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Halloween Month, Woo-BOOOO!!

By stu on October 7, 2021

Hi Penguins,


Happy spooky month, are you excited for what’s to come?! I’m excited to show you. Too excited, I must show now. We have a lot of fun little things happening, but first of all, let me just give a big hug to those that enjoyed our last party which was The Fair. It was one of our greatest parties yet, so many players logging in and collecting their prizes.


Thank you for your support, we’re improving each month to bring out content for you all, your support means a lot to us as we do this.



The first FULL sneak peek would be the upcoming shack room that you guys should love. We’re bringing that classic feel, and some fun little elements for those that like our other Halloween Party versions. Overall, this Halloween Party should hopefully be fun for everyone involved!



A lot of penguins have been asking us about the classic anniversary, the 16th for the classic Club Penguin. To that, I must answer that we are indeed working on that too. Take a look at the cake that one of our artists (Bacon) baked up for us!



We’re also working on some fun little new rooms such as a corn maze! This is the first ever corn maze we’ve ever done, it requires a lot of work and different rooms being converted over, so we hope to get it finished in time for the Halloween Party. If not, the Halloween Party continues with the Corn Maze room starting during the Halloween Party.


We will be doing something incredibly cool for this room. For the first time ever, we will be trying out a way to control the camera with the penguin position. Basically a camera follow, instead of you switching rooms, it’ll be all one scene. Very excited to try this out and show you all, more news to follow.


That’s all for now, as we wait for the Halloween Party, how about you penguins check out the Sled Racing game over at the Mountain? We released it just recently!


Until then… Waddle on!


– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1671 days old
Tyler459 October 21, 2021


393 days old
hockeydude19 October 21, 2021


83 days old
YetDIDDLY123 October 21, 2021

πŸ˜€ yay

1668 days old
Federed October 20, 2021

1 day!!!!!!!

18 days old
missy71521 October 20, 2021

so excited!

1213 days old
Snowthrow6 October 20, 2021

When is it?

922 days old
Firebrust45 October 18, 2021

cant wait

392 days old
Chloe Hale October 17, 2021

Love this!

518 days old
dormilon October 17, 2021

hi more community pleases

384 days old
Botan332 October 16, 2021

This is going to be awesome!

178 days old
Trainee123 October 16, 2021


169 days old
P9293847 October 16, 2021


831 days old
marvinonmars October 16, 2021

When does this start?

193 days old
Leacy Hail October 15, 2021

Woah this is so fantastic so far, I can’t wait!!! Though I didn’t get about the camera following us thing :/
Guess I’ll figure it out once the party starts πŸ™‚

24 days old
P10265122 October 14, 2021

when are we getting puffles?

1410 days old
BrinleyBaby October 14, 2021

Happy Halloween! In the next igloo catalog, can you guys bring the schoolhouse igloo? One of my favorite igloos!

22 days old
Athena44 October 12, 2021

I am excited about the Halloween Party and Maze! In an announcement a while ago there were mentions of bringing puffles back and was wondering when that was going to be?

355 days old
LilFungusBoy October 12, 2021

Awesome! Halloween is my favorite. Can’t wait for the maze!

883 days old
Vanburg1 October 12, 2021

Happy Halloween!!!

183 days old
coolfrancis October 12, 2021

wow! very excited for this update! (but i am NOT missing that spin to win wheel)

68 days old
PringleYum October 12, 2021

Very excited.
still waiting for puffles.

194 days old
MissNicks October 11, 2021

SOOO COOL! I love this new Update! Very halloweenie, Can’t wait to explore this halloween isaland! Thanks CPR makers Nicks πŸ˜€

1213 days old
Snowthrow6 October 11, 2021

When does the Halloween party start?

20 days old
Blueflippy October 11, 2021

I love it.

I really wish the update for puffles and card Jitsu would come out soonπŸ˜€

1215 days old
summer8097 October 12, 2021

they are going to bring them out it is just in progress because they had to switch to HTML5

261 days old
BUBBLE FAIRY October 11, 2021

Other penguins – dressing up like ghosts
Me – dressing up as ghost catcher and catching all the ghosts [penguins]

460 days old
TATARENEE October 11, 2021

I love that idea thats so funny!!!

