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Hi Penguins,


This is breaking news– after months on the island, a massive storm has hit! This looks like one crazy storm, and if Gary is correct with his calculations this time, it looks like it’ll be perfect timing for our Halloween Party that we have planned – which of course is a plus!



You can pick up an umbrella over at the Ski Village, or you can go warrior mode and not use an umbrella, really depends how you’re feeling! I, of course, didn’t want to get my unibrow wet from the soaking rain, so I decided to pick an umbrella up for safety measures.


Waddle on,


By on October 20, 2017 | 50 Comments


  • Braydenpuff says:

    Hey. This may seem random but can you guys bring the medieval event back. I am dying to participate. Also am excited for the storm!

  • Nandovshiki says:

    Guys of you having some problem getting the umbrella is that you need to have 200 coins its a glitch. 😀

  • Poppliobest8 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get spoopy.

  • Newcowboy says:

    Hey, It says i need more coins for the umbrella.

  • Kirbygum says:

    That rain come with an insane lag that no umbrella can protect me for.
    I can’t even finish my igloo for the contest because of this.

  • Sp1nnyb01 says:

    HOW DO PENGUINS DEAL WITH THIS CRAZY WEATHERRRRR? I’ve already been in the Town for a few hours and rain is pouring everywhere! – Sp1nnyb01 the moose loving penguin

  • Pingoliipe says:

    hey cpr moderators. i have a thing that i’d like to share with you. it’s about the puffles. i have two, a green and a white, and i want to leave my white one. but i can’t do it and i have no idea of how to do it. i tried to don’t care him, but he never gets hungry, sad or tired. please help me on it.

  • Dog Man says:

    ooh. very scary.

  • Mk8deluxe says:

    Fantastic! I love seeing the island raining.

  • Alex12164 says:

    Hey are you going doing the Halloween party based on 2012 or older versions?

  • Alechito2.0 says:

    Your unibrow should protect your eyes from getting wet.

  • IcyGaming says:

    woah Rain…. i can’t wait for some snow to fall

  • Feistyssc says:

    Random request: Please change this CP to the 2015 version. Your game is great and all, but I have always wanted to try out the Skate Park and other things, and 2010 doesn’t have that. Please answer.

    P.S. What was the process you took to rewrite the game? (there is a game I want to rewrite)

    • Stu says:

      We use a source called Stamina, you can look up the name for more info. Stamina is a source that can help create games using code. Also, we will be planning to do later Club Penguin 2013-2017 in around fall of 2018 so get ready for that, but we have a long way to go.

    • Sp1nnyb01 says:

      (BTW CPRewritten was to bring back the good nostalgic days of CP before Disney took over i think)

  • Skeleo says:

    Rain is way too loud

  • helloiamjed says:

    How do I blow out the candles on the cake? Will I be able to get the celebration stamp?
    Pre-Disney Club penguin is the best! Keep up the good work!

  • niceone says:

    when will it end

  • XDRawr says:


  • marshall says:

    will club penguin rewritten actualy shut down

  • Greatz says:

    Awesome post!

  • thomasincaon says:

    are you guys gonna do more field ops for the epf?

  • sunshynne04 says:

    Hi guys! And Stu, WE TIPPED THE ICE BERG!!!! I was casually waddling around Sleet, and then to the ice berg I went. It was wobbling like crazy! So I started to tip it too, and then it just, flipped over!!! I was so excited because I thought it wasn’t possible. Now I know it is!

    Just wanted to share because its CPR HISTORY!! Haha see you soon!

  • KnightWaddle says:

    hey it stopped raining so 🙂

  • Darkest Teddy says:

    Hey stu! Can you put a room where it has the stage and the recyling center? Many people wanted it back when it was removed in cp. So can you put it in another room in fall 2018?

  • Empeor716 says:

    There is Glitch with the umbrella I try to get it but it says that I need more coins and it softlocks the games with a loading screen

  • Blues Image says:

    Thank you so much for creating CPR. I can’t thank you enough. It’s like a dream come true to have it back.

  • CadencaGem says:

    Hey Stu, I can’t see the pumpkin basket on the top right, could u help me?

  • eljahyy says:

    some people are accusing people as bots ban them please blizard town

  • sadro25 says:

    Hey Stu!! I got another bug to report. This may not so much as a bug but maybe as one of the games your are currently working one that is offline. So I go into the puffle adoption store, I press the game puffle launcher, and it takes me to a blank white screen with nothing happening. I don’t know if its my computer not being able to handle the game or its just plainly shut down and being worked on but its just not working over all. Just a heads up or reminder. Thanks guys for all your hard work and dedication you put in the penguin island . If you guys need any places scoped out on the island just tell me via email or here!!! Thanks again!! 😀

  • PM654 says:

    I got sick during the storm.

  • anon says:

    Irma 2: electric boogaloo.

  • Rizwan says:

    hi stu so i want to play dojo plsplsplspls it will come or not 🙁

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