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Summer Fun Arriving!

By stu on June 11, 2021

Hi Penguins,


We’ve been hard at work since our last post speaking up on the faster development.


I’m going to be adding up on some of those things in this blog post, let’s start with the beloved Card-Jitsu first…



When we release Card-Jitsu, which is aimed for the Summer (things can change, this is an estimated date), players will notice a quick change of the UI to make it cleaner and better to look at. We will also be adding some new music, without removing the classic one when in the actual game with someone, don’t worry!


We will also be adding ways for players to gain some fresh cards to compete against with other Ninja penguins on the island…



Next up, another developer has been working on Pizzatron converting it to HTML5. You might be confused because it’s already in the game right now, but that is actually using an emulated Flash version which is not reliable and is actually rather faulty to work with, it’s poor with a lot of lag on lower end devices.


You can really see the difference if you decided to play Pizzatron in-game right now, the difference is HUGE! We’re also excited to announce after Pizzatron, Sled Racing will be in full development and will be worked on quickly to then also be released in HTML5.




Puffles! The pets that penguins adore completely, they are returning soon! We are working on the Puffle Care animations and will have some news shortly on those, you can hopefully expect them VERY soon. I can’t wait to see all your little puffles again on the island!


Decor could change during development


Now for what’s to arrive in terms of parties in the Summer, that’s a fun one! After our Prehistoric Party this month, players will be able to experience a FUN selection of events and I’m here to give you that timeline, are you ready?


First party arriving after Prehistoric Party will be the Music Jam of 2021, it will introduce the Penguin Band with a new look, some beach decor with some Summer vibes and slides!


After the Music Jam we are having a re-introduction of the Adventure Party and the barrel mini-game where you choose your team and compete with one another!


Still not satisfied? We’re saving the best until last with the introduction of The Fair again, I’m excited to see you all earning those tickets.


I am very happy with the development behind the scenes and we’re working very hard on everything, I can assure you that. What are your thoughts on the timeline of events? Let me know down below!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


399 days old
Flap 64 June 25, 2021

Cant wait! keep on working hard

1702 days old
Sparklmagyq June 25, 2021

Amazing! But how did stu get in the Card Jitsu battle twice?

1414 days old
MalteseCutee June 25, 2021

Very excited for the puffles! Thank you all so much for bringing me joy through the game <3

1677 days old
Lucky 16 June 25, 2021

Can’t wait for the puffles to come back. πŸ™‚

1677 days old
Lucky 16 June 25, 2021

Great news!

1627 days old
tubelight June 25, 2021

Amazing work !! Waiting for puffles !!!

893 days old
apatrafl June 25, 2021

card jitsu <3

165 days old
PolterKitty June 25, 2021

Could you make this more mobile compatable? Thanks!

453 days old
CRESTASIA June 25, 2021

Well done please bring puffles as soon as possible. πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

165 days old
PolterKitty June 25, 2021

Does anyone know for certain if the codes that you can put in work for this game?

165 days old
PolterKitty June 25, 2021

To all the devs working on this, don’t feel any rush to complete any code or that stuff, we all should understand you just want to make this game great again, and respect that

165 days old
PolterKitty June 25, 2021

When I remembered this game a day ago, I didn’t know it was all redone, and the map surprised me how much there wasn’t on it (Sorry if I sound rude) but after I read the changing here, I realized that you are fixing the game. thank you for bringing back this portion of my life I forgot.

165 days old
Areej1205 June 25, 2021

I use to play this game im excited 🀩

1007 days old
PrivateLiu June 25, 2021

That’s Awesome! Keep up the work guys! Thank you!

194 days old
i2am not red June 24, 2021

nice, i hope everyone could be able to get a chance to join the epf and waddle on everybody

338 days old
laser pig June 24, 2021


319 days old
bendyfan111 June 24, 2021

im mostly hyped for pizzatron, puffles and sled racing but i still need to become a psa agent so ill wait

480 days old
livia888 June 24, 2021

πŸ˜‰ β˜€οΈ

262 days old
B8the38 June 24, 2021

I see more then one thing so I do not know what i’m saying.

171 days old
Krampy2 June 24, 2021

Are the servers down right now? (As of 6/24/2021) I made my account recently and every time I tried to login it said the servers where down ):

171 days old
Agusseng June 24, 2021

This is really cool, I’m so exited to play card-jitsu and have a puffle

457 days old
SumoDeKiwi June 24, 2021


195 days old
F2kicks June 24, 2021

guys honestly this game is what I grew up on and you guys working hard and bringing it back just makes me so happy and full of joy. If there is anything we can do to help let us know because we are all really excited and can’t wait.

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 24, 2021

Thank you! Waddle on!

1002 days old
RunMaiOver3 June 24, 2021

very swag

167 days old
dababy241 June 24, 2021

As long as Card-Jitsu is coming back, i’ll be glad. I can’t wait for other people to be attracted to the game once its finished. Please work hard on the updates and make us impressed. I shall return once the update is finished. – Dababy.

306 days old
Just dude June 24, 2021

I cant wait for the Puffles

291 days old
watermelon62 June 23, 2021

so excited I absolutely love Puffles and all other things like pizzatron, card Jitsu I’m so excited!!! for the new look of the town

185 days old
Marisoru June 23, 2021

YAY πŸ˜€

239 days old
Azuuraa June 23, 2021

Can’t waaiitt!!

1163 days old
LadyJ June 23, 2021

I can’t wait for the cool new updates especially the puffles, I have missed them a lot.

191 days old
P9432076 June 23, 2021


167 days old
P9598016 June 23, 2021


167 days old
P9598016 June 23, 2021


1018 days old
HarmonyStar June 22, 2021

Sorry to bother you about this, but there seems to be a glitch with the speedboat item. Yesterday I won it, it showed the picture of the item but says I won “undefined” and it’s no where in my inventory, I have looked through every category multiple times and it’s no where. I hope it can be fixed.

1407 days old
ItsmeFrosty June 22, 2021

Thank you for all your work!

178 days old
Scratch Boi8 June 22, 2021


Waddle on!

186 days old
Carter1900 June 22, 2021

WowThis is going to return many players

320 days old
Strafyz June 22, 2021

The team at Club Penguin Rewritten are doing an outstanding job, I really wish you could implement some sort of paid membership to get exclusive items because you guys deserve to be paid for what you’re doing. I’ve played this game for many years and the nostalgia is sublime. keep going Team CPR <3

266 days old
orca uwu June 22, 2021

I can’t wait for the cute puffles to come back ! (:

286 days old
ShawnahJoy June 22, 2021

I am extremely excited to play Club Penguin with puffles and sled racing. I have never played Card Jitsu so I am ready to play the game

200 days old
St0ck4de June 22, 2021


294 days old
PuppyDog1525 June 22, 2021

I’m really looking forward to Card-Jitsu, that was always my favorite Club Penguin game! =D

194 days old
i2am not red June 22, 2021

oh man i can’t wait and waddle on please

868 days old
bencool1236 June 22, 2021

i cant wait for this

847 days old
RoccoPengui June 21, 2021

Finely the puffles are back!