261 days old
BUBBLE FAIRY October 11, 2021

the corn maze looks amazing

460 days old
TATARENEE October 11, 2021

Im so excited for the halloween party and the corn maze

43 days old
monkey1999 October 11, 2021

Im sooooo excited i really cant wait for the corn maze im so sad that we still don’t have the pet shop/ puffles or card jitzu but i understand that these things take time and i cant wait till they come back and thanks for adding sled racing you guys rock

432 days old
xTheoM21x October 11, 2021

Hope I can actually finish this one

916 days old
Minkler October 11, 2021


598 days old
P5379883 October 11, 2021

I wonder when the party will be

221 days old
B8the38 October 10, 2021


66 days old
AddisonCat October 10, 2021

omg im so excited for the halloween event right now!!!!

1594 days old
LovelyLins October 10, 2021

Looks great!

71 days old
Cinderishing October 10, 2021

Woah! This looks amazing! So excited!

210 days old
the Hood guy October 10, 2021

it keeps getting better

525 days old
yoyoyo pop October 10, 2021

I just went on club penguin mountains and Herbert may be coming!

355 days old
LilFungusBoy October 12, 2021

How do you know? Now I’m excited!

1255 days old
Joey17790 October 10, 2021

That corn maze looks great! πŸ™‚

18 days old
probably23 October 10, 2021


518 days old
dormilon October 10, 2021

more please

70 days old
Nancy0336 October 10, 2021


3503 days old
Shop Worker October 10, 2021

Spooky Season is upon us.

398 days old
Dominik52233 October 10, 2021

This is beyond amazing!

1460 days old
card game 36 October 10, 2021

any corn prizes at the end?

717 days old
CPLover6 October 10, 2021


495 days old
programmq October 10, 2021

i’m so excited for the halloween party! one of my favorite events so far. corn maze looks absolutely awesome btw.

63 days old
Skillpadde11 October 10, 2021

im so eksajded

342 days old
Arbla16dos October 10, 2021

I can’t wait!!!

463 days old
nicksown October 10, 2021

Oh yeah and i forgot to ask about the puffles i really miss the puffles pls and it will be nice if you add rabbit puffles i love rabbits and i remember lot of old events like fair halloween summer day and lot of events. In the old event they gave questions it was so cool and i want to meet you guys.

463 days old
nicksown October 10, 2021

Whoa the mine looking cool and i can see there another place there at the mine shake is that the school!! i remember that place it was so old then i didnt even saw that again like it was 2018 or 2019 i think? i dont know but i am not sure that is the school i hope it is?

463 days old
nicksown October 10, 2021

Omg I am exited and I didn’t even got one prize from the fair event i hope i get something from Halloween. And i think at 2019 i saw a maze from Halloween event i don’t remember but i think i saw but it was my old account.

58 days old
sixtyfive123 October 10, 2021


585 days old
Moo October 10, 2021


460 days old
TATARENEE October 11, 2021

i love all the emojis!!!

83 days old
YetDIDDLY123 October 10, 2021


893 days old
ASB10 October 10, 2021

Awesome! Look forward to the party every year!

51 days old
KenTheNewP October 10, 2021

Booo!! ΰΌΌ ぀ β—•_β—• ༽぀

1711 days old
CPenguin October 10, 2021

Can’t wait!

101 days old
Flameghost52 October 10, 2021

Yay we can play sled racing now I’m happy

1170 days old
Luna7B26 October 10, 2021

So excited for the corn maze !!

1375 days old
Tielior October 9, 2021


211 days old
Shallow Jem October 9, 2021

Why can’t I become a secret agent at the EPF?. I have the letter but it won’t give me the phone

373 days old
saadrocks October 9, 2021

Im pretty excited! βŠ™.β˜‰

1606 days old
wefy12 October 9, 2021

Super Excited!!!

