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A Change Of Weather!

By Gary on November 3, 2021

Attention scientists! Attention adventurers!


A crazy time it has been, indeed… Indeed. Any-who! I have great news, I have changed the weather. By accident. We will get to that very soon.



You see, during the Halloween Party, we had a device for some vampire FUN! It was brilliant, but I needed to put a stop to it to calm Herbert down before he did unthinkable damage to the island! In a quick hurry, the machine malfunctioned and the day turned dark, it seems to have caused the sun to be hidden… how strange!


I’ll have this fixed in no time, I hope! Until then, this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the night sky until the Eclipse this month is over with, HUZZAH!


Oh yes, I do hope to see you soon this month. Stay experimenting, my fellow scientists!



568 days old
yummycookie3 November 15, 2021

Hey G! i know you can fix this but in the meantime its great for the festival of lights cause we don’t have to wait until nighttime to enjoy the extraordinary lights!!!!

633 days old
Bean0098 November 13, 2021

gary be like: lol just changed the time of day! i was in a silly goofy mood

724 days old
JJ The Cool November 12, 2021

Hi Gary! ╰(*°▽°*)╯ Excited for when you visit, Hopefully soon!

1691 days old
Kryptic1 November 12, 2021

Any updates on puffles?

571 days old
0zooo November 11, 2021

Gary, you can fix it! your a smart penguin

116 days old
kekeisabean November 11, 2021

when is the actual party?

1614 days old
BennettQuest November 10, 2021

Please stop mixing the old and new art styles. Its kind of jarring to walk into the pet store and see the window completely stop existing.

724 days old
JJ The Cool November 12, 2021

I know, it is weird.

219 days old
Trainee123 November 9, 2021

Gary I met you but I did not get the last backround

167 days old
MilesTheFan5 November 9, 2021

Gary!!! :/

473 days old
Coral 444 November 9, 2021

Hi! Does anyone know how to enter into the igloo contest?

60 days old
perry the po November 9, 2021

we need puffles

1703 days old
Valphike November 9, 2021

Keep it up GARY!!!

85 days old
Suki xD November 9, 2021

Soooo excited!

559 days old
dormilon November 9, 2021

hello more community plaeas

1515 days old
Little12z November 9, 2021

Cannot wait!

337 days old
Shadow721 November 9, 2021


28 days old
abcde26 November 9, 2021

GARY, DUDE! THIS IS CLIMATE CHANGE IN A GAME! (just was like, what? so I’m confused 😐 )

481 days old
zareenanj November 9, 2021

Gary be messin’ up too many times. Can we entrust our island to Gary?

486 days old
BouncyJen10 November 9, 2021

Well, good luck G. We’ll be ready when you need us. ;D Now, I need to go pay the phone bill at the everyday phoning facility…

414 days old
saadrocks November 9, 2021

bruh gary

504 days old
nicksown November 9, 2021

i am exited for the next event my friends told me that the next event is festival of lights.in my country i celebrate that event but its already finished. And its actually called DIPAAWALI/DIWALI but i am still exited.🥳

121 days old
BlueBeyBay November 9, 2021

It’s ok gary! I still can’t wait the see that shining sun again but this darkness ain’t too bad!

473 days old
xTheoM21x November 9, 2021

Well nice time to go fishin’ isn’t it?

219 days old
Trainee123 November 8, 2021

how you get penguin of the week?

1702 days old
Sparklmagyq November 8, 2021

Those of you that do Daylight Savings Time, add one hour to your time after conversions from PST to your time zone DURING Daylight Savings Time, otherwise, just convert PST to your time zone to make the event.

1702 days old
Sparklmagyq November 8, 2021

By the frigid Junes of Chile, that blue night sky looks unlogically Wonderlandiful!

214 days old
Thebubsdawg November 8, 2021

I am super excited for the Festival Of Lights and I am excited since Gary is coming! Can’t stop thinking of the Festival Of Lights and Gary also the Jet Pack Guy is coming? Too much stuff happening this party is going to be epic soo excited!

1680 days old
Brendonninja November 8, 2021


437 days old
claupenguino November 8, 2021

Theres so many stars in the sky, I love it! <3

434 days old
hockeydude19 November 8, 2021

Thank you rewritten team you have done so much parties for us! I think you deserve a break

1702 days old
Sparklmagyq November 8, 2021

The night sky looks so pretty! It’s even bluer than the Halloween night sky and darker too! We get to see the stars even, which is a real treat if you live in a highly light-polluted area.