170 days old
JuanFe0514 June 21, 2021

puffles uwu

205 days old
snowstone25 June 21, 2021

I cant wait please do fast

227 days old
JESSEMORRIS June 21, 2021


378 days old
Jetranger June 21, 2021

This will be my second Music Jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. let’s see if this can get at least 20 likes!

300 days old
Kim Su Ya June 21, 2021

Excited for card jitsu !! TT

190 days old
Bunger123456 June 21, 2021


173 days old
Devon94 June 21, 2021

oml! i cant wait for this:3

280 days old
Pookalookie June 21, 2021

Looks awesome! Great work! πŸ™‚

183 days old
baybean1345 June 21, 2021

Glad that things are going back to normal! πŸ™‚
Can’t wait to get my puffles again and not only that, but I can’t wait to compete with other players in Cards Jitsu! πŸ˜€

617 days old
ariea51 June 20, 2021

I think u guys are doing a good job keep and doing what u desire!

425 days old
ZackEfron June 20, 2021

My favorite party……

679 days old
mammamia3331 June 20, 2021

I’m very upset the medival party won’t be returning this year, it’s my favourite I have been waiting all year πŸ™

561 days old
FioneChubby1 June 20, 2021

I am so excited for the minigames coming out. I could only play like 2 or 3 games. I kinda hated them but so excited! ANYWAYS KEEP ON (idk lol)

559 days old
RedbirdYT June 20, 2021

I’m excited to see my puffles Blue Bird, Fire, & Brownie again! XD

194 days old
i2am not red June 20, 2021

its summer

194 days old
i2am not red June 20, 2021

i can’t wait

174 days old
Jaxxxxxxxx June 20, 2021

when can we get puffles? 🐧😐

994 days old
Manfam123 June 20, 2021

oh yeah I’m so hyped!

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 20, 2021

New penguin Style!! YAY!!!

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 20, 2021

Attention latecomers! New Penguin Style!!! LOGIN NOW!!!!

519 days old
SSSpyotter June 20, 2021

Guys i cant believe how much work you guys are doing!!!!!
Thank you so much and we all will apreciate this update so much!!!!!!
You guys at club penguin are strong good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

764 days old
HammerFeet June 20, 2021

Yaaaay! Keep up!

1710 days old
Tompenguin22 June 20, 2021

Can’t Wait For Puffles To Return!

1570 days old
xXLoganXx June 20, 2021

ooh im excited

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 20, 2021

To tell you the truth, ever since I saw this post on the what’s new blog I have been dreaming about club penguin every night! even my nightmares are about club penguin! Yesterday I had a dream that Herbert was chasing me! I am not exaggerating, That is the truth! I cannot belive it either!

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 20, 2021

I love that you guys are working so hard to bring club penguin back to what it used to be, I really appreciate that. thank you again and Waddle on!

250 days old
falci2011 June 20, 2021

How is that comment 677 years old? its only been 7 days since that comment?

171 days old
PunchMunch06 June 20, 2021

Time for a Summer of Waddle!!!

171 days old
P9576483 June 20, 2021

Cant wait for puffles, dont know what the fair is since im new to the game, but i like the idea of tickets.

314 days old
Roseydancer1 June 20, 2021

So when is the Prehistoric Party going to start? I’m seriously looking forward to it, as well as all other upcoming events.

171 days old
he11oye11ow8 June 20, 2021

Hi! is there an update on when we are able to play games, buy ruffles, and receive stamps again? I know things are being worked on but there’s not much to do in the game as everything is under construction πŸ™

216 days old
Nathanboy07 June 19, 2021

Puffles plz

289 days old
gggoloko June 19, 2021

Soooo excited to see my lovely Puffle children again!!! When will the surfing game be back?

200 days old
ruining June 19, 2021

i farted lol

1295 days old
patatito1 June 19, 2021

pls bring back dj3k ASAP

198 days old
Mud1nabowl June 19, 2021

Aew hes

473 days old
12814Jeff June 19, 2021

im hyped to get my puffles!

299 days old
Wei1234 June 19, 2021

I’m exited

521 days old
macielot201 June 19, 2021

My hype for ncardjitsu is at 1000000000000000000% πŸ˜€

171 days old
sassypompom June 19, 2021

i’m soo excited for this well done people

547 days old
ilikehorizon June 19, 2021

cool i hope everything is back again

247 days old
GAMERCOO7 June 19, 2021


687 days old
n8a1ei3 June 19, 2021

it comes with everything

278 days old
Moochie123 June 18, 2021

How do i become a spy? I cant figure it out

278 days old
Moochie123 June 18, 2021

Yay!! I cant wait for the puffles

192 days old
Moztroz June 18, 2021

Puffles are my favorite.

192 days old
Moztroz June 18, 2021

Hi I’m an OG club penguin fan keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

235 days old
Torope June 18, 2021

Oh, i cant wait to adopt a puffle

1386 days old
!!Electric!! June 18, 2021

my only issue is I honestly LOVE the old puddles and seeing the new designs take over would be pretty sad for me. i wish there was a way to keep the old design

190 days old
Pippy1023 June 18, 2021

When’s this all gonna happen the puffles and card jitsu returning

312 days old
AccioWizards June 18, 2021

will we get our old puffles back or will we need to buy new ones?

227 days old
Boogywoogy1 June 18, 2021

didn’t puffels make it laggy or smt yay card jutsu

547 days old
ilikehorizon June 18, 2021

hm ok

177 days old
Juicu June 18, 2021

great work guys!!!!! very excited to be playing again!

233 days old
nathan6767 June 18, 2021

so when are you guys puting this in club penguin rewrtitten

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

Yes I like to chat a lot! Yes it annoys some people! Hopefully it annoyed nobody here! I just REALLY want these items man!!!!

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

Did some of my comments get deleted?!? I’m pretty sure I made some AFTER June 12th!!! Just want to let it out that the Pink electric guitar and mowhawks are perfect for the new catalog regarding the music jam!

203 days old
MASTER3399 June 18, 2021


173 days old
Martmaya29 June 18, 2021


464 days old
Rayla0306 June 18, 2021

I can’t wait for the puffles to return! Everything sounds so fun; I can’t wait for everything to be finished!

