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April Pastel Fun!

By stu on March 26, 2021

Hi Penguins,


I hope you’re enjoying the month so far, it’s been a very busy one for us!


For April we hope to bring you all some pastel fun for your igloos and more. This could also include an Easter egg Hunt within the month and some brand new catalogs for your liking. Wanting to know what’s up for grabs if you complete the Easter egg hunt?



That’s correct, you’ll be getting an awesome Easter eggloo designed by one of our artists known as Lovebacon56.


This igloo won’t be returning for a good while so make sure you’re logging in for this one. Thank you to also ‘Jennie Lisa’ in-game for suggesting such a cool igloo to us via our Discord suggestions channel!


It includes a custom door to the decor and also a unique window, this is going to be one AWESOME igloo that you do not want to miss out on.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


351 days old
belle2010 April 3, 2021

Im soooo excited for the Easter egg hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1613 days old
QxeenIvy April 2, 2021


303 days old
catchytune13 March 31, 2021

This is gonna go GREAT with my froggy chair

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq March 30, 2021

This looks like a custom igloo, first of 2021. I think it’ll be as custom as the froggy furniture and clothing.

268 days old
Kirbylover23 March 30, 2021


274 days old
Geode59 March 30, 2021

Looks Awesome!!! quick question: When will The sports catalog return?

755 days old
DoctorMcBlue March 29, 2021

I’m soo excited

184 days old
P8863964 March 29, 2021


487 days old
IamOrange12 March 29, 2021


1613 days old
spiderman132 March 29, 2021


182 days old
RedTick March 29, 2021

Guys did any of you find dot?

300 days old
P7925749 April 1, 2021


236 days old
Roseydancer1 March 29, 2021

Looks awesome! Seriously hoping puffles will be available soon!

882 days old
tacocat54893 March 29, 2021

Where is Jet Pack Guy, and Dot?!?!?!?!

300 days old
P7925749 April 1, 2021

I saw dot today!

552 days old
yeyprodigy March 29, 2021

umm wer is dot and jet pack guy meet up??

224 days old
UHmYYYRRR March 29, 2021

you guys are awesome keep up the great work πŸ™‚

1577 days old
nicolasp March 29, 2021

I can’t wait to see the new catalogs and search for the hidden Easter eggs!πŸ‘€πŸ₯š
That Easter eggloo looks lovely!!

376 days old
Centrality March 29, 2021

Very Cool!

1624 days old
Sparklmagyq March 29, 2021

I can’t wait to see it in action!

180 days old
kalandraka10 March 29, 2021


560 days old
smartboy762 March 29, 2021

Is this egg hunt gonna be just new pins or a whole april egg hunt itself?

439 days old
notblueeagle March 29, 2021

thank you cpr, very cool

371 days old
Bitolino1 March 29, 2021

i want too a big slarge blue igloo

370 days old
sburma1 March 29, 2021

is very cool

764 days old
zombsroyalll March 28, 2021


1625 days old
pinkiegogo March 28, 2021

So adorable!! I need to start earning some coins so I can deck out my igloo for Easter! <3

309 days old
cubic30 March 28, 2021

I think that i’ll love the egg hunt but, i’m most excited about the box dimension.

405 days old
Liberty1776 March 28, 2021

I cant wait

273 days old
marias23 March 28, 2021

I am really excited for this, I love the idea!

372 days old
Pizzahutbro March 28, 2021


351 days old
belle2010 March 28, 2021

Im so exited for the easter egg hunt. You guys have really worked hard on this!
i cant wait to get the egg igloo home Im just so excited Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1441 days old
Sweetganpat March 28, 2021

This eggloo looks AWESOME!!! Amazing igloo idea, Jennie! And cool art, Bacon!