63 days old
Starxiirose November 8, 2021

wait really? all this time i had a wacky computer that wasn’t working right lol 😂

801 days old
RamandRaf November 8, 2021

I love how there’s a night party right before the holiday party rolls around next month. Speaking of, can we have the holiday town decor be modernized this year? The one that looks like Santa’s village! It first appeared during December 2011 of the original CP. Would really appreciate it, thanks!

902 days old
Green8Ninja November 7, 2021

Dang, sick!

66 days old
P10262990 November 7, 2021

The dark is pretty NGL

354 days old
little kingZ November 7, 2021

Finally i can meet gary this month!

38 days old
P10430386 November 7, 2021

Gary is dorky but I love that about him 💗

39 days old
fireyreturns November 7, 2021


1659 days old
puther117 November 7, 2021

cant wait! also, can you please tell me when the minigames are comin back? ive been waiting for it since a long time, especially the dojo card jitsu. And also, if you do, please bring back the fire,snow and water jitsu as well.

548 days old
Lynn Love November 7, 2021

When will the smoothie game at the soccer field/ ice rink be back???

815 days old
hahahaHAHA13 November 7, 2021

I honestly think its cooler this way :P.

355 days old
P8109461 November 7, 2021

I’m loving the night vibes right now! When can I have my username fixed btw??

1727 days old
SkullRider54 November 7, 2021

ok but does that mean our path to ninja way will soon be at hand?

235 days old
MissNicks November 7, 2021

Dear Gary, Its ok you changed the weather, I mean Herbert did get scared and crazy when he saw a vampire and the night sky looks great! 🙂 I’m so excited to see you this month, I will get to meet you, and get the stamp! :D! I’m Excited for the Festival of Lights too! Cheers, Nicks 😀

108 days old
Laizy21 November 7, 2021

Please let us know when you come.

When will the puffles return?

1024 days old
Arc Son November 7, 2021

I loooove the Festival of Lights!

132 days old
PerryPengie November 6, 2021

The sky looks so cool! 😀

1667 days old
Sabin9603 November 6, 2021

FoL? Nice, looking forward to seeing it again 🙂

41 days old
Orangbird629 November 6, 2021

Yes how strange indeed

313 days old
Honeydrop954 November 6, 2021

Wahhh i just realized how young my penguin is 🙁

313 days old
Honeydrop954 November 6, 2021

Will there be a thanksgiving theme soon!? And if so WHEN? <3

994 days old
Super107 November 6, 2021

Can’t wait!

678 days old
DizyPrincess November 6, 2021


1561 days old
Wynzel pro November 6, 2021

this is the first time i have gone to see this in club penguin rewritten

177 days old
polaretti1 November 6, 2021

Excited to see you soon Gary 🙂 I love festival of lights

346 days old
Apollo130 November 6, 2021

Still excited though lol

346 days old
Apollo130 November 6, 2021

This is by by far the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. First the sky goes dark and then Gary posts in the community page. I never even knew that was possible??😱

111 days old
Nancy0336 November 6, 2021

wow :0

245 days old
Cure Dream November 5, 2021

Cool! I like this party, it’s a nice surprise and I’m looking forward to the Festival of Lights.

315 days old
Rdoodler17 November 5, 2021

the new sky actually looks pretty cool. I hope to meet you this month Gary.

33 days old
oswald1611 November 5, 2021


219 days old
Trainee123 November 5, 2021


320 days old
Captainmimzy November 5, 2021

soo exited cant wait!! 🤩😍 when is the new penguin style coming out ?😏😎👗🥼🧦👚

34 days old
RikkoUwU November 5, 2021


1708 days old
Rockstar1819 November 5, 2021

Hm, bizarre.’.

218 days old
Pinguwu66554 November 5, 2021

Also I can’t wait to meet Gary!! Love you club penguin!

245 days old
Cure Dream November 5, 2021

Does mean that Gary might make an appearance?! If it does then that would be so cool….this party is cool and the music in the Pizza Parlour is great….

528 days old
jacobcool10 November 5, 2021

i hope you fix it soon!

194 days old
DABOBERT November 5, 2021

Looking forward to everything that’s coming up!! 🙂

314 days old
peludo2020 November 5, 2021

I want to see that

41 days old
egfeet366336 November 4, 2021


67 days old
Ezwicki November 4, 2021

the imposter is sus

95 days old
MStonie November 4, 2021

Hi 🙂

1075 days old
SB737S FAN November 4, 2021

I think this is a rather pleasant malfunction!

