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First Look At The Upcoming Party

By stu on January 15, 2022 | 116 Comments

Hi Penguins,


You’ve all been so supportive with this Pirate Party. We’re really surprised to see you all as hyped as we are to release some amazing content for you all, it’s even more incredible to see some big numbers of active user count lately. Normally, September – December are the highest in terms of user count due to the parties, but it hasn’t dipped at all, which is amazing.



We’ve all seen Shellbeard, now it’s time to release some rooms that have zero video effects added onto it. This is a screenshot directly from in-game, showing the beautiful sunrise looking down on the island.


To get a better view of the sunrise, check out how it looks from the top of the mountain…



The whole point of this party is a really cool storyline to bring onto CPRewritten. Shellbeard, a new villain to have competition against Rockhopper. It has always been an interest of mine to bring something to the plate for Rockhopper, similar to how Gary has his troubles with Herbert. 


Speaking of Shellbeard, we plan to introduce mascot meet-up times very soon for you all to get a chance to meet him with the most friendliest of timezone support given, check out the giveaway that Shellbeard will have down below with his stamp that he will be giving away with it…





A big thanks again to our artists and model design team: Moo, August Renders, Bacon, and Sage for all their work on pulling off something that seemed impossible a few years ago.


Until then… Waddle on!


– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


1731 days old
IslandMod January 21, 2022

Hyped for this new party and the new mascot, this is shaping up to be the best party on CPR!

1095 days old
PenBlox808 January 21, 2022

the rooms look awesome!!!

434 days old
velveteddy January 20, 2022


666 days old
OinkMaster22 January 19, 2022


618 days old
wizard13 January 19, 2022

can’t wait for this party when is it coming??

17 days old
FoxyWolftin January 18, 2022

I am excited to come to the party and meet the ol captain shell beard

17 days old
tux2004 January 18, 2022

I can’t wait! πŸ™‚

609 days old
Dimitris184 January 17, 2022


8 days old
EdrickDDos January 17, 2022


1592 days old
ori1234567 January 17, 2022


489 days old
Ethan 111223 January 17, 2022


111 days old
Marioreefan January 17, 2022

I Cant Wait

633 days old
Ahyyaaan January 17, 2022

good job cpr team

282 days old
Faeriefyre January 17, 2022


666 days old
Pintara3266 January 17, 2022


1344 days old
Joey17790 January 17, 2022

The artwork here looks amazing! πŸ™‚

283 days old
MissNicks January 16, 2022

Woah! this update looks really cool! Thanks the penguin crew for all these amazing updates, I have enjoyed them all! πŸ˜€ I’m excited to see Captain ShellBeard!


1284 days old
Splishy2008 January 16, 2022

Awesome awesome awesome!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

688 days old
P5378211 January 16, 2022


687 days old
piratechaz14 January 16, 2022

looks great

1515 days old
Toggi January 16, 2022


233 days old
Cyan a January 16, 2022

oooooh I’m so excited!
(also none of my comments ever get put in so I really how this one does!)

1761 days old
Ping January 16, 2022


344 days old
Funnypuy January 16, 2022


516 days old
ssavyy January 16, 2022


605 days old
Arissa10 January 16, 2022

Is that the captain from the ship full of crabs in the telescope? nvm its him, keep up the good work!

65 days old
noufer January 16, 2022


31 days old
eube23 January 16, 2022

So excited for the new party!

39 days old
Randown1 January 16, 2022

Can’t Wait!

1226 days old
daisy1212 January 16, 2022

So excited for this party!

32 days old
maryesha January 16, 2022

WOW you guys work so hard for us tyy

228 days old
chocolate ee January 15, 2022

Mr pirate coming club penguin rewriten cool

85 days old
billyfisher January 15, 2022

I be ready for it! πŸ˜€

1288 days old
Supernetural January 15, 2022

I’m excited for this party! Very cool!

806 days old
PeterEatsPet January 15, 2022

Wooh! Exciting!

534 days old
Daisyrose96 January 15, 2022


482 days old
hockeydude19 January 15, 2022

I am so excited for this party! I hope I meet shellbeard!

534 days old
Daisyrose96 January 15, 2022

How do we enter the giveaway?

570 days old
Mikelaa7 January 15, 2022

Very exciting news and cannot wait, but could we get a release date or month?

282 days old
Liv Sue January 15, 2022

– I just wanted to know is there a glitch or am i supposed to do smth else. Because i thought that we earned the third layer which is the white layer when we turned 270 days. Then we get the star when we turn 365 years. Am i right or is this a misunderstanding and if it is a glitch could u fix it.

