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November Party Announced!

By stu on September 24, 2021

Hi Penguins,


We’ve been hard at work this week, from making two games into HTML5, working on Sled Racing, and more… Whew! It’s been a long week, but we’re excited to finally show you what we have in store for The Fair this year. It’s coming closer than you think, we just need to finish up some of the ticket system stuff!


Now that the good stuff is out of the way… time for more good stuff? November is hitting close, the days are going by quick, October will be gone within 5 minutes, and then BOOM… November! So it’s time to finally announce the November party.


Festival of Lights!

Congratulations to those that wanted this one to win. We’ve heard a lot of your comments and can understand why many would prefer a more relaxed party, a beautiful one at that.


For some October news, the Penguin Style should be released on the first week of October with some fantastic items re-releasing such as the purple witch outfit and more!


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


864 days old
heatnj98 October 8, 2021

when can we play all the games again? i see it’s in beta testing

276 days old
jama rama October 8, 2021

wow that looks so cool✨🐧

1104 days old
TheCPRGuide October 8, 2021


26 days old
Jhutopia October 7, 2021

This looks so peaceful! β™₯

66 days old
Sarah21964 October 6, 2021

When can we will gonna be able to get stamps again??

1581 days old
KeeperTp October 6, 2021

I was sure this annoncement is about puffles and sled racing but it’s just about the return of the festival of lights… πŸ™

54 days old
LazorG October 6, 2021

OMG yay looks so cool!

1693 days old
Ayuki October 5, 2021

i can see that november will be my month

388 days old
belle2010 October 5, 2021

cant wait for Novenber im so exided to see all the lights and things also cant wait for a jet pack it looks so good 😊 πŸ€©πŸ˜ƒclub penguin creaters you all are so nice and i can forget the editors of course thank you club penguin

45 days old
kipper177 October 4, 2021


221 days old
Jermos October 4, 2021

oo looks amazing!!!

334 days old
Bartpenquin9 October 3, 2021

No blizzard wizard hat in my inventory even though I purchased one from the new catalog today. Am I just not looking hard enough?!? I keep looking and looking but it’s just not there!!!!

885 days old
Red Blaster October 3, 2021

question will the new igloo catalog come out because I want to make a Halloween igloo

1245 days old
KeaBird231 October 3, 2021

Hey there are we going to have the Halloween πŸŽƒ party at the end of October as wemk this gear like last year that was so fun enjoyed that party last year would like kt again so i can find all the candy 🍬 lol

62 days old
Dnttlk2me October 3, 2021


373 days old
Madre on cp October 2, 2021

finally, this is a really good party.

977 days old
whatagame October 2, 2021

you should bring back the curly mustache

364 days old
Charlmax October 2, 2021

I am also thankful you answered my question regarding Operation Swarm! I hope you will all work hard in making the rooms look great and amazing. I am looking forward to Herbert and Klutzy as well as other EPF agents to visit for this event. I hope you will continue to give suitable meetup times! πŸ™‚

364 days old
Charlmax October 2, 2021

This gives me so much Nostalgia! Stu is doing a really good job with the mascot visits over the past couple of months. It is really nice he listened to my concern and was able to make mascots log on at suitable times. I am looking forward to JPG and best wishes to you and your team in the future!

1089 days old
PinkForger02 October 1, 2021

I can’t wait! Is this a Solar Eclipse? If so, amazing! I witnessed one 4 years ago!

1032 days old
Keywuh October 1, 2021

Is there going to be a halloween party πŸ™

364 days old
Charlmax October 2, 2021

Yes there will!

684 days old
Capprice06 September 30, 2021

wow super excited for this one the artwork is gonna be beautiful!

789 days old
Stuffie1997 September 29, 2021

CPR, the spin to win wheel game just kept landing on coins and tickets over commonly since the last fair where it kept landing on coins and tickets. Can you also increase a chance to get mystery prizes?

215 days old
gafaw September 29, 2021

I agree about the puffles and I’m really happy that card-jitsu is coming back, But still excited for the festival of lights! (Also, where can I vote for events? because if I can meet a character that would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

528 days old
ATIKSHAAA September 29, 2021

Bring back PUFFLES is all I need.

