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Hi Penguins,


As you may or may not have known, our Fair was expected to be live almost a week ago, due to issues with our last server and source, we had no choice but to delay the fair to a later date–this lead to false hope and promises on newer dates for the release of said party, which we are truly sorry for. Basically, you look at Club Penguin Rewritten and you think it’s just a normal game along with a fun and energetic community that fills it up with such a pleasant atmosphere–and that is true, but there’s also certain things that go on behind the scenes that you won’t notice and today I will be clearing all this up for you.


Why was the fair delayed?

So, the fair was ready. We had everything planned and sorted out, unfortunately something happened with the server we were on and it just couldn’t handle us anymore and our users, basically, we were too big for our server to handle, we changed servers and then we thought we’d release our source (more on that later), with our source it became an even bigger problem as that was our priority to finish so The Fair was given a later date due to this reason.


Will this happen again in the future?

Definitely not, we’ll be making sure this never happens. This only happened due to our server issues and then us releasing our new source as it was ready to be published as a performance test, such as you saw with our Improvement Project sessions. As such, we have put in place practices to make sure this never happens, we are currently working on our new party already and the party after that, we will make sure never to release a date on the Twitter if we can’t keep up with the date that has been posted, we are truly sorry about this, again.


What is this new source?

Here’s the exciting news! During the course of 3 months or so, we have been working on a brand new source for Club Penguin Rewritten, think of the source as the main purpose and structure for Club Penguin Rewritten – without the source, there’s nothing but an empty room with no penguins or functions.



Auroris, our new source, will bring exciting new things to the island such as new mini-games, and much more! We were very limited with our old source and we wanted a change, our Developer known as Hagrid has worked hard on bringing Auroris to light for us all, now that it is finally on the island, we’re now calling all those who participated in our CPRIP tests for Auroris to join us on the original island and figure out more bugs and report them to us, as always, we try our best to polish everything before release and whenever a bug is found we try our best to always squish them no matter how small or large they turn out to be.


Where has Find Four, Mancala, and Card-Jitsu gone?

Our old source had those mini-games working and due to us switching to our newer source, it has lead to us not having these mini-games put into it, but don’t worry! We are working hard on implementing these mini-games into our new source. Card-Jitsu has been completed and is expecting a release on Auroris VERY soon, don’t worry, nothing will be changed and your progress is still the same, let’s say good-bye to our good friend Undefined!


Other updates that were pushed out during Auroris’ release include:


• Brown puffle now shows as the correct puffle on your player card (thanks community!)

• PSA phone was moved to player card like before

• Puffle stats should be much better with Auroris

• A postcard is now given to congratulate those who pass the PSA test

• New pins now show on stamp book

• EPF item duplication bug is now fixed


We have a lot more in store for you penguins so stick around! There’s been a lot of exciting things behind the scenes that I can’t wait to tell you about, there will be awesome new features in-game, new parties, and some cool pages on the website too such as a community page which will bring up-to-date wallpapers and much more that will involve YOU into the community.


We appreciate the patience within the community – we have such an amazing community, and we understand that your needs need to be met along the way with us. We are listening to you penguins, and we will make sure that your voice is heard. We thank all those that had the patience with us as we sorted everything out and bug fixed everything, and to those Club Penguin Rewritten staff members who worked day and night for hours and hours on Auroris and other projects. This is only the beginning for Auroris and Club Penguin Rewritten, the future will bring much more content and amazing features that you will all enjoy, we’re sure of it!


Thanks for being awesome!

Waddle on,


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  • euston says:

    no worries dad

  • Best King 58 says:

    Oh my gosh that is fantastic news, I’ve always been with you guys, thank you so much this will definitely make everybody even happier YAY! 😀

    • Zozzo says:

      I have been part of the Club Penguin Rewritten community for a long time now. Since January 2017, in fact. CPR has blossomed so much and I am looking forward to all future updates! I stand with the penguins-old and new. We can waddle on together, never forgetting the pleasure that the blessed Club Penguin gave us.
      Waddle on,

  • BETA0617 says:


  • Adams_Apple says:

    Great job you guys have worked hard and i well sorry for you because of all this drama keep up the great work and waddle on!

