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Penguin of the Week! #55

By Rainbert on May 27, 2018 | Comments

Hi Penguins,


Welcome to the 55th edition of Penguin of the Week! This penguin is an inspiration to others, always making great, passionate art! They are a very hard worker at their craft, always being motivated and a great role model! This fantastically creative penguin is… Sahnibel!



They’ve earned the exclusive shining Green Helmet and 1,000 coins! If you see them around, be sure to congratulate them!


You can see their fantastic art here!



Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team

Reviewed by You: Medieval Adventures

By Lataus on May 25, 2018 | Comments

Hi penguins,


It’s Friday, so it’s time for a new Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked you who you are dressing up as for the Medieval Party. Now, two penguins have been chosen. The first penguin chosen, Fajardo, said:


“I am very nostalgic about these outfits of the new Penguin Style, it give me shivers of excitement to celebrate my first Club Penguin Rewritten Medieval Party, wow! And my answer to the second question?! It’s easy: none of them! I’ll be something like “viking-roman-medieval-pirate-warrior”, gwahaha!”


I think that’s a very interesting and unique costume you have there. I like it! Being creative is always great. The other chosen penguin, Purple_Alien, said:


“I wanted to be a warrior and a princess, so I decided to be a Forest Maiden! She is fierce, but still has a kind heart for nature. My hair is in two long braids in the front. I’m also wearing a majestic blue cape that protects myself from thorns and bushes.”


I really like your style! A warrior + princess is a pretty cool combo to pull off. I mean, you can’t always leave it to the knights to do everything, right? Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for all your submissions. 5,000 coins will soon be awards to the winner’s accounts soon.


If you scroll down, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



This week, we’d like to know what adventures you’ve had in the Kingdom of Club Penguin Rewritten. Battling fierce dragons, hanging out with wizards in the Mushroom Kingdom, teaming up with heroes to fight Scorn, or maybe even pretending to be a royal jester in the Dance Lounge? Let us know! Two penguins who are selected will win 5,000 coins each.


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Penguin of the Week! #54

By Rainbert on May 20, 2018 | Comments

Hi Penguins,


I’m bringing to you the latest Penguin of the Week, coming right to your screen! It’s a valuable member of our community, a fin-tastic penguin who’s always there to cheer a friend up. This penguin is active and is easily recognizable due to how often they roam our snowy island. They even create cool pictures for others. This dazzling penguin is, drum-roll please… Wedle5!



Congrats to Wedle5! They’ve earned the elusive Green Viking Helmet and 1,000 coins! If you see this penguin around, make sure to congratulate them!


Now, I’m sure there’s many other penguins out there who are curious how they can earn Penguin of the Week. I get that question a lot! So, here’s a little summary for those wondering:


Penguin of the Week is picked based on how friendly, active, genuine, and helpful a penguin can really be! They’re valuable members of our community who do things such as hosting parties, making creative igloos and outfits, drawings, videos, blog posts and being positive in general! Penguin of the Week doesn’t HAVE to necessarily be an artist, video-maker, or the sort. Being generous and courteous is just as valued!


The trick is to be kind no matter what, not just to earn the Penguin of the Week title. Because being kind to others is a great feeling in its own, right?


I’m looking forward to the next week’s pick, aren’t you?


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team

Shadows Above!

By Stu on May 19, 2018 | Comments

Hi Penguins,


The island has been filled with construction for the Medieval Party, upon checking out the construction, many have been noticing a shadow above them … What could this be?


I was a witness of the strange sighting at the Town, even a few other penguins caught the shadow in sight!



Some say that it’s just a giant bat — I’m not sure if I believe that one, but a DRAGON, I do believe in!


If you head on over to the Ski Hill, you are greeted with a bunch of rocks that are tinted red, maybe this creature gliding around the island is linked to all of this construction.

Remember to decorate your penguin with the finest of outfits with our new catalog(s) on the island, ready for the grandest party of them all – the Medieval Party!


I’d like to hear your thoughts about the shadows in the comments down below, I’ll try my best to reply to a few of them.


Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team

Reviewed by You: Medieval Costumes

By Lataus on May 18, 2018 | Comments

Hi penguins,


Last time, we asked if you could be a puffle, what color would you be and why? It’s time to reveal who has been chosen! (Good news! 2 entries will now be chosen, instead of the 1 which I stated in the last post.) The first chosen entry is Looplox, who said:


“I’d love to be a white puffle! As well as flourishing in the cold (which I’m not so great at), their ice powers would have plenty of interesting uses throughout the year – helping penguins to cool down in the summer and making ice rinks in the winter spring to mind!”


I’m a big fan of white puffles as well, they’re quite cute and small, aren’t they? Their cold breath is very chilly! And for the other entry, it’s Ryan:


“Definitely the orange one! Because my friends keep saying me I’m a crazy friend and cookies is definitely a MUST in my life! Food is life.
I am always hungry in life, just like the orange puffle! They even like socks and MY PENGUIN always wear socks!
That’s why I would be an orange puffle!”


