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Hi Penguins,


We’re celebrating this Friday with another Fact, it’s time for Fact Friday! This fact is dedicated to newspapers and our favorite penguin known as Aunt Arctic, she’s a very busy penguin and we just got word how busy she really is behind the scenes creating the newspapers for us!



As you all know, the newspaper is by far our most favorite read on the island, apart from the awesome books that are easily readable over at the Book Room, the newspaper is a classic to many and it sure does bring a lot of hype to the island for future events and stories! I’ve seen many questions on the island about the newspaper, and the question I’ve seen the most is how many penguins actually send newspaper submissions in on a daily basis? Well, I caught up with Aunt Arctic herself to grab the answer for you all, and the answer is 932 or more submissions are given to Aunt Arctic every single day!


That’s a crazy number, and I’m sure Aunt Arctic is kept busy during the weeks reading every single submission given, make sure to leave a submission in this weeks newspaper for a good chance to be shown in the next one!


Waddle on,


By on October 6, 2017 | 24 Comments


  • Best King 58 says:

    Awesome fact again Stu, and that is quite a lot of submissions. Thanks for everything again!

  • euston says:

    aunt arctic is a g

  • SC1 Sam says:

    The Penguin Times is the world’s most reliable news source.

  • Seanie6 says:


  • Sp1nnyb01 says:

    Wow. She’s a very busy penguin with all of these submissions! – Sp1nnyB01

  • helloguys says:

    Nice post, and also i am still doing weird vids cuz of that hacker still, and he will free me from crazy vids when cpr shuts down, and if i dont do it. ill get banned. PLz help me mods….:(

    • DarkestTeddy says:

      Relax dude I don’t know if your a hacker or not because your name is helloguys but if your not listen to me! Go to your email and go to support.clubpenguinrewritten.pw email and then ask for help

  • Vinedudy says:

    Thanks for being a nice community for everyone club penguin rewritten. Everyone hopefully forget cp has been closed or something XD. Congrats with the million users!

    Waddle on!


  • TEAMCD says:


  • so anyways i have a problem so my puffle dissapered no letter nothing he just vanished my name is fantheguy.

  • Foggy1775 says:

    That many submissions for every category? I wonder how long it takes for them to fill things out..

  • Cadselly says:

    Hi Cad here i would inform you Stu that yesterday was best day mascots spreaded out somewhere
    it was fun

  • plushtrap says:

    when is the hallown party?

  • imarshmallo says:

    NOOOOOO! But i really wanted you guys to hear my joke lol!

  • Woomitron says:

    Hey Stu, I’m the one who made the 1 Million Penguins poem, but I’m very confused.. I was told there was a book prize, but I didn’t receive it. Is this a bug?


  • sadro25 says:

    Yo Stu! Its Sadro25 again. I have another bug to report. So I have 196 friends and it seems when I go on a server that none of them are online. Like it does not show that their online when there standing right next to me. So what I did as an experiment was I added some people, Logged off, logged back on, went to the same server, and all those people I added were there but were not showing up online in the friend box.Just a heads up! Thanks for the great work you guys are doing!!! Tell me if you need anyone more moderators! Thank you!! 😀

    • sadro25 says:

      And speaking of 196 friends,now 201. Another bug is I can not unfriend friends .Like It tells me I unfriended them then I log off and log back on to find they are still on my friend list. Thanks again! 😀

  • Trett says:

    Club penguin is awesome

  • thomasincaon says:

    just curious, are we ever gonna re-enact operation blackout?

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