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Hi Penguins,

Welcome to the 11th Edition of Penguin of The Week! The penguin that has been chosen this week has been in this community since the start. They are very active and are always making the Unofficial Club Penguin Rewritten Wiki outstanding. That being said, the 11th Penguin of the Week is…  700y! If you see them around the island, please congratulate them.





Congratulations 700y! Your commitment to the community and work towards the wiki has for sure given you a place in our Penguin of The Week spot! You’ll be rewarded with an exclusive green viking helmet, and of course your 1,000 coins!


Can’t wait to see you all next week! If you want to be Penguin of the Week, make sure you work hard within the community and wear a sassy outfit!


Waddle On,


By on May 29, 2017 | 52 Comments


  • Shard says:


  • Lataus says:

    Congrats, 700y!

  • SnippitySnap says:

    Congrats dude, you deserved it!

  • iwantalollie says:


  • Aj22000 says:

    Congratulations, 700y!

  • Tweets009 says:

    Congratulations! And well done on getting POTW! 🙂

  • Mr Pikachu says:


  • Halopona says:

    Congratulations 700y! Well Deserved!


    Well done!

  • pookoo says:

    Great for them! I wish I could be more active in the community, but I try to play as much as possible, and help penguins in need. I’m sure 700y will be happy with their hat and coins, congrats to them!

  • Ilovemario64 says:

    Congratulations 700y!

  • Bluewater says:

    Good job. Buddy!

  • Keel says:


  • aj834 says:

    Congrats to 700y. Well deserved!

  • Bananazcakies says:


  • TheFishingPenguin (New Zheming) says:

    Congrats to 700y! I haven’t met them (or that’s what I think), but what they do is higher than what normal penguins have done. I wish them the best luck and have fun!\

    Dang, this comment sounds too sarcastic, but I SERIOUSLY mean it.

  • Zenner522 says:

    Can I nominate people

  • Zenner522 says:


  • RoyNocerus says:

    Congrats, man!

  • Seanie6 says:


  • Seanie6 says:


  • Blue4740 says:

    Congrats 700y, you deserve it!

  • R0RiE says:

    Congrats 700y!!!

  • frances says:

    nice one 🙂

  • Brownie says:

    Grats 700y!

  • PixeledGamer says:

    Congratulations to 700y! he has been very helpful to the cpr community and i look forward to seeing what he does next! i even met him once and he was very nice and calm. he was helpful and i saw him contributing to the wiki a lot also! congratulations to 700y for this achievement

  • Ryry54321 says:

    Congrats 700y! You definitely deserve it!

  • do anything says:

    hey 700y want to party

  • AlwaysRM_ says:

    Well done friend

  • Pinky16730 says:

    Congratulations! He really deserves this award!

  • Zenner522 says:

    I’d like to nominate melchior for POTW.

  • Milkyways says:

    CONGRATZ M8!! 😀

  • Bertha says:


  • Dragoooman says:

    I want to nominate my friend CP Clover, he’s the one who brought me into this game!He also helps me get lots of coins.He Is Awsome.

  • Dragoooman says:

    Also, Congrats 700y 😀

  • Jerno says:

    wow he has the beta hat

  • dhru1212 says:

    congragulation 700y

  • Mondarius says:

    i nominate myself cuz i am always active and have a cool igloo and have a cool penguin

  • Third Ninja1 says:

    Congrats and how many stamps are you up to bro?

  • kittylover18 says:

    congratulations 700y! 😀

  • sick says:

    congrats i know that i’ve never played this but im also sad that club penguin shut down:( but since club penguin rewritten came i’ve never cared less thank you and once agian congrats u totally deserve i:) and i cant wait to see who’s next!!!!

  • jerico says:

    Belated Congrats! You really need this.


  • Chucky Cheese says:

    Man, I wish i could be POTW, i log on every day, playing around, designing my own outfits and igloos.
    But still, Congrats 700y, you earned it.

  • ClubClub says:

    I would like to nominate Robloxgirl because she is nice and she also tells funny jokes.

  • Eddygj says:

    How did he get that igloo?

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