Orange puffles are very wild and zany, but that’s what makes them unique! I don’t think I would be able to eat as many cookies as they can…  Thanks for your submitting your opinions! The winning penguins will get 5,000 coins awarded to their accounts very soon.


Now, if you scroll down, you’ll see this week’s question. Good luck!



This week, we would like to know what you think of the latest Penguin Style outfits for the Medieval Party. Who are you dressing up as this year? A dragon, a knight, or even a princess? We want to know! Two submissions will be selected next week and the winning penguins will win 5,000 coins each.


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team


Penguin of the Week! #53

By Rainbert on May 14, 2018 | Comments

Greetings, my flippered friends! Wow, is it already time to announce the next Penguin of the Week? Well then, let’s go! This week’s penguin is a kind and caring individual who’s always looking out for others. They are an active, passionate player– and we really appreciate that! They’re also a Cart Surfer champion, how impressive! This week’s pick is… Charlotte921!



Congrats to Charlotte921! They’ve snagged a Green Viking Helmet and 1,000 coins as a reward for their positive impact on the community!


If you see this penguin on the island, yell out to them: “CONGRATULATIONS!” And… make sure to spell it right, ya hear me? Our POTW deserves proper grammar!



Waddle On!
-The Club Penguin Rewritten Team

Reviewed by You: Puffle Pals

By Lataus on May 11, 2018 | Comments

Hi penguins,


Today I’ll be introducing a brand new section of the blog – Reviewed by YOU! Some of you who were here around early last year may remember that there was a Question of the Day section of the blog, which is somewhat similar to this.


So, you’re probably wondering how this will work? It’s pretty simple! Every Friday, a question related to ongoing events, minigames, mascots or more will be asked on the What’s New Blog. Your job is to answer the question, but also remember to explain it. But wait, that’s not it! On the following Friday, one lucky penguin’s response will be featured and they will win a whopping amount of 5,000 COINS! 


This week’s question will be linked to the Puffle Party, so remember to give it your all and good luck!



If you had the chance to be any color of puffle, which color would you be and why? Remember to keep in mind that each puffle is unique and has their own personality!


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team

Puffle Party & AMA!

By Stu on May 10, 2018 | Comments

Hi Penguins,


Our new party has just launched on the island of Club Penguin Rewritten, can you guess what it is? If you guessed the Puffle Party in that short amount of time, then you are completely correct and you deserve a pat on the back. If you guessed Medieval Party then you are incorrect, but not entirely, as that party is set to release around May time, too!



There’s a lot of activity going around during this party so get your flippers ready to explore new party rooms, items, mascots, and more!
The party is set to end on May 16, giving you enough time to do a lot of the activities going on around the island.


That’s not all this blog post has to offer, now it is your chance to get a QnA with the Administrators behind Club Penguin Rewritten (AMA means Ask Me Anything, it’s just a cool way of saying QnA).


What can I ask in this ‘AMA’?

As the title is, you can ask us anything. You’re able to ask us questions about the game, bug reports, or just anything you have on your mind that you would like one of us to answer.


Why don’t I see my comment straight away?

Once you send your comment down below, we will have to approve and reply to your comment depending on the nature of it. Don’t be worried when you don’t see your comment straight away, it’s best to check back every hour or so.


How do I know if it’s you answering my question in the comments?

We’ve just added a new thing to the comments of the blog that’ll show who’s a Staff Member of Club Penguin Rewritten and who isn’t, check it out:

Basically our color happens to be different than yours, yup, that’s pretty much it.

We will be answering your questions down in the comments below, so get asking!


Thanks for being awesome fans of Club Penguin Rewritten, we can’t wait to see what you have to share with us.


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team

Penguin of the Week! #52

By Rainbert on May 7, 2018 | Comments

It’s Monday again… often known as the roughest day in the week. But hey, it’s not all bad. Today’s the time of Penguin of the Week to shine! This week’s pick is an active member of the community, always organizing events, making friends, and spreading cheer! Despite their name, this individual is anything but foolish. I could easily drag-on for hours how awesome this penguin is, so without further ado, Penguin of the Week #52 is… The Fool!



Congratulations to The Fool! The elusive, sparkling Green Viking Helmet has been granted upon your inventory, as well as 1,000 coins.


If you see The Fool around the island, make sure to give ’em a huge congratulatory holler!



Waddle On,
The Club Penguin Rewritten Team!

What’s Going On? #1

By Stu on May 6, 2018 | Comments

Hi Penguins,


We’ve been hearing some feedback from the players recently from our Social Media pages, and we’ve gathered enough suggestions and feedback to know that a lot of you would like some blog posts explaining some updates we do on the island, and even some updates that you might’ve not noticed because they’re so hidden. We’d also like to address some important things about email safety in this post, and also giving light on some bugs that we are aware of and plan on fixing as soon as possible.


Catalogs, catalogs galore!

The release of Club Penguin Rewritten brought in some AWESOME catalogs for ALL penguins to use, this gave others a chance to dress up and decorate their igloos ready for the new party, the Puffle Party!

You can still purchase these items from either the Gift Shop, or your own igloo. If you’re looking for help on how to spend your coins, or even decorate your penguin/igloo then you can view our new Help Page.


