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By stu on September 15, 2021

Hi Penguins, 


We are busy at work behind the scenes for this month, a lot is happening and we have SO many cool surprises for you all for the upcoming Fair party. I’m not spoiling ANYTHING, I mean it… this time.



However, I can spoil this cool looking room we are bringing on the island. This will be a new spot for all new penguins to come hang out in. It’ll have amazing nature sounds and more in this little room, the other rooms and the notice board will be under construction as we think of ideas for those two things.



To share some more information on The Fair, we are almost done with the rooms already. We are right now working on the UI and Spin To Win! Ohhhh yah, that wheel thing, from the last fair, the love/hate relationship one.



For those that didn’t like our old system on the wheel, don’t worry, we will be making it easier to earn golden tickets. We will be taking the feedback from the last fair, such as being able to purchase golden tickets via regular tickets, etc.


We also heard your feedback on the item choices so this year we will be releasing 2017 fair items in the booth and some custom ones, including a lot of custom items to win in the Spin To Win mini-game!




Our Igloo catalogs will also be arriving soon and it includes a fun circus igloo and also the Whale Mouth igloo that everyone has been wanting… right?


That is all I have for right now, the next update blog post will be us speaking about Sled Racing and Puffles! WOO-HOO!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


99 days old
Dani2o589 September 27, 2021

hey is it possible for glittery items and glittery DRESSES to be added???? im begging thanks fo the hard work guys πŸ™‚

885 days old
Red Blaster September 26, 2021

The welcome center might be a hint because in the original club penguin the fog forest was a planned room so maybe the fog forest will come. 😐 πŸ™‚ :0

59 days old
Texas Waddle September 25, 2021


476 days old
Normier September 25, 2021

and puffles???? O-0

61 days old
gladosb5 September 24, 2021

and puffles too :O YESSSSS

125 days old
Clever Fox98 September 24, 2021

Thanks for all your hard work CPRT we really appreciate it!❀️

125 days old
Clever Fox98 September 24, 2021


125 days old
Clever Fox98 September 24, 2021

It all seems FUN! its my first time

125 days old
Clever Fox98 September 24, 2021

Also the pinwheel and the penguin stuffie?

125 days old
Clever Fox98 September 24, 2021

Yall how do you get that boiler costume and plz reply ANYONE!

125 days old
Clever Fox98 September 24, 2021

I can’t wait for the Fair guys! It’s my first time!

1717 days old
Soup September 23, 2021

I’ve been waiting for that room since I saw it in the ‘Official Guide to Club Penguin’ book. Sadly it never came to the original CP, but glad to see a form of it here. Awesome stuff.

341 days old
NESIMONASVAN September 22, 2021

wow Great job!

370 days old
StampFoxy September 22, 2021

I love it!!

102 days old
Lexiee1 September 22, 2021

I’m so excited!!

87 days old
Candyy248 September 22, 2021

Nice πŸ™‚

83 days old
YetDIDDLY123 September 22, 2021


543 days old
Bluejay103 September 21, 2021


45 days old
kipper177 September 21, 2021

when the puffles come out im gonna get a blue puffle and name it tiger

45 days old
kipper177 September 21, 2021

i cant wait for the puffles too whoohoo

124 days old
itsgreathere September 21, 2021

puffles ❀❀😍😍😘😘

818 days old
iHateCats247 September 21, 2021


83 days old
YetDIDDLY123 September 21, 2021

πŸ˜€ great

38 days old
Boyboi2543 September 21, 2021

yes new location :0

69 days old
26mileanhour September 21, 2021

P-P-Puffles?! OH MY GOSH

61 days old
gladosb5 September 21, 2021

nice update

619 days old
Redster518 September 20, 2021

I cannot wait for THE FAIR to come! I spent so much time on CP when I was little, and the Fait was one of my favorite parties! And PLEASE BE BRINGING THE GREAT PUFFLE CIRCUS!

439 days old
livia888 September 20, 2021


394 days old
LimoRide September 19, 2021


990 days old
Speellly September 19, 2021


235 days old
OceanWaddle1 September 19, 2021


75 days old
srfetuchini September 18, 2021


276 days old
jama rama September 18, 2021


276 days old
jama rama September 18, 2021


82 days old
cdrob September 19, 2021

me too

40 days old
EzraShadowTT September 17, 2021


278 days old
P8231211 September 18, 2021


885 days old
Red Blaster September 17, 2021

I can’t believe it you are bringing a planned room for the original club penguin into the game!!!!! I am so excited!!!