439 days old
livia888 October 9, 2021

Its real exciting! The corn maze looks fun even though i dont know why its called that

439 days old
livia888 October 9, 2021

I missed like almost the whole fair and i didnt get the little fox thing that goes around my penguins neck 😞

18 days old
Dabber96677 October 9, 2021

Very Epic!1!1!1

174 days old
Mia 24112411 October 9, 2021

I’m so excited for the Corn Maze and the Shack Room! The CPR Team always come out with such cool elements! Just something I would like to say, next time we have a fair, (if we have
one) Could you make it longer? I’ve never been able to play the Halloween Party, so i’m so excited for this!

-Mia <3

178 days old
Trainee123 October 9, 2021

i love this!!!!!!!!

1347 days old
Angel Jess2 October 9, 2021

BTW The Corn Maze Looks Amazing I Cannot Wait To Do That(:

1347 days old
Angel Jess2 October 9, 2021

Yay I am so Excited About The Halloween Party I Have Always Loved The Halloween Parties Every Single Year I Go(:

1672 days old
Fofa Fofinha October 9, 2021

My favourite party! I can’t wait. πŸ™‚

69 days old
Raven Queenl October 9, 2021

Wow do this i mean i love haloween pls i love this maze is cute

20 days old
Koshira445 October 9, 2021


380 days old
FireyGuiners October 9, 2021

can you guys please revive the classic igloo? its a classic.

1584 days old
pumpkin4 October 9, 2021


1367 days old
SrJooJ October 9, 2021

It looks amazing! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

433 days old
rashed9331 October 9, 2021

This sick man

572 days old
tropicalbi October 9, 2021


476 days old
Persona4Fan October 9, 2021


183 days old
rasipiberri October 9, 2021

This is soooooooo exciting!

508 days old
Kxga October 9, 2021

I can’t wait for this to come out!

410 days old
jacoba11234 October 9, 2021

The Halloween party is my favorite party and this Corn Maze is EPICπŸ‘»

1629 days old
Bigbonny2013 October 9, 2021

another cool cake, yay πŸ™‚

133 days old
Jaxxxxxxxx October 9, 2021

hi stu please can you add me as a friend thanks btw you are awesome 😊

22 days old
BrianpYT October 9, 2021

im excited cant wait

323 days old
Syed Ali1234 October 9, 2021

Oh wow! That cornfield is amazing! I can’t wait for the Halloween party!!!!!!!!!!.

40 days old
DiRudeBoy October 9, 2021

Best holiday

990 days old
Speellly October 9, 2021


417 days old
itsyoboii1 October 9, 2021

this halloween is going to be amazing

839 days old
kirito3789 October 9, 2021

Omg looking soo good. I loved all the parties of cpr. Looking forward for this!

137 days old
xface October 9, 2021

and i am poor i cant buy food

137 days old
xface October 9, 2021

can i be a mod pls i need it for my life i need to feed my cat

121 days old
playcpr284 October 9, 2021

amazing!! I love it!!

912 days old
Arekool October 9, 2021

The corn maze looks amazing!! Just wanted to know when the winner of the fair themed igloo competition will be announced

129 days old
MightyMelon2 October 9, 2021

I’m super excited! It looks like it’s going to be incredible!!!

1638 days old
Is Weird October 9, 2021

Can’t wait for the event to start! Hypeee

1619 days old
boonch October 9, 2021

The corn maze looks awesome. I’m looking forward to the new igloo catalog.

1689 days old
Gina October 9, 2021


38 days old
P10182661 October 9, 2021

this gona be good

31 days old
lilpentuim49 October 9, 2021

yay im so exited

27 days old
FloppyFish7 October 9, 2021


31 days old
fourths October 9, 2021


364 days old
Charlmax October 9, 2021

I am very excited especially for the mascots who will visit! Keep up the good work as always and thanks for all the sacrifices you do for us gamers and other people. <3

25 days old
Sir AIex October 9, 2021

corn maze reminds me of my crush. I can never find a way to talk to her.

