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Penguin of the Week #185

By stu on November 24, 2020

Hi Penguins,


OOPS! Sorry for the late one with this post, I’ve been rather busy cooking up something cool.


ANYWHO! Now’s not the time to be excited for a party, we’re excited for this penguin! It’s heading towards a user who has been active for a really long time with showing their support and love for members on the island, you can always find them giving out some funny jokes too!





Congratulations to you, Sammons, you’ve managed to grab your flippers on 1,000 coins and a pointy Green Viking Helmet ready for your penguin!


Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


857 days old
Happy102oof December 2, 2020

Congrats! (ツ)_/¯🍰
(Also is my buddy list broken, its not showing any friends)

297 days old
glaselkj2020 November 30, 2020

hey when will next party event start on?

473 days old
P6429643 November 30, 2020


295 days old
KevinBone November 30, 2020


524 days old
P5940723 November 30, 2020

Congrats bud! Always great to see a good player be recognised.

447 days old
gdaemeon November 30, 2020

nice job

933 days old
orangecar386 November 29, 2020

hey CPR team, what are your plans for when adobe flash is shut down

358 days old
smolls12 November 29, 2020

good job i love you gis

358 days old
smolls12 November 29, 2020

hi i am smolls12 goog job you gis

795 days old
kasandra1 November 29, 2020

good job btw you are a great penguin keepo going buddy 🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨also merry christmas to all of you πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

358 days old
smolls12 November 29, 2020

nis job

358 days old
smolls12 November 29, 2020

good job

795 days old
kasandra1 November 29, 2020

wow such a great job keep going btw rock that hat yay good job

420 days old
P6947208 November 29, 2020

Congrats Fellow Agent!
Enjoy your POTW

413 days old
tigerrose08 November 29, 2020

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ :0

413 days old
tigerrose08 November 29, 2020

What are your rewards??

413 days old
tigerrose08 November 29, 2020

Great job, you helpful penguin! Thanks for being a great penguin! πŸ™‚

295 days old
P7969972 November 29, 2020

Pog, Congrats

549 days old
galana November 29, 2020

congrats sammons! <3

439 days old
Y1000 November 29, 2020


857 days old
Happy102oof December 3, 2020


1547 days old
pumpkin4 November 29, 2020

Congrats agent sammons. Enjoy your week.πŸ˜‰

359 days old
P7468082 November 29, 2020

Btw how do you become penguin of the week?

320 days old
lolNOXD November 29, 2020

does anyone else see the smiling box right next to the mail icon when you disconnect ? BTW, congrats !

464 days old
Kuzey100 November 29, 2020

pizzatron 3000 is broken

587 days old
OliJay2010 November 29, 2020


372 days old
P7355250 November 29, 2020

And Stu when is Operation Swarm coming? Please tell

372 days old
P7355250 November 29, 2020

Congrats Sammons!!! You must be so happy!! Remember when your penguin name was a number like mine too? Now you’re the penguin of the week!! I say again, Congrats!!

Regards- Agentjokster

1612 days old
RyanjcCPR November 29, 2020


857 days old
Greenie90237 November 29, 2020

When is the next party launching?

320 days old
BennyBoy808 November 29, 2020


296 days old
P7967348 November 28, 2020

I cant play too i cant find it

971 days old
Bigce November 28, 2020


1577 days old
nicolasp November 28, 2020

Congratulations Sammons!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ’πŸ‘‘ So well-deserved!! That’s a cool outfit! Ready for the Operation Swarm! Thank you for being so helpful and kind to others!

296 days old
P7964597 November 28, 2020

gg Lmao

487 days old
PengurBR November 28, 2020


412 days old
PikaNinja250 November 28, 2020

Congratulations! Also, when will the update be out, it’s been delayed for 2 days…

1547 days old
pumpkin4 November 28, 2020

Congrats sammons!!!!!

698 days old
Lollygirl198 November 28, 2020


328 days old
METALHUNTER November 28, 2020

Congrats sammons!

328 days old
METALHUNTER November 28, 2020


328 days old
METALHUNTER November 28, 2020

I got a qestion when will operation swarm happen?

399 days old
Snowballxoxo November 28, 2020

Congrats, Sammons!

