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Coins For Change Results!

By stu on January 9, 2022

Hi Penguins,


The year of 2021 is finally over, and it’s been one amazing ride with you all. Thank you all again for sticking with us throughout the years, it’s been a fun one and also a difficult one but we’ve overcome it.


Sob story of mine over with, it’s time to release the amazing efforts you all put out over the Holiday Party. Here are the incredible amounts you all did:


Total Donated Coins: 549,986,000


  • Medical Help: 170,495,660 (31%)
  • Protect The Earth: 241,993,840 (44%)
  • Building Homes: 137,496,500 (25%)


We managed to beat the last Coins for Change results which happened to be over 400m coins, this is an insane result and it honestly surprised us even more.


  1. Protect The Earth has been given the #TeamSeas charity, with $1,196 donated here.
  2. Medical Help has been given the Make-A-Wish charity, with $842 donated here.
  3. Building Homes has been given the Habitat For Humanity charity, with $679 donated here.


Now brings me to my last message. We’re bringing back more charity livestreams, specifically our DevCast episodes on our YouTube channel. We want to make this a thing that happens more often, with more rewards for watching and donating to the charities chosen. We hope to bring more information on this very soon.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


14 days old
21catss January 19, 2022

Nice. I hope we beat our personal record next year 🙂

200 days old
Yossef1 January 19, 2022

Wait this actually went to people? If it did then wow like wow how did that happen?

310 days old
MarioFan2021 January 17, 2022

Great job donating money to those who are in need. This was certainly unexpected lol.

798 days old
Mroo January 15, 2022

This makes me feel soo nice and the cpr community hope we can make it better next year 🙂

228 days old
chocolate ee January 15, 2022

good mr beast is helping and cpr too

1750 days old
Sparklmagyq January 14, 2022

We are the Champions, my friends
And we’ll be donating to the end
We are the Champions
We are the Champions
No time for Scrooges
For We are the Champions
Of Club Penguin!

Rewritten, that is!

366 days old
etjary January 13, 2022

Nice 2,717 dollars to charity!

509 days old
PinguLai January 13, 2022


155 days old
Diablo2077 January 13, 2022

this is good man

482 days old
hockeydude19 January 13, 2022

Looking forward to the next DevCast!

46 days old
Flamee64 January 13, 2022

nice millions of coins were donated this year and every year.

763 days old
Mongojerry January 13, 2022

CFC really is and has always been something that made this game (and the original) special. Looking forward to the next DevCast!

181 days old
MOMOMOMOMOM8 January 13, 2022


1524 days old
ANDREI25456 January 12, 2022


1012 days old
P3986430 January 12, 2022


209 days old
General09 January 12, 2022

TeamSeas MrBeast

344 days old
Funnypuy January 12, 2022


966 days old
CheezyFriez1 January 12, 2022

Im not sure where to suggest this, so I’ll just post it here. You guys should work on an outfits system, saving outfits and using them would be nice compared to sorting through your inventory for what you want.

506 days old
Aad123 January 12, 2022

Awesome! That’s a lot of money donated. By the way, Any updates on Card Jitsu? Really liked that game.

1618 days old
Fifi30658 January 11, 2022

This is so wholesome!! 😀

357 days old
spongegy10 January 11, 2022

#teamseas boiiiiiiiii

814 days old
MrNervous January 11, 2022

Great Job!! Thank You Everyone. WOW !!! What a great thing you all do Team CPR, I So glad All your hard Work doesn’t Go
unnoticed. Thanks for all the good you are doing. CPR, is a great thing, During times we have had, Making Friends, The fun parties, Just Everything you have done, Can’t say enough

905 days old
gracegirlc January 11, 2022

ayeeeee pog

546 days old
8penguins January 11, 2022

Everyone’s heart is filled with mercy, love and caring. Thank you for the donations everyone!


97 days old
darkredrose January 11, 2022

This is why I LOVE this awesome penguin community!! THANK YOU to the penguins who donated, and to the ones making this planet a better place!

