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Hey Penguins,


Welcome to the 30th Edition of Penguin of the Week! The penguin that has been chosen this week is known for their generous attitude. They are very helpful, always on Club Penguin Rewritten, and just an overall nice penguin. That being said, the 30th Penguin of the Week is… Mosta28 If you see them around the island, please congratulate them.



Congratulations Mosta28! Your generosity in the community has for sure given you a place in our Penguin of the Week spot! You’ll be rewarded with an exclusive green viking helmet, and of course your 1,000 coins!


Can’t wait to see you all next week! If you want to be Penguin of the Week, make sure you work hard within the community and always wear a sassy outfit!


Waddle On,



By on October 8, 2017 | 49 Comments


  • Hunter says:

    Congrats 30th potw!

  • a1tered says:

    Super happy to see this, well deserved! Congrats Mosta!!

  • Best King 58 says:

    Congrats Mosta28, I knew you were going to get it soon and thanks for being an awesome friend to the community! 😀

  • Kohdak says:

    OMG OMG OMG CONGRATS DUDE! 30th POTW and the same day as the celebration! It was all worth it for your POTW! Well done, welcome to the POTW members!

  • Seanie6 says:

    Congrats mosta!

  • coold0g says:

    Wait isn’t POTW supposed to be on Mondays? Well I know it used to be on Sundays before April 13

  • Blue4740 says:

    Congrats Mosta my friend!

  • Mypalsharky says:

    Mosta,congrats on POTW!!! :3

  • !Congratulations friend! !You deserve it! 🙂 😉

  • pizzarolls says:

    Woah, that was early. usually, POTW is on mondays.

  • SkyFire13007 says:

    Good Job Mosta28

  • mushkie says:

    congratulation so happy for u ur very lucky keep being great and making people happy use ur cpins wisely!!!!ur amazing have a smashing day

  • Liela10 says:

    Hey Sam, is there anyway you can help me with an igloo problem? I upgraded my igloo to the estate model 3 days ago but it still shows the default igloo. I’ve cleared my cache and I don’t know if there’s anything else I can do. Thank you for assistance.

  • Dog Man says:


  • pmon80872 says:

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to be Penguin Of the Week, because I am happy, friendly and I have a lot a friends and I can tell other penguins other jokes that make them laugh. Also I have a cool outfit.

  • pals09 says:

    congratulations mosta!

  • natalieizzy says:


  • Sammi! says:

    i cant get into the game. how do i fix this!

  • Bubbascot says:

    Can I be the penguin of the week plz

  • Pinky150501 says:

    Congrats mosta28
    good to good penguins around
    CPR, I request you, please dont shut the game, i have never enjoyed a game so much before

  • imarshmallo says:

    Awesome! Well Done bro!

  • softhaven says:

    help my wings wont come off my penguin. I click on my avatar to take them off and they dont show up in the avatar window.

  • nooter7600 says:

    im mostly sure this went from being a nice person to putting on the weirdest outfit

  • DarkestTeddy says:

    The game won’t load again for me!

  • Newcowboy says:


  • GodGabo says:

    I was playing sled run and it said ‘you got kicked out of the server for cheating by a moderator”. When i logged pack in, i lost my name and became P396505. I also lost one of my friends (he isn’t in my friend list anymore). Can you please help? My account is GodGabo.

  • Ilucky13 says:

    I am not receiving the “better igloo catalog.” is this a glitch?

  • DyIan says:


  • PengyWhistle says:

    When will card jitsu be back? it is my favorite game and i was devastated to find it was “coming very soon” in like august

  • takaishi says:

    Whe need Gator7 4 POTW

  • TEAMCD says:

    Well done! You deserve it for your kindness and your nice afro.

  • drewtron3000 says:

    can i be next? that green helmet looks SWEET!

  • DarkestTeddy says:


  • Evcko says:

    Question, how do you join the contest?

  • Devotee of CPR says:

    I notice that Zeus hasn’t posted this as usual, and Sam did it instead. Everything okay?

  • PotatoCrabs2 says:

    Im having troubles logging in, is it possible to delete any accounts associated with my email.?

  • dasy.bad says:

    i can’t do this! will you do this for me

  • dasy.bad says:

    i can’t do this! will you do this for me yes woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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