409 days old
tabbyfan November 28, 2020

can I meet this penguin

485 days old
Im MrPinkk November 28, 2020

Nice job

543 days old
Dandan0426 November 27, 2020


842 days old
GenerousJJ November 27, 2020

Congrats Agent, you’re the best!

420 days old
P6947208 November 27, 2020

Congrats, Sammons!

909 days old
PurpleCake63 November 27, 2020

hello, I’d like to nominate myself for POTW.
I think I deserve it lol

304 days old
layne3412 November 27, 2020

i wish i was one month old:(

445 days old
Parez November 27, 2020


476 days old
REEWasTaken November 27, 2020

Congrats on POTW! You probably deserve it.

583 days old
Mike65959 November 27, 2020


1635 days old
Cobby November 27, 2020


297 days old
Howlinglace November 27, 2020


538 days old
prosweatband November 26, 2020

TheArabPengu for POTW! He is the best and he helps a lot. Please do this!

298 days old
P7951342 November 26, 2020

can someone tell me how to play because i cannot find the play button?

399 days old
Snowballxoxo November 28, 2020

theres a button that says play now press that, enable flash log in done!

328 days old
METALHUNTER November 28, 2020

um if you search up club peguin rewwritten their should be something that says Play now and if you find it just click on it

310 days old
a Scratcher November 28, 2020

Hello, you can play by pressing the “Play Now!” Button on the top right corner, after that enable Flash and then press “Login” and login to your Penguin and then choose a server to go on and then play!

446 days old
Nebula Fox November 29, 2020

top right button

413 days old
tigerrose08 November 29, 2020

top right corner. πŸ™‚

562 days old
EpicSoup November 30, 2020

at the top right click play now then click login then choose a server eg.blizzard then you can play πŸ™‚ hope this helps

372 days old
Pizzahutbro November 26, 2020

How do you become penguin of the week?

926 days old
mald5 November 26, 2020

Yayyy. Congratsss! Btw, I love ur igloo!

1667 days old
Apple Caden November 26, 2020

i need to be unmuted

1635 days old
Cobby November 30, 2020

How do you even get muted in the first place???

320 days old
ShmeeEgle 9 November 26, 2020

Yay! Yay! Yay! Yzy! Yzy! Yzy!

1613 days old
jelly1 November 26, 2020

Congrats me fren

1667 days old
Apple Caden November 26, 2020

now your gonna ban me again great i love being band yay (sarcastic)

1667 days old
Apple Caden November 26, 2020

now i have no chance of being penguin of week (CRY) why didd you ban me for something i did not do

1667 days old
Apple Caden November 26, 2020

doller was on maybe he banned me on accident

456 days old
Fan Of Raven November 26, 2020

Congrats agent! Spend wisley πŸ™‚

299 days old
sxfxri November 26, 2020

congrats!! i know my account isn’t that old but i’ve played for years! i just forgot my pass to my other five accounts. but great job!

1635 days old
Jempenguin November 25, 2020


1402 days old
patrovichCP November 25, 2020

hey stu, i need help, i wanted to get the trial master stamp, after a lot of tries i finally get the 20 fishes but i dont get the stamp, after that i tried again and i get now 23 fishes but still no stamp, please explain me why a cant get the stamp (sorry for the possible bad english)

524 days old
P5940723 November 30, 2020

It’s only yellow fish that count towards the stamp. Don’t bother catching grey fish. They can sometimes hinder you from getting yellow ones.

311 days old
P7825559 November 25, 2020

Congrats, Very Cool
also congrats i think i forgot that

311 days old
P7825559 November 25, 2020

Congrats, Very Cool

300 days old
LonzoBall96 November 25, 2020

this one is goofy!!!!!

304 days old
Poisidon123 November 25, 2020


487 days old
IamOrange12 November 25, 2020

congrats! you deserve it!

677 days old
taterguin44 November 25, 2020

hey can i have a shot for next week.
also good job

479 days old
Callista26 November 25, 2020

Congratulations Sammons!!! Enjoy your valued prizes!!
Looking forward to meet you and hear one of your jokes πŸ™‚

1183 days old
KitKat1378 November 25, 2020


312 days old
Funny Dorito November 25, 2020

Wow, he looks like a secret agent! (not like there are any) anyways enjoy the prizes hope you have a good week!

1632 days old
aleoverania November 25, 2020

Congrats, Sam!