418 days old
P7603376 June 18, 2021


365 days old
DoritoTango June 18, 2021


1712 days old
Rte789 June 18, 2021

Um can you guys add june catalog plz ik your busy but yeah

177 days old
katielou6 June 18, 2021

so happy about the puffles

173 days old
Roykinghere June 17, 2021

I’m very happy to see people continue to work and support this game. Much love…

474 days old
XxBerrysxX June 17, 2021

I really want to see my puffles

977 days old
DontBeMad101 June 17, 2021


211 days old
ZZOONNIICC21 June 17, 2021

no sabia que un servidor privado llegara hacer tan hamable

211 days old
ZZOONNIICC21 June 17, 2021

creators wadle on

211 days old
ZZOONNIICC21 June 17, 2021


211 days old
ZZOONNIICC21 June 17, 2021


211 days old
ZZOONNIICC21 June 17, 2021

the creators they are cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

413 days old
Gr33nLas3r June 17, 2021

Wow i cant wait thank you!

174 days old
Jaxxxxxxxx June 17, 2021

when can we have puffles?

224 days old
Honeybun1303 June 17, 2021

I really want to see puffles again, I’m so excited πŸ™‚

200 days old
cannedham64 June 17, 2021

I can’t wait to do some sled racing!

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 17, 2021

One more thing (don’t be annoyed at my frequency of comments please, believe me I’d type it ALL in one If I COULD), but Other reccomendations include the fruit headress and flamenco dress, flower hat, green hawaiin shirt (I currently have the blue and orange ones, so it’s just like that only green)

405 days old
y r we still June 17, 2021

omgggggggggg. please bring card jitsu asap

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 17, 2021

Furthermore, no purple viking helmet in current catalog even though I read it would be there, PLEASE put it in next catalog. Same with purple floppy hat and rescue outfit with first aid kit, all GREAT items. I BEG of you to remember to add them this time, especially the purple viking helmet!

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 17, 2021

Read more about the new penguin style, and it says summer and music jam items will be included, hopefully the pink electric guitar and mowhawks, especially the spikette, will be there, really sad if they won’t be cause it seems like the perfect opportunity to get them.

1430 days old
Peeps1023 June 17, 2021

Do know exactly when cardjitsu and puffles are returning

247 days old
GAMERCOO7 June 17, 2021

great work keep it up gonaa be my first party on the island and i love club penguin so much and its great that you are able to make us still play it.

1081 days old
dancingmtsd June 17, 2021


229 days old
danceralex June 17, 2021

Can’t waitttttt

251 days old
the Hood guy June 17, 2021

nice its been 1 month since i last playd just came to see whats new i really want sled races

179 days old
7heGame7estr June 17, 2021

i wanted to know when the badges will be reuploaded and is there a way to know the exact time a mascot visits the island?

566 days old
ClearRivers June 17, 2021

Can’t wait! πŸ˜€

411 days old
puffypoodle June 17, 2021

LOVE THIS! can’t wait for the prehistoric party to be released!

208 days old
ElderElmo June 16, 2021

I cant wait for the new update!

312 days old
P8310368 June 16, 2021

I don’t wait to see Dash here!

179 days old
LilDuck2010 June 16, 2021

I am so exited hopefully we can get the complete old clubpenguin back thx guys.

375 days old
Spleidon June 16, 2021

WOOHOO, Card-Jitsu!

904 days old
alyssa1299 June 16, 2021

wow! so exciting, can’t wait! i was wondering where my puffles went! i thought it was because i wasn’t taking care of them lol, but now i know. thanks for the new updates, can’t wait!!

175 days old
Genesis413 June 16, 2021

i cant wait πŸ™‚

338 days old
laser pig June 16, 2021

YES SLED RACING!!!!!!!!!! You are super good at Pizzatron 3000 stu! Great job on all the hard work! =D

449 days old
Bitolino1 June 16, 2021

hello stu

400 days old
beas7mas7er June 16, 2021

could it be a possibility that the beta party hat comes back somewhere? im also
wondering about the water, fire and ice ninja and when they will be making a return.
cant wait for the development to be done!

181 days old
halac1 June 16, 2021

yo lo estaba esperando con ansias

965 days old
Redino9 June 16, 2021


1232 days old
soohia June 16, 2021

so excited!

1011 days old
alexxinspace June 16, 2021

keep up the good work!!

234 days old
P9095850 June 16, 2021

I’m a new player and so I am so excited for this as I’ve never played this game! Can’t wait!!!!!

1710 days old
shawn1166 June 16, 2021

I Cant wait for Puffles keep working on it i love it.

204 days old
fdiltemiz June 16, 2021

this looks nice

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 16, 2021

Waddle on!

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 16, 2021

Ever since I saw this post on the what’s new blog, I’ve been dreaming about CPR every night! Literally!

197 days old
P9384153 June 16, 2021


180 days old
NoobyGotHit June 16, 2021

Nice. Let’s get it on!

506 days old
FinaleSensei June 16, 2021

this is epic!

1021 days old
sally231 June 15, 2021

Can’t wait to see the puffles come back!

286 days old
Masterlarry June 15, 2021

This is so Cool. Cant wait to play at the DOJO And see puffles πŸ™‚

522 days old
SnowQueen03 June 15, 2021

I can’t wait. I miss my puffles…

1082 days old
dopeyhams June 15, 2021

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting to play Sled Racing for an eternity! I’m so happy!

957 days old
cherry babie June 15, 2021

Amazing! Can’t wait!

189 days old
Gushoolayt June 15, 2021

keep working on guys your doing great waddle on

178 days old
P9527431 June 15, 2021

So hyped for this update! Keep up the good work!

194 days old
i2am not red June 15, 2021

i am so exited. waddle on, everybody

386 days old
ProOfLebanon June 15, 2021

(I don’t expect to get answers because this is not an early comment) I know these are part of the ActionScript 3 era of Club Penguin but will creature puffles and the puffle hotel ever get added?

180 days old
308garysmile June 15, 2021

so exited for all this stuff! great work!! <3

538 days old
orreeo June 15, 2021

Hi ! When will the new Igloo Competition Theme come?

449 days old
Bitolino1 June 15, 2021

and puffles cool summer

449 days old
Bitolino1 June 15, 2021

summer cool returning pizzatron and cardjitsu

448 days old
sburma1 June 15, 2021

hello im very excited for the pre-historic party

waddle on!

πŸ™‚ :/

319 days old
madman060 June 15, 2021

WOW i cant wait to see all these updates and the puffles and the events i hope it realeses fast untill then Waddle On!

179 days old
Buzzy Beetle June 15, 2021

I can’t wait for the Puffles to be in the game, I am so exited! when I saw that CPR was back I was literally shacking. You guys are amazing, keep up the good work!

228 days old
snowieee22 June 15, 2021

super excited for the puffles!!!cant wait!!