184 days old
lisket October 8, 2021

corn maze, it feel like I’m playing Zardy’s maze but diffrent

330 days old
Prancey October 8, 2021


571 days old
euhallo October 8, 2021

when is it coming up

1034 days old
SB737S FAN October 8, 2021

Two Questions

1: Stu what are you dressing up as for halloween?


26 days old
trufflebits October 8, 2021


684 days old
Capprice06 October 8, 2021

CORNNN MAZEEE!?!?!?!? SO FRICKIN COOL!! Can NOT wait for this party!!!!

735 days old
Lollygirl198 October 8, 2021

Whoa!! This may be the coolest Halloween party that’ll be enough for it to be memorable! P.S…. can I have that cake please?

592 days old
mimsta October 8, 2021


1263 days old
Sweet Ari October 8, 2021

Thanks for the spoopy updates hehe

852 days old
Brinanao October 8, 2021

Love it!

269 days old
Kjgaming October 8, 2021

hey stu can u bring back the ghostly lolipop item along with the spooky cave igloo to cause i havnt gotten these two before if u do bring them back i will be happy with it also stu when will the catalogs in the igloo update on cause im waiting for october igloo stuff to come

254 days old
CandyRose100 October 8, 2021

The Halloween Party sounds like it will be so much fun!

32 days old
Colloquial 9 October 8, 2021

Incredibly excited for this!

34 days old
Quentin33642 October 8, 2021


19 days old
MeAndETV October 8, 2021


941 days old
Cuddles1222 October 8, 2021

love the corn maze

215 days old
gafaw October 8, 2021

@Clever Fox98 I’m sry that must really stink but i hope you have a good day! btw I’m really excited!

1025 days old
Nadia1000 October 8, 2021

The corn maze sounds so cool!

101 days old
Cheese11171 October 8, 2021

Cant wait for the Halloween Party

5141 days old
Bradyy October 8, 2021

Love the classic feel to this party, nostalgia through the roof! Innovation for the corn maze seems interesting as well! Looking forward to it!

276 days old
jama rama October 8, 2021

this all looks so exiting!πŸŽƒπŸ§

1661 days old
DerpyDiamond October 8, 2021

Ooooh!! Corn Maze with moving camera.
I’m very excited now! πŸŽƒ

1245 days old
KeaBird231 October 8, 2021

The Halloween Party looks amazing so far can’t wait to enjoy it this year it will be so much fun to collect the candy for the prizes. And Explor

When the puffles are ready to bjy would mind having the puffle party back for next year maybe i missed it in 2019 and 2020 would like that back please

598 days old
piratechaz14 October 8, 2021


306 days old
Hiro 123 October 8, 2021

Oooo, I can’t wait! This is EXCITING!!!

260 days old
P8472022 October 8, 2021

This party looks awesome! This will be my first Halloween party on CPR and I can’t wait!

403 days old
Wakabob October 8, 2021

Ooh! Now the corn maze really caught me by surprise! I love it, can’t wait to try it out! Happy Halloween!

– Wakabob

305 days old
Apollo130 October 8, 2021

I ❀ mazes πŸ™‚

69 days old
Brody210350 October 8, 2021

this looks so cool!!! cant wait for the party, you guys never fail to outdo yourselves!

171 days old
Lalaz9 October 8, 2021

OoOo this is gonna be so fun

1484 days old
Agent-501 October 8, 2021

This is looking awesome, keep up the great work, guys! Hope to see how to you top the last three big parties to come this year.

221 days old
Jermos October 8, 2021

That Corn Maze looks amazing !

1255 days old
Joey17790 October 8, 2021

The corn maze is making me hungry, lol πŸ™‚

1405 days old
Kermittos October 8, 2021

i’m really excited for the corn maze!

1665 days old
Lassebr October 8, 2021

Cant wait!!

180 days old
thanthetap October 8, 2021


579 days old
112icicle211 October 8, 2021

So excited! Corn maze looks awesome.

