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What’s To Come In February!

By stu on January 25, 2021

Hi Penguins,


We hope you’ve been enjoying the full release of our HTML5 client, it’s been awesome to see you all in-game.


And hello to the new penguins that have been making accounts on the game, we’ve noticed 46,000 of you registered in just 3-4 days! We hope you’re here to stick around to see the further development of our HTML5 client.





Many have been asking for some updates on what players might expect in February and the upcoming months ahead, I can try my best to give you some answers without spoiling too much.


Firstly, we hope to continue the development of the HTML5 build until we are satisfied with it, that is our priority at the current moment. Our priority at the moment was bug fixing but we believe we’ve fixed majority of the major bugs and we’re hoping to switch to the actual content of things very soon.


What we hope to release in February:


Penguin Style 2021

We’ve decided to skip January’s Penguin Style so we can focus on some quick bug fixing. This allows us to then focus on actual content for February, we’re unsure of the style of choice for the Penguin Style at the moment.


Igloo Catalogs 2021

A new Penguin Style basically means some new igloo decorations, we all know the routine! We’re hoping to get one sorted for all you igloo decorators out there so you guys can use the new igloo decorating at its fullest. If you haven’t tried that out yet, you definitely should!


New Pin Hidden On The Island!

The HTML5 golden joystick pin will be removed within two weeks from the start of when it was released. These pins will NOT make a return so it’s important to get it, it’s quite a milestone pin with an awesome memory to it.


Our Anniversary!

We’ve been here for four years almost, how crazy is that? We are planning to celebrate it with you all in February. Check out the cake concept done by one of our artists above this wall of text. We are also hoping to perhaps bring a mascot this year but this isn’t a positive confirmation, you guys will know once the schedules pop up on the What’s New blog due to our changes of mascot visits.


That’s all I have at the moment, there are plenty of bug fixes that were made in just the first week of the HTML5 client, penguins can check those out over on our Discord server. We appreciate you all for sticking around.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team

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