  • Sad! says:

    Very sad! Took you guys a week to bring a party! Apologize all you want just like you’ve apologized for every other update! I’ve seen no changes! Very lazy staff and devs. Disappointed. Sad!

  • PixeledGamer says:

    I Look forward to auroris!

  • im so sorry stu i had no idea this is why and THANK YOU so so much for saving my childhood im 14 so i guess im still a child but i was so destroyd when i heard disny was shutng it down so without you we wouldent have it at all so THANK YOU so so much

    -a very thankful person(not saying my real name sorry)

    • AbominusRex says:

      im a year younger then you and i feel the exact same, i was very sad when i heard it was shutting down. i immediately started looking through rip club penguin vids on youtube and i saw a guy say “GUYS GO ON http://www.clubpenguinrewritten.pw ITS A REMADE CLUB PENGUIN, IT ISNT OVER!!!” and i was very surprised when i first saw this, all the old aesthetics, mechanics and almost all the games (pufflescape, Card Jitsu and a couple others [from what i remember]) and i just want to say that you guys have done an amazing job and, i cant wait for the fair

      • Stu says:

        We’re so happy to hear! We appreciate the comments, stories like this truly make us happy to read, aside from all the hiccups that happen, comments like this makes it all worth it in the end. Thank you so much. 🙂

      • Zozzo says:

        I heard from CP World 😀 I miss CP too and my brother played it for 9 and a half years!

  • Viking Helm says:

    i declare this as fake news

  • Willi50148 says:

    Finally, Thank you CPR equip, I really admire what you do for us, always keep it that way! For a more fun penguin rewritten club!

  • Earth 18 says:

    This is brilliant news, can’t wait for future updates!

  • Mypalsharky says:

    Don’t worry papa stu, we will eat weetabix and be alright.

  • Matt13 says:

    I knew you guys would make it through. I will never leave CPR…

  • coold0g says:

    Yay club penguin rewritten I wished you had switched to auroris before

  • Lataus says:

    Let’s hope for a good future!

  • Jetshot 22 says:

    Well I can wait. But what’s all this about Drivr3Joe?

  • Scrooge McDu says:

    Take your time, guys! I was excited for the fair but now, i’m also excited for Auroris!! Thanks a lot guys for bringing back the gold old Club Penguin back to life!

  • evenn16 says:

    am i the only one that cant start up the game? it wont load for me

  • nanopengun3 says:

    You guys are the best! keep up the good work CPR team!! We love u and I thank all of you for bringing this game back!

  • Seanie6 says:

    Thanks for informing us

  • Mixel 101 says:


  • hughamster says:

    im having trouble logging in i cleared my cookies and my browser it still will not work! i was going online to see if the fair is up and it will not load!
    ‘plz help

  • AnonymousPingu says:

    I ran into a bug with postcards. If you try sending one to a buddy, it doesn’t get sent but you can still click yes to send the postcard. I lost a couple 10,000(?) coins after this (lol) so I’d be grateful if you could look into it 🙂

  • Carbonate says:

    papa bless

  • Makayla Sexton says:

    Awesome Awesome news. CP has been a simple and fun part of my life since I was little. I remember when disney bought it and everyone was SO upset because we knew they’d eventually kill the game. We lost interest pretty quick, and then about died when we heard they turned it into an app and were shutting down the online game. I’m so glad CPR is here and getting straightened out.

  • Woomitron says:

    So, will they fix the bug of how your penguin cannot sleep?
    *I hope so*

  • Sillyfun9 says:

    I just want to thank you for all you’ve done with this game. You guys are not bound to keep this game running for us. You are not being forced to work hard for our pleasure, but you do it anyways. It shows you care about us and I really appreciate it, and despite all that’s been going on within this community and outside communities, I want you to know you have my full support! Thanks for being awesome and waddle on!