1568 days old
jackson86 March 28, 2021

I would actually use this ngl

385 days old
thejota March 28, 2021


433 days old
mumble1706 March 28, 2021

new decor igloo

1072 days old
Salad Expert March 28, 2021


211 days old
loaf24 March 28, 2021


228 days old
divacookie89 March 28, 2021

cant wait for the egg hunt :3

549 days old
galana March 28, 2021

i’m so excited for these pastel items πŸ™‚ they’re definitely my favorite kind! my igloo is going to look soooo cute

638 days old
TheNitronic March 28, 2021

So, wait…does this mean we aren’t getting an April Fool’s Party this year?

1226 days old
Sweet Ari March 28, 2021

Sooo “egg”cited about that πŸ˜€

303 days old
catchytune13 March 28, 2021

omg commenting works again

1338 days old
Tielior March 27, 2021

Time to buy everything in the igloo catalog and make an crazy igloo again

419 days old
kitty kins March 27, 2021

I missed the meet-up today bc my internet was down ;(. thats ok, but this igloo looks awesome! are we going to have the april fools party this year? if you know, please answer me!
Waddle on!

-kitty kins

292 days old
P7991518 March 27, 2021

Hey stu can you friend my account?

279 days old
Rosalin19 March 27, 2021

very cute btw, when is the next code coming

279 days old
Rosalin19 March 27, 2021

aww so cute thanks club penguin soo much

326 days old
icrowe March 27, 2021

looks ok but cant wait for the easter hunt! Thanks CPRT

189 days old
ICEPUFFLEGUY March 27, 2021


484 days old
lavacake1212 March 27, 2021

well i really like the crayon type line art the image of the igloo is going for, even though you guys are gonna smooth out the line art for the real igloo, i think it just fits the whole “easter” theme and the pastel theme you guys are going for.

1491 days old
pongtong March 27, 2021

Oh wow! This looks really cool! I like pastel colours so I can DEFINITELY see myself buying this igloo when it comes out! Great job! And cool party by the way!

530 days old
wolfoffire March 27, 2021

wow very nice and thank you we can comment again

534 days old
Cremy64 March 27, 2021

Amazing i love the design and the pastel colors πŸ™‚ Cant wait for the Easter egg hunt!

234 days old
BubbleGum413 March 27, 2021

i loved todays robber and cop meet up, but I just can’t wait for this one! The hard work you guys put into this is really worth it! Cant wait!!!

1632 days old
Pimbolota March 27, 2021

Excited about the egg hunt

475 days old
Ally YS Lee March 27, 2021

When will it happen??

1594 days old
man man March 27, 2021

I’m not an iglo guy, but this looks neat!

279 days old
Rosalin19 March 27, 2021


371 days old
Bitolino1 March 27, 2021

i want to have a pastel blue igloo

409 days old
Honey March 27, 2021

Thanks Jennie for the concept and Bacon for the amazing art as usual <3

355 days old
haripriya24 March 27, 2021

did she meant jennie from b;ackpink

304 days old
DrawingWiff March 27, 2021

Im suuuuuper excited for this!!!!!!

194 days old
picklypengy March 27, 2021

great idea wed all love a easter egg party

1624 days old
DerpyDiamond March 27, 2021

Cool egg igloo!

181 days old
P8882977 March 27, 2021


427 days old
Kulp March 27, 2021


447 days old
Mustelid Man March 27, 2021

This is gonna be AWESOME!! Thank you so much CPR team <3

228 days old
Lil Jeffy011 March 27, 2021

im gonna find all the eggs. no one can stop me mawhahhahah

224 days old
UHmYYYRRR March 29, 2021

im batman i will stop u

494 days old
DmmC2121 March 27, 2021

wow! cool igloo!

317 days old
mimyun March 27, 2021

I love pastel stuff!

322 days old
Maxwell40 March 27, 2021

”I can’t wait!”

1632 days old
leptospirose March 27, 2021

Big Chungus costume for easter scavenger hunt πŸ™

1632 days old
leptospirose March 28, 2021

thank you i am very happy

485 days old
P6279078 March 27, 2021


181 days old
WildChild045 March 26, 2021

Can’t wait!

1662 days old
Blueicegram March 26, 2021

This is exciting news. Thanks

323 days old
GreekGoshx March 26, 2021

So excited for the iggy and hats! Thanks Stu!