386 days old
ProOfLebanon June 15, 2021

Fun fact: the UI used in the card-jitsu HTML5 sneak peek is from the ActionScript 3 era of Club Penguin.

1663 days old
Bu4uks June 15, 2021


186 days old
SpikeLim454 June 15, 2021

no way puffle are back

192 days old
P9425835 June 15, 2021


175 days old
P9544776 June 15, 2021

let me in

305 days old
gypsy1171 June 14, 2021

I’m so excited! Thanks for working hard everyone!

178 days old
Peaches1326 June 14, 2021

plz hopefully bring back the puffles soon and also thanks so much bringing back the old club penguin plz keep everyone having membership too

671 days old
hope4despair June 14, 2021


510 days old
jmlamb711 June 14, 2021

i want the partys to be more fun than the last ones

262 days old
B8the38 June 14, 2021


535 days old
Kate90716 June 14, 2021


535 days old
Kate90716 June 14, 2021


228 days old
SiapWasTaken June 14, 2021

yooo thats cool

451 days old
Katra 7 June 14, 2021

Sooooo hyped!! keep it up guys!:))

548 days old
Maryan24 June 14, 2021

I saw a spelling mistake in my earlier comment. I meant to say puffles not puddles!

372 days old
JV1 JBS June 14, 2021


372 days old
JV1 JBS June 14, 2021

i cant wait for the party and card jetsu and also sled race

295 days old
Piglet1236 June 14, 2021


235 days old
AshNiDean June 14, 2021

Yay, I’m so excited, keep on doing all u doing, it’s really good πŸ™‚

975 days old
sammy145 June 14, 2021

im buzzing for the card jitsu wow!!! Cant wait for the game to be back to normal omg

1228 days old
allissa200 June 14, 2021

Nice πŸ™‚

1228 days old
allissa200 June 14, 2021

Can’t wait

422 days old
sendhelpdad June 14, 2021


805 days old
ria tag 670 June 14, 2021

This is going to be pretty cool!

303 days old
Penrock12 June 14, 2021

I am waiting for puffles and the prehistoric party

487 days old
Peachie3492 June 14, 2021

can’t wait for all the partys and the puffles!!

744 days old
Xergal June 14, 2021

The reintroduction of Card-Jitsu is most auspicious, indeed, not to mention the recurrence of the Music party.
As this island’s constitutional Emperor, I wish the staff good health and a pleasant summer.

259 days old
MandoDoggie June 14, 2021

Yayyyyyyy puffles!! I’m so excited for card jitsu too!

310 days old
Robby805 June 14, 2021

Good job devs!

319 days old
P8231211 June 13, 2021

Wow the town is cool

552 days old
LexingtonC June 13, 2021


607 days old
Nekitoshan19 June 13, 2021

Yass finally Puffles gonna back to game

197 days old
slaterbl14 June 13, 2021

i cant wait to get my FIRST puffle I never played the game in its OG years but im glad that its back and it is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1234 days old
hpizlife June 13, 2021

these new developments seem so cool! really excited about the fair especially! quick input, will you guys ever bring back the water and snow cart-jitsu? so far cprewritten only has the fire, but it’d be nice if all 3 elements from the original are back. thank you! overall, great work!!

177 days old
JowannaGamer June 13, 2021

I love that the card-jitsu game is coming back.I also have just joined club penguin rewritten. I only learned about club penguins story last month.

625 days old
Troy23567 June 13, 2021


433 days old
Absideon June 13, 2021

Yay, my puffles!!!

987 days old
Toubou123 June 13, 2021

Wow CPR, y’all make a great work, I love it! Can’t wait for all your perfect update! Keep Waddle On!

522 days old
Redosita June 13, 2021

wow!! i cant wait for this years music jam and all the other parties to happen and for the minigames to all come! also the puffles! i miss my moody black puffle!

208 days old
Jazzybyz45 June 13, 2021

Card-jutsu i am coming!

208 days old
Jazzybyz45 June 13, 2021

Yay! with this new acc i am going to buy mutch puffles!

1691 days old
PufflePower June 13, 2021

Looking forward to it.

178 days old
P9530597 June 13, 2021

happy birthday

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 13, 2021

More item suggestions for June or an upcoming penguin style include the Fruit Headress and Flamenco Dress and Green Hard Hat. Also I’ve been meaning to ask, do items of the month not come back at all, or just in a future penguin style? Just asking.

500 days old
bob6000 June 13, 2021

I’ve missed my puffle PATRICK- Oh yea he ran away

385 days old
broturtle12 June 13, 2021

Thank god card jitsu is arriving

1712 days old
Rte789 June 13, 2021

um i’m confused i have a white picture but can you fix it? can you guys add like a 30k code for all the new stuff like the catalogs and puffles because they are EXPENSIVE! if you do this i will be extremly happy!!! tysm from rte789!!!!!!!!!!!!

1065 days old
itsJAEGER June 13, 2021


350 days old
snazelsnack June 13, 2021


379 days old
m3rge June 13, 2021

Ah, I can’t wait! The Fair sounds super fun and the Summer Party! I really can’t wait until Card Jitsu comes back too!! Waddle On Flash Player <3

463 days old
Flippy Fren June 13, 2021

This all looks amazing! Finally maybe my ninja outfit will appear in game again! Cannot wait.

1285 days old
sapalatitika June 13, 2021


916 days old
P4395180 June 13, 2021

it would be SO COOL if there was a feature for exchanging coins. would make rp at the pizza parlor so awesome. idk max five twenty coin transactions a day so it doesnt get abused but like cool idea idk. btw party looks uber rad cant wait gonna be so liiiiiiitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1136 days old
QuietTrumpet June 13, 2021

Damn guys, this is really coming along. Very excited to see these update!

468 days old
GRAFOLIO June 13, 2021


384 days old
James900 June 13, 2021

Ok cool i dont care man im just commenting for fun if you don’t mind lol

648 days old
darien343 June 13, 2021

so hyped for card jitsu and music jam!!!! thanks for the hard work.

311 days old
Faaaave June 13, 2021


1022 days old
Prince They June 13, 2021

I am SO excited about the Fair. Its my favorite CP party, has been since the og! Im about to turn 22, and had my first penguin when I was 6. Been playing CPrewritten for the past few years. It has always been the best server. I love all of your all’s hard work!

180 days old
jthmfan June 12, 2021

yay im so hype!!

208 days old
ElderElmo June 12, 2021

Hi @Stu can I be an artist? I’ve been an artist for a game before!

1091 days old
stephcornbow June 12, 2021

so excited!! πŸ˜€

192 days old
SuperAribr June 12, 2021


459 days old
PetCo 101 June 12, 2021

Can’t wait!!!!!