  • DarkestTeddy says:

    Hey guys i have a problem with my loading and I cannot play for 4 WHOLE DAYS because of this and its still here and I am worried I cannot play it anymore. I tried to go on servers where not many players are at but it stills not working. Even if it is fixed it lags a lot and its ONLY ON CLUB PENGUIN REWRITTEN. Is anyone have problems with this? Anyone please help me or CPR team please reply to me because I need some help fast!

    • DarkestTeddy says:

      I forgot to say Stu but can you please email me so I can know if this is a problem for all of us or just me and how to fix this problem so it will never happen again? -DARKESTTEDDY

  • ThqnderFox says:

    It won’t let me join any server. 🙁

  • MyManz says:

    I cant even join this is so stupid i get stuck in loading screen forever. PLEASE FIX

    • Stu says:

      This has been fixed.

      • DarkestTeddy says:

        Stu another one that is like that bug is happening! I tried everything! Cleaned my cache, restarted the game, restarted the computer! The glitch says that PLEASE TRY THE GAME AGAIN SOON and the code is C0 and I can’t login! PLZ HELP ME!

  • Matthew says:

    Will there be a patch for when you dont receive the PSA medal/award in your star book after finishing the mission?

  • wholegrain says:

    I really appreciate what you guys are doing over on the staff team. I somehow stumbled upon CPR during the beta party, and I’m so glad I did. <3

  • Nimzy says:

    It seems that only certain games give out tickets and you can get the stuffed bear item for free? I’ve cleared my cache and it seems I can only get certain games to actually give me my tickets. And its not that they’re there and not showing up, I’m receiving nothing from almost all the games except the hammer game.

    • Stu says:

      Please clear your cache for us 🙂

      • Nimzy says:

        I tired it a couple more times, each time clearing my cache and trying different browsers each time, however I still only receive tickets for the hammer game?

        • Nimzy says:

          Also, just thought I’d say a nice hello! I’m one of the more older users on here, I started playing original CP back in 2007, and my first time experiencing membership was for the fair that year! You guys did an amazing job! Just can’t wait until I can’t actually start gathering up tickets haha.

          • Zozzo says:

            Totes emosh (cwl)
            My brother played cp for 9 yrs as i played for 4 and we both miss it dearly

    • DarkestTeddy says:

      I got the igloo for free!

  • Larito 39 says:

    Hey, I`m glad about the new update but there are some glitches that have bothered me a lot lately:

    – when I try to get the lavender, it says “you already have this item”
    – and I also can`t see the prize booth when I go to the forest idk why…

    hope you see this ^ , thank you

  • Penguey! says:

    Its ok no apoligize we still have the club penguin we all love and play on 🙂

  • iceberg508 says:

    I never understood how comlicated it is to manage a game like this, I always have faith in you guys and continue to look foward what you guys have in store. Waddle on!

  • stephanie says:

    I’ve kept my username and password saved on my computer but after the updates to the server they were erased and I can’t remember my password. I’ve tried requesting to change my password but I keep getting sent to an error page. Please help!

  • Shadow X says:

    Whenever I try to use my jetpack guy’s background or decorating my igloo I get disconnected, also DJ Maxx’s background isn’t working either…

  • Trekker says:

    Is there gonna be a mini party or something for the one million useres celebration? cause CPR is pretty close to getting this milstone. Also Auroris sounds super cool can’t wait! Waddle on!

  • OceanMan2112 says:

    Yay, Card-Jitsu will work! Are there any plans to release the fire, water, and snow Card-Jitsu games?

  • Sonic K says:

    Yeah, that’s great and all but the game kinda lags (not frame rate related, just click reaction time) and I’m not the only one who experiences this. Sometimes, I can’t even move at all. When will this get fixed?

  • moo says:

    Some parts of the Fair are not working for me.. I can’t get any of the prizes because it’s not loading. What do I do?

  • TechnoRazor says:

    Is it just me, or does the brown puffle still show as orange?

  • liz says:

    will the treasure game appear on rockhopper’s ship??