323 days old
GreekGoshx March 26, 2021

super excited!

308 days old
RockBall2912 March 26, 2021

OMG you can comment now!

940 days old
HarmonyStar March 26, 2021

I NEED that igloo, can’t wait to get it.

867 days old
Koopaloop March 26, 2021

I don’t think you’re supposed to crack this egg..

216 days old
sodapopswirl March 26, 2021

Gorgeous!! Can’t wait to snatch that one up.

284 days old
Iasx March 26, 2021

WOW!!that igloo is great. i love the broken window, very nice. Lovebacon56 you have a talent clap clap . well thx for the sneak peak.

1218 days old
Joey17790 March 26, 2021

Eggs! πŸ˜€

387 days old
iVortex March 26, 2021

Will we not be getting the traditional Easter Bunny hat this year?

358 days old
P7471394 March 26, 2021


1613 days old
jelly1 March 26, 2021


526 days old
SonicFanavil March 26, 2021

Not gonna lie,that igloo looks amazing!

224 days old
Hee Hee Boi March 26, 2021

that iggy looking fly

1481 days old
Scrongus March 26, 2021

I love it! The amount of custom content really makes this private server special!

326 days old
B3LLER March 26, 2021


1514 days old
RealEduardo March 26, 2021

Easter Basket Igloo when?

372 days old
Pizzahutbro March 26, 2021

Will there be mascot meet ups for JPG and Dot?

447 days old
Mustelid Man March 28, 2021

Yes! They will release them soon.

767 days old
Lani2 March 26, 2021

The Easter igloo looks cute! Can’t wait.

299 days old
Jello Lover March 26, 2021

wait, so no april fools party? aw man, i wanted to go to the box area bruh

769 days old
CheezyPie March 26, 2021

adorable! keep these cool items coming πŸ˜‰ can’t wait! πŸ˜€

1208 days old
Liguile March 26, 2021

This eggloo is soooo cute! I loved it!

325 days old
RoseyOpal March 26, 2021

Love this!! Really appreciate everything you do for the community <3

492 days old
EsponjaXDDD March 26, 2021


210 days old
Jennie Lisa March 26, 2021


1330 days old
Philou9 March 26, 2021

Wow i’m impatient to see this in april!

268 days old
punci 2021 March 26, 2021

Why is it broken the chick hatched from the egg? πŸ˜‰

525 days old
7 VASCAO 7 March 26, 2021

Awesome as always!

1662 days old
Blueicegram March 26, 2021

Awesome iggy, and was hoping for Easter egg hunt. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

224 days old
MusicNinjaa March 26, 2021


178 days old
kreyk291 March 26, 2021

It fould be perfect to have an egg costume available or easter bunny costumes with different colors. Also what about throwing eggs instead of snowballs?

414 days old
MeredithCW March 26, 2021

Woah… I want this :0

320 days old
aloelotion March 26, 2021


268 days old
Pengi118659 March 26, 2021


224 days old
MusicNinjaa March 26, 2021


212 days old
Laab0312 March 26, 2021



504 days old
Nordim March 26, 2021


1443 days old
DarIing March 26, 2021

I always love completing the egg hunt! Excited for this new igloo. πŸ™‚

1642 days old
SpaceEV March 26, 2021

That igloo looks so cozy!

1428 days old
WinslowKat1 March 26, 2021

where puffel

919 days old
Tacosky March 26, 2021

cool igloo πŸ™‚

1471 days old
Lollypie0070 March 26, 2021

Yess! Exciting. I hope to see Rookie during April πŸ™‚

1592 days old
Bigbonny2013 March 26, 2021

Custom window be like: hole

475 days old
Fulcrum22 March 26, 2021


1635 days old
Jempenguin March 26, 2021

Easter Egg Igloo, yes please!

1425 days old
J0shmary March 26, 2021

I know right??!? More custom content on the way!

323 days old
GreekGoshx March 26, 2021