314 days old
Roseydancer1 June 12, 2021

Here are some suggestions for the next furniture catalog:

Palm Tree
Tropical Palm
Musician’s Chair
Red Carpet
Video Camera
Short Spotlight
Tall Spotlight
Concert Lights
Velvet Rope
Violet Velvet Rope

314 days old
Roseydancer1 June 12, 2021

I have some suggestions for the next Penguin Style catalog:

Silver Star Necklace
Rose Gold Star Necklace
Orange Starglasses
Blue Starglasses
Star T-shirt
Blue Star T-shirt
Blue Star Swimsuit
Purple Star Swimsuit
Various feather boas
Blue Stars Background
Purple Stars Background

404 days old
ProbKitten June 12, 2021

will we have to buy new puffles or will or old ones be given back to us?

462 days old
Recreio4 June 12, 2021

nice guys! keep working anda Waddle on!

196 days old
JackYT2004 June 12, 2021

I’m hyped for this! πŸ˜€

177 days old
JowannaGamer June 13, 2021

So am I

847 days old
CheezyPie June 12, 2021

yay! so excited to see my puffles again….i’ve missed them so much!!

597 days old
Ballet1212 June 16, 2021

fax same

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

Me too! I don’t understand why not a word is said about the costume trunk though.

548 days old
Farahisme June 21, 2021

Same 😭

346 days old
Kirbylover23 June 12, 2021

I will be able to see my Puffles!

346 days old
Kirbylover23 June 12, 2021


225 days old
P9182354 June 12, 2021

I literally wait till the puffier comeback and people are getting hyper because of the puffle
And btw I can’t wait to buy and a the puffle in cpr

181 days old
star hero June 12, 2021

when will we be psa agents again

319 days old
madman060 June 15, 2021


1078 days old
jestero June 15, 2021

you already can i think, unless they haven’t added it since moving from flash. your account has to be a year old though :]

247 days old
GAMERCOO7 June 17, 2021

its already back go to command centre and look at the bottom of your screen

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

PSA and EPF have merged now. You can play PSA missions in the EPF room (sadly no medals from my experience as of yet) and the F.I.S.H. catalog items are available through the MISSIONSRETURNED code, and will be available this way until the F.I.S.H. catalog returns.

181 days old
star hero June 12, 2021

when will we be able to become psa agents again that was my favorite thing about club peguin

916 days old
P4395180 June 13, 2021

ask for a post card u should be able to become EPF idk tho

442 days old
walesaph June 13, 2021

You already can. You can ask for someone to send you a postcard invitation. All the missions are back in the game so you can play those.

625 days old
Troy23567 June 13, 2021

you can rn you just need someone to invite you to tryout

386 days old
ProOfLebanon June 15, 2021

You can do the missions if you’re part of the EPF

174 days old
Jaxxxxxxxx June 17, 2021

is it psa or epf

282 days old
protogy457 June 20, 2021

I think that they got rid of psa im not entirely sure but they rought back the missions if u wanna do that πŸ™‚

300 days old
Kim Su Ya June 21, 2021


1436 days old
Zora4427 June 12, 2021

I was just wondering, is there any way to change the email linked to your penguin account?
I’m asking for my boyfriend, so I can’t give much detail, but he broke his laptop and now he can’t get into his account cos of the email that he signed up with. Is there any way for us to fix that?

177 days old
L Bee June 15, 2021

You should contact their support email @cprewritten.net and talk to them about it. Other than that there’s nothing else you can do. I’m having the same issue, I just can’t remember my old email because it’s been years.

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 16, 2021

I also want to change Gmail

1436 days old
Zora4427 June 12, 2021

Can’t wait for Card Jitsu to come back!

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

SAME! Even though I’m a fire ninja now it’s so fun to play!

183 days old
Caxxxtelao June 12, 2021

Looking forward to it!

406 days old
Flaffy03 June 12, 2021

This is so awesome, it shows your passion and love for the game and that makes me even happier, keep up the good work

928 days old
linya June 12, 2021

sooooo excited for the fair ahhh

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

Yeah hopefully they’ll bring the clown costume and wig back and their varieties. I have the red and white clown costume and wig and clown shoes but none of the other varieties, would like them all especially the classic rainbow wig and costume!

286 days old
ShawnahJoy June 22, 2021

Me too

414 days old
Madre on cp June 12, 2021


982 days old
Kol50917 June 14, 2021

You don’t want the puffles back?

208 days old
ElderElmo June 16, 2021

Wdym not the puffles? Puffles created us and our island how dare you disrespect The Puffle Gods

547 days old
ilikehorizon June 19, 2021


306 days old
Just dude June 24, 2021

Why not

453 days old
CRESTASIA June 25, 2021


1221 days old
Pikachu062 June 12, 2021

Sweet, glad to see all of these games and parties returning to CPR. πŸ™‚

1088 days old
Surf Rox June 12, 2021

I’m so excited for the puffle comeback! I can’t wait! <3

1308 days old
pencil988 June 12, 2021


194 days old
i2am not red June 12, 2021

and i can’t wait to be able to join the epf in this game

386 days old
ProOfLebanon June 15, 2021

I’m pretty sure you can join it if someone sends you an epf postcard

194 days old
i2am not red June 12, 2021

i can’t wait for beds to be added to this game

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 12, 2021

Furthermore, the purple floppy hat and rescue costume with first aid kit was also said to be in the current catalog, and it also isn’t now. Hope the costume trunk can return soon, along with the tiki masks!!! All great items that I really want BADLY!!!

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 12, 2021

Hope The Pink Electric Guitar can return for the Music Jam!! Never got it on classic Clubpenguin but always wanted it, same with the Spikette hope that returns too soon! Also, the purple viking helmet will hopefully be in next Penguin Style, it was said to be in the current one but it’s not there!

362 days old
Iasx June 12, 2021

Hey, can Sensei visit when card jitsu comes back, and can ph come when puffels come back?

286 days old
ShawnahJoy June 22, 2021

Who is ph

178 days old
lunalover31 June 12, 2021


512 days old
ClubbyChuck June 12, 2021

Dude I haven’t played this game in months and dude this looks so cool!

1458 days old
rondeus June 12, 2021

This sounds like ITS going to be a amazing year, Keep up the good work CPR team

289 days old
Yamaguchilol June 12, 2021

I’m so exited for Card-Jitsu and the puffles!You’re making the game back into one of our best childhood memories!Can’t wait ’till it’s finished,but untill then,waddle on!! <3

557 days old
Arissa10 June 12, 2021

Finnaly my puffles will return and i can finnaly play card jitsu

1664 days old
RubyDuby June 12, 2021

Woo hoo

589 days old
callum121077 June 12, 2021

Pizza-tron for me works fine

286 days old
poppy queen June 12, 2021

OMG! I have always wanted to play CARD JITSU and unlock cute PUFFLES! Thank u soo much Cpr Team, You truly are THE BEST!!! I can’t wait!!!

