, 2020

Congrats Sweeethoney, well deserved!

518 days old
Vanburg1 October 5, 2020


242 days old
goldenrose24 October 5, 2020

Congrats sweethoney!! I hope you enjoy your week!!

501 days old
thub101 October 5, 2020

congrats sweeethoney on getting potw!!! I hope you have the best week! 😊

540 days old
Kidguin October 5, 2020

HUGE CONGRATS, HONEY <3 You're such a sweet, kind community member who's made such a positive impact in the short time you've been here. Well-deserved!!

1284 days old
Kaja October 5, 2020

goofy princess <3 we love you

534 days old
Pika112256 October 5, 2020

Nice! I’ve seen you around the island and you deserve this! Good job!

220 days old
Degarmoo October 5, 2020

SO WELL-DESERVED!!! CONGRATULATIONS SWEET SWEET HONEY. Thanks for being so cool and supportive – you may be new but you’ve already made a huge positive impact on the community. I’m really glad to have met you, and am grateful for our chats (even if they leave me hungry). You’re a star, keep shining.

117 days old
AaronisTired October 5, 2020

So well deserved, congrats!! πŸ’œ

2712 days old
Gold87 October 5, 2020


484 days old
l3ubble October 5, 2020

Omg, congratss Sweet. Well deserved!!!!

1032 days old
Steviee October 5, 2020

Congrats my sweet angel Honey! I’m so glad to have met you, and you’re such an amazing friend! Welcome to the POTW club and I’m so proud of you! <3

483 days old
mumblemck October 5, 2020

Congrats! It’s great hanging out with you on the island.

226 days old
awsukii October 5, 2020