What are your thoughts about it, good or bad?

142 days old
Flameghost52 November 4, 2021

nice and the best part you can surf now

295 days old
CandyRose100 November 4, 2021

It will be nighttime in the game? Leleon’s comment says there will be a Festival of Lights? That sounds exciting!

218 days old
Pinguwu66554 November 4, 2021

I’m looking forward to it! I’m so excited to experience this party. As I’ve been playing for only 6 months I haven’t experienced Festival of Lights before! Im also looking forward to having a more calming and peaceful party. Keep up the great work team! Lots of love to all of you!! ❤️❤️

1142 days old
averywolf500 November 4, 2021

You never cease to amaze me with those crazy experiments Gary.

1142 days old
averywolf500 November 4, 2021

cant wait to see whats going to happen and hope to see you soon gary been a bit.

538 days old
Vanellope42 November 4, 2021

I’m excited for the Festival of Lights!! The Halloween Party was amazing, so I can’t wait to see what else you come up with! 🙂

622 days old
SquishyBean7 November 4, 2021

So is it possible to fix it

1713 days old
Ping November 4, 2021


180 days old
NoobyGotHit November 4, 2021

Going dark eh?

1296 days old
Joey17790 November 4, 2021

Festival of Lights is coming! 😀

428 days old
parie33 November 4, 2021


484 days old
Mewith November 4, 2021

We’re loving this “accident” Gary! TY

262 days old
Jermos November 4, 2021


315 days old
Rdoodler17 November 4, 2021

oh wow, i wonder how the vampire machine did that.

1643 days old
BradyMan6 November 4, 2021

Can’t wait for the party!

512 days old
udyggeug November 4, 2021

can’t wait for the festival of lights!!!!

405 days old
Charlmax November 4, 2021

Wow! It’s nice to see the Festival of Lights happening again this year! I’m excited to meet and interact with Gary and even JPG! We shall see…


573 days old
Jooniee7 November 4, 2021

I am excited for the festival of lights! I hope we can meet Jet Pack Guy.

245 days old
Cure Dream November 4, 2021

“I hope to see you this month….” Does that mean we get to meet Gary?! Also when will we be expecting the igloo results

245 days old
Cure Dream November 4, 2021

Oooh! Does this mean we may potentially get to meet Gary?! If so I can’t wait…

532 days old
serapha November 4, 2021

I am sorry I had to come back here to say how amazing the Festival of Light is,it looks so BEAUTIFUL and MESMERISING, the ART and the MUSIC, Surely this is one of the best party ever, Thank you CPR Artists and Developers, i am in tears this feels nostalgic too, your hard work paid off really well.TY

114 days old
i hahaha7654 November 4, 2021

The fact that the sun got hidden seems familiar… But this is fine.

37 days old
Hope Anchor November 4, 2021

can’t wait to see what else happens in the future

99 days old
sixtyfive123 November 4, 2021

Thanks very much, Gary! I’m looking forward to the festival of lights, but is the halloween party ended yet?

835 days old
henrik9753 November 4, 2021

Please let us have the night sky in our igloos! 🥺

1408 days old
Philou9 November 4, 2021

Very happy to see the Festival of Lights again❤

230 days old
Sammie 2011 November 4, 2021

Happy Diwali!!

1496 days old
goo1021 November 4, 2021

Ooh! I can’t wait to see what’s next! I hope all is well!

124 days old
YetDIDDLY123 November 4, 2021

Epic 😀

280 days old
mimimianna November 4, 2021

Thank you gary for the beautiful night sky! 😀

260 days old
EVIL DRAGON November 4, 2021

Festival of lights = Diwali. Happy Diwali everyone!

292 days old
EliteTurtle1 November 4, 2021

when are they announcing the halloween iggy competition winners?

83 days old
blueperson53 November 4, 2021

interesting new!

383 days old
imjammy November 4, 2021

excited s always to see what the team has in store for this party, if the construction is this good cant wait to see how the actual party is, and also the music is amazing, ty for all the hard work team, good luck you’ll are doing amazing

353 days old
TheOpNinja20 November 4, 2021

Can’t wait for Gary to visit! I also can’t wait for what they have prepared for us in the Festival of Lights!

1562 days old
CatStar333 November 4, 2021

So excited, this is going to be so pretty!

93 days old
LDTV22 November 4, 2021

I just loved the halloween party. Too bad Gary didn’t come… (Btw he is my hero)

141 days old
SledRacer300 November 4, 2021

I’m so excited to be there with the boys!