1627 days old
uwokirito January 10, 2022

I did not no that the rewritten verison of club penguin did cfc i thought only the original version of club penguin did it ill try to help next year if i can

186 days old
Sonic422424 January 10, 2022

Dang we got mr beast with #teamseas

343 days old
CandyRose100 January 10, 2022

Coins For Change 2021 was a success!

907 days old
iHateCats247 January 10, 2022


267 days old
Trainee123 January 10, 2022

Gravix can you friend me

755 days old
Soft Teddy January 10, 2022

thanks everyone! let’s continue to spread love and kindness through this wonderful community :)))

506 days old
Aad123 January 12, 2022


1164 days old
its trillion January 10, 2022

Cheers! Can’t wait for next year’s CFC! 🙂

39 days old
HelpNoNames3 January 10, 2022


713 days old
OliJay2010 January 10, 2022

Good job team.

764 days old
TheNitronic January 10, 2022

This is another one of many reasons why I’m proud to be a part of this community.

Shellbeard ain’t getting ANY of those coins.

1750 days old
Sparklmagyq January 14, 2022

Long Live Club Penguin!
Justice will prevail!
Though Shellbeard thinks this place is his,
In the end, he’ll surely fail!
Let’s all pack tons of fun and glee
And maybe even some stinky cheese
For not long’s coming a humdinger
Of a royale to defend the Migrator!
Let’s vanquish this greedy evil please!

974 days old
P4311044 January 10, 2022

That’s awesome!

947 days old
SkySoarer January 10, 2022


590 days old
greenspy January 10, 2022


1774 days old
Gravix January 10, 2022

#TeamSeas <3

1750 days old
Sparklmagyq January 14, 2022

Team Seas sounds like a really jolly grand charity!

267 days old
Trainee123 January 10, 2022

wow i donated 11,000

1612 days old
Davidh6 January 10, 2022

Sickkkk gg

76 days old
GameSpirit January 10, 2022

I donated 15k coins to both Protect The Earth and Medical Help, I donated 10k coins to Building Homes

358 days old
NotSoCring January 10, 2022


226 days old
Not Boris January 10, 2022

Hello, when will you fix the stamps?(events and activities) and when will you return the games that dont exist?

226 days old
Not Boris January 10, 2022

hello, when you will fix all the stamps?(events, activities) and when will you return the games that dont exist

28 days old
Gappu1 January 10, 2022

We did it!

553 days old
Kulp January 10, 2022

Noice, i thought this stuff was going nowhere. Now I know. Imma grind more cash for next year. I wanna donate like 100k. (This year i donated 86K)

338 days old
Sixbones2021 January 10, 2022

thanks y’all!

266 days old
Pinguwu66554 January 10, 2022

Gg everyone!! ❤️

274 days old
RoyalFlushy7 January 10, 2022

Lets go!

1761 days old
omega January 10, 2022

How lovely! I feel so honoured to have helped. Cheers to all who donated! ^.^ ♥

19 days old
GraveAngel January 10, 2022


1096 days old
NinjaYelow January 10, 2022

Thank you for everything you’ve done

15 days old
P10832809 January 10, 2022

I respect the professionalism of the whole staff team just please give me the username I really enjoy your game a lot and that’s why I’ve stuck around for so long even after everything I’ve been through. Thank you

1756 days old
Alez January 10, 2022


1344 days old
Joey17790 January 10, 2022

Coins For Change! 🙂

552 days old
nicksown January 10, 2022

omg thats so cool’
we donated alot. i think 2021 and 2022 is going to be the best years of club penguin i enjoyed so much and i heard that puffles going to come out and i think there will be the animals puffle too like the rabbit unicorn deer cause i really love them ty for doing these stuff for us❤

1748 days old
Marcellus January 10, 2022

So happy to be apart of it!

