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Bunny Week Community Meet-Up

By stu on April 4, 2021

Hi Penguins,


We hope you enjoyed the NOIR party, it was so fun hanging out with you all during our last meet-up!


We’re now wanting to join you all with the Easter egg hunt happening in-game right now! We’re wanting you all to dress up with any bunny outfit choices you might have in mind!



Keep the questions unique to get an answer from us, they will be the ones that stand out to us more. We expect to play some mini-games with you all, too!


Use the code ‘BUGSBUNNY21‘ if you’re lacking a bunny hat to mix in with the rest.


Here are the details down below for the meet-up, we hope you all share it as it’s an important one:


Meet-Up For Bunny Week 🐰


Date: Wednesday, 7th April 2021

Time: 6:00am PST / 10:00am EST

Server: Zipline

Dress code: Bunny Outfits


Not only will this community meet-up be taking place this week, but we will be bringing back Aunt Arctic for players to meet on the island for this event. Mascot meet-up times for Aunt Arctic will be posted very shortly.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


304 days old
DrawingWiff April 16, 2021

I missed this one only just saw the post dang☹️

170 days old
ars0n31 April 10, 2021

man i missed it

186 days old
NVILLAIN April 9, 2021

cool but I missed it πŸ™

170 days old
ars0n31 April 10, 2021

same πŸ™

328 days old
METALHUNTER April 6, 2021


883 days old
bulokmobrad April 6, 2021

its 9pm here for meet up

hope I can join tommorow/tmrw

Thx/ty/thank you for the meet up πŸ˜€

549 days old
galana April 6, 2021

this sounds super fun guys! and thank you for the new code

454 days old
GmanCandyCan April 6, 2021

Pretty Cool Can’t wait!

1635 days old
Robbierobott April 5, 2021

Hi there! Happy Easter! Just trying to help you & everyone else out for possible confusion & missing out … if the meet-up time is 6 am PST, shouldn’t it then be 9 am for EST? Thank you for all your hard work! πŸ™‚ – – – Robin

935 days old
P3412038 April 5, 2021

Dang this one is early

1218 days old
Joey17790 April 5, 2021

Bunnies! πŸ˜€

526 days old
SonicFanavil April 5, 2021

Good,but i won’t be there because i have things to do at that time,so i couldn’t be there. But hey! I surelly be able to met Aunt A.(Not like that try to met her in the annyversary of this year…)

169 days old
Aydan9000000 April 5, 2021


328 days old
Juli bird April 5, 2021

hi im kinda lonly and idk what to do sometimes. dose anyone hav advice for me?

417 days old
M3M0R1ES April 5, 2021

Happy Egg-Hunting Everyone!

334 days old
a red dragon April 5, 2021

yay so good to play again but I miss my pufful’s

224 days old
UHmYYYRRR April 5, 2021

why i get banned for saying cook wrong

270 days old
hevcam19 April 5, 2021


230 days old
TypicalWood8 April 5, 2021

Sure, I mean, I don’t have classes on Wednesday so why not.

530 days old
wolfoffire April 5, 2021

have a happy easter everyone and stay safe

168 days old
Mikey82009 April 5, 2021

On cromebook the game is so laggy that it’s barley playable since hardware acceleration isent on it pls fix this

882 days old
tacocat54893 April 5, 2021

Happy Easter everyone! This egg hunt is really fun and challenging, and I hope you will get it and Aunt Arctic!

1635 days old
Static April 5, 2021

Love the new igloo location!

769 days old
CheezyPie April 5, 2021

yay! happy easter, cpr team πŸ™‚ thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done! keep being amazing <3 cant wait to see you all on Wednesday!

579 days old
Vilclops2 April 5, 2021

happy Easter Monday

184 days old
sleepyboi792 April 5, 2021

few, a have 30 minutes to meet before school

169 days old
vxbepenguin April 5, 2021

Very impressed with this update! I hope to see more from the Club Penguin Team and community.

235 days old
KoolSkoolMan April 5, 2021

I found all the eggs. these are the locations.
1. Middle left of the dojo courtyard
2. On top of the gift shop building
3. bottom left of gift shop
4. bottom right of cove
5. mid right of the cave mine
6. mountain behind penguin run sign
7. in lodge with basket of fluffys
8. in the stadium


372 days old
P7356912 April 5, 2021

Hey anyone can help me? My penguin name is Pafins, but in game show me P7356912?

1635 days old
Robbierobott April 5, 2021

When you first join, your penguin will be a number. After your name is approved, it will change to the name you gave your penguin. It may take some days to happen, so just have fun until then! πŸ™‚

326 days old
Killua hxh April 11, 2021

My penguin was like that for months and ppl were telling me that I had to wait but it still wasnt working, so I managed to find a Mod (like Stu, Honey, Skyver ect.) and asked them to verify my username and it worked. I hope this helped you bye πŸ™‚

228 days old
Lil Jeffy011 April 5, 2021

Yes is april fools!!!!
and happy easter!!!!!

284 days old
Iasx April 5, 2021

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i cant make make it at that time, same as the noir meet up and many others meet up. plz pick another time plz

1330 days old
Philou9 April 5, 2021

Happy to see you guys soon!πŸ₯°πŸ°

241 days old
P8231211 April 5, 2021

The igloo is not load

189 days old
ICEPUFFLEGUY April 5, 2021

happy easter guys!