1015 days old
fastsammydog November 4, 2021

I cant wait! I hope to see you soon Gary.

170 days old
summertim124 November 4, 2021

or summer, which is my nickname

170 days old
summertim124 November 4, 2021

So excited for Festival of Lights! Thanks Gary! From mila

108 days old
Laizy21 November 3, 2021

I’m exited to meet you Gary!

520 days old
lilgaia November 3, 2021


1496 days old
P1208998 November 3, 2021


473 days old
12814Jeff November 3, 2021

let’s go gary let’s go fix the machine. p.s i spell fix wrong.

292 days old
ChillyHannah November 3, 2021

Looks so cool, can’t wait! :)🐧

473 days old
12814Jeff November 3, 2021

let’s go gary let’s go mix the machine.

1304 days old
Sweet Ari November 3, 2021

The Night Machine 3000? (:

1670 days old
Darla Rae November 3, 2021

This is exciting news! I’m so excited for the festival of lights, thanks for your great work!!

979 days old
F u r r e t November 3, 2021

As Bob Ross said, “we don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents”. This is certainly one of the best happy accidents to occur on the island.

926 days old
Red Blaster November 3, 2021

😐 really Gary really

926 days old
Red Blaster November 3, 2021

Gary stop messing with the weather.

185 days old
Cyan a November 3, 2021

Yay so excited for the Festival of Lights!

315 days old
Rdoodler17 November 3, 2021

that’s cool. any ideas on how to fix the weather?

497 days old
kitty kins November 3, 2021

Can’t wait for the Festival of Lights! I’m super happy to see its returning. also I can’t wait to meet Gary!

Waddle on!

-Kitty Kins

1713 days old
Bugemmett November 3, 2021

Looks like fun.

110 days old
Brody210350 November 3, 2021

any news on the catalog and when thats coming out?

218 days old
dgc0312 November 3, 2021

This game its getting like the good old club penguin

1753 days old
Perapin November 3, 2021

I love the night sky!


214 days old
Thebubsdawg November 3, 2021

Super cool!!! I am really excited for this party!

1229 days old
ommie November 3, 2021

Gary, you silly goose! you’re just so silly

1573 days old
Alexfc November 3, 2021

Looking forward to it!

42 days old
flipqy November 3, 2021

cool what day?

1106 days old
andremonteir November 3, 2021

looks great!

1488 days old
embobs1 November 3, 2021

Aye this looks cool 🙂

302 days old
Hee Hee Boi November 3, 2021

Wow, the night sky looks amazing! Good luck on fixing it, Gary!

433 days old
caro1in3 November 3, 2021

Can’t wait to meet you for the first time, Gary! :]

49 days old
darkredrose November 3, 2021

Yes, I noticed the change, it was so beautiful! The music was very relaxing!

849 days old
Mehoo1 November 3, 2021

ooooo, dark

487 days old
Peachie3492 November 3, 2021

Can’t wait for my first Festival of Lights! And I must say the night sky is truly beautiful!

1018 days old
HarmonyStar November 3, 2021

Yay night sky!

1700 days old
KOALAPUGLOL November 3, 2021

Cant wait, the night sky is quite a sight!

1028 days old
Leleon November 3, 2021

Looking forward to the Festival of Lights! the Halloween Party was quite a treat. 🙂

1706 days old
Donny29 November 8, 2021

yo congratz on the 1000 day old penguin!!

473 days old
LiveritZ November 3, 2021

When are the results of the Halloween Igloo competition?

1658 days old
tippey2905 November 7, 2021

Should be soon, just have to wait

229 days old
Demisparkles November 8, 2021

yeah when?

845 days old
Lani2 November 3, 2021

I’m excited for the Festival of Lights and also to meet Gary! Cannot wait! Great work as always. The night sky is so pretty, so happy to see that returning.

962 days old
juIiana November 3, 2021


372 days old
yellowcat123 November 3, 2021

wow good job gary lol

1549 days old
Lollypie0070 November 3, 2021

Excited to see you Gary! With a new eclipse themed background hopefully 🤞

5796 days old
PepperFast November 3, 2021


1450 days old
ritzace November 4, 2021


319 days old
madman060 November 4, 2021


521 days old
GoldenGal24 November 5, 2021

how is your penguin is 5764 days old?

5796 days old
PepperFast November 11, 2021

I am a magician and a time traveler my friend 🧙

124 days old
YetDIDDLY123 November 6, 2021