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Hi Penguins,


It’s time for another Friday feeling, with some facts! Today’s fact will be about the release of our Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement Project idea we had that sparked many interests within the Club Penguin Rewritten community – yes, we’re going all the way back to around April time, where we tested our brand new source, at the time, which wasn’t Auroris (our source currently).



Many penguins gathered around for this event in order to test bugs and help us out, in return those who helped out were given a Red Hard Helmet which is what you might see around the island, and I know plenty of penguins have been asking about this hat and how to get one, this is how! We generally run these tests for Club Penguin Rewritten at least a few times, but it’s very rare now as we tend to silently push them out and see if we can figure out the bugs on the actual Club Penguin Rewritten website, instead of the Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement Project website.


Many penguins showed up for this, so much that the Town was full within seconds of our first test, we recently had a few more tests to test out the new source which is what you know today as Auroris, if you’d like more information about our current source then feel free to read the post here. If you have any more juicy facts or stories about our island, then feel free to let us know about this and you might get a chance to have it showcased on the blog!


Waddle on,


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  • Mypalsharky says:

    Nice fact :ok_hand:

  • Bill Cipher says:

    lol i remember this, all i saw were people as green puffles, not penguins lol

  • Jerno says:

    i hope theres more cool features. i like testing things
    i liked the beta testing party and improvement project for club penguin rewritten, pretty cool


  • Dylan says:

    I was there! Such an awesome experience to test out the new source, and it was fun being a green puffle 🙂

  • Matias0209 says:

    Hey CPR!
    There is a bug that dont let me doingthe field ops if you can reapair it I will be gratefull

  • Poseidon15 says:

    Great fact! I remember being a part of this project and receiving the red hard hat! Good times…

  • Jetshot 22 says:

    I remember it being very hard to get on to CPRIP…

  • Pengeeh says:

    i REMEMBER GETTING MY HARD HAT AND BEING A GREEN PUFFLE LOL. I was sad that I couldn’t do mini games haha.

  • Ghosty says:

    Oh man I remember that. It was pretty fun.

  • Trin54 says:

    Hey CPR, I had bought a penguin and named him Ibsen, but when I logged out for a bit and got back on, he was gone! He wasn’t in my igloo anymore but the coins he cost me aren’t back… Just wondering if it was a bug and if i could get him/my coins back. I had already gotten terribly attached and miss him dearly…
    in need of assistance,
    Penguin Trin54

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