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Hey Penguins,


Welcome to the 38th Edition of Penguin of the Week! The penguin that has been chosen this week is known for their ingenious artistic talent. Many penguins know them for drawing their iconic, tiny penguins. Not only that, they also create playful comics. Not only are their comics original, they are pretty hilarious if you ask me! Anyway, that being said, congratulations to Happy1 for being the 38th Penguin of the Week! If you see them around the island, make sure to congratulate them!





Congratulations Happy1, creating all of that art has sure paid off. Since you received Penguin of the Week, that also means you’ll be awarded a Green Viking Helmet and 1000 coins! Wear your new shiny helmet like you mean it, and make sure to spend your coins however you want!


Waddle On,



By on December 11, 2017 | 48 Comments


  • Greenux says:

    You deserve it! Congrats!

  • PepperFast says:

    Yay! Congrats Happy!

  • Seanie6 says:


  • Best King 58 says:

    Congrats Happy1! That was extremely well deserved, and at long last you’ve gotten POTW. Enjoy your Green Viking Helmet as it will for sure look great on you!

  • TEAMCD says:

    Well done! Good job! Congratulations.

  • R0RiE says:

    Long overdue! So glad you finally got it omg

  • Asteri says:


  • Mega Zylith says:

    how do you become the pengiun of the week?

  • Nkkr5 says:

    Can you nominate someone with igloo designs?

  • Hunter says:

    you should be very happy lol, anyways Congrats!

  • Static says:

    Congrats Happy! I love your unique art style 😀

  • Mypalsharky says:

    Probably the most deserving POTW yet!! Congrats Happy!

  • Qrty12345 says:

    Congratulations on Winning player of the week happy1! I’m glad all of your hard work payed off!

  • craftingnoob says:

    id like to nodify Mixel 101 for being nice and helping he plays everyday and is a good friend

  • Boo00 says:

    congrats happy1 BTW can Boo0 be penguin of the week next because he is realy talented he makes his own songs and he goes to school singing them and everyone loves it and he is a great friend of mine he has done everything he can to make me happy and it is his birthday next week and he realy wants to be penguin of the week so i am trying to make him happy please CPR make my friend happy again as he has been down and i want to make his birthday the best one yet thanks for listening

  • SingerBelle says:

    Welldone Happy! By the sound of things you sure deserved penguin of the week!

  • MayaPenguin says:


  • Ghosty says:

    Congrats to them!

  • A confusedguin says:

    Hey whats aThe catchpha thing???

  • Zookah says:

    new viking helmet design :O

  • Bolt says:

    i nominate Jernopenguin. one of the coolest penguin beta friends, but his main Jerno is banned. he does all the cool videos and stuff, which are awesome! I hope jerno will do good and also hope he is unbanned. he has his other penguin Jernopenguin so i hope he wins

  • Pinky150501 says:

    Congrats !!!Keep up the good work!

  • Herbywerby says:

    Congrats! I Nominate Matty1000, he is not only a good friend. He is an amazing game creator too! He makes stick figure comics on his twitter, hope he gets chosen. Waddle on!

  • Qrty12345 says:

    Congrats happy1!i’m proud of you!

  • Pete Cassel says:

    I think the next penguin of the week should be Future Man. He helped me make new friends and always played games with me when no one else would. I have been going through a rough week and he made me feel important again. I truly think he deserves this, please consider.

  • Erin Seaborn says:

    Woooo you go Penguin!

  • sadro25 says:

    Hey cpr team. Just a heads up but I have lost connection twice and at the looks of it everyone else has too. I’m a bit worried that this may not be a regulated disconnection. I hope its you guys and if its not, I hope you can figure it out! Thanks CPR team for all your hard work!!

  • Kavoor1 says:

    Hello Happy1! Merry Christmas! Congratulations for being the 38th Penguin of the Week! Enjoy this Time of the year with your shiny, Green Viking helmet! Wish you to see around the town soon!

  • Kirsty147 says:

    Hello! My name is Kirsty147 and I saw the penguin Future Man today. He was friendly and helped me find where the hidden pin was, i was looking for it forever! He also gave me tips on where I should make the most amount of coins and cart surfer was a blessing! I would like to recommend him for penguin of the week because he is a one of a kind fellow. Also, I have a two problems, my first one is I haven’t fed or done anything to my puffles in awhile and they still have their full health bar and everything, is it a glitch that they won’t ever go down? My second problem is when I go to remove friends, they get removed and when I log off and get back on, they reappear.. I don’t know what is the problem. Thank you!

  • craftingnoob says:

    id like to see Mixel 101 become penguin of the week I think he is a helpful flipper always and is always nice he is the greatest penguin ever!

  • Alisonalison says:

    Good job, happy1!!! I think I’ve seen you around the island ahaha

  • samndean says:

    Will Rockhopper’s ship ever have the Treasure Hunt game in the captain’s quarters? That was my favorite game on the original CP and I think it would be a huge hit on CPR. Thanks!

  • EggRoll12 says:

    Help! There are some bugs:

    1. I don’t have a chat bar

    2. Puffle launch won’t save progress.

  • Adam Florence says:

    Dear Zeus, My name is Adam, I am 17 and I love that you have created a wonderful recreation of our beloved game club penguin. I wanted to ask you a question, could you do more Mod Mondays or snow Saturdays, the reason I ask is because we love you guys you recreated our child hoods for us. Just asking, thanks again, Adam.
    p.s. when is card-jitsu coming back?

  • Noeega says:

    congrats happy1

  • neowresp says:

    in the next updates will put the lore of sensei (when releasing the dojo)

  • Honchkrow101 says:


  • Elbow D says:

    Can I send fan art through Instagram? Is there an official CPR account on there?

  • kyky2323 says:

    congrats happy1

  • kyky2323 says:

    got her first people congrats

  • Moneydawcool says:


  • Sam Norwood says:

    my coins are -coins and I can’t buy anything

  • ?????? says:

    Can we do potw with nominations?

  • bean 6 says:

    What do you need to do to become the Penguin of The Week?

  • IM SO PURE says:


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