77 days old
Pabeto October 8, 2021

So good, it’s going to be great! I love this!

967 days old
Crest03 October 8, 2021

loving it

393 days old
hockeydude19 October 8, 2021

I’m excited for this party! Thank you cpr team

278 days old
The SD October 8, 2021

Damnnnn this is hell ya cool!!!!

314 days old
PHXFlarezz October 8, 2021

Watch for hidden items within the corn maze.

25 days old
Belowcool October 8, 2021

cant wait!

1624 days old
GoodOfEver October 8, 2021

this is awesome πŸ˜€

279 days old
Justas8280 October 8, 2021

(quick question:why is the daily reward (the one with the crystals) is still there? will you remove it in the next update?)

885 days old
Red Blaster October 8, 2021

Good idea to go for a classic feel and maybe the corn maze might be Herbert’s corn maze.

457 days old
8penguins October 8, 2021

Oh, and excellent cake by the way. <3

-8penguins, To Bacon…. πŸ™‚

457 days old
8penguins October 8, 2021

Also, I’m waiting for the community alarm about puffles! I really miss my puffles.
Plus, You CPR team penguins are a genius.


457 days old
8penguins October 8, 2021

Ah, Thanks for working for those amazing events! I am very surprised of your creative ideas, such as the maze, fair coaster, etc.

I thank you very much, and I’m very EXCITED to meet the party!

-8penguins, To Stu…:)

467 days old
not butter October 8, 2021

you guys are just incredible

314 days old
P8109461 October 8, 2021

Oh, also, if you’re going to add a corn maze, can you also award the stamp for party mazes to those who will participate in the corn maze? Most parties I’ve been to so far don’t have a maze and I’ve been looking forward to getting this stamp eventually. Thanks!

314 days old
P8109461 October 8, 2021

Ooh, I think the corn maze is a good idea for this party! By the way, why is my username still stuck at P8109461? Is there any way I can fix this?

136 days old
snowflowers October 8, 2021

this looks great :)) cant wait !

501 days old
cudilio13008 October 8, 2021

Omg i cannot wait for the halloween party this will be my first halloween

275 days old
lakuo exe October 8, 2021

im exited!!

1081 days old
MysticPlains October 8, 2021

Ooooooh! Looks fun! Not sure if this question has already been asked but will there be custom items? Looking forward to the maze! πŸŽƒ

34 days old
Quentin33642 October 8, 2021


53 days old
P10080645 October 8, 2021

cant wait!!!

45 days old
BelowPixels October 8, 2021

les gooooo

178 days old
Ancient Magi October 8, 2021

Can’t. Wait.

1629 days old
Bigbonny2013 October 8, 2021

that cake though, the actual bomb
looks amazing

491 days old
serapha October 8, 2021

Alright the sled racing is back! Now all we need is Card jitsu and the hidden dojo, Puffles and their games, System defender, PSA Room and phone, EPF phone, Test and Field Ops, Underground passage, Smoothie Maker, Java Beans, Books, Dj 3000, Catchin’ waves, Stage Catalogue,Band Catalogue, News. πŸ™‚

484 days old
Mustelid Man October 8, 2021

Did anybody else notice the EPF spy phone in the corner?

484 days old
Mustelid Man October 8, 2021

New idea for an item – Pumpkin Scarf

Like the Halloween scarf, but instead of black it’s green. I would love to see that item in game!

133 days old
Jaxxxxxxxx October 8, 2021

we need puffles

666 days old
Soft Teddy October 8, 2021

Awesome job team!

596 days old
Imadow October 8, 2021

Hopefully herbert visits for the party

596 days old
Imadow October 8, 2021

Very excited for the party (:

735 days old
Tixxt October 8, 2021

I cant wait! SO cool!