282 days old
Liv Sue January 15, 2022

So excited for the party. The background and, stamp looks amazing. I’m excited to join the community in this amazing journey, can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. Let’s have a wonderful year.
I just wanted to ask smth my penguin is 272 days old and i didn’t get my third layer for my player card

597 days old
LightArrow91 January 15, 2022

Something tells me this event is going to be amazing!

343 days old
CandyRose100 January 15, 2022

This looks like it will be a fun party!

87 days old
LordKingsley January 15, 2022

So excited

507 days old
OneBigWord January 15, 2022

The moderators and the CPR team work so hard to make this game awesome. I just want to thank them.

34 days old
P10719021 January 15, 2022

hi, im ugly

1130 days old
DanTDMFan127 January 15, 2022

great, now i have to try to meet ANOTHER mascot.


974 days old
Red Blaster January 15, 2022

One word EPIC

1720 days old
RebySky January 15, 2022

OMG the rooms look amazing! And i look forward to getting the new Shellbeard stamp!😍

1180 days old
lylel12345 January 15, 2022


271 days old
TZolta January 15, 2022

Im so excited for this party! I really like shellbeards design btw! Good job CPR team!

87 days old
LordKingsley January 15, 2022

Time for new items, i can’t wait.

87 days old
LordKingsley January 15, 2022

Nice job guys, wishes you a good party on Club Penguin Rewritten

588 days old
PugLover1995 January 15, 2022

I am so excited. Thanks for the great job! I am looking forward to it.

1695 days old
wefy12 January 15, 2022

Looks Great!!!!! Can’t wait for igloo catalogues!!!!!!❀

487 days old
Dominik52233 January 15, 2022

This looks so awesome! Great job team!

457 days old
DoDoPizza January 15, 2022


1185 days old
sadgalbadgal January 15, 2022

I can’t wait for the new party! it looks amazing!! thanks for all your hard work cpr team xx

266 days old
Pinguwu66554 January 15, 2022

I have no words other than AHHHHHH

Also my pirate joke πŸ™‚

Why do pirates find it hard too read?
Because they spend months and months at β€˜C’

1334 days old
KeaBird231 January 15, 2022

This party πŸ₯³ looks amazing can’t wait to see it and the stamp is new never seen it before and congratulations to the people who won the contest yesterday πŸ™Œ

660 days old
TobiahSMH January 15, 2022

also i have seen puffles running arund the town

660 days old
TobiahSMH January 15, 2022

I cant wait to see all the new things on club penguin Ive played this game when the main event was on it was so fun to play this game but my laptop is brocken so i have to use my brothers!

1786 days old
UltraSonic January 15, 2022

amazing as always

22 days old
Lily9145 January 15, 2022

OMG, I can’t wait to meet Shellbeard. And a new stamp? So cool! Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Stu’s big brows are missing.

607 days old
Swiftie13d January 15, 2022

Hi Stu!

Love all the work that’s happening on Club Penguin you’ve done great things for the game. I was hoping we would be getting to see the Dojo up and running soon as I believe it is one of the best features of CPR

1283 days old
SirParksALot January 15, 2022

New mascots that aren’t just normal penguins is a pretty good idea, I just don’t really know about his animations. I know that this is your first time and the animations look really good, but is it meant to be a little bit janky looking on purpose or not. I’m just wondering about this.

1691 days old
BradyMan6 January 15, 2022

Time for a new stamp. Can’t wait!

763 days old
Mongojerry January 15, 2022

Stu, did you get your eyebrow waxed???

214 days old
PBJ sandwich January 15, 2022

Great job team

552 days old
nicksown January 15, 2022

TY TEAM. And i hope the stamp will work cause i asked stu few days ago the same question he told me that some of the stamp wont work some of them will work but still u guys can take time cause HTML is so hard to learn and even creating a game is hard so no hurry take ur time πŸ˜„β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ€ŽπŸ–€

552 days old
nicksown January 15, 2022

O.M.G! no way! omg this is so cool!! and even a new stamp!! i am so exited but when? is it? on February? i thought there will be a puffle party on February idk when but i am so exited the rooms looks so cool!!!!! ty CLUB PENGUIN TEAM!!!!πŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ’™

438 days old
pastel pingu January 15, 2022

why is no one talking about the crab in the corner (i think)

705 days old
Vilclops2 January 15, 2022

nice job Stu

893 days old
Lani2 January 15, 2022

The pirate party looks amazing! The rooms look great! Can’t wait to meet Shellbeard and get his bg and stamp. Can’t wait for the pirate party to start keep up the great work!