47 days old
Mimi4078 September 29, 2021

when will puffles be available to adopt!!!! πŸ™‚

335 days old
cookiecat116 September 29, 2021

Whoa that sooo cooool!

445 days old
BouncyJen10 September 29, 2021


476 days old
Normier September 28, 2021

i cant wait!

30 days old
Rod Is Here September 28, 2021

I hope puffles and the snow dojo comes soon! The snow was my favorite because.. It was fun, I don’t know if you can remake the game, but if you don’t it’s okay.

1390 days old
hapichapi September 28, 2021

keep up the good work!!

48 days old
bluxiey September 28, 2021


260 days old
VaultClone September 28, 2021

can’t wait for dojo and puffles

29 days old
KeeNSoCool September 28, 2021

Me too!!! I miss Card Jitsu so much

150 days old
bailey2223 September 28, 2021

these berries are pog

110 days old
bigshaq2324 September 28, 2021

that looks like the fortnite black hole ThEy StOlE tHe BlAcK hOlE fRoM fOrTnItE XD

491 days old
serapha September 28, 2021

Ever heard of Solar Eclipse before? yeah how can we right we all are too busy playing fortnite here…lol

1520 days old
Wynzel pro September 28, 2021


121 days old
Sharky Sushi September 28, 2021

perfect job!

69 days old
Raven Queenl September 28, 2021

im tooo happy a new festival

90 days old
azeeno10 September 28, 2021

Balloon ride!?

150 days old
FruitsFRUITS September 28, 2021


150 days old
FruitsFRUITS September 28, 2021


139 days old
NoobyGotHit September 28, 2021

Just what we needed

99 days old
Dani2o589 September 27, 2021

i would love to congratulate all the team, you guys did a impressive job with this fair. it fills me with joy to be a part of this lovely community you guys created for us πŸ™‚

99 days old
Dani2o589 September 27, 2021

PLEASE i need glittery items/glittery dresses ADD THEM ON CATALOG OR SOMETHING IM BEGGING

301 days old
Baladetiro September 27, 2021

beautiful, can’t wait

233 days old
GhostPye September 27, 2021

Any news on the Dojo and puffles?

5036 days old
Soulegal13 September 27, 2021

pretty cool.

219 days old
SupremeParis September 27, 2021

Wow !!

1255 days old
Joey17790 September 27, 2021

Can’t wait to see this party again! πŸ™‚

75 days old
kekeisabean September 27, 2021


437 days old
Aadi9 September 27, 2021

Stu pls if possible bring prehistoric party 2020 back again in November 2021

150 days old
bailey2223 September 28, 2021

wdym? prehistoric party was a few months ago!

364 days old
Charlmax September 27, 2021

There is still hope Herbert will visit this year! Hoping to complete my mascot stamp collection. πŸ™‚

260 days old
Pump jr September 27, 2021

This image reminds me of the one event they made but cool i can get the cool rocket that i wanted !!!!

1505 days old
pigpooh September 27, 2021

yo but whatta bout halloween?

38 days old
Boyboi2543 September 27, 2021


446 days old
Honey September 27, 2021

The traffic in the sky will be ridiculous with the jetpacks flying around…
Can’t wait to watch the beautiful lights ⭐

725 days old
MrNervous September 27, 2021

hi Stu!! You
have all done a great job, thank you
the CPR Team,
come join in the fun, the parties, the mascots, hope to see you on the Ferris wheel, all this hard work deserves a day of play, and the roller
coaster, its fun!!!!

50 days old
P10104487 September 27, 2021

Any update on puffles???

555 days old
xochanel September 27, 2021

yayyyyy so excited for halloween costumes!

69 days old
Raven Queenl September 27, 2021

um srry to say this isnt halloween
this is festival of light im attending this for the first time

541 days old
P6075890 September 27, 2021

I can’t wait to see the party!

67 days old
LamUwU September 27, 2021

WOOO can’t wait!Ya all are the best ^ ^!

80 days old
oceanblu17 September 27, 2021

Thank you for bringing Club Penguin back to life!!! I’ve been playing since early 2000’s!

64 days old
Devinex September 26, 2021

Nice! Can’t wait to see it!