869 days old
jeongietw October 8, 2021

Hey ❀️

552 days old
sleetswift October 8, 2021

The Corn Maze looks outstanding and caught us absolutely by surprise. Things are shaping up to be a Halloween to remember for sure. πŸ™‚

75 days old
da pengin October 8, 2021

heck yeah, corn maze

125 days old
Clever Fox98 October 8, 2021

sad sad sad sad sad

125 days old
Clever Fox98 October 8, 2021


174 days old
Mia 24112411 October 9, 2021

What is sad?

Sorry about whatever it is πŸ™

125 days old
Clever Fox98 October 8, 2021

I won’t be goin’ to see halloween

70 days old
Nancy0336 October 8, 2021

can i be ur frien?

460 days old
TATARENEE October 11, 2021

why not??? im now sad for you.

572 days old
What0Why October 8, 2021

Ah! Excited for the Halloween Party as it’ll be my first one! I sadly missed last year’s due to being inactive so I hope I can catch this one.

73 days old
i hahaha7654 October 8, 2021

CORN MAZE?! Sign me up!

49 days old
RetroCB101 October 8, 2021

Insanely hyped. I’m also hoping to maybe see some Puffles this year πŸ˜€

373 days old
saadrocks October 9, 2021


1110 days old
ablice1322 October 8, 2021

I can’t wait !

1478 days old
Sweetganpat October 8, 2021

The idea of the corn maze is fantastic! You have all been working so hard and we all owe you a big thanks. Thanks a lot! The Mine Shack looks perfect for Halloween.
And lovely cake, Bacon!

1532 days old
Alexfc October 8, 2021

The Halloween Party is looking very nice! I’m also very excited for the 16th Club Penguin Anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s that old already.

1671 days old
Tyler459 October 8, 2021

you amaze me

31 days old
fourths October 9, 2021

ur acc is old xD

1660 days old
Pathfinder October 8, 2021

this looks awesome!! keep up the great work, i’m so hyped for the halloween party to release!

20 days old
Blueflippy October 8, 2021

i love this cant wait till its released

1672 days old
omega October 8, 2021

This looks absolutely amazing! ^.^
I can’t wait! Keep up the great work.

979 days old
Joybubble3 October 8, 2021

Omg!! I can’t wait!! So excited for the new camera tool!!

1650 days old
TopPenguin October 8, 2021


371 days old
ZZZ248 October 8, 2021

This looks amazing! I can’t wait for this. Thank you, Team!

61 days old
gladosb5 October 8, 2021

halloween :O very spooky

432 days old
12814Jeff October 8, 2021

YAY spooky month!!!!!!!!

1009 days old
TRex386 October 8, 2021

Omg so hype for this, this sounds like it’s going to be amazing. Love the classic feel on the haunted houses!

116 days old
Shy Guy Kid October 8, 2021

It’s Luigi time!

1636 days old
Lucky 16 October 8, 2021

Woo hoo!! I cannot wait for the Halloween Party to begin. How exciting to add some spooky features to the Halloween Party. Happy Spooky Month everyone!

804 days old
Lani2 October 9, 2021

Same Lucky I’m very excited for it as well! Sounds like it will be very fun!

974 days old
fastsammydog October 8, 2021

I’m super excited for this party! it seems it will be great. I’ve also noticed white fur around the boxes so I guess herbert will have a role in the party? Over all this looks amazing I cant wait to see what you do.

52 days old
LDTV22 October 9, 2021

I cant wait for herbert guys

145 days old
Evan0131 October 8, 2021


312 days old
TheOpNinja20 October 8, 2021

Thanks so much for all the hard work the devs, the artists, and the mods have put into the game. Spooky month is awaiting!

237 days old
jjtubeREAL October 8, 2021

Lookin Cool Stu

1104 days old
TheCPRGuide October 8, 2021

Can’t Wait!!!!! πŸ™‚

107 days old
XxMatthi55 October 8, 2021

You guys are awesome! cant wait to have fun with the halloween party!

173 days old
Thebubsdawg October 8, 2021

Wow, this is super cool Stu! I understand your team puts a lot of effort into this, but you have a ton of activities for me to do when I’m bored.

Thank you stu!


1403 days old
DylanCP October 8, 2021

I can’t wait!

