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Hi Penguins,


I’m proud to FINALLY announce another Fact Friday! As you can tell, we’ve not exactly had the chance of being able to make any posts recently, but we managed to gain control of the blog back from Herbert P. Bear, thank you all so much for helping us save the island – couldn’t have done it without ya’.



This Fact Friday is all about us saving the island, and the past of the evil ‘genius’ known as Herbert P. Bear. This wasn’t actually the first time Herbert attempted to damage the EPF as a whole, he started his plan around Battle of The Doom, but again, it didn’t go according to plan with the help of many agents around the island.


And now we’re left with another story, another fact, for you all to spread around the island. This is the day we showed Herbert to never mess with our island and that it is ours. Now tell all your friends, let them know you completed the biggest mission ever, penguin style.


Waddle on,

By on November 24, 2017 | 55 Comments


  • TEAMCD says:

    Ooooh, great story. I remember trying to take out Herbert’s Red Hydra by throwing snowballs at it or something. Thank goodness our island is safe!

  • 8JKN4 says:

    You know,Herbert should take some terapy sessions.I mean,he did all that just because he aciddentaly ended up here,couldn’t go back and thought that we were annoying. He’s pretty annoyed honestly.

  • Mejeromexx says:

    First comment? Woo hoo!

  • Herbert P. Bear says:


  • Sp1nnyb01 says:

    Wowzers! The EPF agents have been through so much… Wonder how they are holding now that Herbert is defeated, and that the main EPF Agents are freed. – Agent Clucks + Agent Moose

  • Mr.chubchub says:

    Herbert. The one guy i’ve tried to take down since 2012

  • Gustavo2012 says:

    I lost the battle and the pin… 🙁

  • Beuty&beast says:

    It was,a good idea to do operation Blackout party and all the mascot meetups i say this was the best party! Thankyou To all who helped gary,dot,jpg,rookie and the director,Also the island Thankyou for this party i appriciate.

  • ethanrocks38 says:

    I just wanted to say that I like the new captcha on server load! Also, 8JKN4 I agree with you.

  • MewtwoManiac says:

    Hey Stu, I got a problem. I can’t do the first operation in Black Out! Could you and the others look in to it? This was my favorite party and I want to relive it.

    • Stu says:

      Hey, what seems to be the problem? 🙂

      • MewtwoManiac says:

        I can enter the room with the first mini game thing, but no matter what I do it wont let me play the mini game. If I can’t do the first one, that means I can’t progress. So try and look into it. Hope you can fix it, and you and the others keep being awesome. Reply if ya can fix it.

    • Ashley Williamson says:

      boy, do I love Club Penguin!!! and zeff, for writing my college essays for me

  • Ashley5098 says:


  • Erick13321 says:

    Finally, it’s over! We beat Herbert!

  • TK88 says:

    We all saved the island once again, thanks to everyone’s contribution! Will this be the last of Herbert P. Bear’s schemes who knows?

  • Darkest Teddy says:

    4th comment! Hey stu! Is herbert going to come back? I missed him because I was doing my homework!

  • Quetzal says:

    how many memories of that time…!

  • Static says:

    Maybe for the next Fact Friday you can show us what it may be like on your side when you either receive submissions for igloo contests for the newspaper (like if it shows a screenshot of the igloo or the name of the person who submitted it).

  • Spudys says:

    Ahhh, Light! I’ve truly missed the pleasure of seeing sunlight again. This month has been tough. We had everything we ever loved taken from us, and we couldn’t get it back… Atleast not alone. We banded together, and defeated that temper mental furball! (Though I still stand with my theory that Disney was behind all this, but HEY! THATS JUST A THEORY, A GAME THEORY!) We got through this war, with victory and sore bums. We rained triumphant! Now, we have secured Club Penguin Rewritten a future. Though, this future is uncertain. Though I may not know whats in store for this island, but I can guarrante you, this island will prosper for years to come. (Atleast till 2020.) Its been an honor serving with you gents, but I think we should just sit back, and enjoy the sunlight. After all, its been a long day….

    My final words to my fellow penguins.

    We did it. There is no words that can describe this moment than those three. But we did much more that beat Herbert. This month, we lost to Disney over our domain name. But even though we lost, we still won. This day in Club Penguin History, we lived through the Blackout, and offically claimed our place in the wide world. We showed everyone that we are here to stay, whether you like it or not. Though Club Pengiun Island lies across the wide blue sea, we still exist. WE are no more Club Penguin Rewritten.

    This day, we become, CLUB PENGUIN!!!

    (It’s symbolic guys.)

    To the future.


    • Kavoor1 says:

      Yeah, Mate! We did it! I’m glad that there are penguins out there, who actually care! None of this could have been done, without y’ll. This IS actually a moment to feel proud about our island! Wish to see EPF once again! WADDLE ON!!!