278 days old
P8231211 September 18, 2021

I saw this room on the guide book of club penguin is going to be in club penguin rewritten so cool πŸ˜€

408 days old
Bitolino1 September 17, 2021

πŸ™‚ im so excited for the puffles and sled racing and the fair

460 days old
TATARENEE September 17, 2021

I so can’t wait! this looks like so much fun!!! can’t wait!!!!!!!!! It looks so exiting and fun!! can’t wait again!

45 days old
BelowPixels September 17, 2021

Yea me to!!!

214 days old
snoopyepic1 September 17, 2021

Hey Stu? Can you make it so that you can still become a secret agent and also get prizes at the end of missions? No rush take your time πŸ™‚ waddle on Stu! :)))) and I miss me puffles so much so I’m excited for that and sled racing! I will say it once again waddle on. Friends.

40 days old
Monchieee123 September 17, 2021

i cant wait!!!! AHHH!!!!!

1189 days old
Irum13 September 17, 2021

can we make sure that there won’t be any more ESP problems when playing puffle rescue someone lost conciousness when playing the snow levels the because of some white flashes on the screen

40 days old
AmaiHoshi September 17, 2021

This all sounds really exciting! Can’t wait! πŸ˜€

471 days old
udyggeug September 17, 2021

im soooo excited for puffles!!!!!!!

178 days old
Ancient Magi September 17, 2021

The definition of cool. You guys NEVER fail to amaze us with these really good new features and updates! Its just so… COOL! I would use a more powerful word if I could find one πŸ˜€

491 days old
serapha September 17, 2021

By now I think we all should have (or deserve) an Award, Stamp or a Postcard for having the greatest patience for a long period of time………

1133 days old
34characters September 17, 2021

I can’t wait for the new rooms and the return of the games!!! I hope the welcome room is available for everyone (It’ll be cool if you open a server and you spawn in that room automatically).

423 days old
Rayla0306 September 16, 2021

Hey Stu! Everything is looking great! I’m really excited. I love the concept of a room designed specifically for newcomers. Just an FYI though; I tried to purchase a few igloo items, the box ramp and the arch ramp, and when I clicked on the price something entirely different showed up.

418 days old
OneBigWord September 16, 2021

awesome i can’t wait for the fair because i missed most of the music jam due to me getting a new computer

49 days old
limey 77 September 16, 2021


44 days old
P10145276 September 17, 2021


623 days old
MightyJKF6 September 16, 2021

i did funny number like XD

126 days old
MilesTheFan5 September 16, 2021


1652 days old
belle33739 September 16, 2021

W baby lets go

64 days old
Minguim Lo September 16, 2021

ok cprewritte

64 days old
Minguim Lo September 16, 2021

add puffles to the game

150 days old
bailey2223 September 17, 2021

They are trying their hardest to add puffles. Please be patient

374 days old
ExtraYoutoob September 18, 2021


1263 days old
Sweet Ari September 16, 2021

I cant wait for the fair!! The wheel and I arent besties though (:

1544 days old
Muidono September 16, 2021


254 days old
CandyRose100 September 16, 2021

The Spin-To-Win sounds exciting!

5512 days old
Gregxus September 16, 2021


1638 days old
Is Weird September 16, 2021


447 days old
Tamitacumi September 16, 2021


274 days old
HatPenguin77 September 16, 2021

Nice! excited for this party!!!

274 days old
Rdoodler17 September 16, 2021

is card-jitsu still being worked on? i really want to play it

331 days old
JV1 JBS September 16, 2021

Love the looks! Can’t wait for the puffels so so muchhhh

331 days old
JV1 JBS September 16, 2021

I really hope you guys didn’t take my Comment to serious abt. Trying to make the party come fast rell apriciate that u are working hard and fast but you can take your time just a littel

101 days old
Flameghost52 September 16, 2021

oh yea

75 days old
kekeisabean September 16, 2021

very cool would love the fair πŸ™‚

173 days old
Thebubsdawg September 16, 2021

Sounds like a JACKPOT update!