  • Tomm As says:

    Eh, we are happy that it is here.
    It is very nice thank you

  • pizzarolls says:

    hey stu, when i named this username pizzarolls, everyone is thinking of me as a food 🙁

  • Maker0824 says:

    if there’s going to be new minigames that are good for coins (if there for coins at all) I am really excited

  • iwcio says:

    sometimes it lags me out saying “unable to connect to the game”; im not mad or anything, i just wanna know, why?

  • iwcio says:

    plus another randomness from me, do you post codes on the whats new??

  • JackVictorc says:

    Well done everyone involved great news i always trusted that you would push everything through in the end and you did a huge congratulations is in order for all who worked on it.

  • Frisk says:

    dont worry about it <3 u guys r amazing and ily all, you work very hard and we appreciate it

  • critter3000 says:

    It won’t let me play for some reason! It just always says “unable to connect to the game, try again later” But this has been happening for a few days! I keep clearing my cache and trying different internet browsers but nothing works! What do you recommend I do?

  • critter3000 says:

    I know this has nothing to do about the new source or anything, but how many players have the blue lei item?

  • JeffFreeman says:

    um good and all but it’s not working for me on widows 10 and am in Canada so will you fix it and it says Can not connect to game try again later…… and am using internet explorer…

  • I kinda like this Fair. It lets me win prizes and more tickets. But I keep logging on! No matter how many times I log onto my computer, It just says,”Unable to connect to the game, please try again later.” Can I come back to the Fair tomorrow? If so, let me win more prizes. If not, then I can’t. Thank You!

  • iwcio says:

    i tried to join but it says ‘unable to join the game’
    let me retry

  • tarjeiblom says:

    when CP shut down, i found CPR and had so mutch fun until yesterday: Unable to connect to game, try again later, didnt work today either, i have cleared cache(using chrome, even tried using microsoft edge but didnt work), i have an expensive gaming computer, so i dont think thats the problem, my network is not bad either i think, and the game has worked before, but not yesterday and now, What should i do?

  • flypotato123 says:

    I cant connect to the game no matter what browser I use and im so hyped for the fair please help me

  • PinkTurtles says:

    Hi, I created an account with the username pinkturtles about two weeks ago, and it still hans’t been approved. Does this mean my username is not approved and my new user is now p09376?

  • marshall says:

    dear club penguin community:
    somthing else is like breaking the game, ya see i try to log on but it won’t connect to the game can you fix it?

    from marshall

  • SakuraWhite says:

    Hey, Stu! I’m a member of CP rewritten since July of this year, and since I joined I can’t complete the EPF test. I searched to see if this was a bug, but no one seems to be aware of it…

  • witchgirl says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting on the game? When I try to log in I keep getting an error message that says I can’t connect to the game

  • bluey20043 says:

    I hope that Joe doesn’t ruin CPR’s reputation. He overreacted.

  • bluey20043 says:

    Can you still use google as your browser?

  • Miss Flowur says:

    I wasn’t sure how to report bugs but I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve been having some trouble with the fair. It has been giving me a “Sorry, unable to connect to the game” error message when logging in, making the game un-accesable. When it does let me log in, I have been playing games to stock up tickets. I just played Feed-a-puffle and it told me I earned 425 tickets but when I closed the mini-game my tickets only showed at 110. Another time, I spent 500 tickets or so on a prize and should have had 500 left (I had about 1000 before i redeemed my prize) but it took my tickets down to 100. Just wanted to report this, as I won’t be able to win any prizes if it keeps swallowing up my tickets! Thanks CPRewritten!

  • Ameen says:

    When is card jitsu coming? Give us something better then “coming soon.”

    • Stu says:

      We’d like to improve Card-Jitsu as much as possible, we don’t want to rush it with Auroris, our new source, if we were to rush Card-Jitsu, it’ll be an even more chaotic experience for the community which is not we would like to see. We want to make it as perfect as possible and as smooth as possible.

  • Jiuby says:

    What exactly is auroris? and where can I get more info about what it is and what it does?

  • SuperMario01 says:


  • djmartique12 says:

    I’m so mad at cpr won’t let me login i’m so mad mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • djmartique12 says:

    I’m so mad at cpr won’t let me login i’m so mad

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