319 days old
madman060 June 15, 2021

not to be rude but you know there is new club penguin? i like cpr more cause it has the classic stuff?

198 days old
FishCakes737 June 15, 2021

Hello poppy, me too I am very excited!!

1639 days old
killerham10 June 12, 2021

Sounds great im glad that your taking the time to get things right rather that rush stuff that wont be enjoyable

233 days old
diladem21 June 12, 2021

Finallyyyyy CARD-JITSUUU!!!!!!!!

423 days old
Asteroux June 12, 2021

Music Jam is one of my favourite CP parties ever made!! Kinda sad I missed out last year’s event, but now I’m ready to fully experience it πŸ˜€

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 17, 2021

Yeah, we gotta get the electric guitars back for it, ESPECIALLY the pink one! Tell Stu OK? I’m sure he’d love the idea! And the mowhawks, especially the Spikette, would go great for the new catalog too!

1625 days old
gheppy June 12, 2021


201 days old
TRexforevea June 12, 2021


835 days old
henrik9753 June 12, 2021

Yay! This is amazing!

1271 days old
buddydog6 June 12, 2021

Puffles look amazing! I hope we get the same cove from last year cuz it’s amazing is there a backstage?

236 days old
Sailor Usagi June 12, 2021

So excited for EVERYTHING! Especially Card-jitsu, puffles and the FAIR! <3 πŸ™‚

1591 days old
TheGiver June 12, 2021

will mancala be returning at some point soon? Many people have been missing it.

Hopefully this is all goes a lot better than the rockhopper treasure t hing cause even when you dont even have adblock on your browser it says you have to disable it anyways so the whole treasure addition was useless.

486 days old
swiggy123 June 12, 2021


538 days old
orreeo June 12, 2021

Hi ! Is the Stamps working ? As I can’t get any stamps even if I complete that task .

286 days old
ShawnahJoy June 22, 2021

Yeah orreeo, I really want to get stamps.

312 days old
Pecorine June 12, 2021

Wow i’m super exited for card jItsu and the puffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

548 days old
Maryan24 June 12, 2021

Amazing! Can’t wait to see my beloved puddles! Also can’t wait to do all the fun stuff in future parties!

239 days old
usachann June 12, 2021

OMG I can’t believe the puffles are coming back!

199 days old
Powerplayer June 12, 2021

Are you looking for a friend?
One to play with to the end?
Then come to our pet shop,
With a coin or two.
And pick out the Puffle thats just right for you!

256 days old
gafaw June 12, 2021

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED ME AND MY BRO SHARE THIS ACCOUNT, HE LIKES JITSU AND I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY WANT A PURPLE PUFFLE!!! IM so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

278 days old
PundaPotato June 12, 2021


262 days old
MarioFan2021 June 12, 2021


376 days old
Juliet Smith June 12, 2021

I am so excited because last year I missed all the events because I joined in November, but now I get to experience new things! (:

180 days old
pamonha064 June 12, 2021

not is dojo

180 days old
pamonha064 June 12, 2021


1218 days old
Lorelae June 12, 2021

super swaggy. thank you all for your hard work <3

395 days old
mimyun June 12, 2021


207 days old
PancakeFlipp June 12, 2021

So I have a burning question…. would it be possible to add trading cosmetics to the game? Thanks for all your hard work! πŸ™‚

286 days old
ShawnahJoy June 22, 2021

I can’t even get cosmetics

555 days old
Trimko June 12, 2021

I am so hyped for all the summer parties and everything I cant wait!

215 days old
Mia 24112411 June 11, 2021

OMG, I wasn’t born yet when the original game was out, so i never got to expeience puffles or card jitsu. I was so upset when they werent there. Thank you SO MUCH. ( i also love the DS game).

1753 days old
Perapin June 11, 2021

Very pleased with the news on Card-Jitsu and Pizzatron 3000! Don’t forget the music for the Pizzatron. However, the other news sounds like a horrible prank with poor taste in gameplay and design. You can do better instead of repeating the past (og Club Penguin and CPR parties).


375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

I don’t see anything wrong with repeating the past parties, as not everybody was on here when this game started (I only started last Thanksgiving). Not to be mean, but I think everyone should be able to experience those parties too.

1518 days old
prplucky June 11, 2021

Beach Party Igloo :)?

314 days old
Roseydancer1 June 11, 2021

OMG, I can’t wait for puffles to return! Puffles were the best part of the original Club Penguin!

1006 days old
shrlockhomie June 11, 2021

can’t wait!! thanks for all of the hard work you do, we appreciate you guys so much!!!

1670 days old
Darla Rae June 11, 2021

This is very exciting! I’m hyped for puffles to return and for all of these cool sounding parties!

627 days old
galana June 11, 2021

thank you team for all your hard work and specially for this amazing and exciting things! everything looks so great πŸ™‚ i love it

187 days old
arcticmonkeh June 11, 2021

How soon is VERY soon for puffles? Next couple of weeks?

387 days old
HyperLife June 11, 2021

Thank you for making my life the absolute best it could ever be.

916 days old
P4395180 June 13, 2021

club penguin literally helped me not kill myself during quarantine so word up shout out cpr

538 days old
Vanellope42 June 11, 2021

Yay! I have been waiting for them to come back!! I’m so excited for the puffles, card jitsu and sled racing!!!

479 days old
Jesstwin21 June 11, 2021


1712 days old
Rte789 June 11, 2021

can you plz add them soon beacuse i’m gonna stack up and i want them to come before i spend the coins i make

315 days old
Moose12839 June 11, 2021


480 days old
livia888 June 11, 2021

Yay fair times coming!

480 days old
livia888 June 11, 2021

Jelly bean pizza?? Wow, will we have to buy are puffles back or do we get are old ones?

195 days old
Drusilla21 June 11, 2021

Excited about puffles, new catalogs, and better game development! Sometimes things can get boring if they stay the same for too long. Sounds like theres a lot of fun things in the making!

1712 days old
Rte789 June 11, 2021

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY if we get puffles in a week i will go CRAZ Y

835 days old
Tidal04 June 11, 2021


362 days old
Iasx June 11, 2021

Hey Stu, I just turned 183 days old, and I got the stamp! I don’t know if you can now earn stamps but YAY!πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸ˜ƒ

295 days old
CandyRose100 June 11, 2021

The puffles are coming back? That is awesome! The events will be a lot of fun, too!