38 days old
P10186148 September 26, 2021

My iggi is not that great πŸ™

64 days old
triixie peng September 26, 2021

Looking good! Can’t wait <3

139 days old
ttsukino September 26, 2021

can’t wait πŸ˜€

278 days old
milesplays25 September 26, 2021

Great work and keep it up!

1460 days old
card game 36 September 26, 2021

is bean counters coming back soon? it was my favorite minigame

40 days old
fishlover109 September 27, 2021


323 days old
Syed Ali1234 September 26, 2021


339 days old
HJ0201 September 26, 2021

when is rookie coming online?

72 days old
Drooper1206 September 26, 2021

when i saw the big light i thought it was a solar eclipse party

138 days old
Buzzy Beetle September 26, 2021

Is sled racing coming soon? That was my favourite game. Also I am exited for this new party! I have never seen this party before so this will be my first time!

61 days old
gladosb5 September 26, 2021

ohhhhhhhhh yeah nice event we are getting πŸ˜€

178 days old
Ancient Magi September 26, 2021

It’s COOOOOOL. I don’t know how to put these in words but this is actually really, REALLY amazing. I don’t even know how many times I have said AMAZING in comments but it’s the truth!

872 days old
sobeano789 September 26, 2021

I can’t wait! This will be awesome!

497 days old
orreeo September 26, 2021

Excited to see the full outcome!

452 days old
wolfiev11 September 26, 2021


915 days old
dinosaurbeen September 26, 2021

yooo epic, I wish yall the best of luck with beta testing

789 days old
Stuffie1997 September 26, 2021

Sorry Club Penguin Rewritten, but the Spin To Win Wheel Game is a dead skull head. It kept commonly landing on coins and kept being a coin dispenser. Now the fair is cursed. And I’m cursed still

1390 days old
hapichapi September 28, 2021

as if getting coins was a bad thing LOL
ur gonna need that schmoney for the halloween party i mark my words

150 days old
bailey2223 September 25, 2021

Wait it was one week.

150 days old
bailey2223 September 25, 2021

Hello. I’m back after two weeks. Yes. Im back. First thank you for everything the cpr team has done. I love the fair. I got the pinwheel and the arctic fox. Her name is Luna. Luna say hi. “Luna lifts up paw and tries to wave it”. Isn’t she cute? Thank you from your good friend BaileyπŸ‘±πŸ‘±

408 days old
LUCASUWo September 25, 2021

wow is beautifull

38 days old
P10186148 September 25, 2021


135 days old
thamizan11 September 25, 2021

oohh that looks epic

1677 days old
Valery September 25, 2021

so excited that we are getting such exciting new things! keep up the great work!

1572 days old
Bolsillos September 25, 2021

Thank you!

61 days old
Kaiser4444 September 25, 2021


637 days old
DizyPrincess September 25, 2021

Yay! πŸ˜€

357 days old
aloelotion September 25, 2021


32 days old
P10222713 September 25, 2021


864 days old
Lilliana2003 September 25, 2021

So excited for the fair! You guys are amazing!

254 days old
CandyRose100 September 25, 2021

There is going to be a November party? That is cool!

720 days old
dhiwakar September 25, 2021

eeyehehe lets go guyssss!!!

1692 days old
Brunotto September 25, 2021

love everything youve done for the game!! πŸ˜€

1214 days old
Lily Kate September 25, 2021

So excited! This looks absolutely gorgeous.

260 days old
P8472022 September 25, 2021

As a newer penguin, I’ve never witnessed the Festival of Lights before, but I sure can’t wait to.

888 days old
xXPluzzXx September 25, 2021

Can’t wait!

1667 days old
Doughnutboy September 25, 2021

I have not played this game in over a year and I am glad to see how much amazing stuff is going on. I will surely be getting back into this now.

61 days old
Kaiser4444 September 25, 2021


177 days old
Pinguwu66554 September 25, 2021


144 days old
Kelly friend September 25, 2021

i love halloween wbt u guys

144 days old
Kelly friend September 25, 2021

hmm is november party halowwen

34 days old
Eliassafi12 September 25, 2021


1040 days old
SamSwitch64 September 25, 2021


83 days old
YetDIDDLY123 September 25, 2021


278 days old
P8231211 September 25, 2021

We did it

191 days old
Marie1297 September 25, 2021

Super excited! πŸ˜€

55 days old
Chi Chi Chan September 25, 2021


75 days old
kekeisabean September 25, 2021

i already love it!