44 days old
TigerRBLX September 16, 2021

Nice!!! πŸ˜€

1460 days old
card game 36 September 16, 2021

what kind of prizes will the fair have?

421 days old
BandyPingu September 16, 2021

I’m hyped for that wheel

230 days old
Mael41 September 16, 2021

Everything looks really nice and fun! (:

373 days old
Madre on cp September 16, 2021

Finally some really good news! I’ve been waiting for that room for a long time, i can’t believe it’s finally gonna be in the game!

150 days old
bailey2223 September 16, 2021

So excited for my half a year celebration! 74 more days to go! From FroggySpark.

49 days old
limey 77 September 16, 2021

What puffels great so good

237 days old
tessbindi September 16, 2021

Yay! Thanks for all your hard work this looks so cute πŸ™‚

445 days old
BouncyJen10 September 16, 2021

I’m very excited!!!<3

193 days old
Leacy Hail September 16, 2021


83 days old
YetDIDDLY123 September 16, 2021


189 days old
Sammie 2011 September 16, 2021

*speechless for 10 mins* I have nothing to say except: WHOOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!!

1696 days old
Squizoid September 16, 2021


58 days old
sixtyfive123 September 16, 2021

Woo hoo!

1666 days old
P100990 September 16, 2021

Aye! loving these updates bruh I appreciate the hardwork being put into this game im excited to see an unrealeased room from og get put into the game!! im hyped for the fair and hoping we get more classic events soon!

198 days old
usachann September 16, 2021

wow!!amazing β€’Ο‰β€’

261 days old
BUBBLE FAIRY September 16, 2021


892 days old
Magi557 September 16, 2021

Cool Updates! Ty Staff team and Stu. The Welcome Room should be a welcoming and pleasing addition to CPR =D

380 days old
FireyGuiners September 16, 2021

Epic! Can’t wait for the fair to start, AND for Sled racing and Puffles!

683 days old
thehaskins September 16, 2021

hi penguin

42 days old
mrjerryth3rd September 16, 2021

im excited to see the fair

331 days old
JV1 JBS September 16, 2021

Ur new? If yes welcome to cpr

786 days old
ImLookinNice September 16, 2021

so osm

675 days old
TheNitronic September 16, 2021

This is gonna be one AMAZING Fair.

326 days old
Puffycienta September 16, 2021

Omg! There’s a lot of stuff I need to buy! I haven’t started with both penguin style catalogs! Please help the poor penguins like myself with a code!!πŸ˜‚

273 days old
Roseydancer1 September 16, 2021

Can’t wait for puffles to become available! Also looking forward to seeing the new room–it’s a shame it didn’t make it to the original CP. Super excited about the Fair and I can’t wait to see the new furniture and igloo catalogs!

104 days old
bvbblegvmb September 16, 2021

so adorable

493 days old
CoralHopper September 16, 2021

This is awesome Im excited

1673 days old
hotdogry1 September 16, 2021

For a moment I thought the buildings in the background of that room, were the newer style. I got to admit I was a bit scared to continue reading.

Then I realized it was the same as what’s there. Such a relief.

That said I hope the island can stay the way it is, 2010 CP is the better Cp.

64 days old
Minguim Lo September 16, 2021

wow update epic

167 days old
GIGABYTE2021 September 16, 2021

OMG I want that penguin so bad!

97 days old
Sonic422424 September 15, 2021

Yes i’m so excited to see the fair and rookie

530 days old
CupperTea September 15, 2021

Wow I’ve been waiting for that room ever since I saw it years ago in my club penguin guide!

92 days old
NotSandwichh September 15, 2021

cool πŸ™‚

278 days old
Alice May September 15, 2021

yayyy cant wait for all the new stuff!! great job guys! πŸ™‚

150 days old
bailey2223 September 15, 2021

Ya yeet! From FroggySpark!

1651 days old
_naattee_ September 15, 2021


49 days old
limey 77 September 15, 2021


51 days old
FANDOMM September 15, 2021

oh my gosh the fair cant come sooner! i cant wait, and also puffle updates soon? les go

460 days old
mapaola September 15, 2021

this honestly sounds so fun
ALSO SLED RACING AND PUFFLES YOOOOO finally will finish my stamps
keep up the great work guys! you all are doing awesome

1712 days old
Perapin September 15, 2021

I recommend that the new room should mostly be available when there isn’t a big party on the island (normal times). When there’s a widely decorated party it will take extra development time to make it consistent with the theme and decorations for the background buildings.