181 days old
joni shiloh June 11, 2021

omg i can’t believe it i miss puffles so much

575 days old
yemyom June 11, 2021


878 days old
Chungus244 June 11, 2021

can’t wait for the new updates!!!! KEEP IT UP πŸ™‚

776 days old
Lollygirl198 June 11, 2021

Plus, Rockhopper’s Island Adventure WON! I’m sooooo excited!

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 17, 2021

Me too man!!! Hope he’s visiting with more cool items!

776 days old
Lollygirl198 June 11, 2021

IT’S THE MUSIC JAM PARTY!!! Thank you so much for this sneak peek cpr!!

269 days old
CatxeFan June 11, 2021


994 days old
Super107 June 11, 2021

youll love them for sure!

262 days old
MarioFan2021 June 12, 2021

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 12, 2021

I feel the same! You said just how I feel, In exact words!

246 days old
Yuzu1104 June 11, 2021

omg , iΒ΄m so excited for the puffle update and the card jitsu

315 days old
Moose12839 June 11, 2021


230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 12, 2021


241 days old
vested June 11, 2021

This is cool

1286 days old
KeaBird231 June 11, 2021

would that mean we will have the puffle party as well next year all excited for the puffle to come back also to play Card-Jitsu again which will be fun

312 days old
Pecorine June 12, 2021

IKR!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

359 days old
P8082829 June 11, 2021

AMAZING! im so excitedddd

1296 days old
Joey17790 June 11, 2021

Music Jam! πŸ™‚

302 days old
Hee Hee Boi June 11, 2021

Please tell me we’re having an edible Music Jam this year.

199 days old
Powerplayer June 12, 2021

pls tell me wat that means

302 days old
Hee Hee Boi June 14, 2021

It’s simple; everything in the Music Jam is made of food.

441 days old
uiuton June 11, 2021


180 days old
Catkitty01 June 11, 2021

Whooohoo πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

994 days old
Super107 June 11, 2021


716 days old
TheNitronic June 11, 2021

So you confirmed Music Jam’s return, the Adventure Party making a comeback (which I am excited for, I missed the first one), and The Fair returning all in one post, Stu?

Sheesh, that’s a lot to take in…but I’m not complaining about that. πŸ˜‰

845 days old
Lani2 June 11, 2021

Sounds like fun looking forward to all the parties and games!

231 days old
Stardustify June 11, 2021


1456 days old
ExcellentOne June 11, 2021

Super excited for all the things being added in the summer update! Are there any plans in the future for releasing card jitsu water? In OG CP, that was my all time favorite minigame

382 days old
DrawingWiff June 11, 2021

Wow I’m so excited for all of these updates, and all the upcoming parties sound soooooo cool! 🀭

449 days old
Bitolino1 June 11, 2021

music jam djmaxx

199 days old
Powerplayer June 12, 2021

u mean DJ3K? i hope they add it

282 days old
protogy457 June 11, 2021

YAY!!!! cant wait fro all these releases! ty for working so hard!
i love this game

181 days old
mollypocket1 June 11, 2021

Im so excited! Just like the good old days we can play card jitsu and petting puffles! Thank you for bringing all the memories back Devs!

559 days old
musicalnight June 11, 2021

This is gonna be awesome!!

279 days old
Danielagarn June 11, 2021

So card Jitsu is back?

230 days old
Sammie 2011 June 12, 2021

You look like a jet pack guy Jr.

305 days old
Looong June 11, 2021

Yay πŸ˜€

1075 days old
SB737S FAN June 11, 2021

This is so cool I cant wait!

180 days old
dudeburrito June 11, 2021

Im so excited for the cardjitsu and new outfits, AND puffles πŸ˜€

1020 days old
Joybubble3 June 11, 2021

OMG!! This is so exciting to hear!! I can’t wait!!! πŸ˜†

215 days old
penguincatto June 11, 2021

ok now i am super hyped for the puffles and the cardjitsu and meeting gary and the penguin band i already met dj maxx cuz uhhh yeah

1559 days old
Scrongus June 11, 2021

Can I get a WOOT WOOT for this!

234 days old
Nsoup June 11, 2021


570 days old
Frosty864 June 11, 2021

Amazing timeline, Stu! This summer is gonna be amazing!

623 days old
Powolowski June 11, 2021

Exciting. Thank you for all the hard work, it is much appreciated!

1304 days old
Sweet Ari June 11, 2021

That sounds like a fun summer πŸ˜€

218 days old
Pinguwu66554 June 11, 2021


547 days old
RickySc1001 June 11, 2021


1567 days old
Cutie9143 June 11, 2021

thank you CPR team for all the work you do!

1711 days old
dark12 June 11, 2021


1018 days old
HarmonyStar June 11, 2021

I’m so excited for all these updates, can’t wait for prehistoric party to start

562 days old
lavacake1212 June 11, 2021

yay card jitsu is coming back! i havent yet gotten the black belt so i was wondering when this was coming back.

276 days old
IzzyScore13 June 11, 2021

cant wait to adopt puffles again!

276 days old
IzzyScore13 June 11, 2021

im so excited!!

422 days old
Lekuru June 11, 2021

This is going to be great!

1718 days old
Valery June 11, 2021

This is amazing! The team has truly been working so hard and I can’t wait for everything!

236 days old
Oozinq June 11, 2021

i’m ready to destroy everybody in cars jitsu

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

Me too, including you if we play haha!!! I’M THE MASTER!!!!

375 days old
Bartpenquin9 June 18, 2021

Seriously suggest electric guitars, especially pink one for next catalog, along with the 3 mowhawks, all would go great for music jam and also fruit headress and flamenco dress especially for the Summer items, my absolute fave summer items!

1271 days old
buddydog6 June 11, 2021

Most excited for the cove!!!!!!

613 days old
What0Why June 11, 2021

Nice to see The Fair and Music Jam again. Can’t wait for all of the parties!

431 days old
Mpingu June 11, 2021


919 days old
mister801 June 11, 2021

Once Card-Jitsu comes back I really hope we could meet Sensei as a mascot

412 days old
Ocean1313 June 11, 2021

Yessss, so many fun things coming back! I think cpr players will be coming online more than ever with so many events and returning games. I’m looking forward to puffles the most, I think a lot of others are too, it’s one of the most celebrated and fun things in cpr. I reallyyy can’t wait for lol !!!

293 days old
Its Dream June 11, 2021

Stu thanks for information

1416 days old
Tielior June 11, 2021

Hey Stu, it’s been about two weeks since I was banned and I’m still safe chatted can I be UN safe chatted please?

1416 days old
Tielior June 12, 2021

My friends are also getting confused because I’m safe chatted so yea

362 days old
Iasx June 11, 2021


362 days old
Iasx June 11, 2021

when you said “decor could change during development” i remember the graduation party, so ya it might change.