  • Pinky150501 says:

    Hey CPR! Congrats on getting the blog back
    i was wondering when would card jitsu return
    I really cannot wait for it , i miss it and it was my fav game!
    I know u r working really hard on the game and making it the best
    and many other penguins too want card jitsu
    i hope u will fix it soon 🙂
    -Thank u

  • John says:

    How do i get the red hydra mini-game

  • ender gamer says:

    dear stu that adventure of stopping hertbert was great and i really had a lot of fun in it but i will recommend you to create new parties and copy as less partys as possible from the classic club penguin i really hope you see my comment and reply which will probably not happen but if it happens than thanks for reading my comment.BTW my penguin name is ender gamer.thank you for reading so far thank you and goodbye. why are you still reading ???????

  • marshall says:

    it may take a little while fo the island to heat up guys. so enjoy the snow while it lasts guys. =)

  • ender gamer says:

    dear club penguin team i am sorry
    if you are scraching your head right now wondering what am i taking about then dont worry.
    what happend is that i got banned from club penguin cuz i said the word t.e.r.r.o.r.i.s.t i am saying the word with dots cuz i am not taking anymore chances i am really sorry for misbehaving but i wanna play club penguin but i cant for 24 hours so can you plz reduce the ban

    thankyou and goodbye
    sincerely ender gamer

  • AgentJDN says:

    Everyone, team up! I have crashed out the Herbert HQ. Last chance to stop Herbert!

  • Beuty&beast says:

    It was a really nice party when herbert took over the island.We all did a good team work in this party.Herbert is a horribe leader as you may see he only knows how to capture penguins,not invent new items or machines like gary,He does good work, everyone keep up the work.We should all becareful next time! It was a really nice of the team to make herbert’s background in an old theme.I wonder how the next party will look like! Thankyou all for your help -Beuty&beast 🙂

  • Beuty&beast says:

    Dear stu,I have a question Will dj maxx be back in a party? because i did miss him on studying in the days. Will you please bring him again? 🙂

  • Nkkr5 says:

    You guys aren’t going to get rid of the PSA, right? That place is my favorite room on the island, and I would be really sad if it was gone. And, if you are not getting rid of it, can you guys add the gadget room? Thanks! Have a good day!

  • Kavoor1 says:

    Yeah! WE saved the island! None of this could have been done, without y’ll. I’m Happy to announce that Club Penguin Rewritten IS FINALLY SAFE FROM THAT VEGETARIAN POLAR BEAR!! Im glad that we wont be having a “Ruler of the island” anymore! Aah! The good old days are back! And you too Bloggers! 😉 Only waiting for the EPF to be restored back again.. Well Best of luck everyone! Waddle on!!!


  • Kavoor1 says:

    Dear Stu,
    I am aware of the fact that there is so much going on around the island, but I have a request to ask you. I have been trying to play Puffle Rescue and trying to get the ‘moss key’ but the controls are not working properly. They do not work sometimes, same goes for Aqua Grabber. I know that this is so much asking from you, but I will be glad if you did it! Thank you in advance.


  • Beuty&Beast says:

    Dear,CPR team i would like you to bring us cardjitsu, our favourite game i do understand how hard you are working but please bring us sensei when cardjitsu arrives it would be really cool with sensei?! goodluck on the game thankyou for everything and all the parties we all like this game and enjoyed each party came cant wait for xmas -Beuty&beast 🙂

  • CyanideUltra says:

    I Think you Should Retexture Puffles like in club penguin and give them features

  • Louismlg333 says:

    I’m still waiting for card jitsu to come out…

  • Mejeromexx says:

    Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Don’t Read This. Noooo! You read it.

  • Alesiis says:

    hey admins i would like to know if they can put the card jitsu shadow already know if they could modify the game and put a rare mullet I do not see why they can not put the card jitsu shadow please put it TnT

  • Alesiis says:

    and many congratulations for having won the 15,000 signatures that good that you would love this game and I hope disney does not have to throw it again but when it does we will rise stronger than ever, good luck

  • thomasincaon says:

    i wish it showed the cutscene after shutting off the laser.

  • SamHooves says:

    So will the EPF go back to normal after the party or?

  • noobpro says:

    when is the dojo going to work

  • Drdavid says:

    When will we have the dojo? Plz try to put it on the game plz…I know that is difficult program a entire game almost alone or with a really little team,but try plz!!! ;-; ;-; ;-; I think that im not the only one that wants this

  • Halopona says:

    I remember this this was one of the coolest things that during CPR`S lifetime yet I loved it!

  • Seanie6 says:

    I remember this!

  • Cool1414 says:

    2 questions.
    1) will the psa & epf return to normal after this? i love the old designs.
    2) when i click the herbert costume, it says i “need more coins” even though its free.

  • Snaipera says:

    How to rebuild the EPF elevator and house?(sorry for the bad english)

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