305 days old
Apollo130 September 25, 2021

Looking forward to another epic CPR party!πŸ˜ƒ

45 days old
pangu225 September 25, 2021

Love this! I have never been to one of the cpr partys, so I cannot wait!!

82 days old
Peppulos07 September 25, 2021

Woow, it looks fantastic ❀

74 days old
MR TE September 25, 2021

Al-tho this is good news. in the last blog you would talk about Puffles and sled racing?

484 days old
Mustelid Man September 25, 2021


968 days old
Mooxaxa90 September 25, 2021

Wait do I see da jetpack?!

133 days old
Jaxxxxxxxx September 25, 2021

what about puffles?

90 days old
azeeno10 September 25, 2021

When will sled racing come to club penguin rewritten

90 days old
azeeno10 September 25, 2021


193 days old
Leacy Hail September 25, 2021


476 days old
Karan1506 September 25, 2021

I’m Pretty Hyped!!

189 days old
Sammie 2011 September 25, 2021

WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

412 days old
CRESTASIA September 25, 2021

Heyaaaa I’m super excited for all the festivals, parties coming πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ€—and the cpr team is rocking πŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

1539 days old
JoeMG September 25, 2021

cant wait!

550 days old
Kai50 September 25, 2021

This is so exiting! Keep up the good work. Will we still be getting the Halloween party?

82 days old
cdrob September 25, 2021

I got a question

51 days old
FANDOMM September 25, 2021

SOOO excited!!

1636 days old
Lucky 16 September 25, 2021

Oh my goodness! Festival of Lights?! I can’t wait for this and everything to return! I missed out on Festival of Lights last year unfortunately but can’t wait!

511 days old
Vini779 September 25, 2021


150 days old
Princesseme1 September 25, 2021

Yahoo!!!!! Cannot wait! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am sooooo hyped for candy and meeting Gary! BTW can’t wait for the Festival of Lights!

1666 days old
P100990 September 25, 2021

hi stu i have a request, please bring back the og dance lounge it was so nostalgic and i used to have secret talks with girls in there back in the day, I think a lot of people would like to see the classic dance lounge return. thanks please bring it back tho we need it!

1669 days old
leptospirose September 24, 2021

The Festial of Lights is definitely a party that happened!

439 days old
livia888 September 24, 2021

Yayyy ive never heard/been to this festival before

58 days old
sixtyfive123 September 24, 2021

Thank you for bringing the party to life!

1712 days old
Perapin September 24, 2021



1650 days old
jelly1 September 24, 2021

Funny because i was looking at the festival of flight earlier today

72 days old
guccitearss September 24, 2021

So pretty! Can’t wait😍

1532 days old
Alexfc September 24, 2021

Very nice! Hope Jet Pack comes back!

794 days old
henrik9753 September 24, 2021

Yay! 🀩

1516 days old
mimineko101 September 24, 2021


1543 days old
Peyton September 24, 2021

One of my all time favorite parties! Super excited to relive this event with you all! πŸ˜€

1471 days old
Google Mini September 24, 2021


173 days old
Thebubsdawg September 24, 2021

Club penguin you have the best designs of new events, and it got even better from my perspective!

274 days old
Rdoodler17 September 24, 2021

epic. all this looks really cool. i wonder where the image was taken from because there is nowhere that looks like that. also they have a free jetpack stand. I’ve always wanted a jetpack.

1571 days old
Tyviebrock September 24, 2021

The Festial of Lights

239 days old
Blueblob3000 September 24, 2021

CPR team i love you

97 days old
nobodytoldme September 24, 2021

also, yay i wanna meet jpg i missed him im pretty sure

97 days old
nobodytoldme September 24, 2021


1263 days old
Sweet Ari September 24, 2021


885 days old
Red Blaster September 24, 2021

I understand about operation swarm because it’s a major party and takes a while to code and you are transferring the game to html5 so I completely understand.

245 days old
ShawnahJoy September 24, 2021

Yay there is going to be a party on my birthday month. I was wondering if there was going to be a party.

885 days old
Red Blaster September 24, 2021

Last years festival of lights was great let’s hope the festival of lights this year will be great too!