831 days old
THEBESTBIRD November 25, 2020

Congrats on potw agent epic fit for the operation! Enjoy your week and have a good one! Until next time – Bird

1544 days old
KeeperTp November 25, 2020

i’d like to get the fat igloo thing

339 days old
kierdim12 November 25, 2020

Congrats, I wonder who next POTW is going to be.

Good job on being POTW!

299 days old
HEHEBEN1 November 25, 2020


997 days old
SB737S FAN November 25, 2020


308 days old
RockBall2912 November 24, 2020


5104 days old
Bradyy November 24, 2020

Congratulations Agent, enjoy your week.

911 days old
P3718571 November 24, 2020

I get it. So you’re still working on the HTML5 update?
I think that you should keep the flash version until you finish the HTML5 update.

480 days old
Larimar27 November 24, 2020


443 days old
charli2829 November 24, 2020

Well done Sammons, you really deserve this award. I’d like to say a huge thank you to club penguin rewritten for all they’ve dont for, bringing back the great storm and the upcoming operation swarm! We should all be thanking our wonderful cpr team for showing their luv and support. THANK YOU!!

1635 days old
Static November 24, 2020

Congrats! (:

853 days old
greeny8700 November 24, 2020

This is POG

432 days old
PurpleCat27 November 24, 2020

so cool

304 days old
Poisidon123 November 24, 2020


304 days old
Poisidon123 November 24, 2020

Hey, Buddy Congratulations, you are amazing I am working hard to become a penguin-like you!

1002 days old
purpletoby November 24, 2020

congratulations !πŸ˜€(βœΏβ—‘β€Ώβ—‘)

456 days old
Fan Of Raven November 24, 2020


352 days old
Tangue November 24, 2020

Huge, but huge congratulations to you Sammons! You look very thematic for the upcoming event, and so does your igloo! Well deserved POTW, have a nice week! (:

764 days old
zombsroyalll November 24, 2020


882 days old
tacocat54893 November 24, 2020

Congrats!! But mods, I have a question. So in Puffle Rescue there is a stamp saying destroy 15 Snowball cannons, and I promise I did. When I didnt get it, I continued to level 15 and still didnt get it. Is it a glitch?

414 days old
MeredithCW November 24, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you enjoy showing off your brand new helmet this week and
have a great time!

P.S. LOVE your igloo!

751 days old
Blazepuggle November 24, 2020

Congrats on POTW fellow agent, Herbert been acting kinda sus lately

1659 days old
Pingo107 November 24, 2020


993 days old
maymnah123 November 24, 2020

Ehhhhhhhh I will really miss the field ops
Also when I went to the efp after the Halloween party I still saw some jack o

862 days old
Pika112256 November 24, 2020


445 days old
WOWw90 November 24, 2020

Congratulations to the one and only, AGENT. Thanks so much for being part of the community, and also sharing your only jokes to the community as possible!

419 days old
kitty kins November 24, 2020

Congrats Sammons! I am not surprised that your the POTW! Enjoy your week!

304 days old
Marsh2012 November 24, 2020

Congratulations! Rock On Sammons!!!

311 days old
ForcePlayZ November 24, 2020


308 days old
ProOfLebanon November 24, 2020


667 days old
Joanaray125 November 24, 2020

congrats, sammons!! I’m sure you deserve this (: Enjoy your week<33

307 days old
RadicallyRad November 24, 2020


1046 days old
colinxy November 24, 2020

Congrats! You deserved it!

829 days old
thub101 November 24, 2020

Congrats sammons on getting potw! I hope you have an amazing week and enjoy your new green helmet! ☺️

1218 days old
Joey17790 November 24, 2020

Congrats! πŸ™‚

1190 days old
Penguinbobi1 November 24, 2020

Congratulations, Agent! If there is one thing we all new, it’d be that this award would go to someone as kind, caring and welcoming as you and we couldn’t be more grateful to you! Really well deserved! I hope you enjoy your week and continue enjoying every week after!

464 days old
Kuzey100 November 24, 2020

Almost there for me but you CONGRATILATTIONSπŸ˜‹πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘

1661 days old
Betty November 24, 2020

GG Agent! Appreciate your work for CPR to help us, and others.