The Migrator Docked!

Rockhopper has greeted us with his first visit on the island back, and he sure does have some amazing gifts with him!
You’re able to visit the iconic Migrator over at the Beach, don’t forget to grab the items he has delivered as they are limited to the island and are only there for a short amount of time.


Earth to Earth Day!

What’s a return without a little bit of a party celebrating nothing but our beautiful earth we all live on. This brought in some amazing activities around the island that a lot of penguins adored, we’d also like to point out that we enjoyed looking at those who were in the mix of those making their penguins a completely different animal, seeing these awesome outfits in-game made us all smile!



Greetings from Club Penguin Times!

The first Club Penguin Times back gave us a message from the writer herself, Aunt Arctic, giving us a wholesome welcome back to the island with many penguins giving their answers to her questions about the return.



This also gave in some exciting events at the end of the newspaper, informing players that the next party will indeed be the Puffle Party.


Dojo of the Mysterious?

There’s been some interesting gossip about a certain statue around the Dojo Courtyard moving… I’ve not seen this myself, maybe it is just a piece of gossip floating in the air? Who knows, if you happen to see this yourself, let us know!


Emails, and small but importantly cool changes!

The day of 5/5/2018 we took a small maintenance break that lasted one hour, this was so we could work on our emails and recovery passwords, we’ve been receiving reports of users not being able to receive our emails, this was to fix those issues.

BUT… That’s not all! We also brought in a really cool change to our email design for both Activation and Forgot Password.


Here’s a look at our new Activation email design showing a fake password for Stu:


If you’re new to the island and have yet to receive this email (ending in @cprewritten.net) then please check your spam folder, if it is located in your spam folder then please mark it as non-spam so others get it in their inbox and not their spam. Still unable to find it? You may contact our support over at support@cprewritten.net about this issue.


Squishing Some Bugs!

What’s a return without some little bugs crawling around? We had a busy week updating and fixing some bugs behind the scenes, and I’m here to share them with you.


• Ice Rink would break for players, showing a weird ketchup-colored ice rink instead, fixed.

(Thanks penguins for letting us know!)

• Town would break for players in-game which would cause lag for some, fixed.

• Outfits wouldn’t show the correct price from what it originally was, fixed.


Those were some of the small bugs we fixed that were primarily during the Earth Day Party, so now, here’s a list of what we are aware of and are working on:


• Find Four constantly spawns you to previous location and not same room. (Thanks bratzz and m0torbreath!)

• Find Four at times gives negative coins, as well as other mini-games. (Thanks and sorry, Perapin!)

• Puffles are unable to be fed, leaving them into a forever-emotional loop. Puffle stats are being noted by us and will be worked on.

• Puffle launch will return once we have fixed some small issues with saving.

• Treasure hunt will be worked on by us, too. (Thanks for the heads up, Titan!)

• We will be keeping an eye on email sending during this time.

• Card-Jitsu disconnects you after a certain amount of time.

• Glitches at Cave Mine will be addressed and fully looked into by us. (Sorry penguins!)

• Lag spikes at times playing Club Penguin Rewritten – it is indeed a weird one, and we are still investigating as to why this is happening when playing Club Penguin Rewritten.

• Capes and wings not showing on the playercard. To fix this issue yourself, please try wearing an unrelated item in the same category.

• Issue with current furniture and clothing catalogs with certain items not showing proper item will be looked into ASAP.


These are only parts of the bugs that we have noted and are working on, if you have more, don’t be afraid to contact us or leave a comment down below explaining what happened in detail.


Safety and Trust Talk!

We are including this into the blog post as it is very important for safety online.
Recently we have been noticing a small email going around claiming to be parts of Club Penguin Rewritten, using our title in the email and forcing you to click the links on said email.


Please note that our emails will always end in @cprewritten.net and will ALWAYS have a proper email design on them, if you see any email with poor grammar or an email that does not end with @cprewritten.net then it is deemed as fake by us and could harm your device, now that is out there, what is the best course of action from you?

The best way to go around a phishing email is to report the email as a phishing attempt, you can do so by clicking any drop down box on the email and then it’ll give you an option.



We’d also like to give a few safety tips of our own:

• Do NOT enter your credentials anywhere outside of Club Penguin Rewritten, our official domain being: cprewritten.net

ONLY trust emails that are from @cprewritten.net

• Do NOT give out your personal information to anyone, we will never ask for this.

NEVER share your passwords to anyone except your parents.

• Make sure to use a strong password, preferably randomly generated, to keep your account safe. We recommend a 32 character password with at least 3 numbers and 1 capital letter.
Store it somewhere safe so only you can remember it.


So, what’s next for Club Penguin Rewritten?

We plan on doing some extremely fun activities on Club Penguin Rewritten, especially Summer coming around, we have SO much planned for you penguins and I’m so excited to share them but unfortunately I’m unable to do so… yet. If you’re looking for some sneak peeks or even exclusives then it’s best to follow our twitter here, it’s also a good key to keep check on our What’s New blog!


Waddle on,

– Club Penguin Rewritten Team