977 days old
HarmonyStar September 24, 2021

I’m glad that this is returning. Does that mean festival of fruit will be coming next year, same with op swarm? I’m fine with a more relaxed party if it means less work for you guys.

44 days old
Rizzlo September 24, 2021


456 days old
kitty kins September 24, 2021

will the adventure party be next year?

1629 days old
Darla Rae September 24, 2021

Omg yay! The festival of lights is such a pretty and calm party, I’m really excited!

804 days old
Lani2 September 24, 2021

I’m also very excited for the fair! Can’t wait to see all the prizes! After the fair and Halloween, Festival of Lights seems like a nice party to take a break and get ready for the holidays!

675 days old
TheNitronic September 24, 2021

So, we ain’t getting Swarm this year, but as you said earlier, it’ll be here next year earlier than November.

And holy cadoodles, the party I voted for actually WON! I tend to have bad luck with things like this, but not this time!

720 days old
dhiwakar September 24, 2021

Oww😭 u guys gonna make me cry an entire ocean😭

491 days old
serapha September 24, 2021

The aesthetics already looks so stunning and i can’t wait to experience it. As for the mini games, i hope they all return at least by the time of fair, i don’t think any of us could wait any longer, especially the new players who are unable to play their classic childhood favourites. May it be good!

58 days old
Jouie September 24, 2021

this is amazing!!

1691 days old
Sweetypen1 September 24, 2021

this is epic

1652 days old
Gexzilla08 September 24, 2021

i loved the last one, awesome to have it back

330 days old
Prancey September 24, 2021

Loving it!!!!!!!!!! So excited

462 days old
Vkilla23 September 24, 2021

You guys are honestly the best!

262 days old
Penrock12 September 25, 2021

Very true

384 days old
Ugly15 September 24, 2021


1629 days old
Bigbonny2013 September 24, 2021

didn’t know you were a mod nice

419 days old
aveytare September 24, 2021

The party is looking good already!

941 days old
Aspharon September 24, 2021

Awesome! I never got to see this party myself but from what I’ve heard it’s stunning. Can’t wait!

1672 days old
Bugemmett September 24, 2021

There was a party vote?

75 days old
kekeisabean September 25, 2021

i also never knew

720 days old
dhiwakar September 25, 2021


572 days old
What0Why September 25, 2021

Yeah, it was AWHILE back though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if most people didn’t remember (Think the Options were 101 stamps, Festival of Light, Tropical [Adventure?] Party & probably something else).

735 days old
Tixxt September 24, 2021

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love this party with its awesome music!

696 days old
Jasmin231 September 24, 2021

So, out of curiosity, what does this mean for Swarm?

18351 days old
stu September 24, 2021

Operation Swarm is arriving next year, earlier than November! I didn’t want to work too much on so many big parties back to back, so Festival of Lights is perfect for this.

804 days old
Lani2 September 24, 2021

Sounds very exciting! Glad to see an old party being brought back for people that missed it. I personally enjoyed it the first time it was released.

804 days old
Lani2 September 24, 2021

Hi Stu just wanted to wish you good luck with working on everything! Hope your staying safe!

720 days old
dhiwakar September 24, 2021

Earlier than november πŸ˜‚ what u guys r time travellers noiceπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

696 days old
Jasmin231 September 24, 2021

Dang. That’s a little disappointing to hear, I won’t lie, but I understand the reasoning behind the delay. Hopefully it won’t have to be pushed back again.

1629 days old
Bigbonny2013 September 24, 2021

sucks that I’ll be in college then

i’ll still try to find some time to play it

305 days old
Apollo130 September 25, 2021

I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these operations and I am soo happy that next year I will be able to a part of one!!

Nice one CPR Team!πŸ‘

75 days old
kekeisabean September 25, 2021

stu do u guys know when the fair will be released as in the exact date

167 days old
sunjellypie September 25, 2021

It also coincides with the Indian Festival of Lights which is celebrated around that time of the year! Awesome!

61 days old
Kaiser4444 September 25, 2021


161 days old
Ezees2021 September 25, 2021

I’m so exciteddd

653 days old
Proudfrog September 24, 2021

Really looking forward to this one!

45 days old
BelowPixels September 24, 2021


1670 days old
D4RKFIRE September 24, 2021

Exciting :0