306 days old
Skoo33 November 24, 2020

wow great job on that and thank you for making cpr an amazing place and enjoy your week of fame, penguin fame

347 days old
XX Sarah XX November 24, 2020

Great job fellow agent! Stopping Herbert will be a breeze with you on our side!

846 days old
Vanburg1 November 24, 2020


504 days old
Nordim November 24, 2020

Congrats Sammons!!!

756 days old
mikey8202009 November 24, 2020

How do i become Penguin Of The Week? I sat in town asking Penguins if they needed help with the game. Please make me Penguin Of The Week I work hard to be it.

312 days old
Fadelol November 24, 2020

congratz lol, also who its always loading in the cprewritten newer play web?

940 days old
HarmonyStar November 24, 2020


1030 days old
Rocky Road85 November 24, 2020

A huge congrats to you, Agent! For over a year throughout multiple forums you’ve never failed to bring a smile to my face – and many others. Thank you for all that you contribute to our little penguin community! Enjoy your week πŸ™‚

1043 days old
dld23277 November 24, 2020

congrats!!! sammonsss

1640 days old
Valery November 24, 2020

congrats sammons! hope to see u around the island soon!

1634 days old
Happy 34567 November 24, 2020

CONGRATS AGENT!!! you totally deserved this!!! keep ur head up king, ur viking helm is falling <3

1330 days old
Philou9 November 24, 2020

Congrats Sammons! I hope you will enjoy your week!!!

1633 days old
Trooper November 24, 2020


554 days old
awsukii November 24, 2020

AGENTTTT CONGRATS OMG !!!!!!! you are literally one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve met here and I lub u so so so much, THANKYOU for being you, I’m so glad I have the honor of being your friend!! <333

483 days old
FioneChubby1 November 24, 2020

It’s literally still 11/23 at my place.

But congrats Sammons!

570 days old
goldenrose24 November 24, 2020

OMG CONGRATS AGENT, SO WELL DESERVED !! Youre so kind, genuine, helpful, and funny, youre an amazing friend too!! Have the most amazing and lovely week! <33

1084 days old
spoopghost November 24, 2020

ohmYGOD IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AGENT!!! <3 I am so so so so proud of you, and I am so honored to be your friend! This is so well deserved πŸ™‚

1360 days old
Steviee November 24, 2020

Congrats to my BESTIE AGENT!! I’m so proud of you, this is extremely well deserved! You’ve been nothing but a positive light in my life and I can’t thank you enough for that! I’m so glad that you’re apart of the community. Enjoy your week there is truly no one like you! <3 Welcome to the POTW club!

1662 days old
antlive0711 December 1, 2020

i wanna join……

561 days old
rinie19 November 24, 2020

AAAAAAAH AGENT !!!! congratulations !!! you deserve it so much !!!! i love you so much !!!! <3

767 days old
Lani2 November 24, 2020

Congrats on POTW Agent! Very well deserved! Enjoy your week!

1149 days old
ViciousDex November 24, 2020

AHHH! Congrats on POTW Agent!! Well deserved so so much!!

548 days old
Moo November 24, 2020

Huge congratulations, this is so well-deserved. Thanks for being you! You’re so amazingly kind and caring, and I’m so so glad you’re a part of this community <3

304 days old
Poisidon123 November 24, 2020


303 days old
PcVpenguin November 25, 2020

Hello well done sammons

538 days old
prosweatband November 26, 2020

TheArabPengu for POTW! He is the best and he helps a lot. Please do this!

1654 days old
kjflipper November 24, 2020


868 days old
Kidguin November 24, 2020

CONGRATS AGENT!!!!! Thank you for being one of the first people to make me feel welcome in the CPR community (but especially CPRC) when we first met over a year ago, you’ve always been a kind and genuine friend and I know so many people appreciate you. <3

1476 days old
Kat November 24, 2020

Congrats agent!! So well deserved, I’m so happy for you! You are such a lovely, amazing, and kind penguin and I am so glad you are getting the recognition you deserve. Wear that helmet proudly!!!

432 days old
PurpleCat27 November 24, 2020

I love how you said that!

409 days old
Honey November 24, 2020

Hehe, very well deserved Agent! Hope your week is as lovely…and as entertaining as you! <3

477 days old
Dollar November 24, 2020

Congratulations!! Really well deserved. Enjoy your week!