804 days old
Lani2 October 7, 2021

I loved the fair so much you did a wonderful job on it. Very excited for the Halloween party! The corn maze sounds like it will be fun! Everything sounds so exciting! Also the news room as well since I heard that will be coming with the party. Keep up the great work stu and the staff can’t wait!

401 days old
Shanecute06 October 7, 2021

looks so coool

274 days old
Rdoodler17 October 7, 2021

in the town next to the locked boxes i found white fur and next to the gift shop there are claw marks, I have an idea how the boxes got there but I’m not gonna say it.

370 days old
StampFoxy October 7, 2021

Looks so good!!

24 days old
Uncle Earl October 7, 2021

Im really exited

1666 days old
P100990 October 7, 2021

I’d like to say this to mainly to Stu and thorn and gravix I’m so proud of the hard work that has been put into cpr and how it’s keeping the cp community alive for many extra years! I would like to thank the current and old cpr staff for helping this game stay alive

1509 days old
Berceuse October 7, 2021

Sounds like you all have some ambitious things planned, looking forward to the party.

1650 days old
TopPenguin October 7, 2021

for helloween! on clubpenguin! i am a pizza! for helloween 2021

51 days old
FANDOMM October 7, 2021

omg this is so exciting!! ive said it once and ill say it again, I CANT WAIT FOR HALLOWEEN! πŸ™‚

1126 days old
Meeeshell October 7, 2021

I would very much so like a slice of that cake!!! Happy spooky szn!πŸŽƒ

24 days old
Oblivionnn October 7, 2021

gonna be just like old times, just new features of course πŸ™‚

274 days old
Rdoodler17 October 7, 2021

yay this looks so cool. I wonder what’s with the locked up boxes everywhere, I guess we will find out. also something I just figured id mention is that one of the grey puffle statues at the dojo isn’t showing up, its probably a glitch but it could mean something.

1509 days old
Berceuse October 7, 2021

The locked up boxes are probably part of the usual ‘construction’ that takes place before parties.

1485 days old
schwizzlers October 8, 2021

That’s not a glitch, that’s where the gray puffle came from! (puffles haven’t been converted to html5 yet though)

476 days old
Karan1506 October 8, 2021

It’s under development

476 days old
Karan1506 October 8, 2021

I’m very excited for decorating my iggy

70 days old
Nancy0336 October 7, 2021


1650 days old
TopPenguin October 7, 2021

hi stu can you add me as a friend on clubpenguin

1650 days old
TopPenguin October 7, 2021

helloween! is my best party back in the flash days

1717 days old
Skywalker October 7, 2021

yuh get into it

1629 days old
Darla Rae October 7, 2021

I’m so excited for everything that’s going on! Thanks for your hard work!!

1672 days old
Jempenguin October 7, 2021

Halloween theme for the Anniversary party? Yes please! Also love the addition of the corn maze, it looks really fun, I honestly can’t wait for the next update!

1007 days old
TefyTuy October 7, 2021


1567 days old
Nexus Wwe October 7, 2021

Proud of the hard work guys cant wait for Halloween! ❀️

20 days old
Sorrio October 7, 2021

that is cool! i am a new user so hi!

206 days old
GAMERCOO7 October 8, 2021

Hello welcome To The Island!

20 days old
Blueflippy October 8, 2021

same lol

245 days old
ShawnahJoy October 8, 2021

You are one day old. I think that is new

675 days old
TheNitronic October 7, 2021

Cannot wait for the Halloween Party!!!

169 days old
The mee October 7, 2021

Spooky πŸ‘» month πŸ—“

1465 days old
WinslowKat1 October 7, 2021

that corn maze is definetely gonna be aMAZEing! fantastic work stu.

231 days old
Scipt October 7, 2021

Super excited!

1520 days old
Wynzel pro October 7, 2021


972 days old
iHike October 7, 2021

How soon until the fair igloo contest winners will be announced?

