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Hi Penguins!


November was a crazy month! There was polar bears, agents and even a giant sun blocking device! That’s all coming to an end soon, but don’t worry as December is going to have just as much awesome new content.


Starting tomorrow there will be a new event that will be running for two weeks, but there will also be three new catalogs! I can’t reveal much information to you right now, but I can show you this…

So make sure to save up your coins, because there’s going to be a lot of new stuff to buy.


What would you love to see in the new catalogs? I’d love to know in the comments below.


Waddle On,


By on December 5, 2017 | 20 Comments


  • Ant Penguine says:

    Woah, looking forward to this!

  • melchior says:

    elsa’s braid

  • Kavoor1 says:

    Hey Joee! It’s nice we are getting some new stuff soon! I’m happy to get rid of that vegeterian polar bear….
    By the way, May I know, Is there going to be a tree costume? I would be happy if there is one!


  • 8JKN4 says:

    What I would love to see in the new catalog?A Penguins at Work item with an working special dance. 😛
    Seriously,I’ve been saving a lot of coins for the Holiday Party so that I have enough for the catalogs and Coins for Change,I already have 30.000,might as well keep saving for the January party

    • Joee says:

      The dances being broken are due to limitations with the team, however I can confirm that the next item will have a working dance.

  • Pinky150501 says:

    Awesome!Can’t wait!!
    one more thing
    i get minus coins for playing few games like sled racing and dj3k, also i dont have the option to record music in DJ3K. Please fix it. I know u guys r working very hard on the game and i am sure the result will be the best
    thank u so much once again!

  • Halopona says:

    They look awesome I cannot wait! Really stoked for this event also I have a few ideas of what it might be! 😛

  • stormsnake25 says:

    Will the new Penguin Style have the tree costume? I’ve been waiting a while to get the stamp

  • christien says:

    Is there gonna be the coffee apron because its logic its to warm up people perfect for winter and christmas also ill like if the pyjamas in the new catalogue

  • christien says:

    Also when i bought the new blue hockey jersey i whas so exited and happy until i discover that when you sit down-right (weirdly only this direction) youre feet get under youre jersey(any colours) so please will you fix it ill apreciate

  • pizzarolls says:

    Plz don’t be a Frozen event.. im so hyped for the new catalog

  • Josh W says:

    Wow that looks amazing, Great job Joe, you have outdone yourself on this one ✌️

  • a1tered says:

    Just from the preview I can already tell that the catalogs are gonna be great. Can’t wait to see ’em!

  • MayaPenguin says:

    I legit can’t wait!
    shoutout to my friend Nymphae xx

  • dengit says:

    i would like it to have a gingerbread house igloo

  • Pinky7797 says:

    I cannot wait! I have saved up a lot of coins, but with 3 catalogs I’ll need more!

  • AdictNoLifer says:

    Gonna Go mining for tomorrow HAH!

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