580 days old
serapha January 10, 2022

Bring a change, we will!
All hands Be joined!
Unify our Love and Faith!
for a Beautiful World
yet to be born!✨

1288 days old
Supernetural January 10, 2022

Congrats everyone!

261 days old
Delphi7 January 10, 2022

I had no idea the coins-for-change would be going to an actual charity! Thank you, CP Rewritten team, for always doing the most wonderful things. Love you!

163 days old
MR TE January 10, 2022

good job to everyone that donated 🙂

38 days old
legomovie1 January 10, 2022

Ty to all that donated 🙂

190 days old
Flameghost52 January 10, 2022

GG everyone

1185 days old
amarissa1220 January 10, 2022


1690 days old
Pinky38788 January 10, 2022

Hey is there a particular place we can post suggestions? A lot pop in mind for this game but I don’t know where to post them.

601 days old
Fulcrum22 January 10, 2022


938 days old
blairo January 10, 2022

Thank you to everyone who was involved! ♥

1368 days old
FancyPumpkin January 10, 2022

Congrats, everyone!

1066 days old
HarmonyStar January 10, 2022

I love to see where the money is going to every year, congrats to everyone who helped to complete the goal

453 days old
Charlmax January 10, 2022

Thank you everyone for donating!! 🙂

450 days old
Heggs January 10, 2022

Great job everyone! That is an insane number indeed! I love the idea of more charity streams<3

279 days old
BamBimBam January 10, 2022

I can’t wait for next years coins for change!!!! ❤️

368 days old
AnsleyR January 10, 2022

Wow thanks cpr team for doing this! I think next year I will make sure to give a lot more coins to the medical help.

48 days old
Barneyboyi January 10, 2022

i feel good

366 days old
maagplaysbr January 10, 2022

Let’s go

667 days old
Rockybillysi January 10, 2022

im just so exited

667 days old
Rockybillysi January 10, 2022

who won for iggys

1801 days old
Perapin January 10, 2022

WOW! Glad to see the charities named! Great job everyone!


1352 days old
Sweet Ari January 10, 2022

Can’t wait!! And congrats everyone on breaking our CFC record 😀

266 days old
Pinguwu66554 January 10, 2022

Hi sweet ari! 😁

1352 days old
Sweet Ari January 10, 2022

Hii 🙂

275 days old
ryun0suke January 10, 2022

Nice! Always love doing a bit for charity!

1089 days old
Tigeythegood January 10, 2022

Congrats guys!!

1533 days old
DeminoREAL January 9, 2022

great news!!

545 days old
kitty kins January 9, 2022

GG everyone! I have a question though: when are you going to release the books that you can read in the Book room that say all the parties that happened in 2020 and 2021?

893 days old
Lani2 January 9, 2022

Great job everyone! I’m glad we donated a lot of coins to coins for change! I’m excited for all the stuff to come

1787 days old
nana57 January 9, 2022

This is so great! This is why Coins For Change is one of my favorite CP traditions

1766 days old
Thec0mmutiy January 9, 2022

thats kinda cool

763 days old
Mitavo January 9, 2022

Also, i can’t wait to see the devcasts coming back! I was missing them, i’m really excited for the donations and the prizes

1554 days old
WinslowKat1 January 9, 2022

can’t wait for mode charity live streams

547 days old
MICHAEL REEE January 9, 2022


763 days old
Mitavo January 9, 2022

Thanks for everyone who donated their coins, you dont have ideia of how much those coins will change our planet. You’re awesome!

1619 days old
BlushyPeach January 9, 2022

Very happy for this! Thank you so much

691 days old
rpattz January 9, 2022


1537 days old
Purpledux4 January 9, 2022

Awesome work! Let’s beat this total for the year of 2022!

1718 days old
Darla Rae January 9, 2022

Good job everyone! 😀

871 days old
SAR5544 January 9, 2022

WOOOO!! So great to see where our coins go!

1761 days old
Jempenguin January 9, 2022

Nice, I’m looking forward to seeing more CPR charity events in the future!