73 days old
SebasCP87 October 7, 2021

I’m Excited

408 days old
LUCASUWo October 7, 2021


150 days old
Princesseme1 October 7, 2021

Yay!!! I can’t wait for the Halloween party! It’s going to be awesome! For Halloween I’m going as Amy Rose! BTW will Gary be visiting, and now that we have sled racing, what about puffles?

1495 days old
jimmy44033 October 7, 2021

Looking forward to this πŸ‘

977 days old
HarmonyStar October 7, 2021

The halloween party is going to be so cool!

242 days old
gen45 October 7, 2021

Can’t wait!

869 days old
hmaeq October 7, 2021

Spooky season hype! πŸŽƒ

394 days old
P7475752 October 7, 2021

heyy glad we got some great things to be waiting for <3 about the corn maze, i wonder if it will be possible to achieve that party stamp after completing it πŸ‘€ and speaking of it, shall we have the snapshot stamp back soon? im rly into getting all of these… no further questions, waddle on u'all!!

1712 days old
Perapin October 7, 2021

Now that is the Mine Shack that suits Halloween! Delightful work!


83 days old
Hamo10 October 7, 2021

Cant wait looks so good

524 days old
IamOrange12 October 7, 2021

What does the fur in the dock mean?

203 days old
PopeeClown October 7, 2021

Possibly hinting that Herbert might visit for the Halloween Party, but I’m not sure

598 days old
piratechaz14 October 9, 2021

possibly a teaser for operation swarm coming in 2022

177 days old
Pinguwu66554 October 7, 2021

Ahhh no another typo! SPOOKY not SPOOKU
My bad sorry for my typos😭

1512 days old
Icy Pringle October 7, 2021

that corn maze looks like it’s gonna be amazing!! excited

132 days old
Hiury126 October 7, 2021

Really excited for this Halloween Party! Can’t wait!

158 days old
87zetsu October 7, 2021

the bron james

188 days old
P9143152 October 7, 2021

Yaaaay can’t waiit

177 days old
Pinguwu66554 October 7, 2021

Ooops, I was meant to put personal NOT person!

177 days old
Pinguwu66554 October 7, 2021

BIG HUGS TO YOU STU!! Thanks for the amazing hard work your doing currently. During these strange, unpredictable times it really does take a lot of determination to put a smile on our faces as well as juggle with your person life at home etc. Thankyou for everything your doing. HAPPY SPOOKU MONTHπŸŽƒ

419 days old
aveytare October 7, 2021

yummy cake

1508 days old
Lollypie0070 October 7, 2021

Please can PH or Cadence visit for the 16th Anniversary celebration?!

1489 days old
Lezd October 7, 2021

nice πŸ™‚

866 days old
Kanafi October 7, 2021

Stu you and the team are working so hard and we really appreciate it! The content is coming fast these months and the hard work is really showing. Remember to have fun! and I’m very excited for Halloween. I’m also having a blast playing Sled racing, and I like that it’s a bit longer than before. Ty!

1611 days old
Iancat5575 October 7, 2021


875 days old
bitterchalk October 7, 2021

Oh man, am I PUMPED to have a monster mash! Perhaps I’ll even do the time warp with Dr. Franken-Honey! I cannot wait to take a bite or two out of the lovely cake Bacon baked up. Everything looks so good, it’s scary! You guys never fail to AMAZE me! Thanks for all you do <3

1508 days old
Lollypie0070 October 7, 2021

I’m early 🀠 please could you bring back the duck floaties, specifically the blue one, thank you ❀

257 days old
crumsy October 7, 2021

so excited! a huge thank you for the whole team who’s always doing their best for the community! πŸ€ŽπŸŽƒ

1697 days old
UltraSonic October 7, 2021

happy early halloween

564 days old
Ciscodog October 7, 2021

Spooky Ghost HYPE!

1480 days old
DarIing October 7, 2021

The Halloween Party is one of my favorites of the year. So excited for the new corn maze! πŸ™‚

313 days old
little kingZ October 8, 2021

Me too!

956 days old
Tacosky October 7, 2021

cant wait!