1208 days old
KeaBird231 April 5, 2021

Happy Easter from yesterday guys x

276 days old
alaskius April 5, 2021

ΒΏΒΏΒΏwho is coming????

358 days old
JustsomAsian April 5, 2021

noice maybe another aunt arctic background!?!?!?!?

276 days old
Queen Ice123 April 5, 2021

there is a egg in stadium, gift shop, cove,mountain,mine,dojo,

NOTE:outside gift shop on the top window you will see a egg the when you click go inside the gift shop and go to your right. and also for dojo
there will be a egg outside the dojo to your left.

hope you find your eggs!

303 days old
catchytune13 April 5, 2021

You guys always put the meetups at the worst times. The anniversary one was during school, then the Noir Meetup was also during school, and now the Easter one is early in the morning.

413 days old
The Unwell April 5, 2021

Um, Me and a lot of people couldn’t click aunt artic to get her background when she visited. Could you please fix that. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

940 days old
HarmonyStar April 5, 2021

The Easter egg hunt was great! A couple of those eggs were hard to find. I hope I can get aunt arctic’s new background. I hope everyone had fun at the meetup!

1226 days old
Sweet Ari April 5, 2021

oh noo i have school that day of the meetup πŸ™ the new igloo from the hunt is still pretty though…

370 days old
sburma1 April 5, 2021

im very exited

370 days old
sburma1 April 5, 2021

cool,stu who is the mascot

324 days old
Blazey679 April 5, 2021

is aunt arctic on zipline???

343 days old
FireyGuiners April 5, 2021

Some people have school like me, in my opinion, this isn’t fair.

732 days old
Mindstorm365 April 5, 2021

Im so exited to find the Easter eggs!

732 days old
Mindstorm365 April 5, 2021

Happy Easter!πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’š

225 days old
Roderick 199 April 5, 2021

Happy Easter to u and all ur fam members

579 days old
Vilclops2 April 5, 2021


316 days old
P7788073 April 5, 2021

I’m having a little bit of trouble trying to find the Easter eggs. Could somebody give me some pointers?

232 days old
sofoniyasVIP April 5, 2021

1. Mountain(Under one of the signs)
2. Ski lodge(Next to the fish poles)
3. Dojo(On the side of the building
4. MineShack(Go to where u dig coins there is a waterfall u will see the egg
5. Cove(Left corner down)
6. Shop(Next to the clothes changer)
7. Town(Shop window)
if u cant find ask others

284 days old
Iasx April 5, 2021

there are eggs at the cove,town,gift shop,cave mine,dojo courtyard,stadium,ski lodge and mountain hope you find them

169 days old
vxbepenguin April 5, 2021

I would, but I have no idea where they are either. :/

242 days old
Clamee3 April 5, 2021

There is one in the window of the gift shop, one in the cave mine, one at the edge of the cove, one on the ski hill, one at the dojo courtyard, one at the stadium, one at the ski lodge and one at the gift shop

316 days old
P7788073 April 5, 2021

I don’t know if you all know this but some of us have to go to school.

284 days old
Iasx April 5, 2021


1514 days old
RealEduardo April 5, 2021

I have school at 10:00 am EST and it’s on a Wednesday.
This means I can’t even meet up. This isn’t fair

284 days old
Iasx April 5, 2021

ya it really is not fair.

174 days old
Terah April 5, 2021

um what is the difference between est and pst, my time zone is 11 hrs ahead from pst.

183 days old
Woody8700 April 5, 2021


275 days old
imjosee April 5, 2021

yayaya so excited!

372 days old
Pizzahutbro April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!!!

316 days old
P7788073 April 5, 2021

Happy Easter🌼

638 days old
TheNitronic April 4, 2021

I thought you guys said no mascots were visiting this time?

1635 days old
Jempenguin April 4, 2021

Happy Easter, CPR Team! I love the new Eggloo so much!

232 days old
Pirilucas737 April 5, 2021

I love too!
Is fantastic😁🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩

1577 days old
nicolasp April 4, 2021

Very cool!! I can’t wait to meet you all again!πŸ˜„πŸ’™ Happy Easter everyone!!🐰 πŸ₯šπŸ‡πŸŒΊ

419 days old
kitty kins April 4, 2021

im having trouble with my computer. whenever i play club penguin, 10 minutes later it either gets so laggy that i cant even move, or it crashes. and tips? also im on a chromebook so hardware acceleration isnt an option in my setting.
waddle on!
-kitty kins

681 days old
Ombie21 April 4, 2021


1675 days old
Perapin April 4, 2021

Hi stu!


1613 days old
Thorn April 5, 2021

Still waiting for you to reply to my DM.

1675 days old
Perapin April 5, 2021

You know I’m bad at reading DMs, I will get back to you in a few minutes!


276 days old
alaskius April 5, 2021

excuse me thorn i have a question
ΒΏwho is coming on this meet up?

328 days old
METALHUNTER April 6, 2021


202 days old
bread01 April 4, 2021


1360 days old
Stevie April 4, 2021

So excited to see you all again! Happy Easter! πŸ’πŸ£πŸ’–πŸ°