1505 days old
BunnyCakes June 11, 2021

Omg what a very full post, I can’t wait for all of it to arrive!!!

235 days old
themaster226 June 11, 2021


612 days old
Isi656 June 11, 2021

Y’all are awesome with the progress you’ve made from the switch! I know it has not been easy, but I hope you know how appreciated you are!

1668 days old
emmaleigh030 June 11, 2021

so i was wondering if there could be a angel themed party some day with the clothes being like wings the crown headband or something idk just thought it was a cool idea sorry for asking

449 days old
Bitolino1 June 11, 2021

stu has mangos on music jam picnic?

449 days old
Bitolino1 June 11, 2021

hello summer fun cool

449 days old
Bitolino1 June 11, 2021

cool summer event

1000 days old
cxtrbl June 11, 2021

so excited!!

1668 days old
emmaleigh030 June 11, 2021

I AM SO EXCITED FOR ALL OF THESES THINGS thank you so much for working to bring back things for us fans of the game we love you and respect you for what you do for us i am sure new penguins who join the game will too the puffles and the dojo game are really exciteing to hear and i am excited

407 days old
RobuxInvaild June 11, 2021


1013 days old
iHike June 11, 2021

What happened with Sled Racing being almost finished yet there’s no mention of it in the blog post? Also, when can we spectate Find Four matches again?

1013 days old
iHike June 11, 2021

Never mind I see it now

343 days old
Dosia12 June 11, 2021


282 days old
protogy457 June 11, 2021

im soooo excited for card jitsu and the puffles ofc thank you this will be an awesome summer!

554 days old
Moere June 11, 2021

Lets gooo!!!

1455 days old
pouffy4 June 11, 2021

You guys rock!!! I cant wait to see all that happening!

194 days old
BasebalB0ss5 June 11, 2021

This is the best summer in the game. First yall r bringing back card jitsu, puffles, and sled racing. But now yall are adding the summer event two!!!!!!!! I might never get off this game!!!

593 days old
sleetswift June 11, 2021

Amazing! Really looking forward to the new Music Jam and the tropical Adventure Party after that.

434 days old
hockeydude19 June 11, 2021

So excited for the music jam!

1101 days old
Dabestjoshy June 11, 2021

Thank you guys for your work!

460 days old
aveytare June 11, 2021

I loooved this timeline! Ty for the hard work <3

538 days old
orreeo June 11, 2021

Wow So Excited ! Great Work CPR Team 😊

1751 days old
Trevchris007 June 11, 2021

Quite the announcement. Your dedication to the game is unparalleled. CPR means so much to so many; it has definitely gotten me through some interesting times.

Keep on keepin’ on!

218 days old
Pinguwu66554 June 11, 2021

it’s amazing how much I relate to that, same goes for many others, 2020 or 2021 hasn’t gone as we wanted with these unprecedented times. I’ve been going through a lot, and still am, after discovering the return of club penguin a few months ago, I’ve become much more at ease and not alone. Stay safe!

207 days old
PancakeFlipp June 12, 2021

Yeah! Same here omg!

562 days old
midnight 344 June 11, 2021

When will you announce the igloo winners?

448 days old
sburma1 June 11, 2021

put the noir party in next year please

509 days old
Chuckcewz June 11, 2021


1519 days old
Sweetganpat June 11, 2021

OMG I’m so excited!!!πŸ˜†This is gonna be so much fun! Thanks so much CPR Team for your hard work! <3

240 days old
alroxi June 11, 2021


180 days old
SaucerSafari June 11, 2021

So excited for all of this!! Thanks for doing such a great job (:

220 days old
Lord Nexus June 11, 2021

Yay, puffles are gonna be back soon! Tbh that’s the thing I’m most excited about πŸ˜€

1711 days old
Trooper June 11, 2021

Can’t wait!

1692 days old
Josh E C June 11, 2021

I’m so excited! This summer is gonna be great! 😁😁

927 days old
SterlingDude June 11, 2021

OMG I’m so excited!!! Can’t wait for everything! (actually I can I’m very patient lol)

497 days old
kitty kins June 11, 2021

YES WE ARE HAVING THE ADVENTURE PARTY!! also when you release puffles, can you get ride of all of my blue ones bc i just got them so i can get a stamp. thanks for all of your hard work.

Waddle On!

-kitty kins

994 days old
Super107 June 11, 2021

when the puffles come back, just dont feed the blue ones.

182 days old
alyaiscool28 June 11, 2021


207 days old
PancakeFlipp June 11, 2021

Oh my goodness! This all sounds Soo exciting! Thank you for working hard to make club penguin rewritten an amazing experience! Can’t wait to make some YouTube videos on all this fun stuff! πŸ™‚

910 days old
hmaeq June 11, 2021

Omg the party lineup is amazing, includes some of my personal faves!! Appreciate everyone’s hard work, great progress – looking forward to having fun with everyone! πŸ™‚

1167 days old
Meeeshell June 11, 2021

Epic! Can’t wait!

460 days old
Gabbpmg5 June 11, 2021

Ok, I’ve been playing CPRewritten since September 2020, and I can say The Fair is the best party I’ve ever played! I also really want to play the Music Jam party to meet the Penguin Band. You guys are amazing! (Brazil loves CPRewritten!)

987 days old
Mobi June 11, 2021

It’s going to be such a fun summer!<3

946 days old
Kidguin June 11, 2021

Always look forward to Music Jam, it was my first party on CPR

487 days old
Honey June 11, 2021

Elderlyguin <3

487 days old
Honey June 11, 2021


1703 days old
weegee32235 June 11, 2021

All of this is very great; development is going smoothly than ever.
Cheers for the good work, and take as much time as necessary.

1150 days old
Salad Expert June 11, 2021

Thanks for all the hard work!! Glad to see all the features are coming soon! 😁

1292 days old
RedSharpie June 11, 2021

Very excited for all of these updates! Thank you!

554 days old
Smudgemarnie June 11, 2021

Yay I am so happy that you guys are working hard on it…Love you

388 days old
savadzz June 11, 2021

I am amazed with all of this. You guys are working really hard, a lot of people were asking for cardjitsu lately so Thank you so much for listening to the community. That picture of the Town looks so good! Also will you add back the hidden rooms at the dojo? They were amazing!

1566 days old
naranji27 June 11, 2021

this is gonna be awesome

405 days old
Kristen224 June 11, 2021

Im so so excited for the new developments to get implemented.. Thank you guys so much for all the hard work you put in for us.. ❀❀

685 days old
geszti12 June 11, 2021

Lets Goooooooooo πŸ˜€

1499 days old
Mano7576 June 11, 2021

So exited for all of this! thank you all so your hard work πŸ™‚

525 days old
Mustelid Man June 11, 2021