319 days old
ApxLouis January 15, 2022

I’m so exited!!!

9 days old
Skibbydiboo January 15, 2022

When does the party start? I’ll bring the beers

545 days old
P6954199 January 15, 2022

Oooh, I can’t wait! ^^ Thank you guys!

320 days old
Trainman1405 January 15, 2022

Very cool

179 days old
azeeno10 January 15, 2022

I’m am so excited!! Shellbeard’s stamp looks so cool! Btw does shellbeard have an assistant crab too, like herbert?

661 days old
What0Why January 15, 2022

WOW. I wasn’t expecting you guys to add him as a mascot! Man, I can’t wait for the this party to start….

1801 days old
Perapin January 15, 2022

Final room designs? There is blackness on the tree at the Ski Hill and there’s an anchor missing on the Ski Lodge…


535 days old
Peachie3492 January 15, 2022

Can’t wait to meet shellbeard in game!! And the sunrise looks AMAZING

1275 days old
ViciousDex January 15, 2022

This is very very VERY exciting. Looking forward to meet Shellbeard and exploring those amazing Pirate Party rooms as well as the Sunset at the mountains! Also huge shoutout to those lovely and amazing artists: Moo, August Render, Sage and Bacon for doing Shellbeard’s art and model. Great work Team!

424 days old
prettycat64 January 15, 2022

can’t wait!!!

76 days old
GameSpirit January 15, 2022

Wait one month

66 days old
Cookiecat341 January 15, 2022

SHELLBEARD! im so exited! A new Mascot! I cant wait!!

354 days old
Lil Jeffy011 January 15, 2022

men is really good party is a captain shell bread!!!!!! 2022 but not 2021 is done.
because i’m Lil Jeffy011 i’m from club penguin shutdown.
i hope everyone love me❀!

271 days old
THLEOPLACE71 January 15, 2022

hey ill_jeffy

163 days old
MR TE January 15, 2022

hey lil_jeffy

764 days old
TheNitronic January 15, 2022

Stu, why aren’t you wearing your Big Brow?

56 days old
agentmothm4n January 15, 2022


1233 days old
Kentauri January 15, 2022

Ooh omg the rooms look so nice!! Can’t wait!!! :’D

1718 days old
Darla Rae January 15, 2022

Omg the rooms are so pretty, so is the sky! I’m so excited to meet Shellbeard, this party is gonna be so fun! Thanks for all of your hard work!!

1059 days old
Agente Dan January 15, 2022

This is amazing… Thank you CP Rewritten for this…

1553 days old
JesseWithers January 15, 2022

This is gonna be AWESOME

436 days old
savadzz January 15, 2022

The Background and the Stamp for Shellbeard are AMAZING!!!! I really like Shellbeard’s design. How the sky will look during the party is great! Yall did a very good job. I’m excited to meet Shellbeard!

181 days old
NotSandwichh January 15, 2022

cool! πŸ˜€

1761 days old
Jempenguin January 15, 2022

Props to all of the amazing artists working on this, I am totally invested in EVERYTHING Shellbeard and that sunset is beautiful!

482 days old
hockeydude19 January 15, 2022

Moo I’m so excited for the party!

601 days old
Fulcrum22 January 15, 2022

I approve.

239 days old
SnaxXx January 15, 2022


1066 days old
HarmonyStar January 15, 2022

oh my gosh i cant wait to see the party. The sky looks so pretty, and a new stamp and bg is so exciting

1352 days old
Sweet Ari January 15, 2022

I can’t wait for the party!! Especially the sun made of cheese πŸ™‚
But one thing… I’m nearly positive that Shellbeard is secretly a Ninja Turtle

453 days old
Charlmax January 15, 2022

Thank you for showing us these sneak peaks! I’m looking forward to this awesome party! πŸ™‚

1787 days old
nana57 January 15, 2022


798 days old
Mroo January 15, 2022


630 days old
Nordim January 15, 2022

Cant wait!😁

14 days old
21catss January 15, 2022

Im super excited for this new release. Nice design

890 days old
zombsroyalll January 15, 2022

Amazing stuff can’t wait

1001 days old
cppookie January 15, 2022

This party looks awesome! I want to meet Shellbeard, but I hope he doesn’t steal my coins!!

981 days old
NotLiam January 15, 2022

Lets go stu Thank you cpr team