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Hey Penguins,


Welcome to the 36th Edition of Penguin of the Week! The penguin that has been chosen this week is very passionate towards Club Penguin Rewritten. They’re very active in the community and are generous to other penguins around the island, which we acknowledge a lot, but not only that they’re also very artistic. This penguin sure is talented; their art is unbelievably amazing! Anyway, that being said, congratulations to CartoonCass for being the 36th Penguin of the Week! If you see them around the island, make sure to congratulate them!





Congratulations CartoonCass, your talents have sure paid off, and here you shall be awarded with a shiny green viking helmet and 1000 coins! Don’t be scared to wear that helmet in honor, and make sure to spend your coins freely however you want!


Waddle On,



By on November 27, 2017 | 28 Comments


  • Greenux says:

    Congrats! Good job!

  • Matt13 says:

    Congratulations Cartoon! Your hard artwork has paid off!

  • Seanie6 says:


  • Blue4740 says:


  • Halopona says:

    Congrats Cass!

  • poseidon15 says:

    Congrats buddy! Well done and well-deserved! Phenomenal!

  • Hunter says:

    Congrats! 36th potw

  • sniderwine says:

    this is just to point out a bug I found. When throwing a snowball with the capture suit it doesn’t throw a net may you please fix this, thanks!

  • Ferby304 II says:

    how do you become penguin of the week?

  • quartzism says:

    Are we going to have a Hollywood Party for February?

  • Zookah says:

    why does everything take you to the blog

  • Prof.Moopy says:

    hey zeus how do you get to be able to ya know become a penguin of the week? if you would tell that would be nice.
    waddle on like a baws, -Prof.Moopy

  • Pinky36126 says:

    BTW WHEN WILL CARD JITSU RETURN I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iwcio says:

    help! i cant log into my account, last time i used it was around a month ago. The name’s same as above

  • ShawnBread says:

    Team CPR, you could tell me the release date of the Ninja Challenge update, I thought it was one of the cool things about Club Penguin and I think most people liked it too.

  • ender gamer says:

    i have a question normally stu makes these things in the community but this time zues wrote the penguin of the week so can you kindly explain that why did stu did wrote the penguin of the week.
    i am not trying to be mean/rude so if you think that i am being rude than i am sorry.
    a part from that thank you for reading my comment.
    i hope you reply.
    from ender gamer

  • panda257 says:

    When can i be the penguin of the week Zeus??

    PS:My name is panda257 please let me be penguin of the week soon

  • panda257 says:

    Oh wait congrats CartoonCass

  • beuty&beast says:


  • Ashley5098 says:

    Congrats CartoonCass for winning POTW! Btw, I absolutely LOVE your drawing in the newspaper! Awesome job! 🙂

    Your friend, Ashley <3

  • Kavoor1 says:

    Hey, CartoonCass! Congratulations for being the 36th POTW!!! Hope to see you around the island soon! Nice outfit!

  • Eleven says:

    Congrats CartoonCass! Hope you enjoy the Viking Helmet and the 1000 Coins!

  • Qrty12345 says:

    Congrats CartoonCass!!! I’m Proud Of You! I’m glad all of your work payed off!

  • Jscience says:

    Congratulations! Where can we find CartoonCass’s art to look at?

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