323 days old
Syed Ali1234 September 15, 2021


67 days old
IFoxellaI September 15, 2021

I’m extremely excited about everything mentioned in this post!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

527 days old
StopMo Gamer September 15, 2021

Nice! I can’t wait!

1614 days old
nicolasp September 15, 2021

Can’t wait to spin the luck wheel again and go on the Ferris wheel!!🎑 The new room looks perfect for all the new penguins to come hang out in and have a picnic!!🐧🐧🐧🐧 I am so excited for all the updates!! πŸ˜€ Thank you for all the hard work that each single one of you do!! πŸ’™

986 days old
DuduGames12 September 15, 2021

Is That a Cancelled Welcome Center From Original Club Penguin Coming to the Game? That’s Really Awesome!! and I Can’t Wait For The Fair!

212 days old
tailungthedw September 15, 2021

I’m so excited for all of them, plus the new welcome room is an unexpected surprise πŸ˜€ And it’s also great to hear that a blogpost will finally be published with information about sled race and puffles πŸ™‚ Good luck to y’all, waddle on πŸ‘‹πŸ»
– Tai Lung

1095 days old
greathorn September 15, 2021

Hey! Couldn’t help but notice that you don’t receive double coins if you have every stamp in Pizzatron 3000. Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s intended.

167 days old
sunjellypie September 17, 2021

Are game stamps working?

432 days old
12814Jeff September 15, 2021

i’m getting the cool item F u r r e t

177 days old
Pinguwu66554 September 15, 2021

Ayyy puffles next :0

804 days old
Lani2 September 15, 2021

So excited for all the updates the new room looks pretty nice and also the new igloo and furniture catalog. So exciting! Keep up the great work I’m sure everything will be amazing once it’s finished looking forward to everything! πŸ’•

1255 days old
Joey17790 September 15, 2021

Can’t wait! πŸ˜€

1669 days old
leptospirose September 15, 2021

Just please oh please replace the 100 and 200 tickets options from the wheel, winning those feels worse than winning nothing.

261 days old
Hee Hee Boi September 15, 2021


233 days old
1Pulentiu1 September 15, 2021

Can’t wait for the dojo update :)))

572 days old
What0Why September 15, 2021

Can’t Wait : D

930 days old
compIexity September 15, 2021

hell yeah absolutely cant wait

400 days old
hotteabre September 15, 2021

this might be better than among us ngl

3749 days old
Riccowed September 15, 2021

Awesome! Thanks for the update

1572 days old
bush1210 September 15, 2021

keep it up!

977 days old
HarmonyStar September 15, 2021

The new room looks amazing! I’m so excited for the catalog and fair. I am prepared to spin that wheel a million times, flippers crossed it will be easier to win all the prizes this year.

1470 days old
Zoob1 September 15, 2021

Dooope! Can’t wait for that new building πŸ‘€

634 days old
DJ MG September 15, 2021

its lit

1465 days old
WinslowKat1 September 15, 2021

so true

380 days old
FireyGuiners September 16, 2021

you used to be dollar

794 days old
henrik9753 September 15, 2021

Lovely boiler costume! Thank you!

853 days old
sunnqy September 15, 2021

lets goo

528 days old
Giuca002 September 15, 2021

Cant wait to see the new rooms! πŸ™‚

938 days old
F u r r e t September 15, 2021

Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing those custom items

973 days old
CBrezzy September 15, 2021


779 days old
Biglig September 15, 2021


1629 days old
Darla Rae September 15, 2021

I’m really excited for the new furniture catalog and the fair! The new room looks pretty cool too!

1673 days old
445uu Nmko September 15, 2021

Cool! Can’t wait!

875 days old
bitterchalk September 15, 2021

heheh, penguin plushie. Thanks for all you do <3

1152 days old
Tomatoes943 September 15, 2021

Really excited for the updates! Especially The Fair πŸ‘€

1703 days old
Pear September 15, 2021